MB73+ Universal Battery Charger-Analyser

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					MB73+ Universal Battery

                                                                ❏ Three Charge Modes; Constant Current, Constant
                                                                  Voltage (float), Multi-Step
                                                                  - MB73+ 30A for 12V and 15A for 24V
                                                                  - MB73P+ 50A for 12V or 25A for 24V

                                                                ❏ Discharge Modes
                                                                  - MB73+ 60A for 12V and 40A for 24V
                                                                  - MB73P+ 60A for 12V or 50A for 24V

                                                                ❏	 Interfacing to the TH20 Cell Monitor and Battery Crown

                                                                ❏	 Fully protected (overloads, reverse or no battery

HIGHLIGHTS                                                      In the constant voltage charge mode it will charge at a
                                                                reducing current when the constant voltage threshold is
The MB73 Series chargers are designed to charge and
                                                                met. Parameters for this mode are a maximum charge
analyse (discharge) Nickel-Cadmium, Sealed Lead-Acid
                                                                time, optional minimum current to stop charge and
and other types of rechargeable batteries.
                                                                a current threshold which detect a potentially faulty
Simple automated process, with no attention required            battery.
from ‘Start’ to ‘Print Results’.
                                                                In the multiple step charge mode, up to 4 constant
Fully automatic analysis and charging cycles using a            current steps can be used for the charge cycle. This
simple menu based operation – only three keystrokes             mode also has an overcharge voltage setting to prevent
needed to start the cycle.                                      overcharging of the battery. Charge current can be set to
Internal memory stores the capacity test and charging           zero for ‘rest’ periods between charge steps.
parameters of 24 battery types.                                 There are two capacity test programs built into the unit.
Lightweight and compact – The MB73+ units is fully              One will discharge the battery connected at the current
portable, weighing only 24kg and uses a standard single         selected for the test duration selected to report the battery
phase mains supply.                                             is 100% or more efficient. The second will discharge the
                                                                battery down to the terminal voltage selected to report
Built in protection to detect faulty batteries or overcharge,   the actual percentage efficiency. The capacity test will
battery disconnection during charge, reverse or no              stop if the target threshold voltage is reached before the
battery connection.                                             full test time has elapsed. During the capacity test and
The MB73+ series chargers can be connected to the               when it is terminated the display will show the amount
TH20 Cell monitor for individual cell voltage monitor using     the capacity test is complete as a percentage.
flying leads, or the additional use of an attachable Crown      Automatic cell balancing can be performed when used in
which automatically connects all cells for monitoring.          conjunction with the TH20 cell monitor option.
                                                                Process mode available where six charge or discharge
CHARACTERISTICS                                                 steps can be created to run concurrently. Four
                                                                independent process modes can be stored.
In the constant current charge mode it will charge at a
constant current until a terminal voltage is met, at this       Battery charge, capacity test and calibration status
point it can be charged for an additional time at a user        displayed on a clear VFD display.
set current. The overcharge voltage is set in this mode         Audio alarm to indicate process completion or failure.
to prevent overcharging of the battery.
ACCESSORIES:                                         OPTIONS:
Supplied with 1 set of leads 1m long with 8mm ring   Alternative or longer lead sets available
                                                     Cell Monitor TH20
MB73P+ includes printer
                                                     Battery Crown (by battery type)
1 year warranty
                                                     60A/60mv Shunt for calibration
                                                     MS25182-2 Quick Release Connector
                                                     Optional built-in Printer for audit trail
                                                     Consumables Pack: 5 rolls printer paper and 2 Epson
                                                     Ribbon Cartridges.


• 230V or 115V 50-60Hz mains                         • 24 user-programmed battery data libraries
• Weight: MB73+ 24kg, MB73P+ 30kg                    • Printed Test Result can be signed and dated
• Dimensions: W44cm x D35cm x H23cm                  • Bench mounted

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