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									   Branch                                                                                                                                       Office : Agra

                          Address: Shop No 10 & 11, Vinayak mall , Above Bata showroom , Near Diwani Crossing Agra

                                   POSSESSION CUM SALE NOTICE (FOR IMMOVABLE
Whereas the undersigned being the Authorised Officer of the PNB Housing Finance Ltd. under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of
Financial Assets & Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002, and in exercise of powers conferred under section 13(2) read with Security
Interest (Enforcement) Rules 2002, issued demand notice/s on the date mentioned against each account calling upon the respective
borrower/s to repay the amount as mentioned against each account within 60 days from the date of notice(s)/date of receipt of the said
notice/s. The borrower/s having failed to repay the amount, notice is hereby given to the borrower/s and the public in general that the undersigned has taken
possession of the property/ies described herein below in exercise powers conferred on him/her under Section 13(4) of the said Act read with Rule 8 of the said
Rules on the dates mentioned against each account. The borrower/s in particular and the public in general is hereby cautioned not to deal with the property/ies
and any dealing with the property will be subject to the charge of PNB Housing Finance Ltd. for the amounts and interest thereon.

   A/c          Name of the               Description of the property                  Demand Notice             Date of         Reserve
   no.          Borrower (s)                      mortgaged                                                      possessi        Price
                                                                                                                 on              Fixed
                                                                                   Date          Amount          notice
                                                                                                  ( Rs. )        affixed
 2055       Sushil Kr. Pathak        House no. 1096, Sector – 8, Avas Vikas       03.01.07   612967              26.02.08        8,64,000.00
                                     colony, Sikandra, Agra. Area – 68.59
                                     sq. mt. Boundary : East – 6 mt. Road,
                                     West – House no. 1095/8, North – 6 mt
                                     Road, South – House no. 1097/8.
 2567       Jitender Sharma          Semi finished house no. 10, KHasra no.       13.04.07   7,71,605.00         22.12.07        7,53,000.00
                                     568, situated at Vayu Vihar Colony,
                                     Phase I, mauza Patholi, Agra. Area –
                                     125.19 sq. mt. Boundaries – East – Plot
                                     no. 11, West – plot no. 9, North – 9 mt.
                                     Wide Road, South – 9 mt. Wide Road.

 2846       Rajesh Kumar Verma       House no. 28A, Ashok Vihar Colony,           14.01.09   14,61,942.00        28.03.09        18,00,000.00
                                     Agra. Area – 125.41 sq. mt.
                                     Boundaries – East – 30’ wide Road,
                                     West –Park, North – property no. 28 B,
                                     South – Others land
 2848       MadhuKumari Verma        House no. LIG 754, Sector D, Kalindi         01.09.08   7,47,968.00         24.01.09        8,00,000.00
                                     Vihar, Agra. Area – 59.78 sq. mt.
                                     Boundaries – East –LIG-D755, West –
                                     LIG D753, North – LiG D767, South –
                                     25’ Road.
 2900       Rajesh Kr. Agrawal       House no. 62/103 ( water tax no 821 ),       16.09.08   8,74,821.00         24.11.08        7,00,000/-
                                     Anta para ( Holi gate ), Mathura, Area –
                                     83.04 sq. yd. Boundaries – East –
                                     House of Sushila Devi, West – 6’ Road,
                                     North – Land of Seller, South – 15’
 2906       Pankaj Kumari Dixit      Semi finished h. no. 546 A, ( part ),        03.07.08   6,00,707.00         24.11.08        5,90,000.00
                                     Awadhpuri, Lohamandi ward, Agra.
                                     Area – 83.61 sq. mt. Boundaries – East
                                     – Plot no. 547, West – plot no. 546 A (
                                     part ), north – others land, South – 9 mt.
                                     Wide Road

 929        Suresh Singh Rathore     Flat no. G- 5, Block B, Ground floor,        04.08.09   3,01,764.00         21.12.09        7,50,000/-
                                     Heritage Apartment, Tajganj Ward,
                                     Agra Area -102.19 sq. mt. Boundaries
                                     – East Flat no. G6, West – Flat no. G4,
                                  North – Galary, South – Corridor and
 930       Raj Kumari Sharma      Flat no. G- 7, Block B, Ground floor,      04.08.09   3,13,036.00       21.12.09   7,50000/-
                                  Heritage Apartment, Tajganj Ward,
                                  Agra Area -102.19 sq. mt. Boundaries
                                  – East- Flat no. G7, West – Flat no.
                                  G5, North – Open , South – Corridor
                                  and Exit.

 3192      Indra devi             Shop no. S-7, 2nd floor, at Aparna Mall,   01.01.10   4,47,141.00       11.02.10   7,00,000/-
                                  standing over property no. 14/328,
                                  Hospital Road, Agra. Area – 19.98 sq.
                                  mt. Boundaries – Est – 6’ wide
                                  passage, West – others property, North
                                  – Shop no. S-8, South – Shop no. S6

If the borrower pays in full the amount due to the Company, before the date of acceptance of bid, the tenders will not be acted upon and
necessary communication will be sent. Interested parties/persons are invited to submit their sealed tenders, on as is where is basis, during
office hours, on any business day along with EMD of 10% subject to minimum of Rs. 50,000/- in the form of bank draft / pay order in favour of
“PNB Housing Finance Ltd”. After opening the bids, the authorized officer will have the right to give chance to the eligible bidders to enhance
their bid amount, on the spot. The successful bidder shall immediately deposit 25% of sale price including tender money. The balance amount
of the purchase money payable shall be paid by the purchaser on or before 15th day from the date of confirmation of the sale of the property
by the Authorized Officer. In case of default of payment within the period mentioned above, the property shall be resold and the deposit shall
stand forfeited and the defaulting purchaser shall not have any claim to the property or to any part of the sum for which the property may be
subsequently sold. The sale aforesaid by the Authorized Officer shall be subject to further confirmation by the Secured creditor (PNB Housing
Finance Ltd.). On compliance of terms of sale, and confirmation by the secured creditor (PNB Housing Finance Ltd.), the Authorized Officer
shall issue Certificate of Sale in favour of purchaser. All expenses relating to Stamp Duty, Registration etc. has to be borne by the purchaser:
The Company has the right to reject any bids / bids without furnishing reasons thereof.
          Inspection of the aforesaid property can be done on request of the party. The intending bidders for inspection of the property or for
any other query can contact Shri. Ashok Kumar VP (Phone Nos. 0562- 2521667, 2522542, 9719670705). The tender document may be
downloaded from website of company. :-

Date :                                                                                                  Authorized Officer
Place: Agra                                                                                           PNB Housing Finance Ltd.

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