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									                                 Credit Card Processing – Management

 Once AL-Desk CCP has been activated – new Security Flags surface that need to be
 setup: (for Details see Credit Card Al-Desk Setup to Use CCP.pdf)

 To Access Form Click on the “Visa” ICON on menu bar or go to Process              Credit Cards

 Summary of settings:
     1. Maintenance Desks
           a. Must ID which Desk use CCP and Which Merchant Account
     2. Maintenance    Pay Types
           a. Must ID which pay type is connected to Credit Card Processing
     3. Maintenance Computer Settings
           a. Must ID that specific workstation Uses CCP (Every computer will need to get this
              switched on if CCP was not setup on initial rollout)
     4. Maintenance User Agents
           a. Must ID security Flags for each User Group

 Reviewing The Credit Card Processing Form: All Columns can be sorted – just click on
 the header name and form will sort.

1.                          3.

2.                          4.

         5.   6. 7. 8. 9.        10.     11.   12.     13.     14.           15.     16.   17.

     1. User: will always default to the user logged in
           a. To see all clear user name : Highlight and hit <delete> Key
           b. Can also use to search for specific user’s transactions
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                     Credit Card Processing – Management

2. Desk: Will always default to the desk of the user logged in
        a. To see all clear desk name : Highlight and hit <delete> Key
        b. Can also use to search for specific desk’s transactions
3. Acct, Merchant Account name: If you have more then one – if will always default to
    the account name assigned to the desk the user is logged into
4. Date: always defaults to TODAY’s date – you can select other days and tab, screen
    will refresh
5. Hold: Once check marked – you can Hold a transaction from Batching
        b. Alternative – If before batching you can zero the amount to be charged
6. A.O.: Authorization Only: Transaction identified as an authorization only – monies
    are not charged – just held.
        c. Check with your merchant account for the hold period
7. M.A.: Manual Authorization, Charge was called in by phone and given a
    authorization code to be entered
        d. May happen if there is a problem with card or if Internet lines are down and
            you have to call for authorization
        e. Usually in Notes field the Manual authorization phone number is available to
            call with all Bank info
8. C.S. Card Swiped: Means that a card swipe equipment was used – usually a better
    interest rate
9. Client No.: AL-Desk Client number
10. Name of Card: Name entered when transaction was run
11. Tran time: Time card was processed
12. Amount: transaction amount
13. Status: If the card “Pending Batch”, “batched” “Error”
14. Credit Card Number: Depending on your Disposal policy will dictate what numbers
    you see here
        f. Normally the day of transactions, use that can access all information can see
            full credit card number
        g. After Batching is when “truncation” of card number happens
15. CC Exp: Expiration date of card
16. Error Batch: will be check marked if the transactions has an error when batching
        h. User how maintains Credit card should be “Warned” of items that did not
17. M.I.: More Information: User, desk issued, Approval Code, Batch Date (blank until
    batching happens)

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                           Credit Card Processing – Management

         18.           19.                      20.                  21.

   22.         23.   24.     25.      26.      27.      28.                29.         30.

18 thru 21 are the Form “view” filters

   18. All Transactions: For the Day will show all transactions – Batched and Un-batched
   19. Un-Batched Transactions: This is the Default filter for the form. Will only show
       transactions that have not been batched for the day
   20. Batched Transaction: will only show transactions batched for that day
   21. Batch error Transactions: will only show transactions that have a Batch error for
       that day

22 thru 29 Buttons information at the bottom of the form:

   22. Re-Print rcpt: will re-print credit card receipt – Agents will have access to this
       button. Will print CC # truncated

   23. Adjust Amount: Can adjust amount Lower before Batch. If Batched you cannot
          a. Depended on Security level as to who can perform this function

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                    Credit Card Processing – Management

24. Reports – Batching reports; Note Difference between Processed date and Batched
       a. If Agent – they can only run for them self. Higher security can clear out
          names and desk

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                     Credit Card Processing – Management

25. Find Trans: Can search for Transaction

**Once a card is Truncated and you need to search by card number you will not be
able to find an entire card number because “XX” have replaced the numbers

Your Company’s Data truncation policy will be list on this form to help you with your
      a. CC # or Match Left Number : Full number before truncate or partial

       b. Match Number to the right: far right CC numbers

       c. Client #: AL-Desk client – no dash voucher

       d. Click on Find Transaction once your parameters are entered

       e. Guarantee: Checkmark if you are looking for a card number that was a
          Guarantee (not used for payments)

26. View Log: See all adjustment and/or notes made to transaction
27. Add Note: Ability to add notes to transaction highlighted
       a. Recommend it is used if you have $ adjustments to help with the audit trail

28. More info:

29. View/Edit Account information:
       a. This button is only enabled for users with CCP: Can change Un batched CC

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                    Credit Card Processing – Management

      b. If user has CCP: Can view full CC # - They will have this button but can only
         view – not edit

30. Batch Company:
       a. Call ALS for details – we can setup auto-batching on the Credit Card Server
          so batching is completed nightly no matter who is logged in.
              i. We can set it for the same day or the Next day.

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