; Flat Stanley letter to parent
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Flat Stanley letter to parent


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									Dear Parents-

I just finished reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown as a read aloud...the kids just loved the book! If
you don't know Flat Stanley, he is a young boy who is accidentally flattened like a pancake after a
bulletin board falls onto him while he is asleep. Stanley is fine but now very, very flat. The story
goes on to tell how Stanley discovers some real advantages to being flat. He can slide under doors, go
into sidewalk grates, and even fold himself up small enough to fit inside of an envelope to be mailed
to California for an exciting Vacation.

Our class decide it would be fun to make our own Flat Stanley's and send them off to visit cities all
around the United States and across the world. We are looking for friends or relatives to “host” our
Flat Stanley and then let us know what exciting adventures they took Flat Stanley on. Our “host” will
then write your child back and send some pictures of their adventures. In the past we have received
many souvenirs from our host families too like stickers, scrapbooks, posters, and the list goes on!!
We will be tracking on a map in our classroom the different places Flat Stanley will visit. In Class,
We also discussed how neat it would be to send them to friends or relatives we may know that are
serving our country...the possibilities are endless!

New this year, your child will be learning about podcasting and will be creating at least two different
podcasts. The first podcast your child will introduce themselves and then will discuss where their
Flat Stanley is visiting along with questions and curiosities about his new adventure that he/she
would like to learn about. The second podcast your child creates will discuss Flat Stanley's
adventure and what they learned. Podcasts will be posted to our second grade wikispace at

What I would like from home would be two different addresses of someone you know where your
child can send their Flat Stanley to visit. Remember it can be to anyone you know anywhere in the
world! Please return addresses as soon as possible. I will provide envelopes and postage for the

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at school at ext. 4124.

Thank you so much!

Mrs. Moreau

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