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					                         Town of Stoughton
                         Department of Veterans’ Services
                                   10 Pearl Street
                                Stoughton, MA 02072
                              Tel: 781-341-1300 x220
                                  Fax: 781-297-2879

                         Reflagging of Veterans' Graves
                              Saturday, May 23rd
                                     All Welcome
  On Saturday, May 23rd, we will be re-flagging the graves of all veterans at the Holy
 Sepulcher and Evergreen Cemeteries. Please help us in this honored tradition. This is
  truly a great thing for your children and grandchildren to participate in. We will be
meeting at 10:00AM at the VFW Post 1645 at 837 Washington Street. Refreshments will
              be served at the VFW after the completion of the re-flagging.

 After refreshments, around 12:00 – 12:15, some of the old and worn flags removed from
the graves will be properly disposed of in a Flag Burning Ceremony. There will be about
                         15 speaking parts available for the kids.

                               Memorial Day Parade
                                Monday, May 25th
The Memorial Day Parade, a day and a parade to honor those who have made the ultimate
sacrifice, will begin at 9:00AM sharp. The route will go from the Public Works on Central
Street to the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery for two ceremonies. From there the route will go to
 the Pearl Street Cemetery for a ceremony. The parade will then proceed to the Stoughton
Town Hall for a ceremony and wreath laying at the Memorial Bell. From there the parade
 will proceed through Stoughton Square to Faxon Veterans Memorial Park for ceremonies
                    at the two memorials. The parade will then proceed to
        Washington Street and on to Evergreen Cemetery for two ceremonies at the
       Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Lot and the American Legion Burial site.

Participants in the parade include the Police and Fire Departments, the High School Band,
 the St. Johns Band, the VFW Color Guard and Firing Detail, Veterans groups, Town and
 State officials, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and possibly other groups. The ceremonies at the
various sites include opening prayers, playing by the bands, an Honor Guard Firing Detail,
                         the laying of wreaths and various speakers.
Also included in the parade will be a truck manned by Stoughton veterans collecting non-
perishable food and paper supplies for the 2 Stoughton Food Pantries. Sought after items
  are all non-perishable food products, canned goods, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins,
tissues, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shaving cream and so on. If you cannot make it to the
 parade, please drop off your donations at the VFW Post by 1:00. For further information
                      please call chairman Paul Flynn at 781-344-0109.

         After the ceremonies at the Evergreen Cemetery there will be a collation at the
                            VFW at 837 Washington Street.

                                   Care Packages
    The Stoughton Department of Veterans' Services is always looking for the names
       and military addresses of all our young men and women currently serving
           their country. Send or email information to the Veterans’ Office.

          Any donations of any kind, cash or items for the "Care Packages", are

                          State/Local Veterans Benefits
                   If you are a veteran or the widow of a veteran and
              your total monthly gross income is $1805 per month or less
                         and your cash assets are $3200 or less
                        If you are married and are a veteran and
         your combined total monthly gross income is $2428 per month or less
           and you have life insurance and your cash assets are $3200 or less,
         or you don’t have life insurance and your cash assets are $7200 or less;

                     please call, as we may be able to help you with
                     Financial, Medical or Other types of Assistance.

                             Federal Veterans Benefits

 Do you think you have a service-connected disability? Do you have a service-connected
     disability and your condition has worsened over the years? Interested in the VA
Healthcare System? For these or any other related questions please call, we may be able to
                                 Medical Equipment

    Are you in need of medical equipment? Do you or a loved one need a hospital bed,
   wheelchair, walker or something similar? STOP!!! Before you buy anything please
 contact this office. Through our Statewide Network it is at least as likely as not that we
will be able to find what you need at no cost to you. Don’t spend your hard earned dollars;
it may not be necessary. Please contact this office with the specifics of what you need and
                                we will try to get it for you.

                             Mortgages and Refinances
    While there are many benefits available for veterans and eligible dependents, a great
 program meriting mention here is a new mortgage program called Home For The Brave,
established by the Massachusetts Housing Authority This is a one-of-a-kind program in the
     country. Over $300,000,000 has been set aside by Community Banks to provide
 mortgages, including refinances, to veterans and eligible dependents at competitive rates.
     If your credit isn’t that great, you still may qualify. There are many other benefits
  associated with this program and any veteran looking for a first mortgage or a refinance
 should check this out. Our local Community Banks are fully engaged with this program
              and some veterans and surviving spouses have already benefited.

                                  Fundraising Calls
  This office has recently received many calls regarding a certain veterans group calling
    residents in Stoughton soliciting money for “Care Packages” for Stoughton military
 personnel. In the December 2007 American Institute of Philanthropy Charity Guide and
   Watchdog Report, this group was rated F, with only 11% of the funds raised spent on
program services. In addition, since this office has no knowledge of this fundraiser, except
  through the calls received, it is as likely as not that none of the money raised from this
     National group will go towards Stoughton veterans. Over the years, the people of
Stoughton have been exceedingly generous in supporting veteran’s causes and fundraisers.
 You deserve to know that your donations are going for the purposes intended. Please feel
  free to call this office anytime with any questions regarding any calls you may receive
                          from any veterans fundraising organization.