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									                                                            4/1/2007 10:35:00 AM

Fort Bend Independent School District
Revised 7-26-04

Fort Bend ISD is pleased to offer our students access to computer
resources and electronic networks such as the Internet. These computer
resources are a privilege, not a right. This access will increase learning
opportunities by allowing students to explore thousands of current
information sources from around the world. These resources are to be used
to support District educational goals. The district has taken precautions to
restrict access to controversial information with the use of filtering software.
Although it is impossible to control all materials, the valuable information
and interaction available on this worldwide network far outweighs the
possibility that users may procure material that is not consistent with
District educational goals. The District has established the following
guidelines for Acceptable Use, and asks that students and their parents
read and discuss them together.

Prior to using District computers, the student and the student's parent must sign
and return the District Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Signature
Page, found in this booklet, acknowledging their understanding of the
Acceptable Use Policy, responsibilities, and the consequences of violating
the agreement.

Rules of Acceptable Use:

A. General Use:
 Only students who have returned a signed AUP signature page which
gives parental permission, and who are under direct supervision of
designated District instructional employees are permitted to use a District
Students may not use any network account except their own without written
permission from the campus administrator or District Coordinator as
Students are prohibited from changing any computer settings and/or
 Students may not install any software, including but not limited to
commercial software, shareware, freeware, original software and/or utilities
onto school computers or networks.
 Students are not allowed to open computer cases (CPU’s) or make
modifications to computers.

B. Internet/Electronic Communications Use:
 Students are expected to understand that electronic communications are
not private. Network administrators may review electronic communications
and logs of Internet sites visited to verify appropriate use.
 Students are expected to use network etiquette by communicating politely
and using appropriate language.
 Students are to visit only Internet sites which are appropriate for students
and support District learning objectives.
 Students are to notify their teacher immediately if they should encounter
any material or electronic communication that is inappropriate.
 Students must not respond to any electronic messages that are
 Students must never agree to get together with anyone they "meet" online.
 Students are prohibited from pretending to be someone else; transmitting
and/or displaying obscene messages or pictures (pornography).
 Students are prohibited from revealing their own name, personal
addresses and/or telephone numbers, except to request college
 Students are prohibited from revealing names, personal addresses and/or
phone numbers of others.
 Students should use only their first names in communications outside the
 Students may not access or download any programs, files, or information
without permission from a teacher.
 All Web pages created for the FBISD Web site must be submitted to the
designated campus Web Master for approval, and can be posted only by
the campus Web Master.
 No participation in any email, chat room, news group or Instant Messaging
accessed on the Internet is permissible for students.

C. Computer Ethics:
 Students are expected to observe copyright law in their use of electronic
 Students are prohibited from using computers and the network in a way
that would harm another person or disrupt use by others (hacking,
uploading/creating viruses, downloading large files without permission,
intruding on the files or electronic work of others, and/or committing any
type of electronic or physical vandalism/ theft).
 Students are prohibited from using District electronic media for commercial
activities and/or political lobbying.

Any infraction of the Student Acceptable Use Policy shall be reported
immediately by the building principal to the Associate Superintendent of
Technology, the Director of Technology, the Director of Technical Services,
and the FBISD Staff Attorney.

Violation of the Rules of Acceptable Use may result in disciplinary action,
possibly including: loss of computer privileges for any length of time, up to
the remainder of the school year, as determined by the building principal in
consultation with the Technology Department. Saturday detention
 In school suspension
 Placement at the Behavioral Learning Center
 Financial responsibility for all costs associated with system restoration
including labor, hardware or software repair/replacement, and restoring the
integrity of data.
 Criminal charges
Disclaimer of Liability:

The District shall not be liable for users' inappropriate use of electronic
communications resources or violations of copyright restrictions, users'
mistakes or negligence, or costs incurred by users. The District shall not be
responsible for ensuring the accuracy or usability of any information found
on the Internet.

(for accessing FBISD computers and electronic communications
Revised 7-26-04

FBISD reserves the right to require renewal of the AUP and this signature
page as needed.
AUP’s will remain in effect from year to year unless a replacement AUP is
submitted by the parent/guardian.

Student Information Section: (PLEASE PRINT)

Last Name : _______________ First Name: _____________ Middle
Name: _________

School: ______________________________ 6-digit permanent ID #

Homeroom/Advisory Teacher:______________________              Grade:

I have read and understand the Computer Resources/Acceptable Use and
agree to abide by its rules for acceptable use. I understand the possible
consequences for violating the rules stated in the Acceptable
Use Policy (AUP).
Student Signature: _____________________________________Date:

Parent or Guardian Section:

I have read and understand the Computer Resources/Acceptable Use and
have discussed it with my child. I understand that the District has taken
precautions to restrict access to controversial information by using Internet
filtering software. In consideration for the privilege of using the District’s
computers and electronic communication system, and in consideration for
having access to the public networks, I hereby release the District, its
operators, and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and
all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use of, or
inability to use the system, including, without limitation, the type of damage
identified in the District’s policy and administrative regulations for Computer
Resources/Acceptable Use.

Check one:

_____ I give permission for my child to use the District’s computers and
electronic communications
system/Internet access and certify that the information on this form is

_____ I do not give permission for my child to use the District’s Internet
access. However, I understand
that my child may be required to use computers for purposes such as word
processing, use of
educational resources, or taking mandated online tests.

Signature of Parent or Guardian

Date: ____/____/____   Home phone number:

Please return this form to your child’s school.

Revised 7-26-04

Fort Bend ISD is proud to feature student work for the community to enjoy.
With your permission, we would like to be able to publish your child's first
name, first letter of the last name, photograph and/or student work on the
District Web site or a campus Web site. Please indicate your preference by
checking the appropriate spaces below.

I understand that the purpose of sharing these information materials
electronically is to inform others of Fort Bend ISD learning activities and
programs in which students have participated.

I give my permission for the following information about my child to be
displayed on the Fort Bend ISD Web site, a campus Web site, or in-house
campus video presentations:

Please check all that apply.

____ My child's first name (Last names will not be used)

____ My child's photograph
____ My child's individual or team academic work, creative work,
extracurricular accomplishments, multimedia project, or presentation
 (Grades associated with student work will not be displayed.)

Signature of Parent or Guardian:

(Please print the information below.)

Child's Name:

Homeroom Teacher:


Please return this form to your child’s school.
4/1/2007 10:35:00 AM

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