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									                                       YAHTARIS FLAT-COATED RETRIEVERS
                                             “My Child of the Blue Moon”
                                                        Jessica C. Sedivy
                                                        19182 Encore Ct
                                                  Farmington, MN 55024-8081

                          POTENTIAL OWNER QUESTIONNAIRE
Dogs, like people, are all individuals, and one of the most challenging tasks of being a breeder
is making sure that a puppy’s personality is compatible with the needs and desires of its owner.
There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the following questions, but your answers will
help me decide if I have the right puppy for you. The questions might also help you and your
family realize the responsibility that you will be accepting if you acquire a puppy. Please use
the back of this sheet if you need more space.

1)   Have you ever owned or spent time with a Flat-Coated Retriever? If not, why do want a
     FCR now?

2)   Where do you live? Please choose one from each group.

     City              Suburban Area         Rural Area

     House             Apartment             Condominium          Mobile Home

     Own               Rent                  Live with parents/family

3)   What are your primary expectations for your puppy? (pet, hunting companion, show,
     obedience, agility, etc.)

4)   Do you require/prefer a male, or a female?

5)   Do you require/prefer a black or a liver?

6)   Do you have a fenced yard?
7)    Are you willing to confine your dog to your own property?

8)    Do you now own other pets? If so, what kinds and what ages?

9)    Have you had pets in the past? If so, what was your reason for parting with them?

10)   Who is this dog for? Self? Family?

11)   Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?

12)   Is there anyone in your family with known allergies? If yes, please explain.

13)   Are you willing to make your dog a member of the family?

14)   Do all of the adults in your family work outside the home? If so, what is your occupation?
      Normal working hours?

15)   Does your job require that you travel or move frequently? What will you do with your dog
      when you are gone or on vacation?

16)   Have you ever bred a litter before?

Potential Owner Questionnaire                -2                                      06/22/11
17)   Do you plan to breed your new puppy?

18)   Do you plan to take your dog to obedience school, or train at home?

19)   If you are purchasing a puppy as a family pet, do you have any objection to spaying or
      neutering it?

20)   Do you have any objection to acquiring a puppy on a co-ownership basis with the puppy’s

21)   Are you willing to provide food, water, shelter, veterinary care, exercise, training, and
      attention for the rest of your dog’s life (10-15 years?)

22)   Do you have any objection to me phoning about/visiting your dog in the future?

23)   Please give an honest and accurate description of your personality.

      Your spouse?

      Your children?

24)   Do you have any additional comments/information that would help me select a puppy that
      will be a good match for you or your family?

Potential Owner Questionnaire                 -3                                    06/22/11
Potential Owner Questionnaire   -4   06/22/11

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