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									                                    Charles A. Callahan
                                         5077 Strathmore Station Drive
                                              Rogers, AR 72758
                                            Phone: (479)-203-0120
                                             Cell (479)-899-8689

INTRODUCTION: I am a strategic thinking, yet highly productive and highly motivated executive with a
proven record of increasing profits. An aggressive hard working and hands on style of management that
provides direction and strong leadership to the department’s teams by establishing an environment that
accomplishes senior management’s operational and financial plans. Proven ability to build, develop, gain
commitment and lead highly productive teams. Reputation for inspiring and motivating teams to reach
maximum performance levels. History of achievements in difficult situations, always willing to go the extra
mile. A champion of values, integrity, teamwork, respect and excellence.
Specialties: Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Pre and post charge-off collections, Strategy analysis,
Team Leadership, Results, Prioritization, Motivational Concepts, Coaching and Development, Managing
Change, Incentive Programs, Forecasting, Collateral Protection, Capacity Planning , Group/Executive
Presentations (written and oral),Process Improvements, Strategy, Expense Reduction, Risk Analysis, Cycle
Roll, Cross training, Communications, Budgets, Accounting, Reasoning, Accountability, Training,
Negotiations, Contracts, Policy and Procedures, Compliance and Implementation.
Special skills: Recoveries, Delinquencies (Pre and Post), Past Dues (early stage and late stage),
Government loans (SBA), Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Liquidations. 1st Party or 3rd Party accounts
Other Skills sets: Professional, Positive attitude, thinks outside the Box, Persistent, Creativity, Ethical, Honest,
Pride of Ownership, Interdepartmental Team Strategy, Credit/Collection policy implementation.
History includes 18 years executive leadership in the Collections/Credit industry.
25 years management experience
18 years working knowledge of FDCPA, FCRA, SOX, HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach Billey Act, Repossessions,
Foreclosures, and Bankruptcy Procedures.
15 years in 1st party Collections
18 years working with and in 3rd party collections (agency or outsourcing)
25 years managing large and small teams
12 years advanced logistics management
          May 2002-December 2007 Vice President of Collections, Dent-A-Med (sub-prime lender/private
                        label credit cards) FBC BANK (sold 2006)        55 FTE
                        Duties include:
                       *Executive forecasting in a written and verbal planning outline of the departments
                       growth, ensuring effective and efficient administration procedures are implemented as
                       well as working with Human Resources Manager on needs of the department.
                       *Establish, implement and monitor all payment campaign programs while monitoring
                       relationships with 3 rd party agencies.
                       *Responsible for the overall daily operations of the department, enhancing collections
                       efforts, systems conversions, training, coaching and interaction with other operations as
                       the company growth rose from $48 million to $160 million
                       * Directs, develops and implements corporate and departmental plans, budgets,
                       strategies, policies and procedures. In this 5 year period met all budgets requirements
                       as directed by CFO/CEO, developed and implemented all departmental and
                       compliance procedures and policies, implemented challenger program to measure
                       strategy metrics of department.
                       * Maintains a keen awareness of industry and economic trends/developments plans as
                       they relate to the management of the credit risk in the markets. Directly measure
                       internal performance against national trends (FITCH) and out performed all sub-prime
                       markets for a 3 year period.
          * Provides projected risk models/benchmarking reports to senior management teams,
          direct reporting to board of directors, and other investment groups.
          *Developed and implemented strategies to improve profits from $300,000 to $7. 5
          million in a 5 year period by improving departments call volume, promise to pays,
          broken promises, payments, recoveries, letters series, fraud detection, risk, and by
          adding new technology.
          *Delegates, reviews, assign, mentors, and monitor all internal and external projects.
          *Responsible for achieving business objectives, budgetary activity, departmental
          reporting (to Board Levels),compliance , as well as being able to interpret general
          business/professional journals and trend analysis.
          *Establishes administrative procedures, manuals, Sop’s, and directives to ensure
          compliance with all policies and procedures in an effective and efficient manner.
          *Provide and develop motivational concepts, performance based incentives, to attain
          established goals and objectives.
          *Participates in formulating and administering company policies and developing long
          range goals and objectives, reviews analyses of activities, costs, operations, and
          forecast data to determine department’s progress toward stated goals and objectives.
          *Serves as Chairman of various executive management committees that steer various
          other department’s goals and objectives. Directly assists the sales and marketing
          department on projected profits and risks associated with Client base.
          *Interaction with other executives and administrative personnel to review
          achievements and discuss required changes in goals and objectives resulting from
          current status conditions.
          *Designs and establishes training programs to enhance the department’s performance,
          efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and technology. Improved the overall FDCPA
          scores from initial testing averages of 62% to a 99.8% average after implementation of
          quarterly FDCPA training.
          *Company also owned bank (FBC) until 2006 in which I was responsible for banks
          defaults in REO, Foreclosures, Past Dues, and recoveries.
2000-2002 Vice President of Collections, Senior Workout Officer, Heartland Bank
            (consumer/commercial/real estate/credit card loans)          15 FTE
            Duties included:
          *Managed the primary default servicing functions of the department, including
          collections, pre and post charge-offs, asset recovery, collateral protection, account
          management, forced placed insurance, modifications, extensions and payment plans,
          sales tax refunds, bankruptcies, foreclosures, real estate owned, legal services and
          *Evaluating and advising senior management officers on complex commercial
          relationships which have well defined credit deficiencies that require special handling
          to minimize risk.
          *Servicing duties: financial analysis, documentation review, property asset quality,
          collateral evaluation, disposition research, liquidation assessment.
          * Write and implement policies and procedures for loan default and collections
          *Work with specialized attorneys and government agencies on SBA loans, Real estate
          owned properties, Foreclosure processing, and various legal issues.
          *Work with specialized companies on sale of properties and other defaulted assets of
          *Audit all consumer/commercial and real estate loans and retail contracts for
          compliance with company policies and governmental regulations.
          *Rebuilt collection team by mentoring and developing leaders into a cohesive and
          professional leadership team.
          *Providing interpretation, and guidance regarding credit policy and guidelines to
          internal staff and external customers/clients including timely and appropriate response
          relative to policy exceptions. (Watch list)
          *Recruit, coach, mentor, interview, train, hire and termination of staff.
                 *Provided reporting of risk factors to Senior Management/Board of Directors on relative
                 *Advanced knowledge of bankruptcy law, workout strategies, FCRA, FDCPA, SOX,
                 GLBA, and other applicable laws.
                 *Liaison between Business to Business discrepancies (problem account resolution,
                 reserves allocations).
       2000-2000 Owner, Creative Collections Consulting LLC (consultant) Consumer/Commercial Work
                  out Specializations         2 FTE               Duties included:
                 *Managing day-to-day operations for Consulting Business managing default loans and
                 distressed portfolios.
                 *Handling staffing issues including recruiting, interviewing, hiring and termination,
                 orientation and training, payroll and scheduling.
                 *Creating and implementing new training programs for Clients
                 * Internal review of Collections Policies and Procedures
                 * Workout planning and evaluation of complex problem portfolios. (Real Estate Loans,
                 Consumer loans and large Commercial loans)
                 *Development of strategies for default servicing of clients including collections, loss
                 mitigation and collateral protection.
       1997-2000 Assistant Vice Presidents, Workout Officer, Allegiant Bank (Bank Sold)
                  (consumer/commercial/real estate/credit card/SBA) 10 FTE                     Duties
                 * Directed all collection activities on commercial and consumer accounts.
                 * Direct all serving of Real Estate Owned properties as well as the foreclosure and sale
                 with collateral protection emphasis.
                 * Evaluating with branch and senior management all complex credit deficiencies that
                 required special handling to minimize risk to bank.
                 * Directs all liquidations/work-outs of banks interests.
                 * Contracts external services to protect owned property/assets of bank.
                 * Negotiates with outside vendors of the collection process, such as assignment of
                 accounts to legal, third party collections agencies, contractors and various other
                 vendors of bank own properties or equipment.
                 * Direct reporting to Senior Management/Board of Directors (watch List)
                 * Compliance with all Policies and Procedures, State and Federal laws
                 * Performs training sessions for employees/officers.
                 * Assisting Senior Management in monthly and yearly audits
                 * Monitors and assigns all post charge-offs receivables to 3rd party agencies, conducts
                 on site visits to ensure compliance with company’s directives.
       1995-1997 Collection Managers/Supervisor, American General Finance 500 FTE
                   * Responsible for a multi state Collections call center that handled all branch
                      Delinquency that required special handling.
                    * Direct training of all new hires of exempt and non-exempt employees on
                      Collections policies and procedures.
                    * Coordinates and directs legal team (1 attorney, 1 paralegal) on extreme
                        Legal issues and court required appearances on default loans i.e...
                        Bankruptcy, legal matters, contract reviews.
                    * Handling staffing issues including recruiting, interviewing, hiring and
                      Terminations, coaching, mentoring, development, payroll and other duties
                       As assigned.
                     * Staff included Attorney, Para-legal, and 150 branch managers, 500+FTE
                       FR’s, CSR’s and a Collections Staff.
       1993-1995 Collection Manager, Fleet Finance, (sold) 450 FTE
       1992-1993 Collection Supervisor, Credit Adjustment Bureau (3rd Party Agency)) 250 FTE
       1989-1992    Regional Manager/Supervisor, Royal Management (pay day loans) 350 FTE
       1977-1989    US ARMY, NCO, S4/Unit Supply, Logistics
       1970-1974 Diploma, Edgewood High School Edgewood, MD
       1974-1975 Business Management, Salisbury State College, MD
       1977-1989   Unit/Organizational Supply , Personnel Records Specialist, United States Army, Fort Lee,
                   VA Frankfurt, Germany
       1981-1981   Cameron University, Lawton, OK
       1982-1983    Florida Junior Colleges, Jacksonville, FL
       1983-1983   Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa
       1988-1988    Internal Revenue Service, Tax Assistance Program
       2004-2004    Rock-Hurst University, How to Design a Training Program
       2006-2006     American Management Association, Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness
       2000-2007    ACA International, Credit and Collections Professionals Association Membership

       Yes, I am willing to relocate

      Golf, Baseball, Football, Grandkids, Travel

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