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Forest Ridge Elementary School - PowerPoint

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					    Forest Ridge
Elementary School
   Student Survey Results
        April, 2011
Number of Boys and Girls Surveyed
Average Number of Years at FRE
Is School Important?
Do you think your teachers have done a
good job making learning enjoyable?
Do you know your responsibilities as a
Has someone recently praised you for
doing good work?
Does someone at school care about you?
Do you know to whom you can talk when
you have a problem?
Do you feel that someone listens to you
when you have a problem?
Does someone encourage you to do well in
Did teachers give you __________
Do you feel safe at school?
Have you ever been bullied at school ?
Most students _______________ follow the
The students at FRE usually make
_________ choices.
How do you feel students treat each other?
Do you ride the bus to or from school?
Do you feel safe on the bus?
Have you ever been bullied on the bus?
Does the noise level in the cafeteria bother
  If you could change one thing about the cafeteria
  food, what would it be?
       Second                  Third                      Fourth                    Fifth
       Milk                    Sides on the plate         Chicken nuggets           Flavor in the salads
       Food to eat on half     Salad                      Sides                     Fruits
       days                    Tacos                      Variety of food choices   Strawberry milk
       Pizza                   Meats                      Cheese pizza              Cheese pizza
       Food that tastes good   Healthy foods              Healthy food              Healthy foods
       Beef-a-roni             Seconds                    Hamburgers                Apples and oranges
MORE   Meat                    Juice                      Taco days                 Tacos
       Ice cream               Food                       Waffles                   Chicken nuggets
       Grouper fish            Pizza                      Tater tots                Hamburgers
       Cheese stix             Milk
       Protein                 Fruit
                               Mozerella stix
       Chocolate milk          Talking in the cafeteria   Pasta                     Sugar
       Carrots                 Mozzarella stix            Ice cream                 Pork wrap
       Peas                    Pizza                      Snacks                    Pasta with meat sauce
       Bad food                Junk food                  Mac-n-cheese              Mozzarella stix
       Fruits and vegetables   The milk in the blue       Junk food                 Fatty foods
       Money                   carton is too sweet        Tacos                     Junk food
LESS                           Corn
       Mac-n-cheese                                       “The macaroni-ham         Cold or cooked carrots
       Spaghetti               Apple juice                thing”
       Non-healthy food        Corndogs                   Pizza
       Hamburgers              Chicken nuggets            Chicken sandwiches
                               Ice cream
What is one idea you have for a PBS event
next year?
Second           Third            Fourth                 Fifth
Read books       Talent show      Start a garden         Field trip
Race with Mrs.   Wet field day    Play football          Play instruments in
Windham                                                  the music room
Air show         Scooters         Passing and trapping   Talent show
Wet field day    Chew gum         Gymnastics             Wii
A play           Races            Soccer                 Eating contest
Ice cream cups   Water balloons   Bounce house           Petting zoo for pre-K
Play games       Bounce house     Pizza party            Races
Go swimming      Scavenger hunt   Softball throw         Climbing
                 Giant slide      Three-legged race      Kickball
                                  Capture the football   Ice cream party
                                  Wet field day          Animal show
                                                         Go swimming
What kinds of shows or programs would you
enjoy the most?
What is your favorite subject?
Have you enjoyed your time at FRE?
    What is the best part of FRE?
Second                      Third                      Fourth                   Fifth
Music                       My teacher                 PBS                      5th grade graduation
Reading books and writing   The books                  The friendly staff and   Having everyone care
                                                       teachers                 about each other
Math                        PBS Events                 Recess                   The media
Recess                      Everyone has a good time   When everyone can have   The wonderful staff and
                                                       fun together             students
We are safe                 PE                         Having festivals         Specials
Science                     You get to learn           Fine arts                Learning
Being taught                                           SPA                      SPA

My class                                               Flag football at PE      Everyone’s nice and
                                                                                teachers are helpful
I can play music with my                               Wet Field Day            The way staff made you
teacher                                                                         want to come to school
Media center                                                                    All the nice and funny
Special school occasions
         If you could change one thing, what would
         it be?
Second                      Third                           Fourth                          Fifth
The taste of the macaroni   School productions              See reading buddies every day   Science & SS
PE                          More time at recess             Movies once a week              Longer time in math
New playground              Recess during PE days, too      Better food in lunchroom        Nothing
Tech 2                      More time for reading           Longer recess                   More recess and SPA
More reading                Lunchroom – too loud            More homework                   More AR time
Art                         PE                              More science                    Get more Diary of aWimpy Kid
Food in lunchroom           My desk                         Eat in room on half days        More water drinks around
How kids behave             Less homework                   Optional Specials               How kids talk (dirty language)
For kids to stop shouting   More Success Maker              How long we’re in school        Make good choices
Lunchroom ladies            Bigger playground               More pink milk                  More events
More homework               Pillows on our seats in class
Cafeteria noise level       Third grade lunch goes too
Less time at school         One more Special