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									      Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant

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    Professional Profile

Prakash is a SAP Certified Professional with 9+ years of rich IT Experience and solid experience working as Technical
Consultant (ABAP) for SAP R/3 platform with several project lifecycles (implementation, post-implementation,
production support and upgrade), and other short-term engagements encompassing with various modules such as SAP
HR, FI/CO, SD, Order to Cash, Procure To Pay, SAP DBM, MM, FI/CO, modules (Releases ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, 4.7
EE, 4.6 C, 4.6 B).

o   Worked extensively in developing Application Design Document for any Custom development Enhancement using
    User Exits, Forms, Reports, Conversions, Interfaces, BADI, OO ABAP Dialog Programming, Enhancement
    Framework and on ABAP Query’s
o   Experience in Performance tuning using Run time Analysis & SQL trace and Debugging.
o   Have assumed lead roles and taken up the responsibility in preparing Project Plan to have any Enhancements in the
    existing Business Process in SAP.
o   Hands on experience in all stages of system development, including Requirement Specifications, Design,
    Development, Testing, Implementation, up gradation and Support.
o   Worked an Extensive experience on ABAP lists Viewer (ALV), Dialog Programming, ALE/RFC/IDOCS, BAPI,
    BADI, in various modules like SD, MM, FI/CO
o   Designed and developed Web UI for EH&S Incident management using WebDynpro for ABAP.
o   Development of User Interface on Mobile Infrastructure Platform using the NetWeaver Developer Studio
o   Extensively Worked on SAP Scripts and Smart forms, HR, SD, MM and FI/CO.
o   Good knowledge on Workflow, Adobe forms and HR module.
o   Worked on pre and post go-live activities including CTS (Transports).Worked on Adobe Live Cycle to transport
    requests from development to production server.
o   Have imparted training to End Users and have documented the Business Process Procedures (BPP) for each of the
    SAP transactions. RWD Info Pak used for all BPP documentation
o   Worked on Business Information Warehouse (BW) module.
o   Experience in creating Views, Generic Data Sources using function module in SAP R/3.
o   Developed Update Rules, Transfer Rules and ABAP User Exits for transaction and master data in start/end
    and update routines.
o   Experienced in creating Info Packages to create Process Chains and scheduling of data loading with
    Full/Initialization/Delta upload methods.
o   Designed queries in BEx Query Designer and created workbooks in the BEx Analyzer using conditions, structures,
    calculated and restricted key figures, character variables, formula variables and text variables.
o   Experience in Reporting Agent & Web reporting/ publishing using Web Application Designer and EP. Experience of
    Open Hub to transfer data from Infoproviders to flat files.
o   Committed Team Player with interest and zeal to learn new skills and technologies


o   La n g u a g e : ABAP/4 ( OO ABAP, Dialog Programming, Reporting, BDC, BADI )

o   E R P P a c k a g e : SAP ECC 6.0, SAP NetWeaver 2004s, SAP R/3 4.7, SAP R/3 4.6C.

o   T o o l s : BDC, BAPI, IDocs, ALE, LSMW, BADI, User Exit, Webdynpro ABAP, Adobe Form

o   R e p o r t i n g : Classical report, SAP ALV Reports, SAPScripts, SmartForms, SAP Query SAP BEX, Visual Composer,
    Crystal Report, Web Reporting

o   D a t a W a r e h o u s e : SAP BI 7.0, SAP BW 3.5

o   F u n c t i o n s : SAP – HR, FI/CO, SD, MM, PM, QM, PP

o   D a t a b a s e : Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access

o   O t h e r L a n g u a g e s : Core Java, VB 6.0, C/C++, SQL

    Work Authorization / Education / Certifications / Accolades

 H1B / SAP Certified Associate / Education: Bachelors of Engineering, Pune, India
 University Ranker (Top 1%) / Several White Paper presentations / Active SAP Evangelist and blogger
 MVP – Most Valuable Player award at Chevron / Conducted many Trainings for Chevron and L&T
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      Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant


Client: Exxon Mobil Corp.                                                                            Houston, TX
ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. We hold an industry-leading
inventory of global oil and gas resources. We are the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. And our
chemical company ranks among the world’s largest. But we are also a technology company, applying science and
innovation to find better, safer and cleaner ways to deliver the energy the world needs.

1. Project: Functional Upgrade                                                                     [Jul 10 to Present]
Role: Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant
Application area: SAP ECC 600
Significant Contributions:
               o   Provide Technical services as a part of the SPS(SAP Programming Services) team.
               o   Developing various reports like SD Vs COPA Volume reports, Order Master Data Alignment reports
               o   Providing estimates for various developments.
               o   User exit development to provide client specific enhancements in the SAP Process.
               o   Creation and update of the Area Menu for the new transactions being created.
               o   Intensive use of dialog programming using sub-screen, ALV and Object Oriented ABAP for developing
                   program like Futures P&S Trades.
               o   Developing program for data extraction related to Swaps Accruals and Secondary Accruals and
                   posting using BDC call transaction and Session Approaches.
               o   Adhering to the client’s quality standards using the SAP Standard QA tools and also using custom
                   developed QA tools.

     Client: CHEVRON PHILIPS PETROCHEMICALS, Inc.                                                        Houston, TX
Chevron, Fortune 500 oil and gas refining and Retail Company based in Texas. It owns and operates several
refineries throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean with a combined throughput capacity of
approximately 3.3 million barrels per day, making it the largest refiner in North America.

1. Project: Production Support                                                                         [Jul 09 to Present]
Role: Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant
Application area: SAP ECC 600
Significant Contributions:
       o   Provide technical guidance and support in the following modules:
                o   –HR including payroll
                o   -Supply Chain
                o   –FI
                o   SAP LiveCache
       o   Handled technical areas including:
                o   ABAP user exits, BADIs, Smartforms, SAP Scripts, Adobe forms with Output type Configurations, ALE
                    IDOCs extensions, Reports, Workflow (creating new workflow and enhancing workflows), Webdynpro
       o   Developing complete custom transaction YJOBMS using WebDynpro ABAP which is used to maintain job
           relationships and the contact details of the primary and secondary contact for the jobs.
       o   Supporting, Debugging and troubleshooting Live Cache jobs.
       o   Development of reports to show related employees within the organizational unit using PNP logical database
           and respective macros.
       o   Development of report to show “Reports to” relation in the system for SAP HR.
       o   Development of report to show and tally Semi monthly, bi weekly and monthly payroll results using PNP
           logical database.
       o   Coordinating with the offshore team for providing the technical guidance.
       o   Process improvement for the Client by improving:
                o   Introducing a new Technical Specification Document.
                o   Improving and standardizing the process channels for receiving development work.
       o   Developed the Complete Vendor RFQ process using Adobe Interactive forms which involved:
                o   Development of Adobe Interactive form with dynamic drop down elements, java scripting for
                    dynamically calculating the net value using the quantity and the unit price entered by the vendor,
                    java scripting for total net value calculation for the RFQ, using sub forms for dynamic movement of
                    the windows on the form because of varying line items.
                o   Configuring output types using the NACE settings.
                o   Developing driver program for sending the RFQ form as an email attachment.
                o   Development of Inbound program to process the inbound Adobe form, process the form (extracting
                    data from the form) and then upload them is SAP.
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      Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant

2. Project: SAP Upgrade                                                                              [May 09 to Jul 09]
Role: Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant
Application area: SAP ECC 600
Significant Contributions:
I am part of the technical core team, supporting various design, development, maintenance and upgrade activities for
the client's global operations. This project involved upgrade from 4.7 to ECC6.0 along with the Unicode upgrade.

       o    Developed a BADI implementation 'Z_MAPS_PO' for the definition 'ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED' to check out the
            material characteristic value ''INT_TRACEABILITY_CATEGORY' is 'T1' or 'T2' for material in each PO line item.
       o    Implemented BADI 'ZMM_INQ_COO' for the definition 'MB_MIGO_BADI' to ensure the county of origin has
            been entered while performing MIGO.
       o    Extensively worked on SPAU, SPDD activities, Implementing OSS Notes etc., for the ECC 6.0 upgrade.
       o    Automated various upgrade activities (by developing BDCs, using BAPIs 'BAPI_CTREQUEST_RELEASE' for
            release the TR created to address Unicode changes) to reduce the work around and minimize the errors.
       o    Developed WebDynpro application allowing the employee to modify their personnel data ( Infotype 0002 )
            using the Baker Portal.
       o    Developed the cycle count scheduler application. It's very complex application as we need to ensure the
            schedule the cycle count evenly for material having various indicators (A,B,C and D)
       o    Modified the BDCs that need to be addressed because of the screen changes by SAP in ECC 6.0.
       o    Analyzing the relevant OSS notes that are applicable for the current version of ECC 6.0 and applying the
       o    Preparing the test scenarios for the programs that are modified as part of the ECC 6.0 Upgrade
       o    Developed a workflow which need to be triggered when parked invoice(PO based) is posted from MIR4. (
            MIRO -> MIR4 )
       o    Developed a WF for FI-AP Vendor Invoice Approval. Trigger the WF when the parked Invoice (Non-PO) has
            been posted using FBV0 / FBV2.
       o    Developed Interactive adobe form for the loan application and Integrated the same into WebDynpro
       o    Worked on designing various WebDynpro applications and performing the screen validations and creating
            search helps.
       o    Analyzing the functionality and fine tuning the applications if required ( by creating indexes, replacing
            database expensive statements/logic etc.,)
       o    Involved code reviews and performance tuning.
       o    Analyzing & Implementing the OSS notes for the issues with standard programs.
       o    Enhanced workflows for AP/AR.
       o    Worked on maintenance and new development of few scripts and smartforms and abode forms ( both offline,
            print and interactive forms)

     C l i e n t : P & G,                                                                            Cincinnati, OH

Project: Non-Performing Inventories Portal                                                          [Feb 09 – May 09]
Role: Technical Consultant and Offshore Lead.
Application area: SAP ECC6.0
Significant Contributions:
Enhancement of the NPI Portal for giving user an interface for maintaining the P&G Product’s storage and Shipping
standards with the help for a simple & user friendly WDJ GUI.

        o   Preparation of Function Modules performing the business logic or the NPI Portal. We used the concepts of
            LUW while updating the entries from the portal.
        o   Developed FMs for generation of XLS file with XML extension. We also created a generic Program which will
            speed up the creation of such XLS files in future.
        o   Preparation of Technical Design Documents and Test Case.
        o   Co-Ordinating and leading the offshore team.
        o   Modified SAPscript MEDRUCK (Purchase Orders)

     Client: TESORO, U S A

Project: Development of Prototype for EH&S module                                                    [Jan 09 – Feb 09]
Role: SAP ABAP Technical Consultant
Application area: SAP ABAP, WebDynpro for ABAP
Significant Contributions:
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       Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant

   o   Requirement gathering for the prototype development.
   o   Estimation and Solution Proposal
   o   Development of the Prototype using Webdynpro ABAP. This tool involved the following features:
          Screen for searching the incidents.
          Screen for showing details about the incident.
          Screen for reporting the incidents from WEB UI.
          Upload documents to DMS and link relationship between the incidents and the document

    C l i e n t : S B G, M u s c a t

Project: SAP Dealer Business Management Development                                                [Dec 08 – Jan 09]
Role: Sr. ABAP Technical Consultant and Developer
Application area: SAP DBM 600
Significant Contributions:
To enhance the Contract process with the Order to Cash module

       o   Preparation of High Level Design for the enhancement of the contract Process.
       o   Preparation of Technical Designs for the enhancement of the contract Process.
       o   Development of contract enhancements.

    S A P A G, W a l d o r f

Project: SAP Dealer Business Management Development                                                [Aug 08 – Dec 08]
Role: SAP Technical Consultant and Developer
Application area: SAP DBM 600
Significant Contributions:

       o   Preparation of High Level Design for new developments and enhancement of previous developments.
       o   Preparation of solution proposals for various business applications.
       o   Development of applications and enhancements.
       o   Preparation of test cases.

Project: SAP ECC 6.0 Implementation                                                                [July 08 – Aug 08]
Role: SAP Technical Consultant and Developer
Application area: SAP ECC 6.0
Significant Contributions:

      Design and Development of data migration using ALE Idocs.
      Design and development of Error handling using Workflow customizing
      Developed custom Workflow for Error reporting to the user.

    S B G, M u s c a t

Project name: SAP Dealer Business Management:                                                    [May 08 – June 08]
Role: SAP Technical Consultant
Significant Contributions:

       o   Resolving Production Issues.
       o   Enhancement of the Parts Interface Process.
       o   Enhancement of Time Stamping process for Plant Maintenance.
       o   Interacting with SAP AG for overall system performance improvement.
       o   Development of Contract Report which shows the number of contracts created within a specific period, Repair
           Orders created with reference to the created contracts etc.
       o   Development of Estimate report.

    Saud Bahwan Group, Muscat

Project name: SAP Dealer Business Management Implementation:                                       [May 07 – June 08]
Role: SAP Technical Consultant
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      Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant
Significant Contributions:

       o   Development of complete Contract Process as a Dialog Program. This program involved extensive use of
           Object Oriented ALV, and screens. This program enabled the customer to do up selling of their products
           and also helped them in retaining their customers.
       o   Development of Estimate process. With the help of this process the dealer was able to give valid estimates
           to the end customers and do further business according to the estimate.
       o   Developments of Parts Interface Process(ABAP Part) which integrated the SAP system (Service Division)
           with the AS400 system (Parts Division). This process involved extensive use of ALV and ALV Events.
       o   Designed and Implemented the ALE scenarios for uploading the material master, Material Extension, HR
           Master Data creation. This involved creating the Mapping Design document and implementing the same.
       o   Designed and Implemented the IDoc error handling solution using Workflow, Using SWE2.
       o   Created Own Error handling Workflow using PFTC and own Rules using PFAC.
       o   Screen enhancements for various scenarios of the DBM process using Function Groups and BADIs.
       o   Development of program for qualification update of employees from Planning Board. This involved
           development of custom infotypes and updating of standard infotypes also.
       o   Search help enhancements adding append search help.
       o   Enhancement of the DBM cash desk transaction with the help of BADIs.
       o   Enhancement of the TEM transactions like PV10, PV1A etc using BADIs.
       o   Creating Functional and Technical Designs for the Procurement approval scenarios.
       o   Designed and Implemented the PO and PR release scenarios through Workflow.
       o   Implemented Profile based Agent Substitution.
       o   Coordinating with the offshore team members.
       o   Maintaining quality procedures.

    E m i r a t e s T r a d i n g A g e n c y, D u b a i

Project name: Production-Support (Hyper Care)                                                      [Feb 07 – April 07]
Role: SAP ABAP Technical Consultant
Significant Contributions:

       o   Developmed account balance reports for customers/Vendors including the main as well as alternate accounts.
       o   Developed report for company code wise customers/Vendors open items.
       o   Developed report for Profit Center / GL wise Interest Calculation.
       o   Implemented enhancements for custom validations.

Project name: Production-Support                                                                    [Aug 06 – Jan 07]
Role: SAP ABAP Technical Consultant
Significant Contributions:

       o   Developmed of interactive reports using ABAP List Processing for various user requirements.
       o   Development and correction of SAPSCRIPTS.
       o   Development of data migration programs using BDC.
       o   Implementing User Exits and Customer Exits.
       o   Setup Completely custom ALE/IDOC interfaces including Outbound and Inbound DMN Business Scenario Sale
       o   Handled Conversion rules with ALE Idocs.
       o   IDoc Filtering using filter groups.
       o   Segment Filtering.

Project name: VAT Implementation                                                                    [Dec 05 – Aug 06]
Role: SAP ABAP Technical Consultant
Significant Contributions:

       o   Assisting functional consultant in developing new pricing conditions and Pricing Procedures.
       o   Implementing modifications and Customer Exits to Support the changes in the Pricing Procedures.
       o   Development of custom Data Dictionary Tables.

    Captain Bureau of Sailors, Mumbai, India
Captain Bureau of Sailors (CABS) is an administration unit of Indian Navy, maintaining records of all sailors in/out of

Project name: HR and DMS Implementation                                                              [Oct 04 – Dec 06]
Role: SAP ABAP Technical Consultant
Significant Contributions:
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      Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant
Project deals with following sub modules under SAP HR module
Organizational Management, Manpower Planning, Personnel Administration, Induction, Transfer,    Classification,
Change of Branch, Reengagement, Absence Quotas, Personnel Development, Promotion,       Reversion, Appraisals,
Annual Assessment, Warrant Punishment, Medals, Courses, Qualifications, Training and Event Management.
        o   Classical & Interactive reports using PNP logical database and respective macros.
        o   Implementation of Client Processes (ACR validations and upload, Out of Turn Promotion, Reversion,
            Repromotion, Medal Tracking, Warrant Punishment, In52 Issue and Rejection, Personnel Profile Maintenance)
            through Custom transactions, Custom Infotypes, Infotype Enhancement, Custom Actions using Module     Pool
        o   Building validations on Infotypes and standard transactions using User Exits and BadIs.
        o   Smart forms for Client Process. (Course Catalog, Nomination, etc.)
        o   Implementing structured authorization on Client Process (CR) through Authorization Objects.
        o   Writing BDC Programs & using BAPIs for data upload with detailed log analysis.
        o   Master Data Upload using IDocs. We used IDoc inbound from file using a file port in this case with
            the help of message type HRMD_A.
        o   IDoc error handling using Workflow Standard Tasks.

    S AP Tr a v e l M a na g em e n t S ys t e m , M um b ai , I n di a

Project name: Mobile Infrastructure                                                                   [Jan 04 – Sept 04]
Role: SAP Mobile Consultant
Significant Contributions:

        o   Classical Development of Synchronizing Business Objects, which included development of the required BAPIs
            and the BAPI wrapper.
        o   Development of the user interface using JSP on SAP Netweaver Developer Studio.
        o   Building application logic using JAVA with java beans.
        o   Deployment of the applications on the web console and administration of the applications to be deployed on
            the Mobile devices.
        o   Installation of the Mobile Infrastructure client on the Mobile Device.

    EDS, Mumbai, India

Project name: Mobile Infrastructure                                                                  [Jan 02 – Dec 03]
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 C
EDS Corporation is the second largest independent IT Solution Company with around 130,000 employees spread across
60 countries. US Division of EDS is maintaining its employee information in Mainframe system and is in the process of
migrating its Mainframe HR / Payroll system into SAP, which will affect 60,000 employees in US.

Significant Contributions:
        o Analyze SAP standard dialogs in FI module and wrote BDCs to load the data.
       o Developing various interfaces (event-driven) in SD and MM modules using ALE, EDI and standard
inbound/outbound approaches.
        o   Documenting the work requests and preparing unit test plans.
        o Followed the client's transport request releasing procedure(check-lists) while sending the code from sand-box
to development box and development server to testing(QA) server.
        o   Created BDC application for the incentive program interface.
        o Extensively worked on various data conversion/load program and supported the migration of application from
Mainframes to SAP.
        o   Worked on SAP script for cobra notice end of coverage letter for employee benefits coverage.
        o   Worked on RFC to load the data into PA0105 table from the active directory.

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      Prakash Pandey – SAP Certified ABAP Technical Consultant
        o   Developed union pension report.
        o   Extensively worked on conversions and Interfaces for this migration project.
        o Developed 401k year end analysis report to calculate and analyze whether the employee's contribution is still
due or over funded.
        o   Developed both interactive non interactive reports.
        o   Developed an interface to load the gain share bonus details from mainframes into SAP.
        o   Responsible for maintaining the conversion programs developed for loading various master data's into SAP.
        o   Involved in the roll outs for UK, Australia, Canada etc.,
        o   Responsible for supporting the live application
        o   Worked extensively on ALV reports both interactive and non interactive.

     Vyasa Bank, Mumbai, India

Project name: Core Banking                                                                           [Oct 01 – Dec 02]
Role: Programmer Analyst

Vysya Bank (VB) is one of the largest private sector banks in India. I was involved in the development of an application
for the Credit Card division.

This Credit Card Information Service (CCIS) application enables the vysya bank's employees to updated the database
through the screens developed in Java. Before updating the database, all the constrains specified by the Citibank will be
checked out for that applicant. It will generate various reports and application confirmation and rejection letters also.
        o   Designing the application
        o   Developed various Reports
        o   Involved in gathering the user requirements
        o   Preparing test scripts and participated in code review.
        o   Preparing test scripts
        o   Co-ordinate UAT and training the end users

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