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                                    SDPI Diabetes Prevention Program

               Core Elements: Recruitment - Required Activities
Recruitment Goals

              o 48 new participants each year
              o May need to recruit a larger number of individuals since not all recruited
                will agree to participate and some may drop out

Recruitment for Intensive Activities

    -    Recruitment Team

              o Lead recruiter

                           Coordinates recruitment activities
                           Can share another position
                           Requirement: high energy, enthusiastic individual

              o Other Intensive Activity team members

                           Project Coordinator
                           Lead Position in Intensive Activity
                                DP – Lead Diabetes Educator
                           Other team members as needed
                           Consider recruiting volunteers from community

              o Monthly meetings to review recruitment activities, outcomes

    -    Settings for Recruitment can include:

              o Community settings
              o Clinical settings

    -    Methods of Recruiting individuals to participate

              o    Community activities and events – health fairs, walks, fun runs
              o    Advertisements in local media sources
              o    Advertisements in Clinic/health/wellness facilities
              o    Targeted mailings from existing records – RPMS, clinic records, consistent
                   with HIPAA, establish data sharing agreements/MOU or MOA if needed
              o    Targeted home visits by CHRs
              o    Identification and referral by clinical staff
              o    Family events
              o    Other – must document

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    -    Materials for Recruitment

              o Marketing materials

                           Common project name, logo
                               National - SDPI Diabetes Prevention Program (DP)
                               Local option - develop an additional program name and/or
                                logo adapted to local needs, culture

                           Common set of recruitment materials
                               National – DDTP fact sheets (see Resources page of DDTP
                                website), brochure (see Resources page of Coordinating
                                Center website) as examples
                               Local option - adapt to local culture, cultural
                                appropriateness, literacy level, and need for translation

                           Basic message – Fact Sheet
                                Description of project
                                Eligibility

                           Types of materials – can use:
                                Brochures
                                Flyers
                                Posters
                                Radio PSAs
                                Print Ads
                                Newspaper article
                                Basic presentation on PowerPoint
                                Other – document

                           Use of Incentives for recruitment activities – per IHS grants
                            management policy

    -    Process to help interested individuals at risk for prediabetes to participate
         in screening

              o Identification of interested individuals through activities above
                    Provide education about project

              o Develop plan for screening, if needed
                   At point of contact, or
                   Make appointment
                   Follow-up/Reminders

              o Screening for eligibility to participate

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                           See Core Elements: Screening and Eligibility

    -    Invitation to participate to those who meet eligibility requirements
         (prediabetes, age 18 or older, no exclusions)

    -    Entry process - if individual agrees to participate

                           Provide information/instructions on next steps
                           Schedule appointments for baseline assessment within one month
                            before the first scheduled DPP curriculum class

    -    Documentation of Recruitment activities (for internal use and for reporting
         to IHS)

                           Describe types of recruitment activities held, participation of
                            individuals in each type of activity and each step of the recruitment

                           Recruitment outcomes:
                               Number of individuals recruited to participate in project
                               Participant experience in the recruitment process

                           Optional form – Recruitment Activities Annual Report (G2)

Last revised: 6/23/2011

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