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Wounded Warrior_V1.4


									   A Group-Structured
Cognitive Training Program
  for Wounded Warriors

                      General Distribution
                      1 March, 2011

            Peak NT Team
   Galina Mindlin, M.D., Ph.D.
    —   Medical Director – Psychiatry
   Don DuRousseau, B.S, M.B.A.
    —   Executive Director – Cognitive Neuroscience
   Roger Drew, M.F.T., L.P.C.
    —   Clinic Director – Systems Therapy
   Kathleen Farmer – M.S., Ph.D
    —   Clinical Psychologist – Neuropsych Evaluation
   Pamela DuRousseau, M.P.H., R.D.
    —   Nutrition Director – Nutrition & Food Science

Acceptance of Biofeedback

       Peak Neurotraining Solutions
   Provide non-invasive, non-drug neurofeedback training for
    adults with TBI, PTSD, Bipolar and Anxiety & Stress
   EEG Neurotraining (NT) is complementary to CBT, helps
    improve cognitive function and titrates medication usage.
   Apply scientific advancements (using qEND) to normalize
    brain activity and objectively measure improvements in
    mental function and presenting behaviors.
   Experience includes a Gov’t Sponsored wellness program to
    improve stress, sleep and on-the-job performance of 1st
   Currently running a research study to investigate the use of
    NT among high-functioning children with Learning Problems.

         How the NT Program Works

                                                             Peak NT
           Suspected TBI           Review of                 intake assessment            Develop NT
           and/or PTSD             neuropsych and            and quantitative             protocol &
           condition, seek         cognitive                 EEG (QEEG).                  provide initial
           assessments and         evaluations.                                           metabolic tests.


                             8 entrainment               36 mid-phase
1 Year Program                                                                   12 NT sessions
                             NT sessions                 NT sessions
with periodic                                                                    within 8 weeks.
                             in 16 weeks.                within 28 weeks.
follow up.

    QEEG Assessment – TBI, PTSD, OCD
    Use Normative Statistics to Identify Imbalanced Brain Patterns
    Compare Abnormal Brain Systems with Behavioral Evaluations
    Establish a Treatment Plan to Normalize Brain Activity

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    Used in combination with Neurofeedback Training to
     provide each person with strategies that help them
     identify cognitive and behavioral issues in their life and
     develop methods to positively deal with these problems;
    Individual and Group counseling sessions are used to
     support the process of learning to desensitize traumatic
     events through conversations with peers;
    As brain patterns are normalized, the process is learned
     to minimize the memories of traumatic events by
     changing the memories themselves.

          The Neurotraining Solution
Neurotraining (NT) offers a proven treatment for brain injury using operant and
classical conditioning. NT retrains each patient’s brainwaves to fit a more
normal pattern using positive and negative reinforcement. NT is done within a
cognitive-behavioral learning environment.

                    Brainwaves are monitored by a trained technician as
                    patients watch a movie. Over time NT helps to redirect
                    their brain patterns to more closely match patterns found
                    in an age-matched healthy population (e.g., using a
                    Normative Database).

 As in all operant conditioning training, no conscious effort
 is required, but learning does play a part in long-term
 retention. The planned NT intervention includes 50 – 60
 half-hour sessions spread out over one year.

Peak Neurotraining Solutions. Inc
1 in 8 soldiers returning from
combat have PTSD or a
diagnosable mental health
condition that interferes with
their daily functioning and
requires intervention or
                                 Contact: Info at PEAKNT.COM
PEAK NT is here to help.
                                 107 E Holly Ave., Suite 13
TRICARE Insurance Accepted
                                 Sterling VA 20165
                                 Voice: 703-444-7325
                                 Web: PEAKNT.COM


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