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The National Prostate Cancer Coalition by wuyunyi


National Prostate Cancer Coalition

   Setting the Course for a Cure
       NPCC – Quick History
   Started in 1996 by a
    group of survivors,
    doctors and
    philanthropists to
    address the need for
    significant federal
    investments in
    prostate cancer
    NPCC’s Mission

End the devastating impact of prostate cancer
    on men, their families and communities
  through awareness, outreach and advocacy
PCa & BCa Deaths and
Growth in Prostate Cancer
       How We Do It – Public Policy
   Public Policy is responsible for
    increasing federal funding at the
    agencies that conduct prostate
    cancer research
      Department of Defense

      National Institutes of
        Health/National Cancer Institute
      Department of Veterans Affairs

   Public Policy also advocates for
    health-related issues that affect
    the prostate cancer community
           How We Do It – Field Operations
    Develop a strategic network across the nation by engaging
     and organizing individuals and groups that will support NPCC
     program, policy, marketing and funding objectives on the
     locally and nationally.
    Partners include:                       State Coalitions:

    AFL-CIO                                 California Prostate Cancer Coalition
    Laborers Health and Safety Fund         State Coalitions in:
    NAACP                                       Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
    National Alliance for Hispanic Health       Massachusetts, New York State,
    National Urban League                       Pennsylvania, Michigan,
    United States Conference of Mayors          New Jersey, North Carolina,
    VFW                                         North Dakota, Texas, Virginia
    Vietnam Veterans of America                 and Washington State
         How We Do It –
         Drive Against Prostate Cancer
Work with local sponsors and community
leaders to promote each event.
Partner with local medical facilities to staff
the vehicle with doctors and phlebotomists,       The only nationwide mobile
as well as prostate cancer survivors who help      medical clinic for prostate
at many of the events.                              cancer early detection
Ensure each man receives his test result in
a timely manner and that he has the proper
follow-up care, if needed.
Promote the program to various
organizations across the country in order to
schedule additional days of screening
DAPC screened 7,233 men in 2003 for
       How We Do It --
 Raise awareness about prostate cancer issues, such as early detection,
  disease burden, federal funding of a cure and methods of possible
  prevention through print, broadcast and online media.
 Brand the National Prostate Cancer Coalition as the nation’s largest non-
  profit organization that works to end prostate cancer as a threat to men
  and their families – through awareness, outreach and advocacy.
 Establish partnerships with celebrities, public figures and prostate cancer
  survivors to serve as spokespeople, merchandise donors and advocacy
 Serve as an informational source for prostate cancer survivors through our
  programs, website and twice weekly newsletter, Aware.
        How We Do It –

   Media Exposure
   Over 1 billion media impressions in print and online coverage and a
    radio and television market of over 250 million viewers and listeners.
   Media Awareness Campaigns for 2003
   “Do it for Dad!” awareness media campaign; “National Prostate Cancer
    Awareness Month;” “Take a Swing Against Prostate Cancer;” Rudolph
    Giuliani Public Service Announcements.
   Complete Redesign of NPCC Website and Newsletter Aware
   Our twice weekly newsletter Aware now reaches nearly 30,000 people –
    an increase of nearly 25,000 readers per issue from 2002.
       How We Do It –
       Marketing Partners
Take a Swing Against Prostate Cancer program with Merck
and Major League Baseball. The program is an awareness
campaign to educate people about prostate cancer risk
factors. In 2003, programs spokesmen were Lou Piniella
and Ozzie Smith.

NPCC is part of the Gillette NASCAR Young Guns campaign
for 2004

Blue ribbon appears on mushroom packages to encourage
healthy eating to promote prostate health.

Weider Nutritionals sponsored an educational campaign in
major newspapers and magazines as well as nearly a
month of DAPC screenings
    What Can You Do?

   Join the 25,000+ people that keep up-to-
    date on prostate cancer with our FREE,
    twice-weekly electronic newsletter --
   Sign-up at
What Can You Do?
   Use our free, web-
    based Contact Congress
    service to tell your
    federal representatives
    about the importance of
    finding a cure for
    prostate cancer at
What Can You Do at Home?
   Get involved in the California Prostate
    Cancer Coalition
                1710 Webster St.
               Oakland, CA 94612
What Can You Do?
   You can make a tax-
    contribution to the
    National Prostate
    Cancer Coalition.
   One dollar given to
    NPCC is leveraged
    into $250 in federal
    funds to find a cure
    for prostate cancer.

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