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					                                                 Steve Steffen
    18601 Hatteras St. #305, Tarzana, Ca 91356       e-mail:      phone: 818-357-7340

Summary of Qualifications

Have 7 years of SAP programming experience writing, teaching, architecting,
developing, and supporting commercial applications using specifically ABAP, ALE/EDI,
BAPI, and Java integration technologies. Have an exceptional talent for innovative
solutions to mission critical situations. Have In-depth design and development expertise
including excellent written and verbal communications skills that are utilized in teaching
J2EE for ABAPers classes for corporate programmers.

Career Highlights

   Author: WebLogic Server 8.1 Unleashed: Samms Publishing, ISBN: 0-6723-2487-3
   Taught UCLA extension class J2EE vs. .NET
   Taught J2EE for ABAPers class utilizing SAP NetWeaver
   Designed and Implemented Java to SAP technical solutions
   ALE and EDI Specialist

Samms Publishing                                                                       2002 - 2003
   Co-Author on the SAMMS Publishing book Weblogic Server 8.1 Unleashed

Enterprise Solutions Manager: Gamma Enterprise Technologies                                   2000 - 2004
(Gamma Enterprise Technologies provides software and services to SAP customers focusing
primarily on a data movement tool called InfoShuttle, and SAP Java technology called JSAP)
Product: InfoTrim - Project Manager
   Project Manager leading 5 programmers developing SAP product that removes SAP data
   Written in ABAP
   Uses Extensive archiving functionality
Product: InfoShuttle - Enterprise Solutions Manager
   Function Module Development for SD related areas
Instructor: J2EE for ABAPers
   Lead Instructor for J2EE for ABAPers training class teaching ABAPers Java and J2EE
    architecture and programming with NetWeaver.
Product: JSAP - Project Manager
   Led a team that designed and Implemented a SAP NetWeaver plug-in for the Eclipse and
    JBuilder development environments allowing Java developers to easily create programs
    interfacing with SAP
   Featured EJB, Web Service, and Messaging Wizards for Deployment on WebLogic Server
    and SAP Application Server.
2003 Northwest Chapter ASUG Beaverton, OR - Java Solutions for SAP
2002 SAP Data Management Conference, Dallas, TX - Managing R/3 Data
2000 ASUG Atlanta, GA- Java enabling SAP

Customer: Kubota Engine                                                                       2001 - 2002
   Managed a team of programmers that created a custom SAP Interfaces using BAPIs
    creating an Online Sales ordering system for their dealers
                                                 Steve Steffen
    18601 Hatteras St. #305, Tarzana, Ca 91356       e-mail:      phone: 818-357-7340

Customer: Bridgestone Firestone Inc.                                                   2000 - 2001

   Implemented large scale EDI solution with SAP for the Automotive Industry
   Over 200 Inbound and Outbound EDI Scenarios
   Worked on ABAP Reports and Function modules for customized enhancements for BFS
   Designed an external e-mail solution for automatic notification of Errors within EDI
   Extensive SAP Modifications using User-Exits

ALE/EDI Deployment Specialist - Lucent Technologies                                           1998 – 2000
   Worked as an ALE Deployment Specialist on the SAP EDI/ALE team
   Architected several Custom Java to SAP real-time programs for managing Data migration
    problems within company
   Wrote several ABAP programs to help with ALE and data management
   Used Workflow for ALE error resolution process.

Center for Community Partnerships                                                      1994 - 1998
   Consultant working for Mercury Marine Inc.
   Developed real-time compression for Order System written in C and Visual Basic
   In charge of Internationalization of product

   University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, WI
   Bachelor of Science, Double major in Computer Science and Psychology - 1998

   SAP ABAP/4 Development
   SAP EDI / ALE Development
   SAP Netweaver Technology
   Java/J2EE components
   Proficient in Java, Enterprise Java, Swing, ABAP, SQL
   Proficient on Windows 2000, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X