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					Ngong House - Paradise at the foot of Ngong Hills

Ngong House is a comfy hotel sited in the outskirts of the
city that imparts visitors the feeling that they are out in
the African bush. People in the Ngong House are
accommodated in tree like houses opposite to the
distinguishing knuckle fashioned Ngong Hills.

Built fully from wood, the tree houses are on two levels
with a bedroom area on top and a living area on the base
floor. The tree houses are elevated 15 ft from the ground
to gain an endless view of the Ngong Hills over an
undamaged shrub.

This hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, is pompous to present the
maximum level of kindness and excellent package.
Extended above 4 hectares (10 acres) of territory sighting
the Ngong Hills, the tree houses are alike wooden
bungalows. Designer Paul Verleysen has used all sorts of
consumables recycled natural wood structures in the
tree house, a bed in a canoe in the Swahili style and even
bathtubs made from wood. Each area has its own
benefits (some have views, others are simply fashion),
but all beautiful with four poster beds, a lounge and a
number of familiar console. A drink by the fireplace can
enable you to meet with UN representatives, NGOs,
tourists, businessmen and celebrities.

Meals at this hotel in Nairobi can really take your breath
a filch. You can eat almost anywhere you want - people
can create their own table - and choose a small, well-
thought out menu. The only real drawback (except for
the high price) is a constant noise rock hyrax, a suburb of
dogs, which spend the night around "(light sleepers will
need ear plugs).

This luxury hotel in Nairobi is situated on land formerly a
part of the larger coffee plantation of Karen Blixen, and
takes its name from the Ngong Hills. Ngong House is only
half an hour's drive from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta
International Airport and the city center.

The complete address of Ngong House is mentioned here
for your ready reference.
Ngong House
60 Ndovu Road, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 20 891856?

Why you should opt for a Suburban Nairobi Ngong House
as a substitute to city hotels in Nairobi?
Surrounded by ten acres, five tree houses and an
apartment on the ground floor near the pool. The main
building houses, mixes easily with comfortable furniture
and art from Africa.

• All tree houses are built on wooden floors with two
bedrooms upstairs and lounge downstairs. It is 15 meters
above the ground, with the panoramic view of the Ngong
Hills over unspoiled Bush.

• Covered with grass roofs, common in Africa. Pastoral
charm of this tree houses is in an elegant interior

• Every apartment has its own inimitable way and is
designed to provide calmness and expediency.

• An exclusive bed in the feeling of cotton sheets and
feather pillows to keep the promise of a spectacular

How about the Cooking and dining experience with this
boutique hotel in Nairobi?

• Meals at Ngong House are a feast for the senses:
delicious food in an ingenious, elegant and magical dining
by the candlelight next to the crackling fire, and lunch in
a beautiful garden surrounded by trees and colorful

• This Boutique Hotel in Nairobi is known for delicious
food. Wild meat, fresh fish from the lake and the Indian
Ocean, all prepared with a large collection of fresh
vegetables, juicy and healthy.

• Serve only the freshest products in Kenya: Fresh fish
from Lake Victoria, Kenya coast, trout, lamb or beef in
the lush mountains of Aberdare Pier, and local
vegetables are collected in Kenya.

• The following is an example of a meal with four
Grilled shrimp with ginger and honey in a shell made of
pineapple, tossed on a bed of lettuce garden. Asparagus
rolled strip fillet tilapia fish sauce. Enjoy the steak and
the deer with a variety of vegetables. Delicious blend of
chocolate sauce and mango fruit foamed on a cup of
coffee and homemade cakes. And finally, a beautiful
French brandy or South African wine is served.
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Description: Ngong House is the best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Nairobi. Check this out.