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									                Yes Master Rises from the Deep with the
                       Help of Carl Tatz Design
 — One of Nashville’s top mastering suites comes back strong with new cutting-
  edge PhantomFocus™ Technology after devastating flood damage and ten-
                             month renovation —

Nashville, TN: ―At first I was actually frightened, as if I had been transported to
the planet Jupiter and then just became giddy with the realization that I had this
incredible monitoring system in my mastering suite – it was that dramatic.‖

That’s how Jim DeMain described his first listening experience after Carl Tatz
implemented a new state-of-the-art PhantomFocus™ System 2 for Yes Master
Studios in Nashville after the facility’s ten-month post-flood renovation. Tatz had
designed the facility back in 2004 along with an early-iteration PhantomFocus

DeMain has been very successful, staying booked over the years with a wide
array of clients and GRAMMY® awards, including most recently the GRAMMY-
nominated Band of Joy by Robert Plant.

The new system incorporates the latest PhantomFocus protocols and
technologies, including proprietary 159-band, 96k digital processing; 220 Volt
Bryston SST2 amplification; new damping and isolation elements; and line level
and low voltage embellishments.

―We pulled out all the stops for Jim this time, using everything we’ve learned over
the last decade to make Yes Master really pop, and it paid off big time,‖ says

DeMain commented, ―I took the new Vince Gill CD I’ve been working on in my
temporary space and put it up on Carl’s new system. I was able to hear details
and nuances that I never new existed, and the low-end definition and extension
are insane. I took those new tweaks out to the car and I'm convinced that this is
the best work I've ever done.‖

Photo File 1: CTD_YesMaster_Photo1.JPG
Photo Caption 1: Pictured L-R: Carl Tatz and Jim Demain, at Demain’s Yes
Master Studios in Nashville, recently renovated and outfitted with a
PhantomFocus™ System 2 from Carl Tatz Design.

Photo File 2: CTD_YesMaster_Photo2.JPG
Photo Caption 2: Yes Master Studios in Nashville, pictured during the Nashville
flood of May 2010.
Photo File 3: CTD_YesMaster_Photo3.JPG
Photo Caption 3: Yes Master Studios in Nashville, recently renovated and
outfitted with a PhantomFocus™ System 2 from Carl Tatz Design.

About the PhantomFocus™ System
Once the basic acoustic treatment has been accomplished, Carl Tatz Design’s
proprietary PhantomFocus™ System offers clients a unique opportunity to have
a truly world class monitoring experience in their room, no matter how modest
they may perceive their room to be. The PhantomFocus System enhances their
monitors of choice to perform accurately at a full 20Hz to 20KHz frequency
response with pinpoint imaging in an almost holographic sweet spot — this
enables their mixes to travel anywhere with a new level of sonic accuracy. There
are approximately fifty steps in the proprietary PhantomFocus System
implementation protocol, some of which may include phase and laser alignment,
damping, isolation mounts, careful assessment of engineer/speaker placement
relative to their room’s primary axial modes, proprietary speaker distance and
angle, crossover points for pass filtering, and finally parametric equalization.
Hardware can include monitor stands, concrete, granite, Sorbothane, closed cell
foam, and other isolation and decoupling materials, custom floating plenum
mounts, subwoofer system, custom crossover, parametric equalizers and the
existing monitors themselves (passive or active). The evaluation and
implementation is a full two-day process and can be applied to nearfields,
midfields, and large soffit mounted monitors, regardless of manufacturer. Carl
Tatz Design can install the PhantomFocus System in existing control rooms or in
studios that are designed and built from the ground up by CTD. The result is like
the aural equivalent of HD TV. Once you experience a PhantomFocus Monitor
System, you can’t go back.

For more information about the PhantomFocus System, please contact Carl Tatz
Design, 6666 Brookmont Terrace, Suite #1109, Nashville, TN 37205 Office:
615.354.6242, Direct: 615.400.5479 Email: carl@carltatzdesign.com Web:

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