Flat Stanley Letters

					Dear Families,

My students and I are currently reading Flat Stanley. This is a wonderful story about
a boy who, after being flattened by a bulletin board, is mailed off and has numerous
traveling adventures.

In the very near future, our class will send flat versions of ourselves to a friend or
relative of your child’s choice. Ideally, the recipient should live out of the Ellsworth
county area. We will be plotting all of our flat kids’ adventures, so the further away
the better. However, we do need the flat kids to stay within the continental United
States so we can be assured that they will return to us by the end of the school year.

When choosing whom to send your child’s flat self to, please have
your child consider who will be willing to reply about the adventures
of your child’s flat kid. (The project will not be complete unless we
have all the replies.)

Please complete the form below and return it to school no later than Thursday, March
17, 2011.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this project!
School phone: 472-5554 E-mail: jrobson@usd327.org

Thank you!
Mrs. Robson

Student’s Name: _____________________________________
Name and address of friend or relative to mail flat letter to:
REMEMBER: Please return this form no later than Thursday, MARCH 17!

Dear _______________________

       The second grade students at Ellsworth Elementary School recently
finished reading the book, Flat Stanley. It was a wonderful story about a boy
who, after being flattened by a bulletin board, had numerous adventures
around the world.
       Because Flat Stanley had so much fun, Mrs. Robson decided to have us
send flat versions of ourselves on a journey. I have chosen YOU for Flat
____________________ adventures!
       Please take Flat ____________________ along with you for the
next few days and write about the adventures that you have together. Then,
write back to me, telling about all of those adventures. Pictures of the visit
would be great too!
       Thanks for participating in this project. Our classes will be plotting all
of our flat kids’ adventures on a map and will share them with one another.
       Don’t forget to mail Flat ____________________ so that ______
will return to us by no later than Wednesday, May 4, 2010, along with your
letter, book, journal, or other great idea of yours that tells of the details of
the journey, to:

Mrs. Robson’s Class
Ellsworth Elementary School
110 East Third Street
Ellsworth, KS 67439