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					                                 4K LEAPS Thematic Unit Lesson Plan

Name of Lesson: Flat Stanley

WI Model Early Learning Standard(s):
B.EL.2 Expresses self creatively through
music, movement and art
A.EL.1 Displays curiosity, risk-taking and
willingness to engage in new
A.EL.2Listens and responds to communications with others
B.EL.1Develops positive self esteem

Instructional Setting: (small group, individual, center, whole group, etc.) whole group

Outcome(s): The students will create themselves as Flat Stanley.
The students will map where their Flat Stanleys have traveled too.

Materials Needed: The flat Stanley book, cardboard/ tag board people cutouts, materials to decorate the cut
out (markers, crayons, buttons, glue, string or yarn, etc.), large map, addresses to send flat Stanley, addresses
of people that will send flat Stanley back with a postcard or artifact from where they are from

Directions: Read the Flat Stanley Book. Discuss how Flat Stanley travels. Have the students create their flat
Stanleys and name them. Explain to the students that we will be mailing out the flat stanleys to different
people all over the world. As flat Stanley comes back use a map and mark off all the places flat Stanley has

Assessment: Did the student create a flat stanley
Did the student stay focused and engaged

Sample or Pattern, as appropriate: