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					The Character Education Initiative

           A Project of the
     Universal Peace Federation
Introduction to the UPF Character
       Education Initiative
What Is Character Education?
Character Education = Conscious Effort
           to Instill Virtues

“Character education is the deliberate effort to help
  people understand, care about, and act upon
  core ethical values.”

Dr. Thomas Lickona, author, Educating for
Educating the “Head, Heart, Hand”
     Drs. Kevin Ryan and Thomas Lickona

• To know the good

• To care about the

• To do the good
Why Do We Need Character
Explosion of Moral Problems in

    Divorce        Premarital Sex
Alienation from Traditional
Leads to Alienation of Youth
       from Society
Youth Don’t Know Who They Are or
      Where They Are Going
Rising Youth Suicide Rates
Rising Teenage Pregnancy
Rising Youth Violence and
Drug Abuse
Alcohol Abuse
Unwholesome Media and
Entertainment Influences
Character Education Has Always Been
          Part of Education
• Since Plato, educators
  have accepted moral
  instruction of the young
  as part of their
  educational mission
• Many universities,
  including Harvard,were
  founded to train clergy
  Character Education Declined in the
Twentieth Century, in Part Due to Science
                     • Logical positivism—
                       everything should be
                       empirically provable
                     • Theory of relativity
                       applied to the moral
                     • Personalism—morals are
                       everyone’s to choose
Moral Relativism: Whose Values to Teach?
          “Virtues” Not “Values”

 • Values are subjective • Virtues are universal

 • What people value • Virtues are admired
   may vary from culture everywhere
   to culture

 • Values change         • Virtues do not change
Yet Virtues May be Used for Good or
            Bad Purposes

       •   A strong-willed dictator
       •   A diligent terrorist
       •   A conscientious computer hacker
       •   A generous thief
Therefore, UPF Teaches Virtues within the
  Framework of Three Basic Life Goals

           Three Basic Life Goals


              Positive     Loving
              Contribution Relationships
 The Three Life Goals = A Purposeful

• To attain mature character

• To develop loving relationships with family and

• To make a positive contribution to society
   Character Develops through Four
    Spheres of Love in the Family

• A child’s love for
• A sibling’s love for
  brothers and sisters
• A spouse’s love for
  husband or wife
• A parent’s love for a
   Altruism = the Virtue of Virtues
To live and work for the benefit of others

     Altruism encompasses all the
              other virtues
The Family is the First School of
    Love and Relationships

 The Oliners’ study of rescuers during
 the Holocaust showed that altruistic
   people come from loving families
      The UPF Character Education
         Initiative Emphasizes

• Virtues and ethical principles common to all
• The family is the first school of love
• Three Basic Life Goals
• Altruism is the organizing core virtue
• Home, school, community
UPF’s Discovering the Real Me Character
         Education Curriculum

                   • Utilizes the power of
                   • Age-appropriate
                     books, covering ages
                   • For use in homes,
                     community venues
  Discovering the Real Me, Books 1-4

• Elementary level:
  Aesop’s fables and
  classic fairy tales
Discovering the Real Me, Books 5-8

                 • Adolescent level:
                   Stories of realistic
                   situations, and moral
 Discovering the Real Me, Books 9-12

• High school level:
  sexuality education,
  communication, and
  leadership skills
Character Education—Important and
   Necessary Part of Education

           Tomorrow’s Test:
           How did I show
           altruism this past
Food Drive = A+
Advanced Technology Means We Must
  Use Our Powers for Good, Not Ill
“The greater our material power, the
greater our need for spiritual insight
            and virtue.”

    Arnold Toynbee, British historian,
           Civilization on Trial
Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President
  of the U.S., Knew the Value of
       Character Education

    “To educate a man in mind and not
     morals is to educate a menace to