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					             Clifton Elementary School
                             Clifton Elementary PTA – Meeting Minutes
                                         Monday 14, 2011
This meeting was called to order by PTA President Patti Hopkins at 7:08

Attendees: Sydney Sawyer, Patti Hopkins, Ann Jones, Lisa Graine, Ann Donargo, Ellen Colter, Renee
Miller, Annette Abutayeh, Elizabeth Vitorri

Agenda for today’s meeting was approved.

President’s Report – Patti Hopkins
    Oakview – Clifton Basketball game – needs a total of 15 players. Interested parents should contact
       Dr. Dillon. PTA will pay for shirts
    FunFair Silent Auction – Decision was made early in the year to place it on the schedule. Any
       money earned we will spend on the kids and staff for events, etc.
    PTA Account - We cannot give money/gift cards to a teacher, or another organization other than a
       PTA. It has to go to enrichment. We are looking at approximately $10,000. PTA approved paying
       for an expanded yearbook – several more pages. Other ideas from Renee include purchasing
       external hard drives to down load data from their laptops to one that will be assigned next year. Patti
       will put together a list that will be circulated to staff and kids to vote on ideas. Other suggestions –
       Blow-out Field Day….Teacher Appreciation Week…old Clifton School is moving, contribute to the
       fund… Create a scholarship Fund… Donate a brick, bench in town… Ellen Colter suggested that
       we donate the two playground benches that have Clifton’s name on them to the town park.

Treasurer’s Report – Ann Jones
    Balance: Checking - $203.12; Savings - $17,059.55.

Principal’s Report – Renee Miller
     Capitals player – visited one fifth grade class. Bonnie Hobbs took photos and should appear in

Assistant Principal’s Report – Ellen Colter
    Thank you for lunch from teachers
    Robinson counselors coming to talk to the 6 graders this week

Staff/Teachers – No reports

Committee Reports
    I&I –Sydney Sawyer and Lisa Graine – I successful 6 year for the Fair. Fifty-two students

      presented twenty two projects. Fourth through sixth graders who earned a gold standard qualified to
      participate in KIC. However, KIC changed this year and is no longer at the Udvar Hazy Center. Due
      to it’s smaller size, not all who qualified could attend. We decided to do our own Science Field trip
      and are taking the students to the Richmond Science Museum. We must provide transportation on
      a charter bus. We are taking 20 kids and chaperones. The cost of the bus is $900. Funding is
      available within the I&I Funds.

      Pennies for Patients – Sydney Sawyer – Fundraising is down by half this year, although we did earn
       our bronze penny for the third straight year.
      Learning Garden – Ann Durango – wants to have Learning Gardens dispersed to other schools who
       have learning gardens or are interested in having one. Some items may be donated to Silent
       Auction, but cannot be removed until the end of the year. Renee to talk to other principals and
       determine interest.
      Silent Auction – Lisa Graine – We make NO money on the Fun Fair. It is a function for the kids, not
       a true fundraiser. PTA is funding more than other years, food, face painting, balloons.
      Label Maker – Lisa Graine – Indentikid will cover another machine on loan until the end of the year.
       They would like to have the school schedule a time where they can do photo identiy cards with
       fingerprints and photos. PTA considering.
      Robinson Rams Blankets – Lisa Graine - All Night Grad Party Committee for the class of 2012 would
       like to sell them. Approved for sales at the end of the year school events. Price will be $20.00.

New Business –

Need to have a meeting to dissolve the PTA. Meeting needs to take place during the school year. There will
be no April meeting and we will schedule the last meeting in May.

Open House and Reception – will schedule a reception later. School Board Members, former staff and
students will be invited

Unfinished Business - None

Announcements – None

Adjournment – Adjourned at 8:10pm