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Mezzanine Financing Programs for Business


Mezzanine financing for SMEs is in between risk and return are identified in priority between debt and equity financing for SMEs as a form of SME financing. For the people, companies and stock recommendations, mezzanine investments typically provide a very flexible form of longer-term financing, the SME financing is less than the degree of dilution of the stock market, and can be adjusted according to specific needs. The payment of mezzanine SME financing issues also can determine the company's cash flow.

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  Mezzanine Financing Programs for Business

Loan Size:                          $500,000 and above
Interest Rate:                      7-14%
Minimum DSC:                        1.05
Non-recourse:                       Available
Equity Investment:                  Up to 90% of value
Expected IRR:                       18-24%
Sponsor Equity:                     Minimum of 4%
Origination Fee:                    2 to 4 points
Structure:                          Subordinated lien position
                                    and preferred equity

COLLATERAL                          USE OF PROCEEDS
Accounts Receivable                 Working Capital
Inventory                           Purchase Machinery
Machinery                           Equipment Lease Financing
Equipment                           Purchase Equipment
Fixtures                            Purchase Fixtures
Purchase Orders                     Purchase Business
Real Estate                         Real Estate Acquisition
Company Assets                      Other Expansion

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