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					 Dr. (Mrs.) Arpana Pareek
Reader, Dept Of Repertory
Smt. KBAHMC, Chandwad
 The important aim of computer is
  to provide the demanded result
  after supplying essential data to
  the system.
 The    computer    consists    of
  Hardwares and software. The
  hardware includes
    Visual display unit or monitor – it‟s
     function is to screen up the data
     supplied to it.
   Key board – by which we can talk with
    the computer. It is useful to send the
    necessary message to the computer. It
    contains Keys, which are of two types
     Functionalkeys
     Standard type writer keys.

   CPU – Central processing unit – It is the
    heart of the computer where all data is
    processed and analysed. It possesses
    RANDOM      ASSES              MEMORY whose
    function is to have a stock of
    information. If the information is more
    it requires separate storehouse for
    preserving information, which is called
       Others - Printer, scanner, multimedia
        kit, Web Camera etc.
   All these parts are unitedly names as
    “HARDWARE”. Another part of the
    apparatus, which is more important,
    is    named      as     „APPLICATION
    SOFTWARE.” It helps to direct the
    hardware and its parts to work out
    the data.

 For getting Similimum by using
  repertories many people started
  searching for quick technique.
 Several people developed cards
  but because of limitations, card
  technique was remained behind.
 Many         people        almost
  simultaneously             started
  developing     computer     based
  Repertories.   5
 In  or after 1979 computerized
  programmes like Le Repertoire
  de kent, Melanie and „LAMINA‟
  were introduced.
 Lamina homoeopathic repertory
  analysis system was developed in
  Australia and it was covering
  14700 and plus symptoms.
 This work was based on Kent‟s
 It  is wrong to judge that
  computers will give us the
  answer with minimal efforts.
 Computers are merely a tool
  to aid our thinking and help us
  with ideas.
 Homoeopathy will always be
  an human art despite its solid
  scientific foundations.
 Computer   can be very useful to
  new Homoeopaths with limited
  knowledge of Polychrest and also
  guides old Homoeopaths to
  consider smaller remedies.
 Now with the advent of handy
  laptops and power books, it is
  easy    to   use   them    during
  interview with more interactions
  and side by side analysis.
 Since  the late 1980 number of
  computer     programme      have
  became available.
 Out   of these Homoeopathic
  Program's     MAC     Repertory,
  RADAR,       Hompath,      CARA,
  Polychrest,        homoeopathic
  Assistant,           Repertorium
  Homoepathicum digital 1, 2 HRS
  – Homoeopathic Repertorization
  system etc. gained prominence.
    History of Homeopathic Software
 1979 – Le Repertaise De Kent
 1986 – Mac Repertory, based on
  Macintosh world
 1986 – Hompath, Dr. Jawahar Shah
 1987 – RADAR (Rapid Aid to Drug
  Aimed Research), Archibel Belgium
 1988 – CARA (Computer assisted
  repertorial analysis), Miccant UK
 1994     –     Polycresta,     Dolphin
  cybernetics comp, Bombay
 Organon 96 – Prepared by Institute
  of Clinical Research ICR, Bombay by
  Dr. Dilip Dixit
 Stimulare,        Qu-bit     Homoeo
  Technologies, Banglore
 Kenbo Homoeopathic Software, Dr.
  Takeshwar Jain, PP Homoeopathic
  Lab Pvt LtD., Jaipur, India
 Mercurius      (Basic)   Homoeopathic
  Software, Aeon Group Ltd of
  SLOVAKIA, distributed in India by
  Health soft, Karnal.
   Kentian, Dr. R. P. Patel and G.I. Patel
    from Sai, Homoeo Book Corporation,
    Kerala, India. It does automatically the
    analysis, evaluation, and even classifies
    the miasms. There are different methods
    of repertorization.    The result screen
    displays the similimum along with its
    miasmatic classification.
   Pc Kent, SARL evidence

   Hres    –    India.      Repertorization,   eliminative
    repertorization,    miasmatic   repertorization,   MM,
    comparative MM, Drug essence, relationship of
    remedies, Homo philosophy, clinical experiences from
    masters, classical articles, diet restrictions in
    homoeopathy, taking patient case by referring to the
    respective organ, case reviewing on each visit,
    maintenance of patient directory, treatment directory,
    creation of doctor‟s own repertories etc.        Special
    features include human anatomy, physiology, human
    diseases, medical, manual, nutrition, first aids, food
    restrictions in diseases, medical dictionary etc.
   Homoeopathic Remedy Browser –             prepared
    to improve our knowledge of mm and to confirm our
    choice of medicine using rubrics derived from the
   There are some other                 software
    available besides these:
     The Lamina – Lamina Pvt Ltd Australia
     Homoeorep          –            Boenninghausen
      technique, Dr. Robert Bacheleric,
     Comrep – Samuel
     The Profile – Dr. J. Vidlard, France

     The    Samuel       –          The  cooperative
      association, Holland
     Micro Path – Micro Therapeutics Ltd.
     QUEST – Atul Systems
 Similimum 2000 – Kerala
 Remedy 2000 – Holistic, India

 Jacobs    Homoeopathic Prescribe -
  useful for prescribing in acute cases
 EZ4U – Jacques, Paris

 Repertorium Homoeopathicum - Brazil

   We can save a lot of time and concentrate
    only on the patient and art of
    homoeopathy leaving the routine job on
    the program.
   Process is more enjoyable & more
    exciting because it allows playing with
    the    information              put in making
    eliminations, looking at what changes
    occur when you add or remove
   It saves time of writing out all the rubrics
    and prints it all out neatly.
 It reduces the manual work.
 Real    advantage of a computer
  repertory will be to search through
  the Materia Medica for symptoms not
  found in the repertory. This process
  is only possible because of computer.
 Besides     the    pure    work    of
  repertorization, the computer is an
  excellent tool to collect information
  and have it ready to display in
  therapy or teaching.
 It helps to create data banks of
  cured cases and to be in contact via
  Homoeo net with Homoeopaths all
  over the world.
 Different programs have different
  contents and number of book that
  help to ready references.
 Creates impression on patient.

 Computer     won‟t accept slightest
  typing error, it is wrong to judge that
  computers will give the answer with
  minimal efforts.
 It is not the solution or computer
  does not solve your problems and
  find the indicated remedy when your
  perceiving of the case is wrong.
 Very costly
 Human factor is secondary important
  so one cannot improve the power of
  logical thinking.
 One can not always depends upon
 For proper case taking and selection
  of symptoms computer does not
  help, it is the job of physician at last.

   Today Hompath is the most popularly
    used software amongst homoeopathic
    practitioners, teachers and students
    throughout the world
   HOMPATH is the brainchild of Dr. Jawahar
    Shah,     M.D. (Hom),               Mumbai,  who
    recognized the immense power of
    computers as early as in the beginning of
    eighties and introduced the most
    revolutionary concept of computerized
    repertorization      and           searching  the
    infallible Similimum in Homoeopathy . 22
               HOMPATH MD
   It is chiefly a product for the practicing
    Homeopath and P.G. students.
   This software is most easy to use and
    economical as compared to other software
    available today.
   It is complete software with much        more
    information as compared to any other software
   Hompath MD comprises of 13 CDs – 17
    modules, 29 repertories, 300 books, MM of
    1437 remedies, keynotes of 477 remedies,
    compilation of 5000 cases and articles of
    masters‟ from various journals of past 100
    years.          24
           MODULES (17)
1.   Classic
2.   Archive
3.   Homutil
4.   Patient Management system
5.   Tresorie
6.   Links Tresorie
7.   Materia Medica Elite
8.   Materia Medica Live
9.    Hompath Organizer
10.   Case analysis
11.   Cure 1
12.   Cure 2
13.   Cure 3
14.   Cure 4 - Spiders
15.   Cure 5
16.   Miasms
17.   Homoeopathic Pharmacy
1.    Complete repertory
2.    Kent‟s Repertory
3.    Allen
4.    Boenninghausen (BBCR)
5.    Boericke‟s Repertory
6.    Boger (Boger Synoptic Key)
7.    Clarke‟s Repertory
8.    Fever
9.    Gentry Repertory
10.   Knerr‟s Repertory
11.   Lippe‟s Repertory
12.   Phatak‟s Repertory
13.   Robert‟s Repertory
14. Special
  A.   Asthma
  B    Bach Flower
  C.   Bio chemic
  D.   Constipation
  E.   Dentition
  F.   Diarrhoea
  G.   Eye
  H.   Nail
  I.   Obesity
  J.   Piles
  K.   Pneumonia
  L.   Spasms
  M.   Suppression
  N.   Vaccination
15.    Therap (BTPB)
16.    Ward‟s Repertory
More than 300 books on Materia Medica,
Philosophy,  Therapeutics,  Pharmacy,
Regional Therapeutics etc. covering a
wide range of homoeopathic subjects
spread across 1-lakh pages (1,00,000

   Patient –    Previous Patients, new patient, select patient, select physician, speed

   Repertory - Rubric selection, quick repertory
   Search – Repertory, Intelligent word search, quick search
   Extract – Convert rep to MM, Group Symptoms
   My Repertory – User Rep, Mat Med Repertory
   Mat Med – Open MM, Search MM, My favorite remedies
   Edit -
   View -
   Utilities - Rep Tot, Remedy list, Remedy Editor, similimum, pack n go,
    send feedback, Text to voice
   M.D. info – Colleges, topics, syllabus
   Hompath Family – Archives, PMS,               Homutil, Case analysis, Tresorie,
    Links Tresorie
    This is a large library. You can search as
    well as read any remedy, topics, read any
    authored books. It contains
   Materia Medica
   Philosophy
   Therapeutics
   Regional Therapeutics
   Clinical
   Drug pictures
   Pharmacy
    An interesting combination of set of tools and
    utilities which can be used to enhance your
    experience of using HOMPATH.
    This module offers many practical and clinical
    application hints useful for students as well as
    practitioners. It contains.
   Mother Tinctures
   Prophylaxis
   Therapeutics
   Word Meanings
   Cross References
   Viva questions
   Question Bank
   Group Symptoms        32
    It allows an easy way to store and update
    all the information and update all the
    information about the patient. It includes
   Patient information
   Physician information

             CASE ANALYSIS
   This module helps to analyze all the
    details of your cases including your
    successes and failures in practice.
   This option is useful for presentations and
    lectures as well as for documenting and
    analyzing cases for enhancing practice.
   This is directly connected to the follow up
    and diagnosis from where it can pick up
    data on the basis of the query defined by

               HOMPATH ASSIST
   This is another characteristic feature of
    this software, which allows the physician
    to maintain a personalized Journal in the
    form of HOMPATH ASSIST.
   There are sub modules like
       Organizer – useful to maintain record of imp
        visit dates, patient‟s appointments, other
        appointments schedules and events
       Bills ‟n‟ more – to maintain patient‟s bills 7
       Address book – Maintain all business and
        personal contacts through the address book.
   This is a separate CD in which you will get
    compilation of over 5000 articles based
    on practical, clinical and Homoeopathic
    experience      of many generations of
    Masters     and    expert   homoeopathic
    practitioners.    It incorporates articles
    from the following journals.
       Homoeopathic recorder
       Homoeopathic world
       Homoeopathic Herald
       Heal Thyself
       The journal of the American         Institute        of
        Homoeopathy               36
            LINKS TRESORIE
   Links Tresorie has over 800 articles based
    on practical, clinical and Homoeopathic
    experiences of modern contemporary
    expert homoeopathic practitioners.
   It contains articles from „international
    Homoeopathic Links‟ from 1987 to 2000
    all volumes.
   This module comes with interesting
    feature allows changing of fonts, color,
    size etc. for easy readability.

   This part of knowledge software comes as
    a separate C. D. where 22 remedies come
    alive and they are presented in an
    animated PPT and interesting audio-
    visual format.
   This is the first Multimedia CD in
   The presentation is fantastic with
    animation and voice over for easiest
    understanding of these remedies.

   It will surely leave an impression on your
    mind about the remedy.
   Remedies included here are
     Agaricus                   Cannabis Indica
     Cannabis Sativa            China officinalis
     Elaterium                  Germanium
     Moschus                    Maganum
     Medorrhinum                Niccolum
     Oenanthe Crocata           Opium
     Palladium                  Platina
     Selenium                   Stramonium
     Tarentula Cubensis         Tarentula Hispanica
     Tellurium                  Venadium
     Veraturm Album
   Just like MM Live this is also a
    presentation of Materia Medica and a
    part o Hompath Classic software.
   It contains almost every detail of 31
   Data     is  collected    from   various
    authoritative sources and designed in
    special manner.
   To a student, this CD will definitely
    provide you a new perspective to
    understand and study remedies.
   Remedies included here are
    Agnus               Ammonium Mur
    Ambra Grisea        Apocyanum
    Arsenic Iodum       Anacardium
    Alumina             Acetic acid
    Agaricus            Bismuth
    Bromium             Bovista
    Cactus              Cantharis
    Conium              Cimicifuga
    Camphora            Chelidonium
    Calc ars            Digitalis
    Ferrum              Kreosotum
    Kali brom           Nat carb
    Nux mos             Opium
    Phosphorus          Platinum
    Phytolacca         Sepia
                CURE 5 – Ssrh
   Introducing Dr. Sehgal‟s School OF
    revolutionized Homoeopathy!
   Arrive readily at the similimum with this
    „simple and practical‟ method!
   A precise and comprehensive package of
    information about the Sehgal‟s method.
   A method that has been practiced
    successfully      by              thousands    of
    Homoeopaths globally!
   A utility tool that will „Revolutionized‟
    your practice completely!
               CURE 4 – Spiders
   Glimpses into the world of spiders:
    another precious Gem for your treasure
    chest of knowledge! In-depth study of 13
    Remedies of Spider Group:
       Materia Medica
       Repertory
       Power Point presentations & flow charts
       Group symptoms
       Mental symptoms
       Spider characteristics
       Confirmatory symptoms
                        CURE 3
   Complete     understanding     to     real
   A spectacular presentation to enrich your
    knowledge of Homoeopathy:
       Special detailed feature on HIV and its management
       Teaching of Robin Murphy and his regional
       New provings of Panthera tigris
       In-depth understanding of the Tubercular miasm.
       111 cases treated by Dr. Kent himself.
        More than 250 MM for various Natrum remedies
       All Natrum rubrics compiled from 29 different
        repertories           44
                  CURE 2
   A superpotentized dose of Homoeopathic
   Cured cases contributed by leading
    Homoeopaths from the last century to the
    modern mavericks of present times!
   More than 50+ cured cases
   In-depth study of Platina, Stramonium,
    Carcinocin etc.
   Repertory, Therapeutics, Materia Medica
    and much more!
             CURE 1
A     marvelous presentation of
  cases cured by homoeopathic
 Vast    knowledge of materia
  medica, philosophy, pharmacy
 All this has been presented un an
  eye-pleasing      and    easy-to-
  understand format!
   Complete and deeper understanding of
    Miasms – the study of miasms made
    easier and simpler especially for you!
   Miasm is now available in English &
    German Version.
   Detailed description of all 4 miasms along
    with practical examples and cases of each
       Psora
       Sycosis
       Syphilis
       Tubercular

   1500 + slides with images
   Quick and precise method of Learning,
    Revising and Teaching Pharmacy.
   40 chapters of detailed information in
    power point presentation.
   MCQs for quick Evaluation and reference
   A colourful interactive and innovative CD
   A complete package of comprehensive
    material in an attractive format.

 Booklet on RADAR gives long form
  as, Rapid Aid to Drug Aimed
 Archibel   Belgium developed this
 The data is almost about 1.5 GB.

 The   most reliable and updated
  repertory “Synthesis 9" is the basic
  content of this software.
   Before this, program was having
    Synthesis 8, Kent‟s, Synthetic as well as
    the MM like MM Pura, Allen‟s, Hering‟s
    and Clarke‟s.
   Synthesis 9 contains more than 3,00,000
    additions as compare to the previous
    version 8.
   Synthesis     9       is         a voluminous
    Homoeopathic       Repertory        containing
    more than 1 million rubrics.
   The most recent version of the
    Repertorium Universale is now also
    available in RADAR 9.
   First this programme was included
    with hardware of IBM.
   Now a days this software is
    available in following packages.
       RADAR Professional with 171 books 10
        techniques of analysis.
       RADAR plus with 75 books
       RADAR Apex with 681 books and 10
   In this software there are 9 different
    case taking methods through synthesis
   This software has different parts as
       RADAR: Repertorization
       Encyclopedia Homoeopathica:    Reference
       Win Chip: Patient Management System
   Latest version of RADAR i.e. 9 is
    most unique, scientific and user
   In India, the responsibility of
    serving this software is given to B.
    Jain Group of New Delhi
   Synthesis 9 is the main repertory of
   This repertory is written by Dr. Fredrick
    Schroyens and has taken the experience
    and efforts of more than 3000 famous
    experts from the field of Homoeopathy.
   RADAR offers synthesis in several
    European languages.
   Currently available are English, French,
    German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and
    Portuguese.      53
   Murphy‟s,        Kent,         BTPB,
    Boenninghausen‟s Repertory of the
    Antipsoric    remedies,       BBCR,
    Boenninghausen           Systematic
    Alphabetic repertory are other
    important repertories available with

   9th version of Synthesis repertory contains
    3,00,000 new remedy references, more than
    one million rubrics, 14,000 cross references and
    8,000 synonyms.
   More than 7,000 new symptoms from
    Vithoulkas clinical practice.
   Farokh Master‟s clinical bedside tips, over
    10,000 symptoms from the works of Jan
   Also new formation from Andre Saine
    (Canada) more than 3200 clinical
 W.     Boericke    Materia     Medica
  symptoms from the description of
  the characteristics of the mind
 Julion   Materia medica of the
  nosodes, Master Farokh clinical
  observation of children‟s remedies.
 Additions of three new chapters-
  outer neck and throat, Urinary
  organs, Genitalia and sexuality.

 All symptoms from Roger Morison‟s
  Desktop Guide have been integrated
  more than 7,000 new symptoms
  from Vithoulkas clinical practices are
 Also   500 remedies have been
  expanded to contain 50% more
  information than in synthesis 8.
 This software gives you no. of MM for
  the         comparisons          after
         RADAR (Repertorization)
   In RADAR       Programme, you can do
    repertorization with the help of
       Searching for rubrics
       Case analysis
       Analysis by family of remedies
       Concepts and Themes
       Comparison of Remedies
       Two special features such as
         Vakil Module
         Herscue Module

               Vakil Module
   It is an ideal tool for resolution of
    different cases.
   This program is the contribution of Late
    Dr. Prakash Vakil from Mumbai.
   The Vakil module assists the Homoeopath
    to confirm and differentiate remedies
    based on three particular symptoms i.e,
    the     patient‟s    tongue,     patient‟s
    preferences for any particular colour and
    the phases of the moon.
   So it helps to find the right remedy and
    also to confirm a given remedy.
   To differentiate between two closely
    related remedies, the the live sounds
    sample of cough integrated into VACS
    helps the Homoeopaths in comparing and
    confirming a remedy.
   Various pictures of the tongue have been
    added into this programme so that you
    can easily judge the most prominent
    remedy after matching it with the tongue
    of the patient.
Herscue Module, by Paul Herscue, USA
 This module brings order to your
  patient‟s symptoms.
 Paul Herscue assists the Homeopath,
  via messages and suggestions to
  arrange the patient‟s symptoms into
  the circle of basic ideas.
 This analysis shows the remedies
  most prominently present in all basic
  ideas and is therefore most relevant
  to the patient‟s case.
 A multimedia option is one of the
  important feature of this software.
 In this facility you have the option of
  seeing various disease photographs
  and even listen to the sound clips of
  a number of diseases like cough and
  respiratory sounds of the patient.
 Here there are lectures of worlds
  famous homoeopaths on different
  remedies with picture clips.

   Paul Herscue module brings about
    following functions:
     It brings organization to your case
     Dramatically increase your success in
     Learn MM in 10% of the time it
      normally takes
     Develop a dynamic new understanding
      of your patients.
     Understand the underlying pattern or
      totality of the case‟s symptoms.
    Encyclopedia Homoeopathica
   Version       2.1            of    Encyclopedia
    Homoeopathica is updated in EH.
   This part of the software is the MM
    program that helps the beginner study
    and cross-reference volumes of the
    Homoeopathic literature.
   This part is also useful for analyzing
    difficult cases.
   This     is   the       largest     multilingual
    homoeopathic reference library, now
    available in 7 languages.
   There are 390 volumes in English – a
    comprehensive library of rare and modern
    literature of all Homoeopaths.
   Almost 2,00,000 pages of books &
   Integration between repertory and MM.
   Even you can repertorise directly in the
   This part has ability to search for
    remedies cases and pathologies.
   There are many cases of a particular
    remedy from current and classical
    literature  65
   EH is a huge library, which contains no. of
    books up to the recent volumes of MM
    Viva by G. Vithoulkas.
   Search facility is useful for searching
    through thousands of pages of MM,
    therapeutics, Homoeopathic philosophy,
    journals and cured cases.

   Silent Features of EH:
     More than 681 Titles

     Unique features of Encyclopedias
       Search  time reduced to the minimum
       Vastly improved Search Capabilities

       Surpassing Word-Based Searches.

       A truly comprehensive Library.

       Scientific Searches

       Great Flexibility

   It contains more than 681 titles – A
    comprehensive library of classic and
    modern literature, including the
    work of George Vithoulkas, Jan
    Scholtan, Alphonse Geukens, France
    Vermeulen, Fredrik Schroyens, Roger
    Morrison, Nancy Herrick, Rajan
    Sankaran, Bill Gray, Jonathan Shore,
    Robin Murphy, Ananda Zaren and
    Lour Klein

 More than 2,00,000 pages of
  Homoeopathic Literature.
 Contains the complete contents of
  each book and journal browse as if
  you were reading the original work.
 Quickly   search for any work,
  combination of words or phrases.
 Integration between repertory and
 Limit analysis to a particular family
  grouping.    69
 Repertorize directly in MM
 New revolutionzied graphic interface

 Ability to search for remedies, cases,
 Therapeutics,       Journals      and
 Advanced multimedia capabilities.

 Offers     the    ability  to    limit
  repertorization to any selection of
 Extract multiple cases of a particular
  remedy from current and classical
 Work with EH as you do with your
  books: place bookmarks, add notes,
  or highlight certain passages.

   WINCHIP, another unique feature of
    RADAR is a revolutionary took among
    Homoeopathic software programmes.
 This powerful patient database
  programme helps you to keep track
  of your patients, attach important
  personal information, consultations,
  Posology,       remedy        reactions,
  repertorization etc.
 It will even print the bills.
   It is also a powerful research tool that
    allows the practitioners to extract
    information based on a no. of criteria or
   Windows computerized Homoeopathic
    information programme that supports
    your Homoeopathic work with valuable
    and instructive information about the
   Every information related to patient you
    could able to feed with the help of this
 Winchip is easy to use and record
  information in the table provided, in
  the event of consultations over the
  phone, the clinical details of the
  patients can be quickly accessed.
 So in short Win chip is the complete
  management of the patient


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