Sprays, Tabs and Liquids: Which Is The Best?

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					Sprays, Tabs and Liquids: Which Is The Best?

HGH is an important part of a strong Anti-Aging program. There are many
ways of taking this valuable substance, so which is the ideal? Which is
the best method?

In fact, what is the best method for taking ANY substances?

Let’s review the most common – sprays, tablets (or capsules) and liquid

Sprays are a convenient fad, entertaining and fun to mist about. However,
because Human growth hormone is a large, unstable molecule it can’t pass
through membranes in the mouth. It ends up in the gut where most (all?)
is destroyed by the stomach acids. Also, dosages are well below
therapeutic levels.

CONCLUSION: They are entertaining (remember spraying things around as
kids?) but we are interested in optimizing our health. The end result is
that most is destroyed by the stomach acid. We can rules these out

Tablets or Capsules. Tablets and capsules absorb at a 12-15% rate. One of
the major reasons is that many people have poor digestion. Couple this
with the fact that tablets in particular, are very difficult to break
down in many instances and it is easy to see that this is not an
effective method also.

CONCLUSION: The poor rate of absorption due to the degree of difficulty
breaking down tablets and capsules make this an ineffective method as
well. It often upsets the stomach as a side effect too.

Liquids have an extensive history of being the most efficient method. The
body views liquids as “pre-digested” and will easily absorb into the
system. Other than injection, liquids are considered as the most
effective by far.

CONCLUSION: Here is the ideal – Liquids. For any substance, whenever
possible, use in it LIQUID form. It will enter the system quickly, be
more readily absorbed as the digestive process is less taxing and
typically with zero side-effects.

Side Note:

Hgh Plus™ is a liquid tincture and the only one in the world using the
powerful Alpha Trisequelene™ as its delivery system. This unique
processing method allows for greater absorption and effectiveness.

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