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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Settles Inmate Wrongful Death


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                Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Settles Inmate Wrongful Death Case

       By Dietrich Elliot
       Dated: Sep 11, 2008

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       LOS ANGELES, California (August 24, 2007) – Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney David Drexler has
       won a $300,000 Wrongful Death settlement for the family of Luan Morales, a female inmate at the West
       Valley Detention Center in San Bernardino County, California after she bled to death in custody from a
       critical pregnancy complication. Both Morales and her seven month old fetus died after prison officials
       delayed contacting medical help until it was too late.

        The facts of the Wrongful Death case concerns Morales, who was incarcerated during her pregnancy, was
       designated “high-risk” in this Wrongful Death case. However, Personal Injury Attorney Drexler said she
       was not transferred to the high risk ‘Unit 15' nor were there proper communications between the physicians
       at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center who treat pregnant inmates. The emergency was reported at 3:15
       a.m. No medical attention was delivered and, incredibly, no ambulance was even summoned until 4:24,
       over an hour later.

        Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Drexler maintained that prison officials were responsible for the
       Wrongful Death after not only failing to provide Morales with proper medical attention due to her
       high-risk pregnancy, but in causing a fatal and negligent delay in responding to Morale's hemorrhaging due
       to placenta percreta.

        Making the Wrongful Death case more serious concerned a series of bumbling delays including no call for
       back up by the attending deputy. Instead the deputy pushed the button on Luan Morales’s jail cell for her to
       exit on her own, which she was unable to do. When a deputy finally brought a gurney to Morales’s cell, he
       transported her to the wrong place causing further delay. When he finally got her to the clinic, the deputy
       wasted more time examining her before performing CPR before calling an ambulance.

        No physician was attending at the clinic that night and the deputy on duty claimed she was busy logging in
       new female inmates at the time of the emergency. Nor was there any life-saving equipment on site for such
       an emergency. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney, Drexler, asserted that the Wrongful Death was a
       direct result of the deputies on duty failure to respond, violating the West Valley Detention Center’s own
       written policies and resulting in the Wrongful Death filing.

        Personal Injury Attorney Drexler’s contention that negligent delays, lack of medical personnel and a
       breakdown in communication led to Morales’s Wrongful Death was answered by the plaintiff’s simple if
       cold claim that they were not responsible for the bringing about Morales’s death. Mediator Viggo Boserup
       of JAMS in Santa Monica, found for the plaintiff’s two orphaned children, Angel Rojas and Anthoney
       Llanes in the amount of $300,000.


       These Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, California are your best lawyers to win personal injury

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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