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					  Overview of Artificial

             Junling Hu

Bay Area AI Meetup, February 11, 2007
Cognitive abilities of a computer
 See—computer vision
 Hear—Speech recognition
 Speak—Speech generation
 Move –Robots
 Think—intelligent reasoning
     Logic inference
     Learning (improve through experience)
     Planning
     Decision making
Computer Vision
 Boundary Detection
Vision Applications:
 Traffic monitoring

 Surveillance: camera monitor
  intruders or walking suspect
 Facial detection
Application of Speech Cognition
 Dictation
 Customer service
 Historical archive
Natural language processing
 Grammar: universal grammar
 Semantic understanding
 Knowledge representation
 User Intention modeling
Application of Natural language
 Machine translation
      Web application
 Information retrieval
      Document summary
      Informational Search
 Tutoring
Uncertainty Reasoning
 Probability representation
     Bayesian Network
     Hidden Markov model
 Inference
 Learning
Machine Learning
 Neural Network
 Classification based on trees
 Artificial Life, genetic algorithm
 Reinforcement Learning
Application of machine leaning
 Information Filtering agnet
 Recommendation agent
 Quality control
 Data mining
     Consumer pattern analysis
     Criminal pattern
     Sales forcast
Honda Asimo
Sony SDR
Robots in household
                              Vacuum cleaner
 Lawn mower

       Obstacle detection
       Path planning
Robotic Soccer
Robots in space exploration

 Mars Rover
 Deep space traveling
Robot in Industry
 Grape Harvesting
                      Cucumber Harvesting
Robots in medical domain
 Hazardous area (under water, toxic waste,
  chemical plant, space)
 Precision driven work: robot surgery
  AI and Entertainment
                              Movie: computer
 Computer games:              animation
    Strategy game                Toy Story
    Character interaction        Shrek
AI and Education
 Educational game and toys for children
      Learning language and math
      Learning problem solving
 Intelligent tutor
 Essay grading
      TOEFL, essay writing
AI and healthcare
 Intelligent helper for elders
 Disease diagnosis based on DNA data
  analysis and classification
AI and business service

 Customer service
 Virtual representative
History of AI

 1950 Alan Turing’s paper
 1956 Demonstration of the first running AI
          program, the Logic Theorist
            the term ―Artificial Intelligence‖ is created
   1962 First industrial robot company was founded.
   1960s programs solve algebra word program,
           engaging in simple conversation
   1970s Expert system appeared
   1980s Neural network was widely adopted
   1990s Intelligent tutoring, robots, vision, speech recognition
     1997 Deep Blue beat the world chess champion)
   2000+ Machine Learning applied to Web analysis
          Decision making in data warehouse
          Natural language interface in phone, cars,…