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									                                     AARI News
                    Newsletter of the American Association of Radiologists of Indian Origin
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VOLUME 4, ISSUE 21                                    A Member Organization of AAPI                                            Fall 2002

Register Now for AARI Annual Meeting                                  Upcoming Events
                     Be active in AARI and enjoy Chicago by           ISVIR and ISNR Meeting
                     attending the annual AARI meeting Sunday,
                     December 1, 2002 during the RSNA                      (Indian Society of Vascular &
                     Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Make
                     contacts, renew relationships and voice your          Interventional Radiology) (Indian
                     ideas to help AARI achieve its mission to             Society of Neuroradiologists)
                     advance the cause of American radiologists of
                     Indian origin.                                        November 7-10, 2002
                      The meeting will be held at the plush and            Hyderabad, A.P., India
beautiful Fairmont Hotel, 200 North Columbus Drive. For
reservations, call 312-565-8000. Social hour will be from 6:00 p.m.
To 7:00 p.m., The business meeting will be from 7:00 p.m. To 7:30     AARI CME in Bombay, India
p.m., followed by a traditional Indian dinner and musical program.
                                                                        January 10-12 2003
Stephen R. Baker, MD, Department of Radiology, New Jersey
Medical School, will speak on changing demographics in the USA        IRIA Annual Congress
of radiologists of Indian origin. Raymond E. Bertino, MD,
president, Illinois Radiology Society, will attend the meeting as        January 2003
special guest.                                                           Jaipur, Rajasthan, A.P., India
You must register to attend. AARI members and visiting
radiologists from India attend free. Non AARI members and guests
are $10 each. Please note that the Fairmont Hotel in on the RSNA      Alaska Radiology CME Cruise
bus route (green). Parking is available at the hotel.                    July 2 and 9, 2003
Please use the registration form included in this newsletter and
RSVP for the meeting to:                                               AARI joins hands with the New Jersey Medical School for
                                                                       radiology CME. Ply the inland waters of breathtaking Alaska
Narsingam Gatla, MD, 611 Deer Lake Drive /Carbondale, Illinois,        between Anchorage and Vancouver on the sumptiously
62901 Phone: 618-549-0721, Fax: 618-457-0444, E-mail:                  appointed Radisson Cruise Ship and also take advantage of a
ngatla@aol.com                                                         superb CME program featuring excellent faculty including

For more information contact:

Roger Rodrigues, MD, 630- 887-7812
Jagan Ailinani, MD, 618-549-0721 ext. 65161

                                                                       several Indian radiologists. Organizers of the event understand
200 North                                                              Indian and vegetarian cuisine and the cruise will cater to your
Columbus Drive                                                         needs.

Chicago, Illinois                                                      For more information callTristen Nelsen, CME program
                                                                       manager, UMDNJ-Center for Continuing and Outreach
312-565-8000                                                           Education, 973-972-1661 or e-mail, nelsentr@umdnj.edu.

                                                                               Mark Your Calendars!
  AARI Newsletter, Fall 2002

From the President                                                The American Association of
Narsingam    Gatla, MD                                            Radiologists of Indian Origin
                       Greetings to all of you.
                                                          President, Narsingam Gatla, MD
                       The annual AARI meeting is             618-549-0721
                                                              Fax- 618-457-0444
                       almost upon us. I take this            email, gatla@aol.com
                       opportunity to invite all of
                       you to attend. Participation in    Vice President, Suresh Mukherji, MD
                                                               734- 936-8685, Fax- 764-2412
                       AARI is of prime importance             email, mukherji@umich.edu
                       and the annual meeting is a
                       wonderful opportunity for us       Secretary, Poonam Batra, MD
                       to forge new professional              Fax,-310-206-2725
contacts and rekindle old friendships. We will be             e-mail, pbatra@mednet.ucla.edu
planning new initiatives and strengthening our
existing programs as we carry the AARI agenda             Treasurer, Roger Rodrigues, MD
                                                              630-887-7812, Fax-630-887-0636
forward for the good of health care in India and here         e-mail, roger7@earthlink.net
in our adopted home, America. It should be a very
memorable time for all who attend. Thank you to           Immediate Past President, Jagan Ailinani, MD
                                                             618-549-0721 ext. 65161
Dr. Jagan Ailinani for coordinating this annual              Fax- 618-457-0444
event.                                                       e-mail, ajagan@aol.com

The annual meeting will be held during the RSNA           Regional Directors:
convention at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago on                 Mukesh Harisinghani, MD, (NE) 617-726-8396
                                                               Shobha Desai, MD, (MW) 414-251-1000
Sunday, December 1, 2002.                                      Vimal Kumar, MD, (W) 562-461-6023
Please register as soon as possible. A registration            Pramod Kaila, MD, (S) 404-501-7120
                                                               Janardhana Reddy Vangala, MD (SW)
form is included on the back page of this newsletter.
Let us carry on the good work!                            Resident Representatives:
                                                               Prashant Chawla, MD, 773-871-1543
By the time you read this newsletter the CME                   Deven Gor, MD, 732-382-0130
program we co-sponsored in Hyderabad, India will               Sanjay Jain, MD, 310-668-8895
have already taken place from November 7-10. My                Mandar Pattekar, MD, 248-435-5598
                                                               Ajay Sood, MD, 856-546-4877
deepest thanks to all of you who attended and
participated in this important educational event. It is   Board of Trustees:
imperative that AARI be a source for improving the            Azher Abbas, MD, 219-757-5718
                                                              Ashok Jain, MD, 734-326-5030
practice of radiology in India, our home. We are              Kakarla Subba Rao, MD, 409-772-1873
also planning another CME program in India in                 Sanjay Saini, MD, 617-726-3937
January 2003. My thanks go to doctors P.C. Shetty,            Kedar Chintapalli, MD< 210-567-6740
Vikhram Dogra and Kedar Chintapalli for their help
in making these CME programs possible.                                   The AARI Mission
                                                          To provide support and information helpful to the needs of American
We will also be sponsoring visiting scholars in           radiologists of Indian origin and to function as a venue for charitable,
                                                          educational and cultural activities that allows members to share common
2003. Our first visiting scholar program has been a       ideas and discuss mutual concerns.
great success and we are looking forward to
                                                          Objectives: address the problems faced by Indian radiologists through
selecting our next recipients.                            representation in organized medicine; work with AAPI and keep watch on
                                                          regional legislative action and to take action when needed; provide
   I encourage all of our Indian Radiologists in          educational programs that enhance the training of radiologists residing in
America to join AARI and I welcome all of our new         India; develop a network of radiologists of Indian origin to help young
                                                          Indian radiologists with mini externships, residency/fellowships and job
members. Active, engaged membership is the key to         positions; provide research opportunities.
success for any organization.
                                                                                                    AARI Newsletter, Fall 2002

CME in India Should be Great                                            AARI CME Programs Held in India
Success Thanks to Many Sponsors                                         The Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology
                                                                        (ISVIR) and the Indian Society of Neuroradiologists (ISNR)
AARI has been actively engaged in promoting                             conducted CME programs November 7-10 in Hyderabad, India.
CME courses in India and would like to thank                            Thank you to Dr. J. Venkateshwarlu and Dr. Jagan Ailinani for
all the participants who have made this a                               helping coordinate the event.
This year we are planning a course in Bombay                            Another CME program will take place in Bombay, India on
from the 10-12th of Jan 2003, jointly sponsored                         January 10-12, 2003. For information please contact Dr. Vikraim
by AARI, University Hospitals of Cleveland,                             Dogra at 330-244-9473 or email, sdogra@yahoo.com or Dr.
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland                               Kedar Chintapalli, 210-567-6470 ext. 6488 or email,
and Magnum Diagnostic Centers of Bombay.                                chintapalli@uthsesa.edu.
                                                    Vikram Dogra, MD
Dr.Vikram Dogra and Dr.Kedar Chintapalli are the co- chairs of the
                    organizing committee.                               AARI Visiting Scholar Program
                       Dr.John Haaga, chairman of the Department
                       of Radiology at University Hospitals of          Mentors Needed
                       Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University,
                       Cleveland, has been very supportive of this      We are seeking faculty in the United States who are willing to
                       effort in promoting Radiology in India. This     mentor a visiting fellow from India for the AARI Visiting Scholar
                       year we had requested him to take part in this   Program for a period of up to six months. Candidates for
                       conference and be the chairman of the            scholarships must seek and arrange for their mentors. AARI
                       delegation, which he has consented so            members who volunteer as mentors will have their names and
                       graciously.                                      email addresses posted on the AARI website. To become as
                                                                        mentor contact program chair Dr. Suresh Mukherji, 734- 936-
                         Please note these commitments are a            8685, (fax) 764-2412 or email, mukherji@umich.edu or Dr. Jagan
John Haaga, MD           voluntary service - that means the faculty     Ailinani, immediate past president, 618-549-0721 ext. 65161 or
                         traveling to India is spending their own       email ajagan@aol.com.
money and time. This is an honor for our society to have Dr.Haaga
to volunteer for this effort and I am sure all the attendees in India   Applications Now Accepted for 2003 Visiting Scholars
will also be appreciative of his contribution in this noble cause.
                                                                        The AARI Visiting Scholar program will have two openings for
                                                                        2003. Through the visiting fellow program Indian radiologists
                                                                        qualify for a stipend of $500 per month during a stay of up to six
Susruta Foundation Needs Your Help                                      months in the United States for the purpose of sub-specialized
                                                                        training at a US academic institution.
Please contribute to the Susruta Foundation, the charitable arm of
AARI. Money will be used for the AARI Visiting Scholar program
and other educational activities in India. Your contributions are tax   For application information for the 2003 fellowships contact Dr.
deductible.                                                             Suresh Mukherji, 734- 936-8685, (fax) 764-2412 or email,
                                                                        mukherji@umich.edu or Dr. Jagan Ailinani, 618-549-0721 ext.
Thank you to Susruta Charitable Foundation contributors:                65161 or email ajagan@aol.com or download application from
Jagan Ailinani, MD, $5,000, Sudhir Guthikonda, MD, $2,300,              our website, www.aariusa.org.
Paramjit Chopra, MD, $3,000, Shantilal Lunia, MD, $3,000,
Shobbha Desai, MD, $301, K. Sharma, MD, $150.
                                                                        New members welcomed
To make donations or to get more information please contact Jagan       The ranks of AARI continue to grow. Thank you to everyone who
Ailinani, 618-549-0721 ext. 65161, email, ajagan@aol.com, or            has recently joined AARIi.
Roger Rodrigues, MD, 630-887-7812, email roger7@earthlink.net.

                                                                        New patron members
                                                                        Pramod Kaila, MD, Atlanta, GA; Dushyant Patel, MD, Glenellen,
Dr. Khosla, AARI Member, Recognized                                     IL; Bharat Kymer, MD, Diamond Bay, CA; Khozaim zein
Anil Khosla, MD, Mallinokrodt Institute of Radiology, V Medical
                                                          A             Nakhoday, MD, Chaddsford, PA; Chandra Katragadda, MD,
Center, St. Louis, Missouri, was recently selected as an RSNA           Corpus Christi, TX; Jagdish M. Patel, MD, Huntington Beach,
International Visiting Professor to Columbia. He attended the           CA and Dilip E. Gole, MD, Jacksonville, FL.
National Radiology Society meeting in Colombia from October 12-
16 as a visiting professor.
                                                                        New annual members
                                                                        Jaydip Datta, MD, Nashville, TN; Ramesh Pradham, MD,
                                                                        Langhorne, PA; Sangeeta Srivastava, MD Chicago, IL and
                                                                        Kalpana Ramakrisha, Dallas, TX
AARI Newsletter, Fall 2002

                        AARI Membership Application
          (Please complete form and return with payment to: AARI, 611 Deer Lake Drive, Carbondale, IL, 62901)

  Name ( First / Middle / Last): ________________________________________________________

  Street Address: ___________________________________________________________________

  City / State / Zip: __________________________________________________________________

  Phone: ________________________ H / O (circle one) Fax: _____________________________

  e-mail: ____________________________________________

  Medical School: ________________________________ Year: ______________

  Subspecialty: ____________________________________

  Academic: ______________________________________ Private Practice: __________________________________

  Hospital Affiliation: ______________________________ Resident/Fellow (cirlce one) at: ______________________

  Annual Dues ($50) ____________________ Life ($250) ___________________

        AARI News

  Newsletter Published by the
    American Association of
  Radiologists of Indian Origin

 Send your news/articles and
 comments to:
 Jagan M. Ailinani, MD
 Immediate Past President, AARI
 521 Deer Lake Drive
 Carbondale, IL 62901
                                                AARI Annual Meeting
 Phone: (H) 618-529-1208                        December 1, 2002, Sunday
        (O) 618-549-0721 ext. 65161
        ajagan@aol.com                          Fairmont Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

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