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Butterfly Wishes

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									                                                         February 2011

                   Holiday Party 2010    

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle                           SAVE THE DATE!
Steak House was the scene of
the 2010 Holiday Wish Party.
Over 275 Wish children, fami-
lies and friends gathered to cel-
ebrate the season with Santa
and Mrs. Claus, Frosty and Ru-
dolph, Elves, Batman, Herbie
the Love Bug, and others. The
Fort Worth Police and Fire De-
                                                    Butterfly Wishes
partments led the way for San-                      With Event Chairs
ta’s arrival and the Dallas Cow-
boy Cheerleaders were a big hit                       Ruth & Nolan
with the kids (of all ages). Eve-
ryone left the party with bags of
goodies and full tummies … all                          April 21, 2011
compliments of Greg Kalina and
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle                             Renaissance
Steak House. Special thanks go                      Worthington Hotel
to Mayor and Mrs. Moncrief and
everyone who donated time and                             Fort Worth
talent to make this annual event
another great success!
                                                     For information, please
                                                    call 817-469-9474 or visit

                                                      Inside this issue:

                                                      Our Wish Children    2-6

                                                      Memorials            7

                                                      Special Thanks       8-9

                                                      Wish Makers          10 - 18

                                                      Save the Date        19

                                                      Meet the Staff       20

                               | February 2011       1
Wishes Granted
                                                    Jayde’s Wish—Shopping Spree—01/06/10
                                       In October of 2008, four-year-old Jayde was        fairy outfits, a huge pink teddy bear, tricycle,
                                       diagnosed with Leukemia. When we asked             Barbie dolls, play kitchen and so much more.
                                       Jayde what she wanted for her Wish, she            Upon her arrival at Northeast Mall, Jayde
                                       immediately told us that she would like a          shopped at Justice, Claire’s, and Gap Kids.
                                       Shopping Spree so she could buy fake finger        She loved picking out fake nails, nail polish,
                                       nails and high heels. Jayde’s Wish came            high heels, clothes, bracelets, sunglasses,
                                       true as she was whisked away in her very           pink fur boots and anything pink. Jayde’s
                                       own limousine to Toys R Us and Northeast           special day was filled with laughter, excite-
                                       Mall. Waiting for Jayde at Toys R Us was           ment and happiness as she shopped for eve-
                                       Geoffrey the Giraffe and all of the Toys R Us      rything that she wanted at her favorite stores.
                                       staff. Not wanting to waste time, Jayde            She is truly our Little Miss Diva!
                                       grabbed Geoffrey’s hand and off they went
                                       filling three shopping carts full of high heels,

                  Owen’s Wish—Disney World—03/15/10
    Five-year-old Owen was diagnosed                 house, he said, “Wow, that car is long!”
    with Refractory Epilepsy and Chiari              The whole family had on their Disney
    Malformation in 2007. This adorable              apparel as they boarded the plane that
    little guy enjoys playing baseball,              would take them to Orlando, including
    swimming, and loves Mickey Mouse. It             Owen in his red Mickey hat. Mom said
    came as no surprise that Owen’s Wish             Owen’s favorite part about his Wish
    was for a vacation to Disney World to            was the rides and meeting the charac-
    see Mickey. On a nice sunny day in               ters. “They made him feel so special.
    March, Owen’s Wish came true as he               We could not have asked for more; it
    and his family were picked up at home            could not be topped!”
    by a limousine and taken to the airport.
    When the limousine arrived at Owen’s

                                                       Adina’s Wish—Room Makeover—03/20/10
                                         Sweet and beautiful eighteen-year-old              stable with horses and cows were painted
                                         Adina was diagnosed with Spina Bifida,             since Adina loves farm animals. Adina also
                                         Chronic Respiratory Failure and Cerebral           had a brand new AC/Heater unit installed
                                         Palsy from birth. Since Adina is non-              for her room as well as tall cabinets to help
                                         ambulatory and on a ventilator in her room         hide all of her medical equipment and sup-
                                         24 hours a day, her Wish was for a room            plies. To top off the surprise, we mounted a
                                         makeover that would incorporate all of her         flat screen TV with DVD player built in on
                                         favorite things. Her Wish came true in             the wall for Adina’s entertainment. It was
                                         March when we revealed the new room to             truly a joyful day as we watched Adina and
                                         Adina and her family. Adina’s walls were           her family enter the newly transformed room
                                         painted with a beautiful mural of a castle,        for the first time and explore every detail
                                         the enchanted forest, Tinkerbelle, moun-           with amazement.
                                         tains and a river. Next to Adina’s bed, a          Enjoy your beautiful room, Adina!

                Emerson’s Wish—Disney World—05/03/10
    Emerson is a four-year-old little Princess       pack on her back. As she waited to board
    who was diagnosed with Leukemia in April         the plane, she said, “I can’t wait to get to
    2008. She enjoys ballet, camping, swim-          Disney World!” They were soon off to Flori-
    ming, riding bikes, and Sunday school.           da where they would spend a week at Give
    Emerson’s one special Wish was to go to          Kids the World Village and visit all the Dis-
    Disney World to meet the Princesses. Her         ney parks. Emerson said her favorite part
    Wish was soon granted. Emerson, her              about her Wish was the Princess shows at
    mom, dad, and little sister were treated like    the Magic Kingdom. Mom told us that,
    royalty as they rode to the airport in their     “Everything was absolutely fabulous! We
    very own limousine. When they arrived at         couldn’t have asked for a better experi-
    the airport, Emerson jumped out of the limo      ence.”
    with a big smile and a Minnie Mouse back-

2   February 2011 |
Wishes Granted
                                                       Allison’s Wish—Disney World—05/06/10
                                         Allison is a bright ten-year-old girl who       with fun as they visited the Magic King-
                                         was diagnosed with an Intrinsic Brain           dom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Holly-
                                         Stem Tumor in March 2010. Allison’s             wood Studios, and Universal Studios.
                                         one special Wish was to go to Disney            Allison really enjoyed all the exciting
                                         World to meet Cinderella. On a sunny            activities at Give Kids the World Vil-
                                         day in May, Allison’s Wish came true.           lage. Allison’s mom said, “Everything
                                         Smiling from ear to ear, Allison climbed        was amazing. Our trip was one that
                                         out of the limousine that dropped her           we will never forget.”
                                         and her family off at the airport for a         We are so happy you had a great
                                         trip to Orlando. Travelling with her was        time, Allison!
                                         her mom, dad, and younger brother.
                                         The four of them had a week packed

                   Zoe’s Wish—Disney World—06/04/10
    Five-year-old Zoe was diagnosed with               cess tennis shoes and Tinkerbelle hat.
    ETANTR Brain Tumor in March 2010.                  She was really looking forward to the
    Her Wish was to go to Disney World to              Magic Kingdom and Sea World. Their
    meet the Princesses. She loves to                  plane soon departed to take them on a
    play dress up and her favorite Prin-               week-long Disney adventure in Orlan-
    cesses are Ariel, Tinkerbelle and Cin-             do. Zoe and her brother loved Give
    derella. Zoe’s Wish came true as she               Kids the World Village. Zoe told us the
    and her brother watched a limousine                best part about her Wish was “seeing
    pull up in front of their home to pick             the dolphins, sting rays, Ariel and Tink-
    them up. It was clear that Zoe was                 erbelle”.
    ready to go to Disney wearing her Prin-

                                                      Aidann’s Wish—Disney World—06/25/10
                                       Five-year-old Aidann is a shy little girl         all had a blast at Give Kids the
                                       who likes rock and roll music and                 World, Magic Kingdom, and all the
                                       singing. In July 2006, she was diag-              Disney theme parks. Aidann’s mom
                                       nosed with Leukemia. Aidann                       told us, “It was the most amazing va-
                                       Wished to go to Disney World to see               cation for our entire family.” Aidann
                                       the Princesses, Mickey and Minnie.                said her favorite part about her Wish
                                       Her favorite Princess is Cinderella.              was all the rides. When asked why
                                       Aidann’s Wish came true when a lim-               she chose Disney World as her Wish,
                                       ousine whisked her and her family to              Aidann replied, “because it’s the fun-
                                       the airport for a trip to Florida. They           nest place!”

              Aaralyn’s Wish—Disney World—07/05/10
Aaralyn is a giggly little three-year-old girl who    Then, they were off to Orlando where they
was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine          stayed at Give Kids the World Village and
Glioma in April 2010. She likes the color pur-        visited the Magic Kingdom and all the Dis-
ple, all the Disney Princesses, and playing Putt      ney theme parks. They met Mickey
-Putt golf. It came as no surprise when Aar-          Mouse, Cinderella, and all their favorite
alyn told us she wanted to go to Disney World         Disney characters. Her mom told us,
for her Wish. Her Wish soon came true when            “Aaralyn enjoyed every minute of every
her, her parents, and older sister arrived at the     day because she was the center of atten-
airport for a flight to Florida. Just before taking   tion.” Aaralyn said the best part about her
off, Aaralyn got to sit in the pilot’s chair and      Wish was, “meeting Princess Snow White.”
wear the Captain’s hat for some pictures.             Sounds exciting Princess Aaralyn!

                                                                                    | February 2011   3
Wishes Granted
                                  Joselyn’s Wish—iPod Touch with Autographed Case—07/09/10
                                    Joselyn is a shy and sweet eleven-year-old       gifts right away. One by one she got more
                                    girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia in          and more excited! Joselyn got the iPod
                                    March 2008. She Wished to have an iPod           Touch she Wished for along with iPod cases
                                    Touch with an autographed case from Rihan-       autographed by Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Justin
                                    na, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and the Black   Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas. Her favorite
                                    Eyed Peas. Joselyn’s Wish came true at           celebrity singers also sent her posters, CD’s, t
                                    Red Lobster where she was greeted with a         -shirts, autographed pictures, tour programs,
                                    warm and cheerful welcome at the front door,     stickers, tote bags, hats, and DVD’s. Joselyn
                                    then escorted to the back private party room     was so excited and had a big smile on her
                                    where balloons and a large pile of wrapped       face to prove it!
                                    gifts awaited her arrival. The curiosity was     Enjoy all your new celebrity Wish gifts,
                                    killing her so she wanted to start opening her   Joselyn!

                 Isaac’s Wish—Disney World—07/12/10
     Six-year-old Isaac was diagnosed with          style at the airport in a limousine. Fly-
     Leukemia in June 2008. He is full of           ing alongside him to Florida was his
     energy and loves Toy Story and play-           buddy, E.J. and his family. Isaac got a
     ing basketball. Isaac’s Wish was for a         lot of autographs from the Disney char-
     trip to Disney World in Florida, and he        acters. At Sea World Orlando, he got
     wanted to go at the same time as his           to go inside the penguin area and pet
     friend E.J. who he had become bud-             the penguins. Isaac had a great time
     dies with in clinic. On a warm July            and really enjoyed his stay at Give
     morning, Isaac’s Wish came true as             Kids the World Village telling his mom
     he, his mom, and brother arrived in            that he wants to live there.

                                                     E.J.’s Wish—Disney World—07/12/10
                                    E.J. is a six-year-old boy who was               limo ride as “awesome!” E.J. was so
                                    diagnosed with Leukemia in May                   excited to see his friend, Isaac, at the
                                    2008. He loves Scooby Doo and                    airport also. He and his family had a
                                    Batman. E.J.’s one special Wish was              week full of fun staying at Give Kids
                                    to go to Disney World with his mom,              the World Village and going to the
                                    dad, brother and sister. After weeks             Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios,
                                    of anticipation and excitement, E.J.’s           Sea World, and Animal Kingdom.
                                    Wish came true. A stretch limousine              E.J. and his brother and sister did not
                                    whisked him and his family away to               want to leave.
                                    the airport. The kids described the

               Angelica’s Wish—Disney World—07/28/10
    Three-year-old Angelica is a quiet little         then I looked out the window and it
    girl that loves all the Disney Princess-          was a limo!” Angelica was ready for
    es and enjoys playing with her twin               her Disney trip wearing a Princess
    brother. Diagnosed with a DIPG Brain              backpack and Princess shoes that lit
    Tumor in 2010, her one special Wish               up when she walked. The family of
    was to go to Disney World to see the              seven enjoyed a week-long vacation
    Princesses. Angelica’s Wish came                  to Florida where they stayed at Give
    true as a limousine arrived at her                Kids the World Village and received
    home to pick the family up and take               passes to the Magic Kingdom, Ani-
    them to the airport. Angelica’s older             mal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Ep-
    brother said, “I was on my knees pray-            cot and Sea World.
    ing that a limo would pick us up and

4     February 2011 |
Wishes Granted
                                                   Jayla’s Wish—Disney World—09/06/10
                                    Sweet four-year-old Jayla was diag-             When Jayla arrived at the airport, she
                                    nosed with Wilm’s Tumor in the fall of          had a big smile on her face and was
                                    2009. She loves the color pink and              pulling behind her a suitcase as big as
                                    playing dress up like a Princess. It            she was! Aboard the plane, they head-
                                    came as no surprise that her one spe-           ed to Disney World in Orlando and
                                    cial Wish would be to go to Disney              stayed at Give Kids the World Village.
                                    World to meet the Princesses and her            Jayla met all of the Princesses and
                                    favorite character, Tinkerbelle. Her            Tinkerbelle. According to mom, she
                                    Wish came true when a limousine sur-            had a “great time”!
                                    prised her and her family at their house        We love your beautiful smile, Jayla!
                                    to take them to the airport.

       Lucas’ Wish—Musical Shows in Branson—09/23/10
Adorable eight-year-old Lucas was diag-          stayed at the luxurious Clarion Hotel at the
nosed with Static Encephalopathy, Cerebral       Palace in a large suite. Lucas’ favorite show
Palsy, and Intractable Epilepsy in April 2003.   was the Magnificent Variety Show. The
The brain injury left him non-ambulatory, non-   Showboat Branson Belle lunch cruise was
verbal, and partially blind. Lucas really en-    his second favorite. He had never been on
joys and responds well to music of all kinds.    a boat before. Lucas laughed and smiled as
He has never been out of the DFW metroplex       he watched the Baldknobbers Jamboree
area, so his Wish was for a trip to Branson,     Show and got autographs and pictures after
Missouri to see some musical shows. Lucas’       the show. They also visited Silver Dollar
Wish came true when he, his parents, and his     City. Lucas’ mom told us, “We all had a
nurse left town headed for Branson. They         fantastic time!”

                                    Jeramy’s Wish—Trip to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii—09/23/10
                              Eighteen-year-old Jeramy was diagnosed with          ship, Wheeler Army Airfield, Schofield Army Bar-
                              Gamma Delta T-cell Lymphoma in December              racks, Fort Shafter, Home of the Brave Museum,
                              2009. He is a big history buff and decided as his    and Punchbowl National Memorial. At the Arizona
                              one special Wish he would like to go to see Pearl    Memorial, Jeramy was asked to assist a Navy
                              Harbor in Hawaii. Jeramy’s Wish came true last       Lieutenant with a special flag raising ceremony
                              September as he and his parents took off on a        and they later presented that folded flag to him
                              flight to Honolulu for an amazing week. Staying at   with a special letter from the Navy, which was
                              the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort in a        quite an honor for Jeramy and his family. They
                              luxurious suite, they were treated like royalty.     also experienced the exciting culture of Hawaii at a
                              Throughout the week, private tour guides toured      Waikiki Starlight Luau. Jeramy said, “I loved it all!
                              them through the USS Bowfin Submarine, US            I chose my Wish to Hawaii as one I would never
                              Pacific Aviation Museum, USS Missouri Battle-        forget.”

                   Alexis’ Wish—Disney World—10/12/10
Alexis is a tiny little five-year-old with a      picked her and her family up for a ride to
big personality! She was diagnosed                the airport where they would fly to the
with Leukemia in November 2008.                   Magic Kingdom. Alexis jumped out of
Alexis likes the color pink, dressing up          the limo with the biggest smile! She had
like a Princess, and is really interested         been telling everyone in her family, “This
in volcanoes. She Wished to go to Dis-            is MY vacation!” Before takeoff, Alexis
ney World to meet the Princesses,                 posed for a few pictures in the pilot’s
Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. As                chair as she pretended to fly the plane.
Alexis waited for October to roll around          Alexis’ mom told us they were able to
for her Wish to come true, she was con-           really forget about all their worries,
stantly asking her parents, “When are             stresses, and medical problems and just
we going to Disney World?” Her Wish               have fun as a family.
finally came true when a limousine

                                                                               | February 2011       5
Wishes Granted
                                              Gerry’s Wish—Meet the Dallas Cowboys—11/21/10
                                   Eight-year-old Gerry had a seizure and a stroke in        On game day, a limousine picked Gerry and his family
                                   June 2010 and was diagnosed with Intracranial Hem-        up from their hotel to take them to Cowboys Stadium
                                   orrhage. Gerry is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, so it        for an exciting game against the Detroit Lions. Gerry
                                   came as no surprise that his one special Wish would       was down on the sidelines during warm-up to watch the
                                   be to meet the Dallas Cowboys and go to a game at         players. Miles, Austin, Terrence Newman, Coach Gar-
                                   the new Cowboys Stadium. His Wish began with a            rett, Coach Campo, and Rowdy all stopped by to say
                                   shopping trip at the Pro Shop where Gerry picked out      hello to Gerry. Dallas had a big win with a final score
                                   some cool new Cowboys gear to wear at the game.           of 35-19. To top off Gerry Wish, the next day he and
                                   Later that evening, Gerry and his family were invited     his family arrived at Cowboys Stadium for a VIP guided
                                   to a private Maximum Sports Cowboys dinner party at       tour that would take them onto the field and behind the
                                   the Gaylord Texan Resort. Gerry got to meet Jay           scenes including inside the Cowboys locker room and
                                   Ratliff, Bryan McCann, and Victor Butler. He had          the Cheerleaders locker room. Gerry’s dad said about
                                   several things autographed by all three players and       the Wish experience, “It was a moment that will be
                                   took tons of pictures with them.                          forever cherished”.

                Bradlee’s Wish—Disney World—11/26/10
Seventeen-year-old Bradlee was diag-              at DFW Airport. Although it was a chilly
nosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in              morning, they all had flip flops on, ready for
October 2008. Bradlee plays on the volley-        the warm Florida sunshine. Bradlee was so
ball team at her high school and likes coun-      excited about getting to visit all the Disney
try music. For her one special Wish, Brad-        parks and really hoped to meet Shrek. Be-
lee wanted to go to Disney World with her         fore taking off to Orlando, Bradlee and her
mom and sister. Her Wish came true the            sister got to pose for a few fun photos in the
day after Thanksgiving when Bradlee, her          cockpit. Then, they were off to the Magic
mom, and sister arrived in luxurious style in     Kingdom!
their very own limousine to be dropped off

                                                     Trey’s Wish—Disney World—12/20/10
                                 Trey is a seventeen-year-old young man that               for the nice Florida weather, wearing shorts and t
                                 was diagnosed with Leukemia in September                  -shirts. Trey had the biggest smile on his face as
                                 2009. He enjoys playing the tuba in his high              he climbed out of the limo. Just before being
                                 school marching band. Trey has such a lively,             seated on the plane, Trey stopped for a few pho-
                                 fun, and silly personality. He Wished to go to            tos in the cockpit with the pilot. Then, he was off
                                 Disney World during Christmas break because               to Disney World where he visited the Magic King-
                                 he had never been before and was excited                  dom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios,
                                 about all the rides. Trey’s Wish came true on a           Hollywood Studios and enjoyed staying at Give
                                 chilly December morning when a limousine ar-              Kids the World Village.
                                 rived at his home to pick the family up for a             Merry Christmas Trey!
                                 week-long Disney vacation. They were dressed

                                               Butterfly Legend

                   An Indian legend says that if anyone desires a Wish to
         come true, they must capture a butterfly and whisper that Wish to it.
    Since butterflies make no sound, they can’t tell anyone but the Great Spirit.
                      So by making the Wish and releasing the butterfly,
                   the Wish will be taken to the heavens and be granted.

6    February 2011 |
         In Loving Memory
          Like a beautiful butterfly you fluttered into our lives
and touched our hearts forever. Fly little butterflies, fly!

      Adina Gonzalez

                                                Chase Autrey

                                 | February 2011   7
                   Special Thanks to our Wish with Wings Friends
                               Texas Rangers Give Wish Children a Day at the Ballpark
The Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation has long been a supporter of a Wish with Wings and its mission. In June 2010,
they donated Rangers tickets for our Wish families to be their special guests at the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Our
Wish families enjoyed a night of baseball as they cheered on their favorite team to victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates.
We are incredibly grateful to the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation for providing us with the opportunity to offer our Wish
children and their families another unforgettable moment in time.
Below are just a few of the many photos taken last year that captured the joy and excitement our Wish children and their fami-
lies felt as they cheered on their favorite team. Go Rangers!

                                              Santa Land at Lincoln Square Shopping Center in Arlington
                                Santa Land at Lincoln Square Shopping Center provided children an opportunity to visit with San-
                                ta, Mrs. Claus and the elves. Santa enjoys sharing stories about the North Pole and listens to the
                                children whisper their Wish list for Christmas. A Wish with Wings has been the benefiting charity from
                                Santa Land for many years. In 2010, Santa Land raised over $19,000 for a Wish with Wings from
                                photo sales and donations. Members of the Spirit of ‘56 Collectors Club donated their time to build
                                an amazing collection of Christmas trains and villages for the children and parents to enjoy while
                                visiting Santa Land. Thank you to everyone for making Santa Land such a huge success!

                                                         Sprint Brings Easter to the Wish House
                             In April, our Wish children and their siblings were invited to our Wish House for an Easter surprise.
                             Thanks to our good friends at Sprint, over 100 Easter baskets filled with toys, coloring books, and
                             goodies were delivered to our office in an effort to brighten the lives of the children we serve.
                             Carefully inspecting each basket to find just the right one, the children quickly scampered through-
                             out the house only to shriek with joy upon finding the perfect one. Then it was off to Lincoln
                             Square for a photo with the Easter Bunny before calling it a day.
                             Below are a few of the photos taken on that Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter Day!

                    School Bake Sale
Matthew Goin, Eric Mills and Megan Goin got into the spirit
of Christmas by donating proceeds of their school brownie
bake sale (who doesn’t like brownies?) to a Wish with
The boys turned a class project at Timberview Middle School
in Keller into a benefit for a Wish with Wings in appreciation
for the Wish that Megan was granted in 2009. Thanks kids!
We are so grateful for your support!

8    February 2011 |
                    Special Thanks to our Wish with Wings Friends
                                                          Vivion Thornton Classic Golf Tournament
                                  The Rolling Hills Country Club Women’s Golf Association hosted an annual couples golf tournament
                                  named “The Tourmaline” and this golf event was one of the best WGA tournaments of the year.
                                  However, the WGA has voted to change the name of the event to the Vivion Thornton Golf Clas-
                                  sic Tournament in honor of long time member Vivion Thornton. Since 2007, a Wish with Wings
                                  has been the benefiting charity to receive the proceeds raised from the event. The Vivion
                                  Thornton Golf Classic Tournament has raised over $5,000 for our agency and continues to be a
                                  big supporter of our mission. We are extremely blessed with the outcome from the golf tournament!

                                                                         Pooh de Mayo

                                  What do you get when you cross Jim Phillips born on Cinco de Mayo and Winne the Pooh?
                                  Pooh de Mayo was held on Saturday, May 8th in memory of Jimmy Pooh Phillips at Studer’s
                                  Sports Bar in Arlington where attendees enjoyed BBQ, Beer and life long friendships. Those in
                                  attendance were asked to bring stuffed Pooh Bears which benefited Wish kids at a Wish with
                                  Wings. Jim and his wife Mary (pictured) have supported a Wish with Wings since 2002. Mary
                                  wanted to honor her husband by hosting this party on Jim’s birthday and also benefit a Wish
                                  with Wings, 188 bears were collected and over $1,000 was raised by t-shirt sales and private
Mary is also instrumental in organizing the annual Vivion Thornton Classic Golf Tournament. A Wish with Wings is honored to
have contributors like Mary Phillips who constantly give to our organization, support our mission and think only about our kids.

                         Texas Open Golf Tournament
Texas Open Golf Charities 2010 raised $4,600.00 at their Texas Open held on August
7th at the Rolling Hills Country Club benefiting a Wish with Wings. Golfers played a 18
hole 2 man scramble with the shotgun starting at 1:00pm. Raffle prizes included rounds
of golf, plasma/LCD TV, golf equipment, restaurant gift cards and much more. It is the
mission of the Texas Open “as North Arlington residents to give back to the community
that has given so much to each of us. This organization will conduct an annual golf tour-
nament and activities to benefit deserving charities in the local area. It is our goal to pro-
vide a professional, fun-filled and memorable event while raising funds to support those
in need.” For more information on the annual Texas Open Golf Tournament, check out
their website:
A Wish with Wings thanks all of the participants of the tournament and looks forward in working with them again in 2011.

                                          Hangman's House of                   Hangman’s House of Horrors
                                          Horrors continued its
                                          generosity to local charities. Proceeds of 2010 HHH were presented to:
                                          Wendy Carter (American Cancer Society), Kristi Abernathy (SafeHaven),
                                          Brandon Warner (Cenikor), D'Ann Dagen (Hangman's), Pat Fleming (Rocky
                                          Top) and Judy Youngs (A Wish with Wings). Thanks D'Ann Dagen, La-De-
                                          Da Productions, Hangman's House of Horrors and scores of volunteers
                                          who make this possible year after year!

                                                                   Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Golf Tournament
                                           Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a huge supporter of a Wish with Wings. During the month
                                           of December, 25 cents from each souvenir cup was donated to a Wish with
                                           Wings….stay tuned for the dollar amount in our next newsletter or email blast.
                                           If you would like to take advantage of Fuzzy’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament on
                                           April 5th. All proceeds will benefit a Wish with Wings. The tournament will be
                                           played at Iron Horse Golf Course in North Richland Hills. $100 per person in-
                                           cludes cart fees, green fees, lunch, a silent auction & goody bags.
                                           For more information or to register call Grant Goodwin at 817-831-8226.

                                                                                  | February 2011   9
Wish Makers (1/1/10-12/31/2010)
Memorials                                                     Brinkley, Steve and Jo                    Bowman, W. Paul and Lois
                                                              Brunson, Mike                             Daniels, Sheila
Syd Adams                                                     Crawford, David and Pat                   Menendez, Larry
            Phillips, Mary                                    Debaillie, Jim and Dianna                 Parker, LaTrice
Sandy Albers                                                  Diamond Jim’s                             Pumphrey-Belgrave, Tamesha
            Sherman, Scott and Selma                          Foster, Don                               Repp, Dave
Jeni Ayers                                                    Foster, Kathy                 Seth Mitchell Jr.
            Hutton, Glynn and Beverly                         Haglund, Bill and Virginia                Sherman, Scott and Selma
Charlotte Jane Bassett                                        Ingram, Jerry and Caroline    John Morgan
            Bayless, Karen                                    McDermott, Jim and Carol                  Sherman, Scott and Selma
            Durbin, Charles and Holly                         Pettifer, Kevin and Shanan    Dick Morris
            Watson, Annette                                   Pettifer, Bill                            Sherman, Scott and Selma
Samantha Alison Bell                                          Phillips, Mary                Suzie Murray
            Bell, Joyce W.                                    TJ’s Sports Bar                           Sherman, Scott and Selma
            Davis, Randy and Vonie                            Tommy’s Bar & Grill           Mary and Joe Paprskar
Dick Bodenhamer                                               Shook, Rob and Terri                      Paprskar, Jim and Judy
            Miller, Jerry and Doris              David Garsek                               Herbert L. Pease Sr.
Leon Brachman                                                 Sherman, Scott and Selma                  Pease, Kimberly
            Sherman, Scott and Selma             Sadye Mae Garsek                                       Pease, Mary V.
Gerry Brown                                                   Sherman, Scott and Selma      Jim “Pooh” Phillips
            Sherman, Scott and Selma             Mildred Pauline Harper                                 Barbee, Sylvia
Frances Christofferson                                        Copeland, Susan and Charles               Cook, Sara A.
            The Frances and Chris                Leonard Hollander                                      Farrar, Barbara
            Christofferson - Tom Ritter                       Sherman, Scott and Selma                  Hunter, Jane
Barbara J. Clark                                 Emily Hunter                                           Kinney, Dale and Portia
            Clark, William O.                                 Cain, Emily                               Morgan, Dawn
Chantz Compton                                                Dickey, Laura Jones           Quinn Rainbolt
            Harris, Rick and Mary                             Mahon, Willis and Mary                    Sherman, Scott and Selma
Adam Conoly Cooper                               Lou Jarrett                                Josh Rake
            Cooper, Mark and Candy                            Harris, Rick and Mary                     Harris, Rick and Mary
John Corcoran                                    Don Kramer                                 Jason Rice
            Sherman, Scott and Selma                          Copeland, Susan                           Tyler, Ann
Cindy Death                                      H. G. (Skip) Leffler                       Speedy Renshaw
            Scott Sherman Enterprises                         Scott Sherman Enterprises                 Sherman, Scott and Selma
Martha Debenport                                              Sherman, Scott and Selma      Mincie Rhone
            Debenport, Fred and Janie            Mortimer Lerner                                        Doan, Pierce and Ann
Evelyn J. Deely                                               Sherman, Scott and Selma      Jonathon Smith
            Swanson, James and Kerry             Kendrick Little                                        Mitchell, Scott and Denise
Bob Driskell                                                  Newby, Charles D.             Bobbie Stellar
            Sherman, Scott and Selma             Mike Long                                              Sherman, Scott and Selma
                                                              Harris, Rick and Mary         Clarence M. Steward
Nel Early                                        Richard Loughridge                                     Maserang, Robert and Carolyn
            Anderson, Bob and Janie                           Sherman, Scott and Selma      Robert Schumacher
            Pease, Mary V.                       Bill Lowry                                             Sherman, Scott and Selma
Patti Lee Evans                                               Phillips, Mary                Gene Smyers
            Craig, Leigh                         Bobby Malone                                           Sherman, Scott and Selma
Jim Fanning                                                   Sherman, Scott and Selma      Harriet Spencer
            Pease, Mary V.                       Gene McConathy                                         Sherman, Scott and Selma
Tom Ferguson                                                  Paprskar, Judy                Shelly Roxann Stearns
            Phillips, Mary                       Gene and Arvel McConathy                               Cureton, Robert and Judy
Jim Fioretti                                                  Paprskar, Jim and Judy                    Thompson, Bonnie
            Allen, Anthony J.                    Briana Menendez                            Bob Stien

10      February 2011 |
Wish Makers
           Sherman, Scott and Selma                       Brumfield, Kenneth and Willy       Emerson Espanet
Kelly Stockton                                            Brumfield, Leslie                            Daniels, Tricia
           Garner, H. T.                                  Brumfield, Michael                            Greene, Kim
           Jones, Montie and Deck                         Brumfield, Victor and Gaybrelle               Regan, Shirley
           Manuel, Johnny and Angela                      Darouse, Kevin                     Trinity E. Fields
Doreen M. Swan                                            Dobson, Nancy                                 Fields, Greg and Dixie
           Peterson, Kevin and Sally                      Forbes, Keithford and Diane        Jim Gribben’s Birthday
Fran Suder                                                Forbes, Robert and Lula Mae                   Baird, Stevan B.
           Sherman, Scott and Selma                       Garlick, Andrew and Susan                     Bowser, Kathy
Trixxie Terrell                                           Haflich, Barb                                 Celebration on the Lake Church
           Imperial Court De Fort Worth/   Ar-            Harris, Maria                                 Strenger, James J.
lington Inc                                               Jones, Jillian                                Supporters of Friends Players Club
Emily Thomas                                              Jones, John                        Margaret Harrison
           Benson, Bill and Sandy                         Jones, Johnny                                 Harris, Rick and Mary
Lyla Thomas                                               Jones, Kelli                       Dick and Fran Heartwell
           Benson, Bill and Sandy                         Lewis, Melanie                                Szucs, Viktor
Devin Thompson                                            Lucas, Mary Quinn                  John Hoover
           Graham, Jay and Susan                          Mankoff, Larry                                Norton, J. D.
Jerry Thompson                                            Martin, Brad and Tracy             Betty Ruth and Reese Killion
           Phillips, Mary                                 Moore, Michael and Holly                     Doris and Jerry Miller
Robert Towery                                             Neel, Steven R.                    Terence and Angie Martin
           Sherman, Scott and Selma                       Plauche, Erin T.                              Terence Martin, Jr.
Carmela Verdi                                             Preece, Jenny                      Mayor Mike and Rosie Moncrief
           Korte, Casey                                   Resnick, Deborah                              Moncrief, Troy and Julie
           Korte, Olive                                   Rose, Allan and Linda                         Neiman Marcus
           Korte, Robert                                  Rousse, Heather                    Rosie Moncrief
           Korte, Susan                                   Ruiter, Adri and Audra                        Gavras, Chris and Sally
           Peterson, Kevin and Sally                      Schultz, James and Jill            Herbert L. Pease, Jr
David Walker’s Father                                     Taboada, Debbie                               Pease, Mary V.
           Harris, Rick and Mary                          Teal, James and Nancy              Kimberly Pease
Tommy Welsh                                               Temple, Chase                                 Pease, Mary V.
           Sherman, Scott and Selma                       Temple, Ronnie and Brenda          Jim Phillips - Pooh de Mayo
Dorothy Nicks Wheeless                                    The Marshall Family                           Adamcik, Alan and Kim
           Groening, Billie                               The Staff of MSY                              Counts, Cynthia A.
Rene Wisch                                                The Rousse Family                             Miner, Norman and Pauline
           Sherman, Scott and Selma                       The Jones Family                              Reid, Randall and Bernadette
Bobbie Wolfe                                              Vochoska, Adolph and Fran          Eileen and Dick Richards
           Huston, Joi                                    Wheat, Andrea H.                              Patricia Miller
Hugh Wolfe                                                Wilson, Cindy                      Selma and Scott Sherman
           Sherman, Scott and Selma                       Zimmer, Arthur and Louise                     Bradshaw, Barbara
Patricia Woznicki
           Peterson, Kevin and Sally
Tom Zachry                                       Honorariums
           Sherman, Scott and Selma
                                                 James David Bell’s Birthday                 Individuals
Collin Zimmer
                                                          Smith, George and Kelly            Abernathy, Kristi
           Baker, Dick and Jeanne
                                                 Charla Bold                                 Acker, Jennifer D.
           Bates, Steve
                                                          Texas Central II, Inc.             Adam, Clinton
           Boliver, Tommy and Jeneane
                                                               - dba Gene Allen’s Gift       Adams, Katrina
           Bozarth, Tami
                                                 Kim Christian                               Agee, Kristi
           Brumfield, Charles R.
                                                          Hardgrove, Joseph and Carolyn      Agnew, Eric
           Brumfield, Charles L. and Rosemary
                                                 Mary Jane Demos                             Aguero, Ruth
           Brumfield, Kenneth and Myrtis
                                                          Chrones, James Z.                  Aguilar, Edgar

                                                                                   | February 2011           11
Wish Makers (1/1/10-12/31/2010)
Aguilar, Lourdes                                  Black, Jennifer                 Clark, Lori
Aguirre, Kimberly                                 Blanchard, Devin                Clark, Pamela Young
Akins, Donna                                      Bohannan, Patti                 Cobb, Brenda J.
Akins, William                                    Bogard, Lanie                   Cobbs, Ellie
Alberter, Charles and Laurie                      Bonnick, Monica                 Coburn, Bridget
Alcorn, Andrea                                    Booker, Linda D.                Cochran, Rod
Allen, Bobb                                       Boswell, Jennifer               Cockrell, Clinton
Allen, Jennifer                                   Bowers, Cynthia M.              Coffee, Kelly
Almond, Randy                                     Brady, Dora                     Cohron, Jason
Alonso, Teresa B.                                 Bradley, Grace                  Contreras, Crystal
Alvarez, Moises                                   Breault, George A.              Cook, Doug and Gina
Amos, Erica                                       Breen, Marci                    Cook, Nicole M.
Amundsen, Mary L.                                 Brian, Rebecca                  Cooper, Billie
Anagnostis, Jim and Dawn                          Briles, Karen                   Cooper, Carey
Andersen, Jeanine and Mark                        Britting, Tom                   Cooper, Jayson
Anderson, Bob and Janie                           Broadus, Kelly                  Cooper, Yvonne
Anderson, Leslie                                  Brown, Natesha                  Cordero, Jennifer
Anderson, Mollie                                  Brown, Sara                     Cottraux, John
Arnondin, Maha                                    Brown, William and Frances      Cox, Brenda
Arreguin, Susana                                  Broyles, Elizabeth              Cox, Julie
Ashmore, Lara H.                                  Brumbaugh, Sally M.             Cox, Mary A.
Attebery, William and Gena                        Bruner, Doreen M.               Cozad, Jennifer
Augustus, Debra                                   Brunner, Rachel                 Craft, Ryan C.
Austin, David Dreu                                Bryson, Anna                    Crawford, Deborah
Austin, Holly C.                                  Buggs, Natasha                  Crenwelge, Kurt and Kim
Back, Steven D.                                   Burgdorf, John and Ruth         Crissey, Cindy
Badoni, Sheila                                    Burnap, Audra Danielle          Crumby, Cassandra
Baggs, Jennifer                                   Burrows, David                  Crumpton, Bradley
Bailey, Philip and Quito                          Burrus, Pam                     Cruz, Veronica
Ballesteros, Sandra L.                            Busby, Ricky                    Cuellar, Stephanie
Banaszak, Judy                                    Buzbee, Craig                   Cunningham, Carrie
Barker, Vicki                                     Caldwell, Kristen               Curzan, Tiffany
Barksdale, Jason                                  Camacho III, Armando            Darby, Wendy
Barlett, Leo                                      Campbell, Kathryn               Davenport, Pam
Barley, Milton and Sheila                         Campbell, Kenneth and Darlene   Davis, Alan and Tawnya
Barnes, Kenneth Harris                            Campos, Laura                   Davis, Helen Buchanan
Barrett, Jim                                      Carder, James                   Davis, Kimberely Barber
Barron, Gloria                                    Carey, Phil and Eileene         Davis, Lavina
Barry, Ed                                         Cartwright, J. Deanna           Davis, Stephanie
Batey, Rebecca                                    Castaneda, Gina                 Day, Carla
Battson, Justin                                   Castaneda, Maria                De Angelis, Lori L.
Beals, Terry and Mary Ellen                       Castrichini, Peter and Julia    DeBello, Angelo
Beckwith, Becky                                   Cartwright, Kris                Decker, Blaise and Ami
Bedford, Kami                                     Caswell, Darrel                 Deeds, Stephanie
Bell, Dottie A.                                   Chambless, Kathleen             Deese, Beccy
Bell, Rebecca                                     Chavez, Consuela                Dehn, Debra
Benson, Nancy                                     Chegwidden, Lisa                Delgado, Jesse
Berg, Kimberly                                    Christian, Darrell and Jana     Denney, Paul
Berry, Elgin and Sandy                            Christian, Dean and Kim         Derrickson, Thomas
Bettinger, Sally                                  Christian, Ronnie and Linda     Descoteau, David
Bier, Jill                                        Clancy, Mary                    Devireddy, Uma
Biggs, Billy                                      Clark, Mrs. Carl D.             Diab, Faddy M.
                                                  Clark, Elva Joy

12       February 2011 |
Wish Makers
DiStefano, Laura                Frohlich, Mr & Mrs Richard      Hammett, Jayson
Dobie, Jo Lynn                  Fuentes, Melissa                Hare, Virginia
Docken, Charles                 Fulks, Chris                    Hardin, Darrell
Doerr, Teresa A.                Fuller, Ronnie                  Hare, Mark
Dollar, John D.                 Fussell, Michael and Jane       Harisis, Melinda
Dorman, Paul                    Gable Michelle                  Harmon, Sybil P.
Douglas, Julie M.               Gabler, Jim and Deborah         Harper, James
Dowell, Amy                     Galloway, Samuel                Harris, Mr. and Mrs. James E.
Doyle, Luann,                   Gann, Carolyn                   Harris, Shirlie M.
Duggan, Marissa                 Garbe, Lisa                     Hart, Samelia
Duke, Charles and Joan          Garcia, Emigdio                 Hass, Wanda
Duke, Judy                      Garcia, Hilde                   Haugen, Amy J.
Dunavant, Stan                  Garcia, Oma L.                  Hawkins, Corey and Ashley
Dunklin, Vallie S.              Garton, Jennifer                Hawkins, Pat and Cindy
Dunlap, Shaun                   Garza, Johanna                  Hawthorne, Kristy H
Dunn, Rex                       Gaskie, Lori                    Heath, Wendy
Dupriest, Ashley                Gates, Lisa                     Hedke, Rose
Duskin, Michael                 Geer, Pamela                    Hedrick, Karen
Dutchover, Ashley               Gibson, Charles                 Helsel, Teara Michelle
Earl, Connie                    Gill, Nancy A.                  Hemminger, Brooke
Eder, Nancy                     Gipson, Donna                   Henry, Crystal
Eldridge, Donna K.              Glascock, Mollye                Henry, Sherri
Elequin, Lillian M.             Glaser, Barton and Geane        Hernandez, Diana
Endicott, Kristina              Godsey Jr., James and Teresa    Hicks, K.O.
English, David                  Goin, Matt                      Hicks, Sophia
Enina, Bosede                   Goin, Clint and Kim             Higbee, Haley and Kelsey
Eppley, Keith                   Goldsmith, Erica N.             Higgins, William
Erangey, John                   Gomez, Andrea                   Hiner, James
Estes, John and Amy             Gomez, Linda                    Hinton, Robert
Fagan, Laura                    Gonzalez, Becky D.              Hippman, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Fair, David and Robin           Gonzalez, Rosa Emma             Hoag, Marianne
Farha, Marisa                   Goodwin, Paul                   Hocutt, Desaree
Faxel, Mary Wiley               Granados, Anthony C.            Hodges, Clarissa
Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Jason E.   Grammar, Phyllis                Hodges, Lacy J.
Ferguson, Tina                  Greenaway, Darren               Hodges, Landon
Fickel, Jennifer                Greenberg, Chuck and Jenny      Hoffman, Jennifer
Fields, Greg and Dixie          Gribben, Jim                    Holder, Lisa
Fisher, Cheryl                  Griffin, David                  Holland, Stephanie
Fisher, Ray and Judy            Griggs, Freddie                 Holley, Charlotte
Fleet, Timothy H.               Groth, Kevin and Maria          Holt, Myke
Flood, Michele                  Grubbs, Eric and Jenna          Honeycutt, Kim
Florence, Amy                   Guinn, Cathleen                 Hood, Clark and Sherrill
Flores, Linda                   Guinn, Richard                  Hoover, John
Fojtik, Shirley                 Gutierrez, Gabriel J.           Hopper, Karri
Foster, Gracie                  Haddock, Diane                  Horton, Jessica J.
Foster, Rick                    Hagan, Charli                   Horton, Nancy
Fournier, Kurt                  Hagarty, Jaclyn                 Howell, Jeannette
Fowler, Kim                     Hall, John D.                   Hughes, Bill and Michele
Fox, Timothy                    Hallford, Destiny               Hughes, John and Becky
Franco, Crissy A                Hannah, Ned and Karen           Hughey, Jennifer
Franko, Linda K.                Hanson, David                   Hummel, Deloris
Friend, Amy and Missy           Haman, Kurt and Carol           Hunt, Laura

                                                      | February 2011   13
Wish Makers (1/1/10-12/31/2010)
Hunt, Melissa                                    Kirtley, Melissa M.               Madowo, Laura
Hutchison, Michelle                              Kizziar, Kay                      Magana, Marcus
Hutton, Mr and Mrs. Glynn                        Knowles-Acker, Kristy             Mahan, Max and Josephine
Irvin, Dr. Robert E.                             Kolar, Paul                       Mahanay, Donald and Chris
Isaacs, Sherry A.                                Korleski, Ashley                  Maher, Megan
Jacinto, Aurora                                  Kost, Cal and Shirley             Majors, Bobbie Jo Elliot
Jackson, Beth                                    Kostamo, Cathleen                 Maker, Steve and Dymorie
Jackson, Jennifer                                Kracmer, Tracy                    Makwembere, Clarence
Jackson, Kristina                                Kubiak, Heather                   Malaspina, Johnny
Jameson, Robert L                                Kurecka, Paula                    Maldonado, Teresa
Jeffery, Tina                                    Kuykendall, Harva                 Mallick, Lisa
Jenkins, Jace and Amy                            Labbe, Jill R.                    Mallick, Morgan
Jernigan, Tina                                   Lacy, Dallas and Jo               Mallick, Valerie
Jerke, Dennis and Susan                          LaChance, Lisa                    Manuel, Johnny
Jimerson, Kevin                                  Lee, Randy                        Manuel, Juan
Johnson, Anne                                    Lahue, August Cole                Maples, Kimberly
Johnson, Sr., Dennis R.                          Laiche, Cherie                    Marquez, Jonathan
Johnson, John T.                                 Lair, Kelly                       Marsh, Cara
Johnson, Linda L.                                Lamb, Laurie                      Martinez, Marcos
Johnson, Rae                                     Lambert, Ben and Lisa             Martinez, Rebecca
Johnson, Ray and Joe Ann                         Lambrecht, Joseph and Joy         Martinez, Megan
Johnson, Robert                                  Lamkin, Janeen                    Mason, Joan L.
Johnston, Ray and Joan                           Landrey, Karen                    Mason, Melinda
Jones, Douglas                                   Lane, Charles                     Mason, Stacy L.
Jones, Gregory                                   Laney, Mary Ann                   Massie, Jim and Karen
Jones, Katrina                                   Langford, Charity                 Mattix, Jeri
Jones, Linda                                     Langlet, Kristin A.               Matyastik, Dana
Joslin, Sally                                    Lanham, John and Vickie           May, Michele
Juarez, Mr. and Mrs. Frank                       Larkin, April                     McAfee, Daniel K.
Judd, Kaye Lynn                                  Larrison, Traci                   McClellan, Randy
Julius, Kimberly A.                              Leasure, Kelly                    McCleskey, Helen
Kalina, Greg                                     Legore, Holly                     McCollum, Amanda
Kappler, James and Janie                         Letz, Josh                        McConnell, Lee
Karimi, Tammy                                    Liles, Mary                       McCreery, Wendy
Keller, Anne I.                                  Lincoln, Deidra                   McCullouugh, Theresa
Kendrick Little Family                           Littlejohn, Elizabeth             McDonald, Jonathan
Kennemur, Kyle                                   Livasy, Don and Maria             McDonald, Laura
Kessler, Michelle ,                              Livingston, Ken                   McDougall, Denise A
Khan, Farina                                     Lockett, E. Hope                  McElroy, Hannah
Kilhullen, Tammy                                 Lockwood, Michael and Elizabeth   McGough, Nancy
Kimble, Logan and Hayley                         Long, Heather                     McGown, George and Tami
Kimbrough, Misty                                 Lopez, Samuel                     McHenry, Kelvin and Racaan
King, Dee                                        Lopez, Wilma                      McKenzie, Balbina
King, Denisha                                    Love, Sheri                       McKinney, Mary
King, Eva                                        Lowery, Danice                    McLaughlin, Nancy T.
King, Francis and Mary                           Lowke, Paul                       McLean, Shelby
King, J. Bertram                                 Luman, John                       McWilliams, Kristyn
King, Roy and Judy                               Luskey, Alan and Susan            Meeker, Dan and Beth
Kirk, Nellie                                     Luskey, Taylor                    Mendez, Juan and Elsa
Kirk, Stephanie                                  Lyne, Randall and Ginger          Mendoza, Cindy J.
Kirkley, Justin                                  Lyons, Norm                       Metcalf, Linda
Kirkman, William and Susan                       Machuca, Julie                    Meza, Abel Jr.

14      February 2011 |
Wish Makers
Miles, Georgia A.                Nicolle, Ashley                Pruitt, Bruce
Miller, Aubrey                   Nohinek, John                  Ramos, Robin
Miller, Jerry                    Norder, Steve and Lois         Ray, Kimberely
Miller, Terri                    Norton, Ken                    Ray, Jr., Cecil and Carol
Mills, Diane                     Novak, Tracy                   Realpozo, Polly
Mills, Eric                      Nue, Jessica Yuy               Reeder, Gary and Linda
Minick, Billy and Pam            Ogiemwanye, Ruth               Reeves, Anne
Minick, Brandy S.                Ogle, Carey D.                 Reeves, Rachel Brown
Mitchell, Karen                  O’Brian, Linda                 Reid, Shirley A.
Mitchell, Scott C.               O’Leary, Maria                 Reince, Monica
Mitchell, Scott and Denise       Ortega, Megan Rae              Reilly, Shannon
Mitchell, Stacy                  Ortiz, Onie and Linda          Reza, Miriam
Molina, Darrine                  Owens, Kerry and Lee           Ricca, Shannon M.
Monaghan, Shayne                 Padilla, Edward and Maria      Richmond, Gregory
Moczulski, Cara O.               Padilla, Virginia              Riddle, Mark and Vickie
Moffitt,, Theresa                Paladini, Holly J.             Rigney, Matthew
Mohon, Lisa                      Paladini, Stephanie            Riley, John and Tonya
Moncrief, Julie                  Palmer, Tammie                 Rivera, Erick
Moncrief, Mayor Mike and Rosie   Pappion, Jenanne Citizen       Rivera, J.A. and Mary
Monell, Jane                     Park, Rick                     Rivera, Sheryl
Mongalo, Elizabeth Ann           Parker, Amanda                 Roark, Alec
Montgomery, Lynn                 Parris, Mr. and Mrs. Dan       Roberts, Joy
Montgomery, Steve                Patten, Kimberly               Robertson, Jamie
Mooberry, Linda K.               Patton, Blaire                 Robertson, Ketti
Morales, Robbi                   Paulino, Blakely A.            Rodriguez, Ana
Moree, Tammie                    Payne, Lacie                   Rodriguez, Joe
Moore, Amy M.                    Payrot, Darla                  Rogers, Janice
Moore, Cheryl                    Pease, Herb and BJ             Rogers, Lee
Moore, Darren                    Pease, Mary V.                 Rose, Robert
Moore, Julie                     Perry, John and Barbara        Rubeor, Marlene P.
Moore, Krista Villarreal         Peterson, Marilyn              Rubenstein, Yvonne
Moore, William                   Peterson, Rachel               Rudd, Leighia
Moorhouse, Bob and Linda         Petsche, Alan and Bonnie       Ruiz, Jesse and Darla
Moorhouse, Keri A.               Petty, Judith                  Ruland, Dr. Todd and Debbie
Morgan, Aaron and Rachel         Phelan, Johannah C.            Rusher, Anthony and Suzanne
Morgan, Christina J.             Philips, Christine             Rusk, Melissa
Morgan, Clydie                   Phillips, Dan and Linda        Rutledge, Amber S.
Moroles, Denise                  Phillips, Mary A.              Ryan, Nolan and Ruth
Morrison, Roxanne                Pierret, Geoffrey S.           Ryason, Craig
Morrow, Rebecca                  Pike, Marjorie                 Sachs, Randy
Morse, Greg                      Pool, Alicia                   Salazar, Oscar Martinez
Mullarkey, Manis and Sharon      Pope, Patricia                 Salvatierra, Olivia
Mueller, Chris                   Porter, Linda                  Sanchez, Heidi
Munn, Julie                      Potts, Charles and Linda       Sapp, Jill
Munoz, Jennifer                  Powers, Janet                  Sayers, Sherry
Myers, Adelene                   Powers, Patrick Lee            Scarborough, Robert
Myers, Shannon                   Prescott, Dawn C.              Scharf, Stella M.
Nadwodny, Edward R.              Presley, Roger                 Schimmel, Channing
Nelson, Cynthia                  Price, Thomas                  Schimmel, John and Louise
Nelson, George and Cynthia       Primrose, Randy and Natalie    Schmidt, Herbert and Sharon
Neuman, Richard                  Pringle, Rhonda                Schrader, Elizabeth
Nguyen, Huong                    Pritchett, Georganna           Schrimpf, Maria

                                                      | February 2011   15
Wish Makers (1/1/10-12/31/2010)
Schroeder, Fred and Margaret                     Steffey, Susan                            Urvan, William
Schulte, April                                   Steggall, Samantha                        Usvolk, Marsha
Schweitzer, Leonard and Rose-Marie               Steowagen, Kimberly                       Utendorf, Amy V.
Scott, Alicia Frey                               Stephens, Delisa                          Vahed, Dominique
Scott, Christi                                   Stephens PhD., Jennifer                   Valencia, Patricia
Scott, La Shanda                                 Stephens, Jeremy                          Vanleeuwen, Shirley
Sebastian, Sadie C.                              Stephenson, Jack and L.                   Varrichio, J.M.
Sears, Christina                                 Stocker, Valerie                          Vasquez, Sarah
Self, Don                                        Stockton, Monette                         Ventura, Erika Gomez
Self, Jenny                                      Stone, Linda                              Veteikis, David
Senato, Mr. and Mrs. Carey                       Strawn, Mr. Wesley                        Via, John and Brenda
Seymour, Ashley                                  Strenger, James J.                        Vigil, Sandi
Shamburger, Rhonda                               Suder, Kathy                              Villagran, Malinda
Shawn, Ronda Sue                                 Sugarman, Deborah A.                      Wagnon, Jim
Shear, Chester T.                                Sundberg, Jim                             Waldrop, Jeff
Shelley, Martha                                  Supporters of a Wish with Wings           Walker, Paul E.
Shelton, Courtney                                Supporters of Friends Players             Walker, Thomas W.
Shepperson, Laurie                                  - South Pacific Show                   Wallace, Kevin
Sherrod, Richard                                 Supporters of The Shoppes at Brownstone   Wallace, Paige
Shields, Carrie Ann                                  Village                               Walter, Amber

Shinksky, Amber                                  Sutton, Amy                               Ward, Amanda

Shuffitt, Danny                                  Swatzel, Bobby and Versiree               Ward, Arthur A.

Shults, Barrie                                   Swenson, Melanie                          Ward, Jennifer

Sieck, Scott                                     Talbott, Jana                             Ward, Robert C.

Siller, Patricia Douglass                        Tallent, Christi                          Warneke, Valerie

Simms, Angelia                                   Tapia, Omar                               Watkins, Courtney

Simmons, Heather                                 Tawil, Robbie                             Weaver, Susan

Sinnott, Maria                                   Taylor, Debbie A.                         Weil, Tammi L.

Skinner, Valerie Holloway                        Taylor, Shona                             Welch, James Lee

Skokos, Ted                                      Terry, Mr. and Mrs. William               West, Reed and Brandi

Slocum, Sammie                                   Teskey, Michael and Anissa                Wheeler, :Laura C.

Smith, Amanda Fee                                Thompson, Billy                           Whetstone, Mary Ann

Smith, Bradley                                   Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. David              Whipple, Casey

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith                  Thompson, Glenn and Mary                  Whisenant, Lyndon

Smith, Courtney                                  Thompson, Lynne M.                        White, Angela

Smith, DeAnna M.                                 Thompson, Stephanie                       White, Jarrett J.

Smith, Donna                                     Thompson, Tammie L.                       Wiederkehr, Lee and Debra

Smith, Jake and Deborah                          Thornewell, Tracy                         Wiederkehr, Scott and Trish

Smith, Judy A.                                   Thurston, Michelle                        Wiles, Anita

Smith, Kevin                                     Thweatt, Jane Ann                         Wilde, Bill

Smith, Lynn D.                                   Thweatt, Stephanie                        Wilson, Leonard

Smith, Sherry                                    Tice, Nancy A.                            Wilson, Lisa

Smith, Thomas W.                                 Tijerina, Nancy                           Witcher, Bill

Smith, Whitney and Gretchen                      Tolerico, Stephen                         Witt, Glenn

Snyder, Bonnie B.                                Tomlin, Jesse                             Williams, Katrina

Solari, Susanne                                  Torok, Sabra                              Williams, Lisa K.

Solmonson, Kara Leigh                            Townsend, Marilyn                         Williams, Melissa

Sotero, Veronica                                 Traver, Kristina K.                       Williams, Michael L.

Souders, John                                    Trawick, Chelsea                          Williams, Ruth

Spalding, Wendy Jo                               Trentham, Tonya                           Williams, Staci

Speight, Jack and Carolyn                        Tresch, Stephani Johnston                 Williamson, Brandon

Stalberger, Ember                                Tucker, Darren                            Willis, Edwina Louise
                                                                                           Winter, Jessica L.

16      February 2011 |
Wish Makers
Wishman, Jeremy                                  Gardere, Wynne, Sewell, LLP and                   Foundations and Trusts
Withington, Ann L.                                  the Gardere Intellectual Property Section
Wright, Jannea                                   Gaylord Texan                                     Amon G. Carter Foundation
Workins, Maurice                                 GoodSearch                                        BOKF Foundation
Wolff, Sarah                                     Healthpoint                                       DuBose Family Foundation
Wood, Stacey Kay                                 Hudiburg Foundation                               The Holloway Family Foundation
Woodard, Tanisha                                 International Caravan, Inc. - H.A. Shaban         H.C.C. Trust
Woolard, Julia                                   Jamie Adams & Associates                          Kristie’s Foundation
Woolcott, Donna                                  Jimco Roofing                                     Matejek Family Foundation
Worthen, Kristi                                  La-De-Da Productions                              The Morris Foundation
Wright, Diane Madalin                            LaQuinta Inn & Suites                             Pantego Lions Foundation, Inc.
Wright, Jennifer                                 Lockheed Martin Employee Charity Fund             Fred & Mabel R Parks Foundation
Wyatt, Harold                                    Major Images Inc.
Wynne, Nikki                                     The Mallick Group
Wyrostek, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher               NADONA, LTC
Yarbrough, Deborah L.                            Nicole Youngblood Photography
                                                                                                   Aetna - Arlington Volunteer Council
York, Nancy S.                                   O’Neal Oil Company
                                                                                                   American Giving—Anonymous Donor
Young, Whitney L.                                Optimum Chiropractic & Wellness Center
                                                                                                   American Legion Post 130
Zabihi, Marjon                                      -Dr. Collin Tkachuk, D.C.
                                                                                                      - Service Officer Relief Fund
Zane, Bradley and Melissa                        Pekers, LLC
                                                                                                   Arlington Lodge No. 2114 B.P.O.E.
Zemanek, Ashley                                  Pellman Inc.
                                                                                                   Best Friends Club
Zimmer, Kelly                                    PlainsCapital Bank
                                                                                                   Celebration On The Lake Church
Zimmerman, Beth                                  Postural Orthopedics
                                                                                                   The Junior League of Arlington, Texas, Inc.
Zinn, Mary R.                                    P.S. The Letter
                                                                                                      -dba Holiday Magic
                                                 Rolling Hills Country Club-Vivion Thornton 4th
                                                            Annual Golf Tournament
Corporations and Businesses                      Sewell Lexus of Fort Worth                        Lions Foundation of Greater Arlington, Inc.
                                                                                                   Network for Good
                                                 Single Source Printing
Alliance Practice Advisors - Doug                                                                     - Anonymous
                                                 Star K. Horses
Arlington Camera, Inc.                           Van Vending                                          - Sheila Daniels
AT&T                                                                                                  - Patty Powley Davidson
                                                 Wal Mart #3773
Bank of Texas                                    Wolf Lawn & Landscape                                - Larry Menendez Jr.
Behringer Harvard Operating                      Worthington National Bank                            - Latrice Parker
Billy Bob’s Texas, Inc.                                                                               - Tamesha Pumphrey-Belgrave
                                                 The Shoppes at Brownstone
Bob Ballew & Associates, L.L.C.                  The Worthington Renaissance                          - Dave Repp
C.A. Brown, Inc.                                    Fort Worth Hotel                                  - Sharon Sanchez
Cashion Insurance Group                                                                            Northwest Christian Church
                                                 Thornton Wealth Management LLC
Central Health & Wellness                           Steve Thornton                                 Oak Crest Women’s Club
          Lane Chiropractic & Wellness Centers   Van Vending                                          - Gourmet Department
City of Fort Worth - Mayor’s Office                                                                   - Interior Decorating Section
                                                 Weir SPM
Clear Channel Outdoor                            Western Production Company                           - Travel Department
Community Bank                                   XTO Energy Inc.                                   Fred and Mabel R Parks Foundation
Cook Children’s Medical Center                                                                     Spirit of 56 Collectors Club
   - Child Life Department                                                                         Texas Open Golf Charities
Coors Distributing Company of Fort Worth                                                           TMRC Daylight Chapter 1145
Dale Resources, LL                                                                                    - Order of The Eastern Star
Dallas Cowboys                                                                                     United Way - ESR Miller Brewing Company
Decorator’s Warehouse                                                                              United Way - Miller Coors Brewing Company
eCycle Group LLC                                                                                   United Way - CFC/SECC
E-Guide Services, Inc.                           Matching Grants                                   United Way of Galveston - SECC
ENTACT, LLC                                                                                        Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign
Frost National Bank                              AT&T
Fuzzy’s Taco Opportunities LLC

                                                                                         | February 2011         17
Wish Makers (1/1/10-12/31/2010)                                                                  A Wish with Wings
Reward Card Program                                Magnificent Variety Show - Compliments of     Board of Directors
Albertsons LLC - Community Partners Program           Joe, Tamra and Talya Tonico

Kroger                                                Superstars Live Theatre

Safeway Inc.
                                                   Metcalf, Ken                                      Larry Anfin
                                                   Milton, Yvonne
                                                   Mitchell, Karen                               Rebecca Barksdale
Adair, Jessica
                                                   Moncrief, Mayor Mike and Rosie
                                                                                                    Keith Brown
                                                   MVP Agents - Jamie Adams
ALT Worldwide Chauffeured Services
American Solutions
                                                   Neiman Marcus                                     Jim Gabler
                                                   Nikki’s Cookies & Confections, Inc.
Anagram International
                                                   Northeast Mall                                  Richard Guinn
Anchor Roofing Systems
Arlington Camera, Inc.
                                                   Office Depot Store #130
                                                   Party City
                                                                                                    Kurt Haman
The Baldknobbers
Bell, Sandy
                                                   Pickett, Darian                                Deloris Hummel
                                                   Piggies & Paws
Best Buy #57
                                                   Plyter, Lance                                   Linda Johnson
Billy Bob’s Texas
Bowen, Deborah
                                                   Prodigy Painting
                                                   P.S. The Letter
                                                                                                   Austin Jourde
Burlingame, Pam
Campbell, Ron
                                                   Residence Inn by Marriott                        Greg Kalina
                                                   Sanderson, Linda
Carey International, Inc.
                                                   Schusters of Texas Inc.                         Susan Kirkman
Carey Limousine of Houston LTD
                                                   Showboat Branson Belle - Branson, MO
Caswell, Fran
                                                   Silver Dollar City Properties - Branson, MO
                                                                                                  Harva Kuykendall
Christian, Dean and Kim
                                                   Six Flags Over Texas
                                                                                                    Norm Lyons
                                                   Smith, Sharri
Clear Channel Outdoor
Cooper Street Bakery
                                                   Sprint/Nextel                                    Scott Mitchell
Cowboys & Indians Magazine
                                                   Superior Productions
                                                                                                 Lynn Montgomery
Crom Tidwell Merchandising
Daired’s Salon
                                                   Surratt, Ron
                                                                                                    Greg Morse
                                                   Swift, Taylor
Dallas Zoo
Dave & Buster’s #54
                                                   Teresa Berg Photography                         Preston Mundt
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
                                                   Texas Rangers Baseball Club                    Kimberly Perkins
DFW International Airport
Dillard’s Inc.
                                                   Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation
                                                   The Dallas World Aquarium
                                                                                                  Louise Schimmel
Double J Saddlery
Facility Construction Services, Inc.
                                                   The Renaissance Worthington                       Diane Stow
                                                      Fort Worth Hotel
Fort Worth Cats
                                                   Theresa Hollister - Jewelry Artist
Fort Worth Luxury Group
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
                                                   TM Signs, LP                                     Judy Youngs,
                                                   Tom Busselle Pictures & More
Fuentes, Karla
                                                   Towne Park
                                                                                                  Executive Director
Getz, Bob
Give Kids The World Village
                                                   Toy Spot - Parks Mall                             Lesley Irwin,
                                                   Toys R Us - Hurst
Global Group Inc.
                                                   Tri Coastal Design
                                                                                                   Office Manager
G.O.A.L. Students
Grand Hyatt DFW
                                                   Trevino, Patricia                              Dominique Vahed,
                                                   Trimble, Pam
Haier America Trading, LLC
                                                   Vincent, Donna
                                                                                                  Program Services
Hambrick, Lynn
Hardy, Stewart
                                                   Walmart Neighborhood Market                         Director
                                                   Walmart Supercenter
Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa
                                                   Warstler, Sandra
Holiday Inn Express-Navin Busani
                                                   Watson, Libby                                        Mission
Home of the Brave Tours
                                                   Wiederkehr, Trish
Hoover Landcape
                                                   Williams, Grace
                                                                                                 “To grant Wishes to
J. Brent Winn Photography
                                                   Withers, Laura                                Texas children with
JC Penney
Kirkman, Susan
                                                   Wolf Lawn & Landscape
                                                   XL Digital Imaging, LP
Lee, Marilyn                                                                                           diseases”

18        February 2011 | | February 2011   19
                                                                                                          NON-PROFIT ORG
                                                                                                             US POSTAGE
                                                                                                           ARLINGTON TX
                                                                                                           PERMIT NO 350
     917 West Sanford Street Arlington, TX 76012

                                                   Meet the Staff
                        JUDY YOUNGS                                  DOMINIQUE                              LESLEY IRWIN
                      Executive Director                              VAHED                                 Office Manager
                                                                  Program Services
                     Judy joined the                                  Director                          Lesley is the new-
                     Wish team in Sep-                                                                  est member of the
                     tember 2010. With                            After graduating                      Wish with Wings
                     an extensive                                 from the University                   team. She comes
                     background in                                of Texas at Arling-                   to us from a local
                                                                  ton, Dominique                        speakers bureau
                     community and                                                                      where she man-
nonprofit groups, her involvement                                 joined a Wish with
                                                                                        aged the event execution for clients
includes numerous for-profit and                Wings in January 2010.
                                                                                        and speakers.
not-for-profit organizations, where             With her love for children and pas-
                                                                                        She is also heavily invested in her
she has held leadership responsibil-            sion for helping others, she has tru-
                                                                                        community. Her foremost commit-
ities at local, state and national lev-         ly enjoyed serving as the Program       ment includes eleven years of volun-
els.                                            Services Director for the last year.    teerism with the National Charity
                                                Meeting each new family and see-        League, Inc..
“I am honored to be involved with a
                                                ing the bright smiles on every Wish
Wish with Wings and the children                child's face as their Wish is granted   Lesley feels very blessed to be a part
and families we serve! My goal for                                                      of the team and enjoys assisting in
                                                has been more than rewarding ... it
the future is to ensure that our ser-                                                   the day to day operations so that
                                                has been inspiring.                     wishes really do come true.
vices continue to grow so that no
child’s Wish is left unfulfilled.”

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