Upgraded ZTE MF60 Mobile Hotspot from ZTE MF30

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					Upgraded ZTE MF60 Mobile Hotspot from ZTE MF30

What’s the Difference Between ZTE MF60 and MF30?

Since the release of ZTE Telstra MF30 in Australia market last October, ZTE has
speeded up its steps to actively conducted its new strategy in 3G Wi-Fi router,
Android Tablet and Smartphone. It seems in very short time, and now, ZTE MF60
21.6Mbps WiFi Hotspot is released with more powerful and practical functions than
ZTE MF30. Before we know the more details of ZTE MF60 3G Router, we have to
admire the high efficiency of ZTE. You may be interested in the difference between
ZTE MF60 and ZTE MF30. It’s said that no compare, no unique. Then let’s see what
ZTE MF60 hotspot brings for us.

With the same appearance, ZTE MF60 3G Router follows the design inspiration of sea
shell. And there is no big difference of the color. The outside difference is the display,
ZTE MF60 WiFi hotspot adopt built-in square shape OLED while MF30 is LED in round
light circle. And the other one is that there is an antenna port on ZTE MF60 but MF30
doesn’t have. It would be helpful for the users if they are in low signal coverage area.
The most important new function is ZTE MF60 3G Router could support maximum
21.6M download speed and upload 5.76M speed. Comparing with ZTE MF30, it could
support maximum 8 users to get network access simultaneously while ZTE MF30
could only support 5 users and without USB function. But ZTE MF60 hotspot could
support three kinds of modes to support PC connect to network: USB mode, WiFi
Mode and Mixed mode. USB mode comes into practice by connecting MF60 with
computer. WiFi mode means ZTE MF60 3G Router provide WiFi signal and mixed
mode is the previous two working at same time.
With its cute design, we guess there must be many and many people who love it and
want to share with their friends.

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