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									              AEROBOTICS- REGISTRATION FORM

No. of team members: SIX

Primary Contact email-id (1):

Contact email-id (2)*:

Primary Contact Ph. No (1): 09929295844

Contact Ph. No (2)*: 09602671308

Team member details:
  Sl. No.   Name of the members      Name of College /      Branch and year
                                        University              of study

    1         Naveen Ramchandani      Global Institute of     EIC, First Year

    2             Sonu Yadav                    “                   “

    3            Girish Dhameja                 “                   “

    4            Krishna Gopal                  “                   “

    5            Prateek Sharma                 “             EE, First Year

    6            Gaurav Sharma                  “                   “
(*Only the primary contact details will be used for all correspondences)

                           (Please add pictures or schematics wherever possible)

We will design a machine in half conical and half spherical shape, in the size of 30X28X20 Cm.

Will provide upward thurst, using a pair of propellers, similar to that of a hovercraft.

Two propellers will be connected at the back side of the machine which will guide the machine to
travel forward or to take turns. Bottom propellers will use heavy speed motors, while back
propellers will use low torque high rpm motors.

A pair of IR sensors will be used at the bottom side of the machine, these sensors will detect the
white line and black surface, after that they provide the signal to the microcontroller, which will then
provide the output signal to the connected driver IC for the movement of the machine.

All these signals, input or output, will work according to the pre programmed memory of the

Body of the machine will be designed over acrylic sheet or al sheet.

We will use a 12V lithium ion battery.

Rules to follow:
    1. The registration form should be complete in all respects.
    2. The registration form should be in one of the formats : *.doc or *.pdf
    3. The description should not exceed 2-pages (including pictures).
    4. Last date for sending complete Registration forms is 10th September 2009.
    5. The registration form is to be renamed Aerobotics_regnfom_<your team name>
    6. The registration form is to be uploaded on the user portal (Follow instructions in the user portal).
    7. Register as a team event, after creating a team.
    8. The bot to be allowed to compete in the event should adhere to the description mentioned
        in the team’s registration form.
    9. All outstation participants (selected) are to register separately with the hospitality for
        accommodation .The event co-ordinators cannot assure accommodation. Registration for
        accommodation is open @
    10. The co-ordinators reserve the right to select or reject registration forms as they deem.
    11. A preliminary event may be conducted on the day of the event before main event (finals).
12. Any other queries can be mailed to

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