Why does Iago say he wished to kill Roderigo What reason does he by qingyunliuliu


									Act I, Scene iii
1.   As at the opening of scenes 1 and 2, the
     audience is right in the middle of the action.
     About what are the Duke and Senators

The Duke and Senators are worried
 about the size of the Turkish fleet
     heading toward Cyprus.
2.   By what adjective do the Senators and the Duke
     refer to Othello? What does this indicate?

 They refer to him as “valiant,” which
   indicates the large measure of
     respect they have for him.
3.     Why is Brabantio convinced the Moor used drugs
       and spells on Desdemona?

       Brabantio finds it inconceivable
      (unbelievable) that Desdemona
     would stray so far from her nature
     by secretly getting involved (falling
           in love) with the Moor.
4.   How does the Senate react to Brabantio’s
     charges against Othello? What does the Duke

   The Senate is sorry to hear this
   charge because they have been
 basing their hopes for the defeat of
  the Turks on Othello. The Duke
   asks Othello what he has to say
              about this.
5.   What is the tone of Othello’s response? What
     does this say about his temperament?

 We would have expected Othello to
     be upset by these charges;
 however, if he is upset, he does not
    show it. He is calm and even-
  tempered, suggesting he is a man
    who keeps his emotions under
6.     How did Brabantio misread Desdemona’s actions
       toward the Moor?

     Brabantio thought his daughter had
      never looked at the Moor because
      she was afraid of him. However,
     she had not looked at him because
        she was in love and was shy.
7.   The Duke tells Brabantio that his (Brabantio’s)
     saying that Othello used drugs as charms on his
     daughter is not proof. Then a Senator asks
     Othello if it is true. What is Othello’s response?

 Othello requests that Desdemona be
  brought to the Sagittary and asked
   whether Brabantio’s charges are
 true. If she says they are, Othello is
   willing to accept any punishment,
               even death.
 8.   How did Othello win Desdemona’s love?

Othello would visit Brabantio’s house
   and tell stories of his youth and
     adventure, which enthralled
 Desdemona. She told him to teach
these stories to anyone who wanted
 to win her heart. He took the hint
   and proposed marriage to her.
9.   The Duke says his daughter, too, would have
     fallen in love with Othello after hearing him
     speak. What is Brabantio’s response?

Brabantio is still willing to hear what
   Desdemona has to say. If she
confirms “she was half the wooer,”
     he will object no further.
10.   Desdemona speaks truthfully before this group,
      and Brabantio is convinced she married of her
      own free will. The Duke then gives Brabantio
      advice. What is Brabantio’s mood at this point?

     Brabantio is grief-stricken but
   resigned. He tells the Duke and
  Signiory to address the problem of
          the war in Cyprus.
11.   What is Desdemona’s request of the Duke?

Desdemona wishes to be allowed to
    go with Othello to Cyprus.
12.   Why do you suppose Brabantio says to Othello,
      “Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see; she
      has deceived her father, and may thee.”

 Brabantio is bitter and angry that his
 daughter has eloped; otherwise, it is
    hard to imagine him saying it.
13.   Everyone leaves and Roderigo tells Iago he is
      going to drown himself. What is Iago’s
      response? What is Iago’s view of human nature
      and of love?

 Iago thinks Roderigo is stupid to talk
  of drowning himself over a woman.
  He believes a man’s will is there to
  make any choice he wishes. As for
   love, he thinks that it is no more
       than lust with permission.
14.   After Iago tells Roderigo to make a great deal of money and plan on
      getting Desdemona back, Roderigo leaves and we see into Iago’s
      thoughts in the soliloquy. What seems to be his opinion of
      Roderigo? What is a reason hates the Moor? What plan has he

 Iago thinks Roderigo a fool, and would not
  waste time with him except for sport and
  profit. He also believes that some people
  think the Moor went to bed with his wife,
Emilia. Although he does not know whether
   it is true, but the mere suspicion of it is
    enough. He plans to plant the idea in
Othello’s head that Desdemona is having an
                affair with Cassio.

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