Computer Components Review Questions for Test by chenmeixiu


									Computer Components: Review Questions for Test

Be sure you can answer the following review questions before the test. Most of the test questions will be
taken directly from this review (although they may be slight variations of what you see here).

   1. Which of the following are associated with power supplies, and which are associated with computer
         a. Number of Watts
         b. Number of drive bays
         c. Types of ports
         d. Types of power connectors
         e. What type of motherboards they are compatible with

   2. What is the most common name for the main board that all computer components plug into?

   3. What are the printed circuits called that connect the components on the motherboard?

   4. The size and shape of a motherboard is called the _________ ____________.

   5. What is the purpose of the chipset?

   6. Give an example of a component that connects to the northbridge, and an example of a component
      that connects to the southbridge.

   7. What is the CPU of the computer?

   8. What are the two most well known manufacturers of CPUs?

   9. The clock speed of the CPU indicates how ______ it can perform calculations. It is normally measured
      in ______________, and the higher the clock speed, the better.

   10. What is meant by overclocking a CPU?

   11. What is a dual core processor? What about a quad core processor?

   12. Name two methods used to help keep the CPU cool enough.

   13. Name the type of memory that stores the files on your computer.

   14. Name the type of memory that stores information that is currently being worked with, and that gets
       erased once the computer is turned off.

   15. Cache is a special type of RAM. Name two ways that cache differs from regular RAM.

   16. When a computer gets turned on, what is the first type of memory it reads from? (This is permanent
       memory that cannot be erased or overwritten).
  17. Name two types of disks that can go into an optical drive.

  18. What is another name for a flash drive?

  19. How many kilobytes are in a megabyte?

  20. How many kilobytes are in a gigabyte?

  21. A 2GB stick of RAM costs $60. What is the cost per gigabyte?

  22. Name three examples of input devices that connect to your computer.

  23. Name three examples of output devices that connect to your computer.

  24. When you plug a pair of headphones into a music player, is the connector on the headphones the male
      or female end? (as opposed to the connector in the music player). Explain how your know.

  25. Name three types of computer ports, and give an example of a device that plugs into each one.


  1. (a) power supply (b) case (c) case (d) power supply (e) case
  2. Motherboard
  3. Buses
  4. Form Factor
  5. To transfer data between the CPU and other components
  6. Northbridge: RAM           Southbridge: Hard drive    (Note: there are more answers as well for #6)
  7. It performs all the main calculations; the “brain” of the computer
  8. Intel and AMD
  9. Fast; Gigahertz
  10. Setting the processor to go faster than it was designed to run
  11. Dual: Two processors on one chip; Quad: Four processors on one chip
  12. Fan, Water
  13. Hard drive
  14. RAM
  15. It is on the CPU; it is faster
  16. ROM
  17. CD and DVD
  18. USB Drive
  19. 1024
  20. 1024 x 1024 = 1048576
  21. 60 / 2 = $30 per GB
  22. Mouse, Keyboard, Microphone
  23. Monitor, Printer, Speakers
  24. Male, since it goes into the connector on the music player
  25. Several answers. Examples: Parallel Port – Printer; USB Port – Camera; Audio Port - Speakers

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