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									  Newsletter for Careers at Pierce College                                                                 April 2004, Volume 2, Issue 3

               B u i l d i n g t h e F u t u re o f t h e S a n Fe r n a n d o Va l l ey

CCCAOE Excellence in Partnership Award                                          Workforce Development Awards.
to Pierce & Office Depot
                                                                                Pierce College was a winner in two categories of the Fourth
Imagine talking to your computer instead of punching all those                  Annual LACCD Excellence in Workforce Development Awards at
@#$&% keys. Pierce’s CAOT department can help you learn to                      Trade Tech College on Thursday, April 29th. Under the catego-
                                                                                ry of "State of the Art Curriculum and Competencies," our Auto
use voice-recognition software (CAOT 66 and 71)—and they won
                                                                                Technology Department's Smog Technician II program was cho-
an award for building the college-industry partnership that made
                                                                                sen best of five nominees. It offers immediate employment
it possible. CAOT upgraded one computer learning lab with sig-                  upon completion.
nificant contributions from Office Depot and the Pierce
GAIN/CalWORKS program. As a result, the college and Office
Depot were joint recipients of the 2004 Excellence in Partnership
Award by the California Community College Association for
Occupational Education (CCCAOE) during the association’s
spring conference in San Francisco.

Working through the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando
Valley, Dr. Lyn Clark, CAOT chair, and Judy Trester, Workforce
Development coordinator, approached Ken Ash, the Southern
California district manager for Office Depot for a contribution.
Recognizing voice-recognition’s potential for increasing produc-
tivity in the workforce, Ken Ash secured $10,000 from Office
Depot to augment GAIN/CalWORKS monies. The Office Depot
contribution enabled CAOT to purchase 32 state-of-the-art com-
puters for the voice-recognition program.
                                                                                The Mule Trainer's Certificate program in the Agriculture
Dr. Lyn Clark chair, said, “The contribution of Office Depot to aug-
                                                                                Department took first place among 3 nominees in the "Most
ment our funding made our voice-recognition lab possible.          ”            Promising New Workforce Development Programs" category. It
Abbey Klein, GAIN/CalWORKs director, commented, “We have                        trains students for employment in the eco-tourism/outdoor
many students enrolled in CAOT courses, and partnering with                     recreation industry which uses mules for pack animals for expe-
CAOT to assist in completing the lab was a natural for us.  ”                   ditions through wilderness areas.

Former President Young receives the plaque from Office Depot Manager Ken Ash.                                                                  April 2004, Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                  April 2004, Volume 2, Issue 3

Pierce Wins Again!!!                                                         Sam Kwasman and Bill Farmer—voice-over talents who have per-
                                                                             formed in animated features, and radio and TV commercials. Sam
March 22, 2004.                                                              was the voice of Donald Duck for 17 years. Bill is the current voice
LA Convention Center.                                                        of Goofy for the Walt Disney Company. Sam and Bill showed stu-
WESTEC—the largest manufacturing trade show in the country.                  dents how to perform voice characters for radio, and gave the stu-
And for the 2nd straight year, Pierce’s students won 1st Place in            dents tips on how to make a career in the voiceover industry.
Division 1 of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Manufacturing Challenge Contest. Guided by Ron Seltzer, CMfgE,               The students’ final project for spring 2004 is to create one hour
professor of Industrial Technology, Pierce students have submit-             of radio programming that will be published to the Internet. In
ted contest entries for 18 consecutive years.                                the fall 2004, they will develop companion websites as they
                                                                             expand their Internet-radio programming.

                                                                             Computer Science Student Does Well.
                                                                             Mike Murphy’s success shows the role Pierce plays in the
                                                                             always-changing lives of our students.

                                                                             Mike first came to Pierce in 1987 after graduating from
                                                                             Cleveland High School. He started in electrical engineering but
                                                                             switched to business. Mike soon opened his own business spe-
                                                                             cializing in home satellite dish installation and consumer elec-
                                                                             tronic service and repair. His business grew; he had 9 employ-
                                                                             ees; and the business won several quality service awards from
                                                                             Sony, Pioneer, and Onkyo electronics corporations.

                                                                             After selling his business in 2000, Mike returned to Pierce as a
                                                                             Computer Science major. While still taking classes, he found an
                Pierce College Students Pose for First Place.                entry level programming position with Rapattoni Corporation in
                                                                             Simi Valley, a supplier of database management software and mul-
Collaboration With Cleveland High School                                     tiple listing software to realtors across the country. He has
and Pierce College.                                                          advanced to Intermediate Level Applications Programmer at

                                                                             While working full-time at Rapattoni, Mike completed 21 units
                                                                             of CSIT coursework and is currently enrolled in 6 more in spring
                                                                             2004. He plans to transfer and earn his Bachelor’s Degree in
                                                                             Computer Science.

                                                                             According to Mike, “…Today’s market requires knowledge of
                                                                             many different languages and platforms. His favorite quote,
                                                                             “Never, Never, Never Give Up!” from Winston Churchill under-
                                                                             girds his philosophy that you can accomplish anything if you
                                                                             persevere and work hard.

Cleveland High School and Pierce College are making radio for
the Internet.

Students at Cleveland are creating and producing their own
material for broadcast on an Internet radio station created by the
students. Industry professionals have been very excited about
participating in this new and exciting course sequence—they’re
even showing up in class giving the students real-world advice.

Larry Carroll of KFWB—presented on radio news broadcasting,
media ethics, and the current status of radio broadcasting.

Tony Palermo—a radio drama specialist, demonstrated how to
write, direct, and perform radio drama.

Other Programs at Pierce                                                                     Graphic Design:Joe Olorga, Layout: Alon Burgin
Agriculture, Architecture                                             This project was supported by Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical
Automotive Technology                                                                          Education Act of 1998 (VTEA) funds awarded
Computer Application and Office Technology
Computer Science and Information Technology
                                                                                  by the Chancellor’s Office, California Community Colleges.
Electronic Music, Electronics                                   Los Angeles Pierce College, 6201 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills, Ca 91371
GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Graphic and Web Design, Machine Shop/CNC                             For questions or comments, send email to:

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