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mArriAge regulAtions
Requirements & Regulations
Parties/couples who intend to be married
have two options:
1. By the magistrate at the court house or
2. By a Minister of religion who is a registered
Marriage Officer for Anguilla
The couple(s) should:
l Go to the Court Registry two days prior to
the day of marriage to make an application for
a marriage license.
l Present both passports or birth certificate
along with drivers licence or another form of
l If divorced, present original divorce
documents (Decree Absolute) bearing a Seal
of the Court of Divorce. We also accept copies
of the divorce documents, they must be
Certified True copies and signed by a Registrar
or Clerk of the Court of Divorce.
l Present a death certificate if one of the
spouses from the previous marriage is               Wedding Coordinators                      Photographers
deceased.                                           Sunshine Lady Wedding Planner             Professional Photos
l Produce EC$100.00 or its equivalent of            T: 001 264 497 2911                       T: 001 264 497 7865
US$38 worth of Anguilla stamps, which can           E:              E:
be obtained from the General Post Office in         Weddings On The Go                        W:
Anguilla.                                           T: 001 264 497 2685                       Photo Fantasy
l Make a payment of EC$650.00 or its                E:        T: 001 264 497 7620
equivalent of US$242 which is the cost of the       W:                        E:
marriage license.                                   Innovative Caribbean Weddings & Events    W:

l European countries usually stipulate that an      T: 001 264 476 4856
Apostile is attached to the marriage certificate.   E:
(An Apostile is a standard certificate attesting    W:
the validity of a document obtained in a            Weddings in Anguilla                       Further information is available by
foreign country). The cost of an Apostile is        T: 001 264 584 1066                         visiting the official website of the
EC$150.00/US$56 payable in cash or by               E:
                                                                                                       Anguilla Tourist Board:
travellers cheques. The Apostile can be
obtained at the Ministry of Finance in Anguilla.                                         
l Please note, you will, for a wedding in the       Florists                                      E:
Catholic Church, also require:                      Purple Rose Florists                       T: 020 7736 6030 F: 020 7371 8728
Confirmation papers, baptismal certificate,         T: 001 264 497 2701
freedom to marry papers, pre-cana course,           W:
3-6 months notice in advance.                       Black Orchid Florists
                                                    T: 001 264 235 7073 / 7075
Any questions or enquiries should be                E:
directed to the Judicial Department.                W:
T: 001 264 497 2377 / 3347
F: 001 264 497 5420                                                                                           feeling is believing

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