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DATE           SPEAKER                          SUBJECT                           NOTABLE EVENTS & HIGHLIGHTS
       F.W. MayerZeis Proclaims                                         Monthly meetings Changed to the Van Orman Hotel /
Aug-65 Quality Week                 16Th All Day Conference             section wins region 9 Final Saddoris Standings

                                  Process & Num Cont Mach's             The 16th Annual All Day Conference held at the
       Alvin Meyers, Dr. Marjorie Quality Equip. Display, Adv of        Chamber of Commerce in Fort Wayne Conference
       Sutherland, Rev. Armin     Charting, Watch your Lang., QC        Successful 82 persons in attendance, at least two large
Sep-65 Olson, Robert Archer       Eng. Requiem                          area companies worked the Saturday of the conference

       Ralph Debusk, Tennessee                                          Well organized, used Ash Trays to give visual
Oct-65 Eastman Co.             Evolutionary Operation EVOP              presentation, humorous and well illustrated with slides
                                                                        Gave an enumeration of various cost reductions. Work
       R. J. Becker of          Alert Management Makes Money            derived from statistical analysis such as Multiple
Nov-65 Management Controls, Inc using Quality Control Methods           Correlation
                                                                        Attititudes are established that either hinder or
       Dr. H. E. Sagen, retired                                         contribute to prod. quality. Merrill S. Bailey, Anaconda
Dec-65 Mgr., Abbott Laboratories    Quality is a Positive Attitude      Wire & Cable-Career Adv
       W. E. Stark, Mgr Atlas       Receiving Inspection & Vendor       Do not keep any secrets from your vendors. Also, Zero
       Chemical Corporation Ted     Relations, & A Zero Defects         Defects Programs are intended to cover up for poor
Jan-66 Everson & Ray Bosk           Seminar                             quality control management
       Frank A. Stover, Sear's Q.   The Best Quality and the Best       People in the Quality Control Profession tip their hats to
       A, Director, Chicago,        Service at the Lowest Possible      those in the merchandizing field for taking the care to
Feb-66 Illinois                     Price                               see that quality comes first.
                                                                        Received brochures and Information explaining the
                                    Tour The Bowmar Instrument          Bowmar Plant and the products they make. & various
Mar-66 NONE                         Corporation                         applications.

       Bryant E. Justice, General                                       Mr. Justice mentioned about ten items in Quality that
       Dynamics, Assistant to     Quality Assurance Cost                are treated as cost problems. However in reality they
Apr-66 Director of QC in NY.,NY   Challenges                            are cost challenges
                                                                        Pursued by the Society through it's Education and
May-66 A Panel Discussion           Professional Development            Training Institute and locally by the Section

       Dinner Speaker Dr. Arthur
       C. Hayes House of Rep. IN
Sep-66 State Legislator          17th Annual All Day Conference         Many Quality Topics were presented

                                                                        An information system that satisfies the needs of
       Alf B. Lindholm, Mgr. Of     "Getting the Facts" & "What is an   quality and manufacturing. The history of inspection
Oct-66 QC at Magnavox               Inspector"                          was presented. Ronald Gillian. Wayne Tool Def. OH
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       Casey Hoekstra, QC Mgr., Quality Costs - - Key to Profit         Break down Quality Costs by areas such as: prevention
Nov-66 OMARK Indus,             Improvement                             appraisal and then analyze for corrective action.
                                                                        A Pre-meeting Seminar on "Formal Education Programs"
       A. F. Cone, Mgr. QC.,                                            by John B. Kalb- Raymond Bosk Bowmar Eval & Rec
Dec-66 Sandia Corp, Al. NM          Fundamentals of an Evaluation       Insp
                                                                        Emphasis on reporting correct Quality info to Mgmt. The
       Charles Latimer, Supv.                                           When, How and Who of Process Insp. John Mader,
Jan-67 Stat. QC. Bendix Corp.       Quality Reports To Mgmt.
                                    Valentine Dance Feb-10 Plant        Essex Fd.
       NONE Gal Crutch Tour         Tour Gen Foundry, Defiance, OH      Dance with GE Squares at Baer Field Inn, corsages
Feb-67 Guide Gen Foundry Div        Feb-16                              presented to ladies
       Will McLaughlin, Des.                                            Value Eng goes through many phases. Inspection the
Mar-67 Eng., Honeywell Corp         Value Eng.                          backbone of Quality. Ed Misselhorn Gen. Electric
                                                                        Illustrations were used. The Inspection Dept and Rec.
       Ed Schrook, QC Eng. Amn                                          Dept are divided into 3 general areas Earl Dillon,
Apr-67 Std. Plumb               Maximizing Quality                      Franklin Elec..
       Donald Brandt, Mgr. QC , QC in The Distilled Spirits
May-67 Schenley Distillers      Industry                                The Inspection Div Conducted a Panel

Jun-67 NONE                         2nd Annual Golf Outing              Golf Outing held at Foster Park, Dick Willey won trophy
                                    i8th Annual All Day Conference
Sep-67   Nine Speakers              Nine Topics                         A Tool & Gage Display
         F. Verigan, Olin Mathieson Motivation of Supervisors &         Earl Dillon, Franklin Elec. Presented the Insp Div,
Oct-67   Chemical                   Operators to Better Quality         "Inspection Philosophy-A prerequisite for Quality
         Charles Boswell, Rohrer,   "The Individual in the Industrial   Factors which characterize a successful growth-oriented
Nov-67   Hibler & Replogle          Society                             manager were listed
         William Barker, QC Mgr,
Dec-67   General Electric           "Simple Sampling"                   Raymond Bosk, Bowmar Inst, Insp Topic "Why Control"

       E. S. Clifton, & E. A. Riley. Automotive Quality & Federal
Jan-68 Interna'l. Harvester          Safety Stds                        Talk hadSplicer of Gen. Elec. Spoke to the Inspection
                                                                        Howard excellent Slides
                                                                        Div. "Operation Control Plan-Source Control"
       William Carrier, General     "Quality Assurance of Electronic    According to March Newsletter William Cook delivered
Feb-68 Electric                     Components                          the February Program
       E. B. Godsey,Colins Radio,   Avoiding Some Pitfalls in Process
Mar-68 Cedar Rpds, Iowa             Capability Studies                  Dick Gebert. An Audit Plan that insures Source Control
       Richard Bingham, jr.         Ten Minutes with your Top
Apr-68 Consolidated Papers WI       Management
                                    A Vendor Speaks on Quality
       Michael J. Pastrick. Rea     Control & How Magnet Wire is        Alf B. Lindholm presented the Inspection Topic,
May-68 Magnet Wire                  Manf."                              "Feedback A Must for Maintaining Quality"
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Jun-68 NONE                         3rd Annual Golf Outing              A Forest Gumont Memorial Trophy to be presented
       Ten Speakers         Msgr.
       J. William Lester Luncheon                                       Ten Topics: Also, A Quality Control Certification
Sep-68 Speaker                      19th Annual All Day Conference      Program is being presented by the Section
       Carl Huprich, Brunswick      Motivation of Quality Control       Management Night- Gumont Award presented to
Oct-68 Corp                         People                              George Ridge
Nov-68 Un-announced                 Not-Announced                       Location at the Gerber-Haus on California Rd
                                    Today's Nondestructive Testing
         R. N. Baughman,            Methods and their Industrial
Dec-68   Magnaflux Corp             Application
         Louis Small, Service       Hardness Testing Practice and The   Author of "Hardness ---Theory and Practice. A pre-
Jan-69   Diamond Tool Co.           International Std.                  meeting Seminar was Held by Harold Dyer
         Dalmer C. Dague,           Vendor Quality Assurance
Feb-69   General Tire & Rubber      Program                             George Ridge promoted at General Electric
         Dr. Tyle C. Kaiser, DCASO Defense Contract Administrative
Mar-69   Chicago Region             Service Org.                        Alf Lindholm conducted the pre-meeting Seminar
         Roger Grafe, Federal Prod.                                     Outgoing Chairman. Ted Everson presented a Quality
Apr-69   Corp.                      Air Gaging Methods & Systems        Engineering Certificate to Roger St. Pierre
         Frank Caplan, Neapco
May-69   Prods., Inc                Not-Announced                       ?
Jun-69   NONE                       Golf Outing                         Eel River Golf Course
Sep-73                              All Day Conference                  Held at Ramada Inn
Oct-73   Bowmar Plant               Tour Bowmar Plant                   Blufton Road

       Dr. Paul E. Stanley, Prof.   Problems of Quality Control in
Nov-73 Biomed. Eng. Purdue Univ     Hospitals                           Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
       Dr. Richard Nicholas,
       Dept. of Food Serv, Mich.
Dec-73 State Univ                   Food Processing                 Held at Zoli's Chalet
       Walter Suever, Mgr. Q. C.    Long Range Planning for Quality
Jan-74 Peter Eckrich & Sons         Control                         Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
       Ted Everson, Mgr. QC         Government of Quality Assurance
Feb-74 Magnavox                     Programs                        Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
       John Waldner, Statician,
Mar-74 Eli Lily, & Co.              ASQC, Past, Present & Future        Held at Heritage House
       Phillip D. Gordon, Q. C.     QC in The Distilled Spirits
Apr-74 Mgr. Ford Motor Co.          Industry                            Held at Heritage House
May-74 To Be Announced              Product Measurement Program         Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
Jun-74                              Golf Outing
       Richard A. Fox, North        Quality Control in the Service
Sep-74 American Van Lines           Industry                            Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
Oct-74 Falstaff Brewery             Plant Tour
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 Nov-74 Many Speakers               All Day Conference                 Hospitality Inn
        Prof Warren Abbott,
 Dec-74 Purdue Univ,                How Safe Is Your Home              Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
        Gene Richards,              Evaluating Product Quality, Thru
 Jan-75 Whirlpool Corp.             Field Programs                     Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
        Dr. Warren Worthly,
 Feb-75 Purdue Univ.                Metric Madness                     Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
        Clifford Gough, Stream
        Pollution Control, Board of Quality Control in Environmental
 Mar-75 IN                          Engineering                        Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
        Harry Ballard, General      Training & Retraining of
 Apr-75 Tire & Rubber Co.           Inspection                         Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
        James E. Schmidt,           How To Conduct an Engineering
 May-75 Chrysler Corp               Evaluation                         Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
                                                                       New Officers 1975-1976 Weinhold Chair, Max Dilley,
                                                                       Chair Elect, Bob Long Vice Chair, Doyle Myers Sec., Ed
???-75   Date & Activity Open       Spring Outing                      Wolfe, Treas.
                                                                       Education Chairman lined up for the year, Chuck
 Sep-75 B. F. Goodrich              Plant Tour                         Weinhold Chairman
        Paul Seybert, Div. Mgr.     Energy - Options - Choices &
 Oct-75 NIPSCO                      Decisions                          Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
                                    All Day Conference - 30th Anniv
 Nov-75 Many Speakers               Celebration                        Held at Imperial House
        Concordia Swing Choir
 Dec-75 Concert                     Ladies Night                       Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
 Jan-76 Art Bender, Jr.             Benderizing                        Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
 Feb-76 George McDermott            Machine Capability Studies         Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
        Harry J. Borros, QA Dir.
 Mar-76 Wabash Magnetics            Consumer Verdict                   Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.

        Gordon Johnson, VP Data
 Apr-76 Proc., Peoples Trust Bank   Electronic Funds Transfer System Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
 May-76 Keith E. Ross Magnetic
        Phelps Dodge                Government Sampling              Held at Hall's Party Room, Bluffton Rd.
 Sep-76 Wire                        Plant Tour
        Howard Foss Underwriter
 Oct-76 La.                         Silent Guardian Film               Held at The Heritage House
 Oct-76                             All Day DCAS Forum                 Imperial House Motel
        Leroy Spruill, Peter
 Nov-76 Eckrich                     Myth and Magic of Management       Held at the Lamp Post
 Dec-76 Sandy & Vince Music         QC Summary & Guimont Award         Held at Lester's Party Room
        Harold Stone, Anaconda
 Jan-77 Wire & Cable Co.            Vendor, Vendee Relationship        Held at The Heritage House
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Feb-77 Many Speakers            AAD Two Day Conference                 Imperial House
       Dr. John Condon, VP
       Quality Assurance Abbott Quality Assurance - A
Mar-77 Laboratories             Management View                        The Lamp Post

Apr-77 Mike Nusbaum, Magnavox Reliability In Military Electronics      Held at The Heritage House
       Jerry J. Borros, VP QA Don't Look Now Bur your Quality
May-77 Wabash Inc.            is Showing                               Held at The Lamp Post
Jun-77 Golf Outing
                                                                       Bill Morris Chair, Steve Dobler V. Chair, Doyle Myers,
Apr-79 NONE                         NONE                               Sec.,Bob Peterson Treas.,

       Prof. Virgil Rehg, Air Force
May-80 Inst. Of Technology          Training & Education Night

       Four Speakers       Dale                                        Ramada Inn, Magnavox Way Quality Key to Survival
Nov-80 Ferrier Lunch Speaker    33rd All Day Conference                Luncheon Topic How to Succeed In Business By Trying
                                                                       Club Olympia, Lunch/Displays Quality - Future of
Nov-81 Four Speakers                34th All Day Conference            America
Nov-82 Four Speakers                35th All Day Conference            Club Olympia, Lunch/Displays Tools of Quality"
       Michael Mazu          John                                      Club Olympia, Statistical Quality Assurance - A Must for
Nov-83 R. Sedek                     36th All Day Conference            Survival
                                                                       Held at Hall's Guest House, make res 5/8/84
       Barbara Bulman, Prof.        A Warped View-Setting Non-         Spring Conf. Four one-hour topics on Japanese Prod.
May-84 Math Science IPFW            Symmetric Control Limits           Methods
       John Farrow, Dir of Ind.     The Internal Benefits of Quality
Sep-85 Eng Marquette Univ           Audits                             Held at Hall'sGuesthouse make res by 9/10/85

                                                                       Lowell Dusseau Education Chm purchasing Training
                                                                       Materials for CRE Review. Les Flott securing speakers
Oct-85 A Group from Tokheim         Participative Management           for upcoming All Day Conference, six Sessions planned

                                                                       Held at Grand Wayne Center. Also, Lowell Dusseau has
Nov-85 Six Speakers                 1985 Joint All Day Conference      confirmed a Nov. Plant Tour, Magnavox Ind. Prod Div

       Huntington N. High School Annual Spouse Night Xmas Dinner Held at Goeglein's, Also, CRE recertification review
Dec-85 Choir to entertain        & Guimont Award                 course first three weeks Jan., Exam date 4/5/86
                                                                 U. S. industry has looked to Japan and rushed full
Jan-86 Un-announced              Product Reliability             speed into Quality Circles
       Dennis Hogya, ASQC Reg.                                   ASQC Committee is considering giving awards to 10
Feb-86 Direc.                    Quality Costs                   quality companies
                                               Histogram Review.xls                                                   Page 6 of 16
       Lynne Strobel, Tri-State      Computer Assisted Inspection
Mar-86 Inst.                         Stations                           National Engineers Week Feb 16-22
                                                                        Anyone wishing to apply for the Annual ASQC
                                                                        Scholarship should first check the eligibility
Apr-86 To Be Announced               Quality from a CEO's Perspective   requirements.
       Dave Lundy. Dave Lundy        Product Liability Laws - A Two     Lowell Dusseau Educ Chair says the section has CQE
May-86 Assoc.                        Edged Sword                        and CRE review courses firmly established.

       Shin Taguchi, from                                               Thanks to Lowell Dusseau who successfully did some
       Evansville, replaced Diane    Introduction To The Taguchi        fast footwork to bring Shin to Fot Wayne to replace our
Jun-86 Byrne                         Method                             scheduled speaker Diane Byrne who became ill.
       Bob Roth & Kiley Reed,        Automotive Night, Quality at Our
Oct-86 General Motors                Plant                              Held at Marriott Hotel
                                                                        The Section will bill members who make reservations
                                     Cover-All Rental Service Plant     and do not show. The Section can no longer pick up
Nov-86 Tour Guide                    Tour                               the tab.
                                                                        Held at Grand Wayne Center, Main Ballroom: Les Flott
       Northfield Drama Club                                            arranged the entertainment. Max Dilley, Doyle Myers &
       Barbara Bickel Drama       Xmas Dinner/Guimont Award             Les Flott provided their hand crafted works for door
Dec-86 Coach, Wabash IN           Over 30 Door Prizes                   prizes.
       Firenz, Professional Eng & Productivity Improvement thru
Jan-87 Mgmt Cons.                 Work Innovations                      Held at Marriott Hotel

       Dr. Bruce Merrifield, Ass't                                      Program Chairman, Lowell Dusseau, says Dr. Merrifield
       Commerce Sec. Intro by        American Life In The Year 2000,    has emerged as the most effective outspoken advocate
Feb-87 Mary Rogers IPFW              Profit of High Technology          of American Technological Competitiveness

       Stephen Hollander, Tech,                                         Held at Marriott Hotel, Mr. Hollander provided short
       Writing Consultant, IN    Time Management For Technical          cuts in Report Writing for Managers that result in
Mar-87 Univ. Dept of English     Writers                                needed productivity gains
                                 The Impact of Changes In Quality
       Dennis Hogya, Dir of QA., Attitudes and Current Plans and        Held at Marriott Hotel, New Officers to become active in
May-87 Kenner Toy Prod.          Changes                                July
                                 Continuing Professional
       David C. Leaman Corp      Development-The Ultimate               Held at Marriott Hotel. ASQC, planning to teach SPC
Sep-87 Mgmt Consultant           Personal Development                   courses at Indiana Vocational Technical College
                                 Plant Tour General Motrs Truck &       Two tours a short one and a long on. Dinner served and
Oct-87 Tour Guide                Bus Manf. Facility                     films shown during dinner
                                            Histogram Review.xls                                                    Page 7 of 16
                                   Creating Communities of
       Marshall Herron,            Excellence Creating Communities
Nov-87 Tennessee Eastman
        Douglas Ekings,            of Excellence                   Turn in your ASQC Scholarship to Lowell Dusseau.
       Luncheon Speaker, Xerox
Nov-87 Corp                        30th Annual All-Day Conference     Held at Grand Wayne Center, Six Speakers,
                                                                      CQT and CMI Courses presented July 1988 contact
                                   Design of Experiments from Full    Lowell Dusseau. Paul Halbeg Chuck Roe nominated for
Apr-88 Rick Stewart                Factorial to Taguchi Graphics      Malcolm Baldrige Award
       Larry Ingraham Guest        Japenese Perception of American
Oct-88 Speaker, Pacific Run        Quality                            Held at Hall's Guesthouse: October is Quality Month
       Berne Hatke, Organized
       the event a variety of                                      Held at the Grand Wayne Center, the most popular
Nov-88 speakers                    All Day Quality Conference      seminar was Dr. Klaus Gschwend's
       Belmont High School,        Christmas Dinner Party/ Guimont
Dec-88 Swing Choir                 Award                           Held at The Roadway Inn
       Phillip Crosby, Philip      Quality in the Twenty-first
Jan-89 Crosby Assoc.               Century                         Held at the Grand Wayne Center Ballroom ***
                                                                   Held at Hall's Guesthouse: Pre-Control is a special
       Arthur Bender. Retired                                      interest of Les Flott. Bender also developed the
Feb-89 from Delco-Remy Div         Pre-Control                     concept of Bender Tolerance which states 6X2.5=9
                                                                   Held at Hall's Guesthouse: Local SPC Course, taught by
       A. Ridgely Park, Corp QA,                                   Chuck Roe. CQE Review Course begins. Interested in
Mar-89 Abbott Laboratories         Quality in Health Care          ASQC Scholarships contact Hank Gallmeyer
       Dr. John E. Condon, Vp
       Corp. QA., Abbott           Malcolm Baldridge National         Held at Hall's Guesthouse: ASQC Convention to be held
Apr-89 Laboratories                Quality Award Update               in Toronto, Canada the first week-end in May
                                                                      Held at Hall's Guesthouse- Biomedical Focus III
                                   Gage Repeatability &               Conference in Bloomington. Mn. Mr. Craig Cantello
       Kent Peterson, QA           Repoducibility (Measurement        awarded ASQC Scholarship. Submit your recertification
May-89 Manager Dana Corp.          System Evaluation)                 to Bonnie Marschand
       Phillips, Assoc. Prof.      Mini-Session, on Short Run         Held at Rodeway Inn: All Day Conference coming up in
Sep-89 Mech. Eng. Purdue Univ.     Capability Studies                 November
       John Cachat, Pres.
       Integrated Quality          Mini-Session Leadership &          Held at The Rodeway Inn: The Mini Session was Free.
       Systems & Don St. Clair     Motivation And Tools To Automate   Contact Lowell Dusseau for Quality Auditor and Quality
Oct-89 IIT                         The Quality Assurance Function     Tech. education courses
                                   Plant Tour King-Seeley (Eaton),
       King-Seeley Quality         Kendallville, IN Manufacture,      Explanation of how the market share is gained and
       Assurance group, Tour       Appliance Controls, emphasize      held, offshore production kept at bay. Next Board
Nov-89 host                        electric range burner controls     Meeting Thur., Nov 30, 89 at the Magnavox Tech Center
                                                                      Held at the Grand Wayne Center: Sixteen Companies
                                                                      set up Quality Exhibits, Subject-Total Quality Today and
Nov-89 Eight Speakers              41st All Day Conference            Tomrrow
                                             Histogram Review.xls Rodeway Inn: Planning to attend aPage 8 of 16
                                                            Held at the                             course
                                                                   in Quality Auditor or Quality Tech. contact Lowell
       Adams Central High                                          Dusseau. A Legislative session to create a State
Dec-89 School Swing Choir          Christmas Dinner/ Guimont Award Quality Award to be held
       Bud Gookins, Gen Plug
Feb-90 Corp                        Mini Session with Alan Bradley     Held at the Rodeway Inn
                                   Reliability: Transitioning From    Held at the Rodeway Inn: The NAPM Fort Wayne
       Naomi McAfee, Director      Design to Production- Mini         Chapter is hosting a seminar on Supplier
Mar-90 Reliability, Westinghouse   Session                            Evaluation/Supplier Certification in April
       Glen Johnson, Pres & CEO
Apr-90 of Roster, Inc            Team Concept- Mini Session            Held at the Rodeway Inn
                                                                       Held at the Rodeway Inn: CQE Refresher Course contact
         Robert Phillips, Assoc.     Baldridge Awards Guidelines- Mini George Koshy-Info on Scholarship Fund contact Lowell
Sep-90   Prof. Purdue Univ &         Session                           Dusseau.
         John Lobe, V. Pres Hurst    Quality Assurance in a Techn.     Barbara Bulhman, Prof Math & Science, IPFW - Testing
Oct-90   Technical Services          Services Environment              for Normality & Other Distributions-Mini Session
                                     42nd All-Day Quality Conf.
                                     Enabling & Empowering the         Held at the Grand Wayne Center: The Theme-Achieving
                                     Workforce: Keynote Topic          World Class Quality Through People- Enabling and
         Seven Speakers Keynote Benchmarking. Max Dille and            Empowering the Workforce- Xerox Bus. Prod.& Systems
Nov-90   Speaker, Dr. Arthur Tweet Doyle Meyers presented gifts        recipient of Malcolm Baldridge Award 1989
                                     Depuy Plant Tour, manufacturer    October declared National Quality Month- Midwest
Nov-90   Tour Guide                  of orthopedic prod.               Quality Conference to be held in Fort Wayne, 1991
                                                                       The group is directed by Sara Deis, & assisted by John
         The Brave Generation,       Christmas Dinner/ Guimont Award S. Girad, Choreographed by Gail Merriman- Federal
         Show Choir Belmont High presented to Professor Barbara J. Express, Gen Motors Cadillac, IBM's Rochester Mn
Dec-90   School                      Bulmahn                           recipients Malcolm Baldridge Award
         David J. Miller Senior Rel.                                   William Companga, Plant Mgr & Annette Kruger, Quality
         Engineer General Motors                                       Coor., James River Co., Quality Through Self-
Jan-91   Truck & Bus Co.             Robotic Applications              Management-Mini Session
         Dr. Lowell W.Beineke,                                         Held at the Rodeway Inn. - Engineers Week Feb 17-
Feb-91   Prof. Math IPFW             Taking Chances With Math          23,1991.
         Greg Clingerman. CQE of                                       Mike Longworty, GM Truck & Bus - Customer
Mar-91   PQ Systems                  Paradigms                         Satisfaction Systems - Mini Session

       David B. Bothe, Pres,                                          Held at the Rodeway Inn: Midwest Quality Conference
Apr-91 International Quality Inst. Short Run SPC                      to be hosted by our Section on 10/91
                                                                      Held at the Rodeway Inn: 1991 ASQC Scholarship
                                                                      Awards: Mike Gallmeyer, Ellen Crago, Dean Stephens,
       Lowell Dusseau, Mgr                                            Kristen Masanz, Alan Dusseau, Cynthia Jones, Janet
May-91 Quality Eng. Magnavox       Magnavox SABRE Program             Kight
                                             Histogram Review.xls                                                   Page 9 of 16
       Sharon Zelenski &                                              Held at the Ramada Inn: The Section received an open
       Natasha Mansur, National     ASQC National Initiatives &       letter from the 46th Annual Midwest Quality Conference
Jun-91 ASQC                         Programs                          Committee, the planning is complete.
       Ron Vice Staff Director      McDonald's New Customer Care      Held at the Rodeway Inn: Chuck Roe, Total Quality
Oct-91 Nat'l Operations             Program                           Mgmt-Mini Session

         Pre-Conference Tutorials   Midwest Quality Conference Self
         Oct, 13,91 Midwest         Assessment using the Malcolm      Also Building Supplier Relationships - Board Meeting
Oct-91   Quality Conference         Baldridge National -              Midwest Quality
         13 Speakers, Oct 14, 91
         Midwest Quality            13 Sessions, Kenote Topic:
         Conference Keynote         Establishing Corporate Values &
Oct-91   Speaker: Joseph 15, 91
         14 Speakers, Oct B. Weis   Guiding Principles               1500 Attended
         Midwest Quality            14 Sessions, Keynote Topic:
         Conference Keynote         Statistical Systems Approach and
         Speaker: Dr. Thomas H.     Quality Management in a Global
Oct-91   Lee                        Economy
         Ron Vice, Staff Dir.,      McDonald's New Customer Care     Held at the Days Inn: SPC/Quality Training at Ivy Tech
Nov-91   McDonald's                 Program                          contact Ward Crago
                                                                     Held at the Days Inn: Forms are available for Senior
         The Fort Wayne Barber      Annual Christmas Party, Guimont Membership Staus contact Bonnie Marschand or Les
Dec-91   Shop Chorus                Award recipient Dave Masanz      Flott
         Dave Bothe, Return                                          Held at the Days Inn: A Total Quality Management
Jan-92   engagement                 SPC for Short Production Runs    Seminar to be held on1/25/92
                                                                     Held at the Ramada Inn: Mini Session conducted by
         Charles Roe, Director of   Operating and Building Effective Jeff Brown, QM Gen Elec. Production of electronic
Feb-92   TQM Magnavox               Teams                            systems for jet engines
                                    The Journey Towards Quality,     Held at the Ramada Inn: Mini Session conducted by Eric
         David L. Morin, Federal    Federal Express was awarded the Dick, Qm Edy's Ice Cream, Topic: Handling Total
Mar-92   Express                    Malcolm Baldridge Award          Quality within a Shared Leadership Organizaton
                                    Our Future-ISO 9000 Quality      Held at the Ramada Inn: Mini Session conducted by Les
         George Ridge, George       Standards, How they will impact Flott QM Wayne Metals, Topic: A Picture is Worth a
Apr-92   Ridge & Assoc.             US ISO accreditation, ISO Audits Thous. Words. Seven ASQC Scholarships were awarded
                                    QFD - Involving The Customer in Recently Published Books: A Quality System for
         Jeff Cavanagh, American Design, What is QFD, Why QFD,       Education, by Spanbauer: A Beginner's Guide to
May-92   Supplier Inst.             The House of Quality             Quality in Manufacturing Teladi, Scaglione, Rusotti
         Panel Members: Graham                                       All Day Conference Committee Members needed, New
         Richard, Ned Kiser, David Training Resources for Quality    By-Laws available, Test Proctors needed, Thanks to the
Sep-92   Kiester, Judson Waters     Programs Training 2000           Education Committee, Certification Exam Dates
         Larry D. Horton, 2nd V. P. Customer Service-Measurement     Held at the Ramada Inn: We have a new home in the
         Dir Organizational         of and Compensation for          Foelinger Center, of the United Way. Ratification Vote
Oct-92   Development Lincoln        Excellence                       for New By-Laws. ASQC/AIAG Task Force
                                             Histogram Review.xls                                                    Page 10 of 16

       A Steering Committee, an                                       Held at the Ramada Inn: Les Flott presents paper on
       extension of the Fort                                          ISO 9000, George Koshy, Jan Schrader, John Meier, &
       Wayne Chamber & Small Northeast Indiana Total Quality          Bernie Hake volunteer to proctor during recent test.
Nov-92 Business Development        Management Network                 43rd Annual All-Day Conf. to be held 1/93
                                   Annual Christmas Dinner /
       Bill Green & Friends a five Guimont Ward presented to          Held at the Ramada Inn: ASQC gave six scholarships,
Dec-92 piece Jazz Combo.           Wayne Sherry                       Les Flott was elected Fellow by ASQC.
       Davis Bothe Director of     Let Your Process Do The Talking:   Held at the Ramada Inn: Bothe used an actual case
       Quality Improvement         A Powerful Problem-Solving         study in his presentation, Director's & Chairman's
Jan-93 Systems                     Strategy                           Award presented to Leslie Flott, and Nick Petura
                                                                      The ASQC has instituted the Northeast Indiana TQM
       Therese Sill, Manager of                                       Network, Jamie Butler is the Admn. Assistant. David
       Product Development Amn      Managing The Human Side of        Bothe conducted his SPC for Short Run in Taiwan, Mail
Feb-93 Supplier Inst.               Change                            Educ Scholarship application to Lowell Dusseau
       Cindy Barrager, B. S.                                          Chuck Roe elected as Regional Director of Region 9,
       Mech. Eng. Pres. Of          Dynamic Control Planning          ASQC announces dues increase, 19 individuals sat for
Mar-93 Integral Solutions           developed in 1985                 the CQT,CMI,CQE,CQA,QEIT exams and passed.

       Bill L. Wortman, Principal   Poisson Green M & M's -           Held at the Ramada Inn: ASQC awarded five
Apr-93 at Quality Council of IN     Attributes Simplified             scholarships, 38th IN NE Regional Science & Eng Fair
       Mark E. Crumly, West
       Area Operations Manager.     TQM Principles Applied to Service
May-93 GTE                          Ind. A Case Study                 Held at the   Ramada Inn
                                                                      Held at rhe   Ramada ˆInn: Submit the name and
       Ralph J. Teetor III, Pres of ISO 9000 and AIG Quality System nomination      to become a Fellow in the Society to Leslie
Sep-93 Foundrt Quality Systems Standard                               Flott
                                    Deming Philosophy and Quality     Held at the   Ramada Inn: the 44th Annual All-Day
Oct-93 George Koshy, PhD.           Improvement                       Conference    is set for Nov 6, 1993
       David R. Mckinnis,           Cashing in on the Great
       Assoc.., Director Technical Opportunity for Improvement in
Nov-93 Assistance Program           Manf.                             Held at the   Ramada Inn:
                                                                     Held at the Ramada Inn: To apply for graduate studies
       The Magic of Gregory         Christmas Dinner/ Guimont Award Scholarship in memory of Richard A. Freund call ASQC
Dec-93 Albright                     Bernie Hatke                     Customer Service, 29 pass Certification Requirements
       Davis Bothe, Pres. of                                         Held at the Ramada Inn: Second Annual Health Care
       International Quality        The Wonder of Normal Probability Quality Conf 6/13/94, Histogram contains info on how o
Jan-94 Institute                    Paper                            use The Supplier Process by George Koshy

       Gwendolyn Amstutz, Vice                                        Held at the Ramada Inn: Histogram features a Plan-D0-
Feb-94 Pres., of Quality Parkview Is the Customer Always Right        Check (PDCA) Cycle by George Kosh Chairman
                                              Histogram Review.xls                                                 Page 11 of 16

        Davis Bothe, President of SPC for Short Run Prod.,
 Feb-94 International Quality Inst. Measuring Process Capability        Held at the United Way of Allen County,
                                                                        Held at the Ramada Inn: Dr. Lloyd Knowler Memorial
                                                                        Scholarship from Midwest Conf. Board made available
                                    AIAG Quality Systems                to our Section members, Annual Science Fair to be held
Mar-94 Dave McIntire                Implementation                      in March at IPFW
                                                                        Held at the Ramada Inn: Leslie says that money
       Leslie Flott, Manager QC                                         cannot be a motivator?????Proctors to receive
Apr-94 Wayne Metal                  Employee Recognition                Compensation, Seven ASQ Scholarships awarded
        Keynote Speaker, Charles
Apr-94 M. Ludhof                    ISO 9000 Conference                 Seventeen Speakers,
       Ed Smierciak, Director of
Oct-94 NE IN T Q M Network          Role of TQM Network                 Held at the Ramada Inn;
       Jim Alstott, Quality Field   The Indiana Quality Initiative &    Held at the Ramada Inn: Registration for the All-Day
Nov-94 Agent, NE Indiana            ASQC                                Quality Conference must be received by 11/9/94
       HeadWind, a four piece       Christmas Dinner & Guimont          TQM Classes offered, Employment Opportunities and
Dec-94 band                         Award Jan Schroeder                 Quality Engineers needed
DATE    SPEAKER                     SUBJECT                             NOTABLE EVENTS
                                    ISO 9000 & AIAG Quality System
Jan-95 Ralph J. Teeter III          Standards
                                    Developing Small Business           Davis Boothe Seminars (Measuring Process Capability),
Feb-95 Debora S. Humhreys           Quality Systems                     (SPC for Short Term Production Runs)
                                    Using Statistical Tools to Meet
Mar-95 Michael J. Mazu              Quality Standards                   6 Scholarships Awarded
                                    Improving Process Performance in
Apr-95 Dr. William P. Loeffler      a Sustained Way
May-95 Ed Irvin                     Gains Sharing                       NO HISTOGRAM AVAILABLE
                                    Cost Drivers That Impact Your
Jan-96 Steve Schultheis             Insurance

Mar-96 Jan Schroeder                Life After ISO-9000 Certification   6 Scholarships Awarded
                                    Cultural & technical Barriers
Apr-96 Don Alwood                   Encountered when Initiating the
                                    ISO 14000 & its Relation to QS-
Sep-96 Kent Keeney                  9000 & ISO-9000
Oct-96 Mark Ippolito                Paradox Anyone?
Nov-96 ?                                                                48th Annual All Day Quality Conference
Dec-96 Leslie W. Flott              Becoming an ASQC Fellow             Christmas Program with Entertainment by Belmont HS
                                       Histogram Review.xls                                                 Page 12 of 16

Sep-98 Fred Moore, P.E.      Error Proofing
                             Exploding Entrenched Statistical
Oct-98 Dr. Stephen Rowe      Myths that You Might Believe
Nov-98                                                          49th Annual All Day Quality Conference
                                                                Christmas Program. Section Office Moved from United
Dec-98                                                          Way Bldg to Ivy Tech.
                             GM's Future with Global Market
Jan-99 Harry E. Jones        Opportunities & TQM
       Bill Thompson & Roy   ASQ & Ivy Tech a Winning
Feb-99 Meese                 Partnership
                             Acoustic Micromanaging for
Mar-99 Kerry Oren            Materials & Microelectronics       8 Scholarships Awarded

                             Roundtable Discussion to
                             Brainstorm Solutions to Members
Apr-99                       Real Life Quality Problems

May-99                                                          Tokheim Plant Tour led by Gary Knapp

Sep-99 Don Dion              Applying Six Sigma Techniques
                             Reliability Improvement,
                             Warranty Reduction & Root Cause
Oct-99 Hank Gallmeyer        Analysis
                                                                50th Annual All Day Quality Conference "50 Years of
Nov-99                                                          Continuous Improvement"
Dec-99                                                          Christmas Program with Entertainment
Jan-00                       Presentation of a Black Belt       Plant Tour at PHD
Feb-00 Brian Hollman         Project
                             Using Bar-Code readers to Fool-
Mar-00 Randy Hensley         Proof Data Entry Process           11 Scholarships Awarded
Apr-00                                                          Tokheim Tour - Reliability & Call Center
                             The Realities of the New ISO
May-00 Lowell Dussseau       9000:2000
                             Constructing & Interpreting a
Sep-00 Jim Oxenrider         Control Chart
Oct-00                                                          Plant Tour of BAE Systems
                                                                51st Annual All Day Quality Conference "Quality
                                                                Function in the New Millennium", Keynote Speaked Dr.
Nov-00                                                          Hans Bajaria (Note: Dr. Bajaria died August 29, 2001.)
                                       Histogram Review.xls                                                  Page 13 of 16
                                                                  Chtistmas Meeting with Entertainment by the Northrop
Dec-00                                                            HS Show Chior
Jan-01 Peggy Canales         Lean Manufacturing Overview

Feb-01 John Meier            The New ISO 9000:2000 Standard
                                                                  13 Scholarship Awards with Entertainment by Northrop
Mar-01                                                            HS
                                                                  Meeting was held @ The Eagles Nest in Columbia City
Apr-01 Brian O. Lanier       Mistake Proofing                     for the 1st time.
                             Six Sigma and Web-Leveraged
May-01 Bill Hathaway         Process Improvement
Oct-01 H. Hal Futhey         Customer Satisfaction
                                                                  52nd All Day Quality Conference "Northeast Indiana
Nov-01                                                            Excellence Through Six Sigma"
                                                                  Christmas program at Auburn Cord Duesenberg
Dec-01                                                            Museum
                             Use of Variation Tools in Sales      Mindy Robinson awarded the 2001 Forrest R. Guimont
Feb-02 Kevin Kensinger       and Operations Planning              Award

Mar-02 Tim Clark             Success Through Quality              Scholarship Awards
                             Tools for Teaching and
Apr-02 Jim Iboden            Understanding Variation              Meeting was held @ The Eagles Nest in Columbia City
May-02 Prof. Ramesh Narang   Defect-Free Production               53rd All Day Quality Conference Co-Hosted by TQM
                                                                  Network "Integrating Quality into the Business
Nov-02                                                            Function"
Dec-02                                                            Christmas program at Lincoln Museum
                                                                  Steve Shoda awarded the 2002 Forrest R. Guimont
Jan-03 Prof. Ramesh Narang   Gage Capability                      Award
Mar-03 Melissa Rucinski      Motivation in the Workforce          6 Scholarship Awards
                             Six Signa Black Belt Certification
                             vs. Typical Industrial Black Belt
Apr-03 Steve Shoda           Programs
                             Quality Initiatives in the Public
May-03 Harry Kelley          Sector
                                                                  54th All Day Quality Conference Co-Hosted by TQM
Nov-03                                                            Christmas program Excellence Conference"
                                                                  Network "Six Sigmaat The Kruse American Heritage
Dec-03                                                            Village
                             Construction &ASQ Certification:
                             What is the ASQ Construction
Jan-04 John R. Bloomfied     Division Building?
                                            Histogram Review.xls                                                 Page 14 of 16
                                  Leadership for Real Quality
Feb-04 Dale Siegelin              Improvement
Mar-04 Kristina L. Bowman         Business Basics for Manufacturing 6 Scholarship Awards
                                  How do you become one of
Apr-04 John Appel                 Industry Weeks top 10 plants?     Meeting was held @ The Eagles Nest in Columbia City
May-04 John Milentis & Roger Bell Growth at IVY Tech State College
                                  The Impact of the "Sarbanes-
                                  OxleyAct of 2002" on ISO
Sep-04 Kent A. Keeney             9001:2000 Internal Audits

Oct-04 Greg McCunn                John Deere's Achieving Excellence
                                                                       55th All Day Quality Conference Co-Hosted by TQM
Nov-04                                                                 Network "Six Sigma Excellence Conference"
Dec-04                                                                 Plant tour of Debrand Fine Chocolates
Jan-05 Dr. Schroeder              Ideas Are Free                       Meeting was held @ The Eagles Nest in Columbia City
Feb-05 Ronald Parrington, P.E.    Prodict Liability/Failure Analysis

                                  Feel the Fear and Take the Leap -
Mar-05 Karen Berggoetz            Get Some Courage for 2005         9 Scholarship Awards
                                  Demo & Dinner at IVY Tech:
       Steve Tumbleson, Kim       CAD/CAM to CNC Machining
Apr-05 Pontius & John Walter      Process & 5 Star Dining
May-05 Jerry Hannah               Work Smarter, Not Harder
                                  ASQ - Where is it going? What is
Sep-05 Richard McKeever           in it for me?
       Capt. Tim Rusch & MSgt.
Oct-05 Eric Anspaugh              Operation Iraqi Freedom
                                                                       56th All Day Quality Conference Co-Hosted by TQM
Nov-05                                                                 Network "Six Sigma Excellence Conference"
Feb-06 Tom Albrecht               Turning Data into Knowledge
                                  ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001 -
Mar-06 Charels Steensma           Shared Avenues to Success            14 Scholarship Awards

       John Chalmers, Karen       Training and Implementing the
Apr-06 Hughes & Wayne Scherry     Use of Design of Experiments
                                  Undrestanding and Resolving
                                  Shop-Floor Measurement
May-06 Richard Clark              Variation
                                           Histogram Review.xls                                                   Page 15 of 16
                                 The Economic Case For Quality -
                                 Learn how to reap financial
                                 success from a robust Quality
Sep-06 Steve Shoda               Program
Oct-06 David Herrick             Adhesives and Sealants
                                                                     Lean Six Sigma Excellence Conference co-hosted by
Nov-06                                                               TQM Network & ASQ Sec 0905
Dec-06                                                               Christmas Program "Wines: Which to Serve???"
                                 Why Organizations Fail at Lean
Jan-07 Scott Lasater             Six Sigma
                                 Implementing Robust and Cost
                                 Effective Reliability and Quality
Feb-07 Mark Braun                Programs                            The 57th Annual Engineers Week13 Scholarships
                                                                     Tour of the American Red Cross. Scholarship Banquet
Mar-07 Rob Townsend, Patrick                                         Awarded
       McCormick, John           Ivy Tech Community College          April 11, 2007 The NORTHEASTERN INDIANA Section
       Christman, Deb Pitzer &   Northeast "What Can We Do For       0905 of ASQ has earned the 2005-06 Section
Apr-07 Rick Willey               You"                                Management Process Total Quality Award
                                 ASQ Certifications – How to Pass
May-07                           & What it’s Worth
                                 Huntington Robotics - Team
Sep-07                           T.H.R.U.S.T.

                                 Labor Shortage and Talent Crunch
                                 - 10 million more jobs than
Oct-07 Carrie Van Daele          people -work force shortage
                                                                     Lean Six Sigma Excellence Conference co-hosted by
Nov-07                                                               TQM Network & ASQ Sec 0905
Dec-07                                                               December is our section's 62nd Anniversary

Jan-08 ?                         Achieving Competitive Excellence
                                                                     Tour of Lutheran Hospital. The 58th Annual Engineers
Feb-08                                                               Week Scholarship Banquet
Mar-08                                                               12 Scholarships Awarded
                                                                     Dr. Donald Wheeler presented a day-long seminar: “ A
Apr-08 Dr. Donald Wheeler        An Honest gauge R&R Study           Practitioner’s Guide to Data Analysis”
May-08 Nancy Berger & Jim Lee    Interactive Root Cause Analysis
                                 Subversion Analysis: Think Like A First Webcast of the Fort Wayne Presentation at
Sep-08 Svetlana Visnepolschi     Saboteur                          Warsaw, Indiana for simultaneous dinner meetings
                                           Histogram Review.xls                                                  Page 16 of 16
                                 FARO’s Technology Including the
                                 World’s Best-selling Portable
Oct-08 Allen Golden              Measurement Arm
                                                                    All Day Quality Conference Sponsored by ASQ Section
                                                                    0905 & Ivy Tech. Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the
                                 Why Go Beyond Lean Six Sigma       Balanced Scorecard: The Integrated Enterprise
Nov-08 Forrest Breyfogle         and the Balanced Scorecard         Excellence (IEE) System
Dec-08                                                              Tour of DeBrand’s Fine Chocolates
                                 CorrectSPC: The Correct Use of     Section Management meeting attendance possible thru
Jan-09 Bob Doering               SPC in Precision Machining         phone conference or Web Conferencing
Feb-09                                                              The 59th Annual Engineers Week Scholarship Banquet
Mar-09 Craig Henderson           Nobody Likes Bad Change              9 Scholarships Awarded
                                 Critical Feature Traceability in the
Apr-09 Tom Slagle                Medical Device Industry
                                 Improving Laboratories through
May-09 Douglas R. Leonard        Accreditation an ISO 17025
                                 How to write to Internal Audit
Oct-09 Rick Pettyjohn            report
                                 Applying the Project Management
Nov-09 Greg McCormick            Body of
Dec-09                                                              Tour the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
                                 Top supplier problems addressed
                                 by Honda, and how it relates to    April Conference with Dennis Arter "Quality Auditing
Jan-10 Jim Lee & Bill Mitchell   our companies                      Workshop" announced
Feb-10                                                              Tour of Sweetwater Sound
                                 Risk Management Principles and
Mar-10 Greg McCormick            Practical Applications             8 Scholarships Awarded

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