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                                                                                 J a n u a r y 1 5 , 20 1 0

                              A WORD FROM YOUR PRESIDENT
                              KAREN     GARCIA

                              Hello Food Science Club Members!
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:            Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a great holiday break! Since last
                              October we have had many events. The Food Engineering group spon-
Potluck Lunch             2
                              sored a potluck lunch for all the members of the club. We participated in
Super Science Saturday    2   the Annual Super Science Saturday and had our first Annual Tailgate for
                              the Homecoming game. I would like to thank all the members who par-
Tailgate                  2
                              ticipated in our community service activities and all the faculty and staff
Thanks-Mas Dinner         3   in the College of Ag that donated food and clothing. Our college bowl
                              team is participating in the Southeast Regional College Bowl on March
RCA                       3   26-28...we wish them the best of luck! Be sure to check out our Food
Food Crossword            4   Crossword and participate in our raffle. Have a fun and safe Mardi Gras
                              break. Be on the look out for upcoming events!

                              E L M E R ’ S C A N DY P L A N T T O U R
                              On October 21st
                              twenty seven mem-
Upcoming Activities           bers attended a plant
                              tour. The destination
• First Meeting of the        was      Ponchatoula,
  Spring 02/05                Louisiana to tour
                              Elmer's Candy facili-
• Valentine’s Day Cards       ties, a New Orleans
  for the Homeless 02/8-      original since 1855.
  02/12                       They are specialists
• Resume Workshop             in boxed candy con-
  03/03                       trolling 70% of this
                              market nationwide.
• PB & J Sandwiches for       Their specialties are
  the homeless 03/04          Valentine's      Day
                              boxed      chocolates
• Library Resources +
                              and here in the Gulf     The activities started with an overview of the
  Potluck Lunch 03/12
                              Coast they are better    company where we were able to try their staple
• Ice Cream Sale 03/27-       known for their deli-    boxed chocolate pieces such as creamy cara-
  03-28                       cious Easter favor-      mel and strawberry cream. This presentation
                              ites:    Gold   Brick,   was followed by a tour of the production facili-
                              Heavenly Hash and        ties and ended with a delicious reward: boxes
                              Pecan eggs treats.       of chocolate!
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                       POTLUCK LUNCH
                       The food engineering students, fac-
                       ulty, and staff sponsored a potluck
                       lunch on October 16th 2009. They
                       cooked mouth-watering dishes from
                       their home countries, among which
                       we had main dishes and desserts
                       from China, Sri Lanka, India, Guate-
                       mala, and Honduras, to name a
                       few. The decoration for this event
                       was Halloween themed in obser-
  SOUTHEAST            vance of the upcoming American traditional holiday and themed door
                       prizes were given. Many of the members stayed past lunch time enjoy-
   REGIONAL            ing their desserts, music and good company.

  March 26—28, 2010
   Alabama A& M

    Team members
     Adrianna Soto
       Alisa Todd
    Danielle Johnson
     Hope Hartwell     S U P E R S C I E N C E S A T U R DA Y
       Sara Black      As part of community outreach the club participated once again in the
                       annual Super Science Saturday on October 17th, 2009. This is an annual
      Sara Menard      event where representatives of student groups, local companies, and
                       scientific organizations conduct simple, fun experiments with the chil-
                       dren. We participated with three demonstrations: Food Chemistry (how
                       to make gummy worms), Sensory Evaluation (regular Oreo vs. reduced-
  GOOD LUCK!!!         fat Oreo taste test), Food Safety (how well do you wash your hands?).

                       F I R S T A N N UA L T A I L G A T E
                       The 2009-2010 officers started a tradition this year: an annual tailgate
                       during one of the LSU football home games. This year’s tailgate was
                       during the homecoming game day, November 14th 2009. Out tent was
                       set outside the food science building which is conveniently located in
                       the homecoming parade route so the members were able to enjoy the
                       traditional parade up close. We had many tailgating favorites like hot-
                       dogs, chips, salads, and desserts.
L S U F o od S ci e n c e C l u b                                                         Page 3

  T H A N K S -M A S D I N N E R
  Our annual Thanksgiving/
  Christmas dinner took place at
  the Nelson Memorial Hall on
  Monday November 30th 2009.
  The majority of the members
  attended along with faculty,
  staff and special guests. Eve-
  ryone enjoyed the traditional
  turkey and gravy along with
  countless tasty dishes pre-                                                 Cream
  pared by those who attended.

  The decoration for this event
  was Christmas themed due to
  it being the upcoming holiday.
  All the decorations were given
  out as door prizes along with
  Santa hats, reindeer antlers,                                                   03/27
  giant candy canes and many
  other holiday themed objects.
  There was also a homemade
  desserts´ contest, the crowds
  favorite because they got to try
  all the desserts with out any
  guilt!                                                                      10:30am—5pm

  RC A             BY DARRYL HOLLIDAY                                           Please email
  LSU Food Science is known for being a diverse community. With edu-          kgarci2@tigers
  cation backgrounds in engineering to nutrition to protein chemistry, it
  should not be unexpected that there are students interested in the culi- if you
  nary arts side of food science. Over the past five years, LSU has slowly
  began to make a presence in the Research Chefs Association whether           can volunteer
  through students serving on committees or through the student competi-
  tions. LSU students have been awarded scholarships, placed first in           at our booth
  two poster competitions, second in one poster competition and third in
  the Culinology Competition, focusing on the product development of a
                                                                              either Saturday
  frozen meal.                                                                   or Sunday
  This year, the department had students enter both competitions once
  again. While the team did not get accepted for the Culinology Competi-
  tion finals, they had a great time and learned how to be successful for
  next year. Additionally, LSU has three students that will be presenting
  posters at the Annual Conference in March. They will be traveling to
  Phoenix, AZ to compete in the two student Poster categories, innovation
  and scientific research, with hope to bring home two first place certifi-
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    F O O D C RO S S WO R D

   Across Clues

   7. gram negative rod-shaped bacterium
   8. amino acid + reducing sugar + heat
   11. deep fried fritter popular in India
   13. controlling ____ content is one of the keys to food   Down Clues
   15. Systematic preventive approach to food safety         1. bow tie pasta
   16. viscosity increases with increasing shear rate        2. does not assume normality
   17. loss of electrons                                     3. viscosity decreases with increasing shear rate
                                                             4. sterilization process
                                                             5. Riboflavin
                                                             6. having hydrophobic + hydrophilic portions
                                                             9. probability distribution in inferential statistics
                                                             10. used as rheology modifier
                                                             12. used in fermentation of sugars
                                                             14. frothy type of sherbet

         Complete the Crossword above and turn it in to Karen in order to enter the raffle to
                      win a ticket to the Global Wildlife Fun Day on May 1st.

                                                                Answers to last newsletter’s trivia: (1) D, (2) A, (3) B

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