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May 2011 Newsletter - PDF


									Hot Off The Press!

Golden Plains Community
  Hospital to Celebrate
 National Hospital Week
     May 8-14, 2011

                                           SEE MORE CHAMPIONS
                                             ON THE ECS IN THE
   PAGE 2          GOLDEN PLAINS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                     MAY 2011

                              From The Desk of the                                              Your Training Opportunities

                              CEO                                                              Continuing education opportunities are
                                                                                                   available at
                       Up on the hilltop, you can see forever, or at least that is    ! Look below for just a few
                       what it seems like. The one thing you won’t see up there,
                       however, is a smoke shack. The new property is going to
                       be a smoke-free campus. So if you are a smoker, you                           Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
DENNIS JACK, CEO might want to start training yourself to go longer without that
smoke fix. Or you might make that commitment to stop now, and begin that long                       Neurological Assessment
and hard road.                                                                                 Blood Gas Interpretation Made Easy

Why are we doing this? We are in the healthcare business, and it is the right thing                       NON-CLINICAL
to do.                                                                                               Breast Cancer: Prevention
                                                                                                         and Early Detection
                                                                                                       Anti-Kickback Statute
Will this be a hard thing to do? Yes. How will the patients react to it? Well, it has                    Universal Protocol
worked in Amarillo at both BSA and Northwest, so it can work here.
We are exploring options to help you quit smoking if you are interested, so stay                To learn more about Texas Tech’s
tuned to the newsletter to find out what programs are available.                       site, call Becky Peery at
                                                                                                         Ext. 1155 today!
Our local USDA office in Amarillo is announcing a program designed to help low
income families purchase a house at very attractive interest rates, and with 100%                     National Hospital Week
financing. For example if you are a family of four, and your adjusted gross income                        May 8-14, 2011
(annual income minus any child care expenses) making less than $43,300 with ap-                        Champions of Care
proved credit, you may qualify for loan to buy a house valued at up to $122,900. For
more information, you can call 806-468-8600 ext 4. Or go to:                                                        Events
                                                                                                         Rewards & Recognition Team
                                                                                                              Kickoff Cookout
                                                                                                          Monday—11:30 a.m.—1 p.m.

GPCH Wants Your Opinion!                                                                                  Employer of Choice Team
                                                                                                         Minute to Win It Competition
       GPCH wants your opinion! Would the following practices be of value to you and your                Monday—Thursday at 2:30 p.m.
family if they were located here in Borger? Audiology, Podiatry, Ophthalmology, and Ear-                   Finals Friday at 2:30 p.m.
Nose-Throat practices are just some of the possibilities your Performance Excellence Team
is looking at bringing here. Some physicians might be interested in coming to Borger several    Emergency Department/Service Recovery Team
times a month to serve your family’s healthcare needs in these areas and GPCH wants to                 Tuesday—Ice Cream - 1:30 p.m.
know which of these are most important to you!
                                                                                                         Physician Satisfaction Team
       Call Melody Henderson at Ext. 1125 or 467-5705 to let her know your preferences.                 Wednesday—Drawing for $100
                                                                                                 Names drawn throughout the day to go in the hat.
                                                                                                    Final drawing at 4 p.m. for $100 winner

   National Hospital Week                                                                                 Inpatient Satisfaction Team
                                                                                                            Wednesday—Cake Walk
         Fact Sheet                                                                                        1:30 p.m. under the Portico

                                                                                                              Measurement Team
The first National Hospital Day was held on   more than 600,000                                       Thursday—Cupcakes All Day Long
Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12,       Americans.                                                    7 p.m.—Pizza for Staff
                                               The event expanded                                          Communications Team
                                                                                                               Find the Trophy
National Hospital Day was originally con-     to an entire week in 1953.
ceived by a Chicago magazine editor as a                                                                           All Shifts
public healthcare event that encouraged trust Today, every State celebrates National Hos-
in the city’s hospitals in the wake of the    pital Week which is sponsored by the Ameri-                     Close-Out Reception
“Spanish flu” outbreak of 1918 which killed   can Hospital Association.                                          Friday at 3 p.m.
                                                          MAY 2011         GOLDEN PLAINS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                     PAGE 3

                                                                       GPCH and 1926
                                                                       Fitness partner
  Amy Moore, ARRT/Radiology Tech—Diagnostic Imaging
     Kenzie Paris, Receptionist—Fritch Medical Clinic
                                                                       together for you
            K’Lynne Reed, RN, Med/Surg/ICU
          Melissa Ann Tapp, RN, Med/Surg/ICU                           By Jennifer Harvey
      Jayson R. Webb, Security Officer, Engineering                    Human Resources
    Lori Waggoner, Radiology Tech—Nuclear Medicine
                                                                       Good news! Golden Plains Community Hospital is happy to
                                                                       announce that we are working with 1926 Fitness to get you
                                                                       the best discount available! Starting May 1, 2011, you can
                                                                       go to 1926 Fitness, present your ID card for GPCH and
                                                                       receive a 10% discount on the total fees charged.

            20 Years: Tammie Stone, Linda Davis                        If you have any questions, please call 1926 Fitness at 806-
                15 Years: Sandra Hernandez                             930-7806 or go by 524 N. Main in Borger. Or you can call
                     10 Years: Holly Ward                              Human Resources at Ext. 1200!
     1 Year: Kathy Batson, Heather Jones, Christina Ogle
Belated Congratulations to: Melissa Brown—1 year on 2/1/2011

                                                                     GPCH Women’s Center Raises
                                                                     Money for Aiden’s Closet
                                                                     Dear Employees:
                     5/4: Nathan Nicks
                   5/6: Kevin McClellan                              I am overjoyed with the wonderful response we had from the
            5/9: Deena Rodriguez & Kim Riggs                         Easter Basket Sale!! The Women’s Center raised $888.80 for
                   5/10: Tammy Mitchell                              Aiden’s Closet. How wonderful is that?!! Thank you to everyone
                  5/17: Sammie Henslee                               who purchased baskets—you made the project a success!
                    5/21: Karen Audrain
           5/25: Luz Pineda & Michelle Sanchez                       Diane Williams, RN
                    5/28: Judy Cordova                               GPCH Women’s Center Manager
                     5/29: Lynda Lyles

               BORGER EMS                            FRITCH EMS                          STINNETT EMS

                                                                EMS Week
                                                                      May 15-21, 2011

                                                                     “Everyday Heroes”
                                                               Offering thanks to those who offer
                                                                exceptional service to countless
                                                                      patients year-round.
  PAGE 4          GOLDEN PLAINS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                       MAY 2011

National Nurses’ Week to be Celebrated May 6-12, 2011
       Golden Plains Community Hospital ap-       Sheree Smirl, LVN; Jessica Smith, LVN; Shel-     Holly Ward, RN; Robyn Griffin, LVN.
preciates its nursing professionals!              ley Throckmorton, LVN; Vicky Cato, RN; An-             Also, Tammie Stone, RN; Sherry
       Georgia Hughes, RN; Cathy McWilliams,      gela Burrus, RN; Kathy Gaddy, RN; Eva C.         Kramer, RN; Rebecca Cooper, RN; Jesus
RN; Barbie Barbour, LVN; Debby Gray, RN;          Garcia, RN; Eva D. Garcia, RN; Deborah Krug,     Hernandez, RN; Vickie Rau, RN; Lana Tipton,
Amber Hall, RN; Sammie Henslee, RN; Becky         RN; Stacy McGonagill, RN; Griselda Miramon-      C.N.A.; Denise Sisson, LVN; Leslie Lindsey,
Peery, RN; Tracy Geppi, LVN.                      tes, RN; Cindy Willis, RN; K’Lynne Reed, RN;     FNP; Donna Toney, WHNP; and Kay Robins,
       Also, Andrew Alanis, RN; Vicki Bybee,      Melissa Tapp, RN.                                RN.
RN; Missy Carroll, RN; George Clendening,                Also, Kelley Chisum, LVN; Jennifer Hat-
RN; Linda Davis, RN; Michelle Hernandez,          field, LVN; Alice Preston, LVN; Tammy
RN; Jessie Jones, RN; David King, RN;             Phares, RN; Sherry Barker, C.N.A.; Patricia
Monica Marshall, RN.                              Couch, C.N.A.; Robyn Ammerman, LVN;
       Also, Cynthia Coffelt-Whisenant, DNP,      Cyndi Arnold, LVN; Monica Coburn, LVN;
FNP-BC; Carol Burland, LVN; Kimberly Riggs,       Cheryl McNutt, LVN; Amanda Stover, LVN.
C.N.A.; Genella Crook, LVN; Janet VanNatta,              Also, Diane Williams, RN; Abbie Cano,
LVN; Linda King, RN; Sandra Hernandez, RN;        RN; Glenanna Craig, RN; Lindsey Griswold,
Alicia Ibarra, C.N.A.                             RN; Elizabeth Jones, RN; Lacey Keeton, RN;
       Also, Candace Young, C.N.A.; Kim           Jamie Lozano, RN; Theresa McCollum, RN;
McWilliams, C.N.A.; Lindsey Newton, LVN;          Cheryl Miller, RN; Diana Stephenson, RN;

 The Compliance World of GPCH...
 By Kimberly Hogan, RHIA
 Compliance Officer
 806-273-1312 (hotline)

 “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the
 next best thing is the wrong thing (but report it), and the worst thing you can
 do is nothing. “ – Theodore Roosevelt

 In the Compliance world of GPCH, doing the right thing means:
       honoring our Code of Ethical Behavior
       reporting suspected or known violations of the code
       participating in compliance education and training and
       promoting a “culture of compliance” throughout the organization.

                                                                                                                  This is
               Happy Hospital Week!                                                                              NOT the

                Happy Nurses’ Week!
                 Happy EMS Week!

Several people found the nurse’s cap in last month’s Hot Off The Press!
                                                                                                          Find the Stethoscope!
They are: Reina Garcia, Nora Salomon, JoAnn Phelps, Kathy Whelchel,
Pam Trout, Amy Hogan, Pat Searcy, Ty Moose, Becky Peery, Helen                        Call Debra at 1101 when you find the tiny stethoscope
Sibley, Sherry Hanrahan, Kim Charles, Patrick Viles, Deena Rodriguez                  and your name will go in the hat. At the end of May, a
and Sherry Kramer. It was on the front page, top photo, sitting on a                  drawing will be held to see which lucky person wins
beam next to the yellow building. And the winner is: Sherry Hanrahan!                 the $5 gift certificate from Coffee Ranch! Have fun!

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