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					                              Downtown Waycross Development Authority
                                       Railway Express Building
                         Corporate Business Monday – Thursday Rental Contract
                                201 Plant Avenue, Waycross, GA 31501

This agreement made and entered into this _______day of ___________,2010
                                                 DATE             MONTH      YEAR

by and between ___________________________________________whose address is

____________________________, ______________________ Phone ______________,
      STREET ADDRESS                        CITY, STATE, ZIP

Cell Phone ____________________________, Fax _________________________,
Hereinafter referred to as “Renter” and the Downtown Waycross Development Authority, Waycross,
Georgia, hereinafter referred to as “Owner”.

Owner does hereby grant unto Renter the use of the Railway Express Building for:

Type of Event____________________________________________________________

Date: _________________Time: ______________*** Hours of event: _________________

Subject, however to the following terms, rules and conditions.

   (a) The total rent for the use of the premises shall be the total sum of the charges indicated by the
       sum written in under the word total charge herein below.

   Banquet Hall includes use of:
       Outdoor Pavilion
       Small stage (see(s) in body of contract
       242 banquet chairs, kitchen, outdoor pavilion                         $500.00 (Corporate Rate)
      33 Round Tables
      5 8ft. Tables
      1 6ft Table
     (35 8ft tables available for rent - $8.50 each)
   **Early Entrance Fee                                                     $250.00
   Security Deposit (Required)                                               $225.00
   Lunch Meeting (for no more than 2 hours between the hours of 11am-2pm)   $275.00
   Security Guard @$25.00 per hour                                          ___________

               Total Charge                               $_______________

    Renters e-mail address                      ______________________________

   If owner is responsible for setup, renter must supply set up floor plan 10 days in advance of
   event. The renter will be responsible for moving the stage.
*Lock Box Code                                ____________
   * This code will be assigned to the renter when the contract is completed and signed by all parties. The code will
    be set the day of the event.
**NOTE: Should renter desire to have access to the REA in advance of the rented period for
purposes of decoration or preparation for an event there will be an additional rental due in the
amount of $250.00 for part of a day (beginning at 12 o’clock noon) used or $400 for a full day and
said additional rental amount shall also apply to anytime after the event for clean up and removal
of personal belongings as well. All personal belongings need to be out of building by 12:00 noon
(the day after your event). If items are not removed, they become the property of Downtown
Waycross Development Authority.
*** For purposes of determining an additional rent, the rental period for use of the facilities shall
begin at 9:00 a.m. on day of the event, unless other wise stated, and shall not terminate until 9:00
a.m. on the following date.
(b) The $225.00 deposit shall not be refunded until following the event and inspection of the
    premises is found to be in satisfactory condition with no damage to property or breach of
    contract. If damage occurs to the building and it exceeds the $225.00 security deposit, the
    renter will be held responsible for paying for the damages or repairs. No date will be final
    (considered confirmed) until the $225.00 deposit is secured. Payment in full is required 30
    days in advance of the event. A late fee of $25 will be added to balance if not paid 30 days
    in advance of event. If reservation of facility is made less than 30 days in advance of event,
    payment must be paid in full by cash or credit card. Deposit will not be refunded if the event is
    not cancelled 30 days prior to scheduled date. Payment is to be made to Downtown Waycross
    Development Authority and mailed to DWDA, P.O. Box 158, Waycross, GA 31502.

(c) All dances or other functions where alcoholic beverages will be consumed, or other functions
    where deemed desirable by the Executive Director or Board of Directors, must have a security
    guard present for the occasion, the cost of which must be borne by the Renter. The Owner will
    secure the security guard. Closing time for all events is 1:00 a.m.

(d) Renter is not permitted to use glitter/confetti or the like inside or outside the building.

(e) Renter is permitted to use drip less candles ONLY.

(f) Renter will be responsible for removing all trash from the building and placing it into the
    dumpster located outside kitchen doors at the end of the event.

(g) Renter shall clear refrigerator of all food used for event.

(h) Renter and all participants shall not be permitted to smoke in any part of the building. Smoking
    is allowed only outside. Ash receptacles are provided.

(i) Renter will be responsible for turning all lights and air conditioner/heater off at the end of the

(j) Renter will be responsible to secure all doors and windows.

(k) Renter will be responsible for leaving sidewalks and parking area around the Railway Express
    Building clean and orderly.
   (l) Renter will be responsible for loss or damage to property of Owner during the time of usage.

   (m) Renter of this facility shall assume all liability and SHALL HOLD HARMLESS from loss or
       expense The Downtown Waycross Development Authority its members, officer and directors,
       for any harm, injury, or damage that anyone present at the function of Renter may incur while
       upon the property of the Downtown Waycross Development Authority of Waycross, Georgia.
       The Downtown Waycross Development Authority is not responsible for lost items.

   (n) Renter shall not tape, nail, or otherwise secure items to walls, ceilings, window facings or any
       other painted structure without prior consent. Renter should not move carpet without
       permission. If renter moves the carpet, he or she is responsible for ensuring the carpet is moved
       back to the proper location.

   (o) Keys to the building and gate may be picked up at the DWDA office on the day of the event, if
       event takes place during office hours. If the event is not during office hours you will be
       assigned a code and the key will be left in the lock box located in front of the Depot.

   (p) Renter will be responsible for all keys. After your event the keys to the building, gate, doors,
       a/c box and any others necessary should be left in the predetermined location.

       Renter does hereby agree that he, she, they or it accepts and will abide by all of the terms of
   TO RENTAL. Failure to abide by the terms of the agreement could result in you losing partial or
   full security deposit.
Renter’s Acceptance: Renter must be 21 years of age and provide proof of identification.

X___________________________ Date _________________________________

The Downtown Waycross Development Authority:

By: ___________________________Date _________________________________

                                            FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

Security Deposit

_____ Paid By Check # ________            Amount ________ Date _______

_____ Paid By Cash                        Amount ________ Date ________

_____ Paid By Credit Card                 Amount ________Date________
( Master Card)______(Visa)______

Number ______________________             Exp Date _________________
Balance Paid

_____ Paid By Check # ________     Amount ________ Date _______

_____ Paid By Cash                 Amount ________ Date ________

_____ Paid By Credit Card          Amount ________Date________
( Master Card)______(Visa)______

Number ______________________      Exp Date _________________

_____ 30 Day Invoice Mailed        _____ Setup requested
_____ Security Deposit Returned    _____ Setup received
_____ Request for Security Deposit _____ Walk Through Completed
                                   _____ Key Code Confirmation
                               REA Renter Checklist

o All trash has been taken to dumpster outside
  Between REA building and Depot building.

o All lights are turned off.

o Air conditioner/heater turned off.

o All windows are secure.

o All doors and patio area are locked.

o Parking area is clean and orderly.

o Bathrooms and kitchen areas are cleaned.

o Floor is clear of food and /or trash.

o All food is removed from refrigerator.

o Keys have been returned to lock box.

o All shades should be left at the same length. They should all be left up, down, or
  halfway. (Some shades cannot be opened and some closed).

***Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed in this facility without an authorized
security guard.

I have read and agree to abide by the renter check list. I do understand that failing to
abide by the renter check list could result in me losing partial or full security deposit.

___________________                                ___________________
Renter’s Signature                                 Date