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                                            The Reformer
We, Trinity Lutheran Church, believe that our church exists to serve God’s mission, commanded by Him
to the church, through the Great Commission: “Therefore go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit – and teaching them to obey
everything I have commanded you. (Matt. 28: 19-20.) Recognizing the urgency of this message, we, the
church, promise to do all in our power to promote, extend and maintain his message. In order to
accomplish this, we need to nurture and build the spiritual lives of our members so that they reach out to
all people through a commitment to evangelism and missions.

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                                                                                                         TLC Newsletter May 2009
2          Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus
“Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”
                                Revelation 2:10

                                  A Burden I Have
The month of May brings great joy to us at        I have a burden, and I want it to get better.
Trinity. It is a month that is lived in the       All of us in this wonderful congregation
glow of Easter. The sounds of celebration         should desire to help. Here is the burden:
are not too far back in memory. But, it is a      This year twelve young people will be
month in which the “rubber hits the road.”        confirmed on Sunday, May 3rd. Their
Faith is put into action. What is spoken is       names are listed in this newsletter. Please
put into deeds. A new burden becomes a            pray for them. Look for ways that you can
reality.                                          help them along in their faith. Encourage
                                                  them and their parents. And most of all be
Our theme for the 2008/9 school year at           authentic Christians yourselves.
Trinity Lutheran School has
been “Walk the Walk.” It is                                        God has called us to serve
taken from the common                                              Him at this time and place.
saying, “Don’t just talk the                                       One could say that He has
talk, but walk the walk.”                                          always wanted authentic
When transferred to our                                            Christians. But, God has
Christian lives it literally                                       given us the present. At this
means “Be an authentic Christian!” Said           time, the world desperately needs authentic
another way, one could say, “Don’t Be a           Christians to give them hope, and to point
Hypocrite!”                                       them to salvation in Jesus Christ.

That sounds like a harsh statement. And I         So, I ask in this month of May, that you
would probably agree. But there is a burden       would share the burden with me. Don’t just
of sadness that I have as the pastor of Trinity   say this is for the pastor, or the parents, or
Lutheran Church, when I hear people make          the students themselves. We are all a part of
a promise of faithfulness to the Lord every       the body of Christ. This is a burden we have
year during their time of confirmation, and       together. It is a joyful burden that will mean
then I never see them come back to our            much for this world, and for the life to
church. It is a sadness that shows the            come.
epidemic of sin.
                                                  In the Peace of Christ,
                                                  Pastor Appold

                      Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!
TLC Newsletter May 2009
              Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                                                         3
New Members Welcomed to Trinity, 3/28/09

                                                                        Rebecca Corona (right), daughter of Karen
                                                                       Viveros’ (below), works in Northwestern University
 June Aseves (left) and her daughter, Dana, make their home           Hospital’s Cardiovascular Department. Rebecca’s
together in Chicago. June enjoys watching mystery/detective shows      two-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, takes gymnastics
on TV. Dana works at Charter 1 Bank in Oak Lawn.                       classes and loves to sing.

 Karen Viveros (right center) is also
June Aseves’ daughter. A teacher’s
aide working with young autistic
children, she loves doing arts and
crafts projects. She and four of her
children live together in Chicago.
Cynthia (from left) baby-sits her niece
Jocelyn and studies Day Care
Nick, a graphics designer, loves music
and the White Sox.
Sarah is a senior in High School at
Chicago Discovery Academy. She
plays softball and makes great peanut
butter cookies.
Melinda works at Payless in Lansing
and is studying architecture at IIT.

                                      Georgia Farrar, from Sauk Village, is a
                                     waitress at the Kingsberry Waffle House in
                                     Flossmor. Her son, one of five children lives with
                                     her. In her free time, Georgia enjoys reading
                                     David Jeremiah books.

 Lester Busse lives at Holland Home in                                       Deborah Erickson works for Midwest
South Holland. He is a family friend of the                                   Wood Products. Her two grown children,
Aseves. Retired from “Libby,” he is                                           Crystal & John, grew up in our congrega-
especially proud of his 50-year member-                                       tion & school. She enjoys Christian music,
ship in the Boy Scouts of America.                                                             TLC Newsletter May
                                                                              cross-stitching and crossword puzzles. 2009
4           Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus
                   Family Life Ministries

        LYF – Senior Youth                              LAF – Adult Fellowship
Good Neighbor Parade.                              Rib Fest & Bean Bag Toss Tournament
Saturday, May 2 – 2:00 pm                          May 16 at 3:30 p.m. Details to be announced
Youth are asked to sign-up with DCE Intern,        in News for Pews with worship bulletins.
Alysia Cranor, to work the parade route handing
out candy to children.
                                                                FAMILY LIFE
30 Hour Famine Lock-in
Friday, May 8 – Saturday, May 9 –                  Good Neighbor Parade
5:00 pm to about 7:00 pm the next day in           Saturday, May 2 – 2:00 pm
Glenview, Illinois. See Alysia for more
information.                                       We need help in showcasing our float for Trinity.
                                                   This year’s parade theme is “Celebrating 200
                                                   years of Lincoln.” We need a driver with a
Life Issue Discussions                             truck to pull our flatbed trailer, bags of wrapped
6:30 pm – Every Sunday evening in the              candy to hand out to children along the parade
school gym. We are currently examining media       route, and float decorators to help us on Monday
messages from movies, internet, TV, and music.     & Tuesday, April 27 & 28 at 2607 Indiana
                                                   Avenue, Lansing. Please call Sheryle at
         JLYF – Jr. Youth                          708/417-4283, or Kelly 708/895-1641 if you can
                                                   help in any capacity. Bags of candy can be
                                                   brought into the church office at any time.
End of School Year Party – Week of
May 17. Be watching for details.                   Family Camping
                                                   Fri.–Sun., July 24-26 – Dunes Lake, MI
Junior Confirmation                                Reservations required. Call Sharon Long at
Sunday, May 3 – 11:00 am Worship                   219/836-7812.
Come at 9:30 for confirmation photos. Don’t

forget the rehearsal scheduled for Sat. morning,
May 2 at 9:00. We will finish rehearsing at
about 10:30 am. All confirmands will be
receiving Holy Communion that morning.
TLC Newsletter May 2009
      Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                                  5
                         Memorials Received Between
                        March 29 and April 12, 2009
                       Given to the Glory of God
                               In Loving Memory of:
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Imrie
      By:      Mildred Klebs                          (Trinity Lutheran School)
Kay Lange
      By:      Mildred Klebs                          (Trinity Lutheran School)
Andrew Halley
      By:      Fred & Laura Winter Family             (Pew Cushion Fund)
Tina Nordyke
      By:      Jan Reichart                           (General Fund)
Ruth McNichols
      By:      Kathy Lorenz, Beverly Lorenz,          (Pew Cushion Fund)
               Luella Sonntag, Jan Reichart
Beryl Brinkman
      By:      Beverly Lorenz, Kathy Lorenz,          (Pew Cushion Fund)
               Luella Sonntag, Ed & Doris Raasch,
               Clem & Barb Lessner, Jan Reichart      (Undesignated)
               Ed & Betty Schumann
               William Schweitzer, Luella Patterson (Music Department)
               David & Linda Grabarcyzk, Michele Hasz, Elaine Humbert,
               Ken & Jill Kaniewski, Marge Wise Family, Betty Hlinka, Marge Kelsven
               Eleanor Hoge, Dave & Susan Schaub, Lois Kegebein, Ray & Naomi
               Guhl, The Heritage Middle School 8th Grade Team, Sheri Garrett &
               Ember, George & Linda Rossa, Millie Ogborn, Carl & Carol Largus,
               Judith Grambo, Karen & Paul Kehl, Barb Fuehrmeyer, Mark & Pattie
               Cherney, Ken & Cheryl Muszynski, Kirby Family, Seliger Family, Brad
               Brinkman Family, Brent Brinkman Family, Barb Clark Family, Beverly
               Schweitzer Family, David & Karen Toni, Joe & Linda Rogalski, Jim
               Lebryk Family, Tim & Maureen Sadzak, Candy Albert, Mark & Alina
               Toni & Family, Ann Cittadino, Peg Haney, George & Carol Ogborn, Ed
               & Helen Hughes, Bill & Charlene Miller, Mark Mamich Family, Carol
               Miceli, Frank & Maradeen Witvoet, Clarence & Jan Bernard,
               Clark & Holly St. John
                                                                    TLC Newsletter May 2009
6          Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus

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TLC Newsletter May 2009
Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus             7

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                                         TLC Newsletter May 2009
8          Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus

            Mike & Jackie Starzak              5/6/1984   25

            David & Madeline Cunningham        5/7/1988   21

            Jaime & Julia Rodriguez Sr.    5/11/1991      18

            Cynthia & Juan Montanez        5/12/2007      2

            Wallace & Sheila Evans Jr.     5/13/1967      42

            Terri & Steve Jabaay           5/13/1994      15

            Judy & Hank Roberts            5/13/1972      37

            Keith & Diane Witvoet          5/13/1989      20

            Thomas & Krista McSwiggan      5/17/1980      29

            Jose’ & Robin Perez            5/18/1986      23

            Robert & Sandra Ostroski       5/19/1962      47

            David & Carol McNichols        5/24/2002      7

            Donald & Jill Manning Jr.      5/25/1985      24

            Tony & Jacqueline Mosley       5/26/1973      36

            Sandy & Nick Muench            5/26/2007      2

                                    MAY 2009
TLC Newsletter May 2009
            Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                            9
                                    May Birthdays!
Licina, Carrie         5/01   Pranske, Diane        5/08   Foster, Marissa       5/20
Roberts, Daniel        5/01   Cunningham, David     5/09   Moore, Nola           5/20
Rodriguez, Gage        5/01   Fisher, Dana          5/09   Terrell, Timothy      5/20
Bermingham, Dennis     5/02   Reid, Aron            5/09   Witvoet, Frank        5/20
Cleveland, Sharon      5/02   Caldwell, Kenneth     5/10   Wulff, Joshua         5/20
Perez, Jose’           5/02   Poulsen, Paula        5/10   Ogunbode, Enitan      5/21
Friant, Steven         5/03   Martinson, Kelly      5/11   Gianoli, Janice       5/22
Warstler, Michelle     5/03   Koster, Kyle          5/12   Gianoli, Shaina       5/23
Widstrand, Bryan       5/03   Hamilton, Elaine      5/14   Janssen, Daniel       5/23
Wilson, Melissa        5/03   Cherney, Patricia     5/15   Ogunbode, Folake      5/23
Gunkel, Daniel         5/04   Hoge, Eleanor         5/15   Reid, Lynette         5/23
Haugh, Marietta        5/04   Provenzano, Daniel    5/15   Rentner, Paul         5/23
Reid, Luke             5/04   Schultz, Brandon      5/15   Berkowicz, David      5/24
Tanner, Barbara        5/04   Ostroski, Robert      5/16   Ogunbode, Samuel      5/24
Douglas, Shane         5/06   Witvoet, Kyle         5/16   Haak Sr., David       5/26
Guhl, Raymond          5/06   Appold, Rachel        5/17   Schrum, Frederick     5/26
Van Mynen, Warren      5/06   Macklin III, James    5/17   Blink, Robert         5/27
Farrar, Georgia        5/07   Schmidtke, Justin     5/17   Sommerfeld, Ann       5/27
Hackenson, Constance   5/07   Foster, Kris          5/18   Lundstrom, Kathleen   5/28
Pelcher, Patricia      5/07   Lorenz, Arthur        5/18   Hannagan, Anthony     5/29
Wendling, Edward       5/07   Reichart, Jeanette    5/18   Winter, Tracy         5/29
Willmes, Kathleen      5/07   DeBoer, Jacob         5/19   Weiler, Kevin         5/30
Kooi, Andrew           5/08   Martinson, Matthew    5/19   Winter, Laura         5/30
Love, Rachel           5/08   Rohde, Casey          5/19   Bruno, Dominick       5/31

                                    May Baptisms!
Berkowicz, Susan       5/01   Kropp, Troy           5/09   Batinich, Paige       5/22
Elzia, Kraig           5/01   Roknich, Cassandra    5/09   Dykman, Russell       5/22
Farrar, Georgia        5/01   Houldieson, Nancy     5/10   Schultz, Donald       5/22
Fennema, Dorothy       5/01   Foster, Christopher   5/11   Fisher, Dana          5/23
Knox, Sylvia           5/01   Mosley, Jacqueline    5/11   Foster, Morgan        5/24
Love, Rachel           5/01   Brundage, Nathan      5/12   Wilson, Melissa       5/24
Schmidtke, Marc        5/01   Rach, Martha          5/12   Quaintance, Trevor    5/25
Winter, Fred           5/01   Musser, Elizabeth     5/13   Thurn, Kevin          5/25
Perez, Jose’           5/02   Bosley, Terrance      5/14   Becich, Kyle          5/27
Provenzano, Kara       5/02   Hamilton, Elaine      5/14   Poulsen, Paula        5/27
Stuppy, Roger          5/02   Rehak, Joseph         5/14   Appold, Rachel        5/28
Douglas, Sarah         5/03   Reid, Ryan            5/14   Michalski, Sophie     5/28
Urbaniak, Rachel       5/03   Phelps, Tifany        5/15   Craig, June           5/29
Ogunlana, Grace        5/04   Martinson, Haley      5/16   Lundstrom, Kathleen   5/29
Corona, Jocelyn        5/05   Henle, Dana           5/17   Metcalf, Sherri       5/29
Muth II, Armin         5/05   Brown, Aaron          5/18   Rappatta, Theodore    5/29
Hernandez Jr., Tony    5/06   Jansma, Jason         5/18   Cleveland, Sharon     5/31
Rehak, Robbin          5/06   Cranor, Alysia        5/19   Pruim, Mikinsey       5/31
Wolski, Kimberly       5/06   Knutson, Katheryn     5/19   Widstrand, Bryan      5/31
Van Mynen, Kayla       5/07   Brown, Caroline       5/20
Widstrand, Eric        5/08   Hoover, Cynthia       5/20
                                                                TLC Newsletter May 2009
10         Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus
                                       What’s New?
          LCMS World Relief                         Mission Money for Guatemala
           and Human Care
                                                 At their March 10 meeting, our Council
                                                 decided that all money formerly collected to
In addition to immediate flood relief efforts,
                                                 support Randy Stauner in Guatemala –
Trinity applied for (and received in
                                                 through Servant‟s Heart -- would now
February) a small grant from LCMS World
                                                 support teams sent to Guatemala from
Relief to help members who were affected
                                                 Trinity – no matter which agency they were
by the flooding in August of 2008. We had
                                                 booked through. This change was
helped many families directly after the
                                                 necessary due to Randy no longer serving a
flood, but concentrated on four families
                                                 long-term missionary position with an
with connections to our church, or who
                                                 established agency. Randy is currently in
were connected to members of our church.
                                                 the United States – in Arizona – helping to
The grant, along with most of the money          set up a new agency, with his wife Rachael
collected from door offerings from               and her parents, to serve the people of
members, is being held in escrow for the         Guatemala. We pray for the success of their
DeMars family. Chuck and Sherri lost their       endeavors.
house and much of their belongings. They
first moved into a son‟s home as an
immediate, temporary solution, but now the        Construction Work in the Church
family has moved again Their youngest
son is living with friends, and Chuck &
                                                 Please excuse our dust! We have had some
Sherri are living with her father. The
                                                 major remodeling work done on the floor of
house is in process for demolition, and the
                                                 the church to accommodate the wiring from
De Mars will probably rebuild. They are
                                                 our praise band so as to make the area safe
trying to settle with their insurance
                                                 to walk around and work in. We thank all
company so they can at least retire the
                                                 our volunteer craftsman for their
mortgage on the condemned real estate. but
                                                 dedication and time! The project is being
the company is dragging their feet hoping
                                                 funded by the Ida B. Schwalm Estate Gift.
for a reduced settlement. Once that is
completed, the couple will be ready to go
forward with new construction. That is                    Stewardship Prayer
when Trinity will be available to assist
The LCMS World Relief and Human Care is          “Help us to give according to our incomes,
a vibrant ministry of hope, sharing Christ‟s     lest Thou, oh Lord, make our income
mercy with people in need worldwide. The         according to our gifts. Amen”
agency enhanced relationships with
international partners in recent years, and                      Gift Idea
continues to award grants to domestic and
international partners for projects that
benefit communities in need.                       If you see someone without a smile, give
                                                    them yours. They can always return it.
TLC Newsletter May 2009
         Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                          11

                                   Parental Ties

An elderly woman walked into the local country church. The friendly usher
greeted her at the door and helped her up the flight of steps. “Where would you
like to sit?” he asked politely. “The front row please,” she answered. “ You really
don‟t want to do that,” the usher said. “The pastor can be really boring and you
might be tempted to sleep during the sermon” “Do you happen to know who I
am?” the women inquired. “No”, he said. “I’m the pastor’s mother,” she replied
indignantly. “Well, do you know who I am?” he asked. “No”, she said. “Good,” he
answered, as he left to hide.

One Sunday morning, a mother went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to
get ready for church, to which he replied, “I‟m not going.”
“Why not? “ She asked.
“I‟ll give you two good reasons.” he said. “#1 – they don‟t like me, and #2 – I don‟t like
His mother replied, “I’ll give YOU two good reasons why you SHOULD go to church.
#1 – you’re 59 years old, and #2 – you’re the pastor!”

                                                                TLC Newsletter May 2009
12         Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus

     Board of Family Life Flower and Flat Sale

The Board of Family Life is once again selling vouchers for Big
John‟s Farm Market and Greenhouse, located at 1754 Joe Orr
Road in Chicago Heights, Illinois. They have a great selection of
hearty geraniums, baskets, flats and greenery.

Orders for vouchers will be filled from April 26th to May 24th by
the Board of Family Life. Members of the board will be in the
church office on Sunday, between services for your convenience.
Throughout the week, orders for vouchers can be brought to the
church or school office and will be filled within a few days. Extra
order forms are located in the church office.

Once you receive your vouchers, you can take them to Big John‟s
so you can make your selections of flowers. They make great
Mother‟s Day gifts!

Profits from this sale benefit Trinity‟s Youth Programs, including

For more information, contact Patti Cherney at 708/895-3841

TLC Newsletter May 2009

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