Facilities Open during GOV'T Shutdown by shuifanglj


									                   Facilities Open during GOV’T Shutdown

   CYP Program
      o All Child Development Centers/Youth Programs

   Golf Courses
       o Barbers Point
       o Ke’alohi Par 3
       o Mamala Bay Golf Course
       o Navy Marine Golf Course

   Bowling Centers
       o Hickam & Pearl

   Fitness
        o Hickam
        o Makalapa
        o Westloch
        o Kunia

   Food & Beverage (Clubs)
       o Club Pearl
       o 10th Puka Lounge
       o Enlisted Club/JR Rockers
       o Oceans CPO Club
       o Officers Club/Wright Brothers Cafe
       o Harbor Grill

   Information Ticket and Travel @ Barbers Point

   Sharkey Theater

   Beach Cottages @ White Plains Beach

   Beach - White Plains Beach Surf Shack

   Navy Gateway Inn and Suites

   Galley’s

   Family Housing – TLA Processing Only

   Bachelor Housing

   Veterinary Clinic

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