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									Norman Rockwell

     By: Kyle Burack
•Born on February 3 1894 In New York City
•Left High School in his Sophomore year to attend the National Academy of Design and
later to the Art Students league.
•Norman Rockwell used oil paints to create realistic illustrations for numerous books,
posters, and magazines.
     •His early works were done for mainly juvenile magazines such as Boy’s Life and
     Boy Scouts of America.
     •After moving to New Rochelle, NY at the age of 21, a friend with whom he shared a
     studio helped him submit a cover to the Saturday Evening Post. His work was
     accepted and lead him to submit more of his work. Norman Rockwell would
     eventually go on to pain t 321 original covers over the next 47 years.
     •Many of Rockwell’s paintings show the everyday life of people of small towns and
     he often used them and local students as models. The two World Wars that Rockwell
     lived through inspired many patriotic paintings including his Four Freedoms series.
•In 1943 a fire at Norman Rockwell’s studio destroyed many of his original paintings,
props and costumes.
•In his later years 574 of his original paintings were assembled with his help into the
Norman Rockwell Museum near his home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He also received
the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, for his “vivid and
affectionate portraits of our country,“.
•Norman Rockwell died on November 8, 1978 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts at the age of
Displayed at the United Nations
In Stockbridge Massachusetts

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