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					Good day Esteemed Customer,

We are writing you on Receipt of your loan transaction with one Mr Donya
Hocket,we would also like you to send in some of your required details for
our Records:

First name:
(Birth date):
Email Address:
Postal Code:
Address Office:
Office Tel:
Amount required
Annual Salary:
Phone # by the employer (if any):
A scanned copy of your driving license or International would Id
The purpose of the loan:
We Please complete transactions from bank to bank transfer fast,Your bank
transactions would be necessary information, please contact Such
information please would be:

Name of your bank
Address of your bank
Phone # of your bank:
Your bank account #:
Bankers routine # (if available):
Bankers Swift code # (if any): N / B:

We hope that you understand that the this
detailed you have with the guidelines and
policies to combat all types of money laundering activities, secret financing
of terrorism and A and a hard insurance coverage were the funds that Their
safe before deduction or supplemented by Error, the Commission or
Do you agree .....

Yes ... Or No. ..

Please send a copy of this as well to your lender.

-- Good, better, Bank PHB
-- Bank PHB Plc