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									     E85 Fuel Workshop
     Nebraska Ethanol Board
National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition
Clean Fuels Development Coalition
      E85 Fuel Workshop

     What are my new
 Converted E85 Dispensing
Equipment and Storage Needs

  National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition
     Historical Perspective

“Induced Employment”: Lincoln, NE- 1933; Governor’s car
being filled up with corn alcohol gasoline ( E-10)
           Evaluate your options and consider
                    the opportunities

•Are sales of petroleum products declining?
   •What % of total sales are mid-grade and premium?
   •What’s the status of my franchise agreement?
      •Can I remove a product.
      •Can I add a product.

•Does the physical facility lend itself to another

•What’s the existing customer base of FFVs?

•Is this base going to continue to grow?

•Can I acquire E85 at a reasonable price?
The Steel Tank Institute has researched
compatibility issues concerning the
storage of ethanol based fuels. STI labeled steel
underground and aboveground storage tanks,
when used for the storage of ethanol based fuels,
have exhibited no detrimental structural or
permeation issues. As with all fuels, STI
recommends that tank owners implement a
maintenance program for all tanks
and associated equipment.
         Who Cares About E-85
•   State underground tank regulators
•   Fire service
•   Underwriters Laboratories
•   Tank owners
•   Ethanol producers
•   Equipment sellers
•   Equipment installers
•   Equipment manufacturers
•   Anyone around E-85
         Special E85 Issues
• Equipment already in place
  – Steel tank
  – Glass tanks
    • Single vs double wall
    • Xeres/Containment Solutions
    • Dow Corning
• Lined tanks
      What Kind of Equipment Is
•   Tanks
•   Tank linings
•   Product piping
•   Vapor recovery piping
•   Filters
•   Submerged turbine pumps
•   Fittings
•   Meters
•   Dispensers
•   Hoses
        Metal Compatibility in E-85
•   Recommended           Not Recommended
•   Bronze                Brass
•   Black iron            Lead
•   Mild steel            Lead solder
•   Stainless steel       Magnesium
•   Unplated steel        Lead-tin alloy (tin-plated steel
•   Nickel-plated aluminum or brass
              Converting to E-85
•   Assess all equipment for E-85 compatibility
•   Consult with UST and fire code regulators
•   Remove water and sediment
•   Test system for tightness (0.1 gallons/hour)
•   Color code fill manhole cover
•   Label dispenser
•   Check dispenser calibration
•   Daily walk-by inspection
•   Document
• 'No major has ever innovated anything . . .
  It's the little guys that do’
MN Petroleum Marketers Association
      What’s different in fueling
Dispenser (Meter, etc.)
                                                               Jumper Hose

        Splitter Fitting

                                                                        Hose Breakaway
          NOTE:   2nd   Nozzle and Hose
                              is Optional

                                                                        Hose Swivel

       Dispenser Filter

                                                                        Dispenser Hose

   Emergency Shut Off
               Valve                                                    Whip Hose (overhead
                                                                        mount only)

                               Fuel Supply Line   Vapor Recovery Line
     What’s different in supply

                                                                              Vapor Vent
12                                                                                           9

                                                                              Top Seal Cap             12’
                                                          Top Seal Adaptor
                                                   21                     6
                                             Manhole Covers
                      Ground level

                 Vapor Recovery                               Spill
                                     2       8            4
                 Stage II only                                Container

                                                        Dip Stick
         Ethanol                                        Access                                   Vent Line
         Supply Line
                                         Turbine                                     Overfill
            Storage Tank                 Pump10                                      Prevention
                                                              Fill Tube
                  1                       2                                          Valve 5
 The following is a summary of components and systems used by CLEANFUEL
 USA DBA CFT Dispensers to make their Fuel Dispenser, Gilbarco Veeder
 Root and Dresser Wayne, Dresser Inc. units compatible with E85/E100.

COMPONEN               DESCRIPTION                  NOTES        COMPLIANCE

Fuel Meter   Liqua Tech. LPM 101 Ethanol        All internal     File MH45339
             Compatible Meter, 2 to 12 gpm      components       Project
             rating, 350 PSI pressure rating,   and seals        06NK07675
             typically operating pressure of    compatible       Effective
             30 to 50 psi.                      with E85 fuel.   5/6/06
                                                                 by UL

PLUMBING     SCHEDULE 80 PIPE AND .750 X        INTERNAL         PER UL 87
             304 X .049 STAINLESS STEEL         PIPING IS        FOR RETAIL
             TUBING.                            SCHEDULE 80      MOTOR
                                                BLACK PIPE       FUEL
                                                (NO              DISPENSER,
                                                GALVANIZED       DOE
                                                COMPONENT        RECOMMEN
                                                S)               DS BLACK
 Flow     ASCO ¾ NPT HV283290-1 120/60   UL AND CSA       CURRENTLY
Control      ELECTRICAL RATING, 304          APPROVE         UNDER
 Valve       STAINLESS STEEL                 D FOR           REVIEW
             SOLENOID VALVE                  USE WITH       By UL

 Filter       1-MICRON FILTER               PER

          CIM TEK 50018 NICKEL-PLATED                   R/C BY UL
 Filter       ALUMINUM CASTING.                             UNDER
Adaptor                                                     FILE
                                                            DED BY
• OPW 11AP-0492 & 11BP-0492

• The OPW 11AP-0492 and 11BP-
  0492 nozzles are designed for use
  with today’s alternative fuels, and
  feature a protective, electroless,
  nickel-plated body and spout to
  prevent contamination of E85, E100
  and methanol fuels.
OPW 66V-0492 Breakaway valve

The OPW 66V-0492 is designed for use with today’s alternative fuels. It is to
be installed on fuel dispensing hoses, and will separate when subjected to a
designated pull force. The dual valves seat automatically, stopping the flow of
fuel and limiting any fuel spillage, while protecting the dispensing equipment.
For proper operation, the OPW 66V-0492 3/4" must always be installed with a
“straightening” hose with a minimum length of 12".
OPW 241TPS-0492 Nozzle Swivel

The OPW 241TPS-0492 also features a protective, electroless, nickel-plated
body and spout to prevent contamination of E85, E100 and methanol fuels.

The two-planes rotation, the first plane (at nozzle inlet) allows 360 degrees
swivel action for easy rotation of the nozzle away from the dispenser. The
second plane (at hose connection) provides 270 degrees swivel action, for
easy nozzle positioning fillpipes. In addition to the customer convenience
benefits, the unique two-plane rotation helps reduce hose kinking and
premature hose wear.

E85 Infrastructure
 E85 Labeling

Recommended Imaging Package

E85 Labeling

 Tax credits

       Federal Income Tax Credit

Established in 2005 to assist with new infrastructure.

30% of the entire cost of the project up to $30,000

Working on additional incentives in this Congress

                    IRS Form 8911

         All tax forms on
 Tax credits

     State Infrastructure Tax Credit
A state tax credit is available for the installation of clean fuel
vehicle fueling infrastructure located in the state. The tax credit
is equal to 50% of the cost of the infrastructure. This includes
infrastructure for storing or dispensing a clean-burning fuel
into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle powered by that fuel, as
well as infrastructure used for recharging electric vehicles.
Eligible clean fuels include natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas,
hydrogen, electricity, and any other fuel that is a least 85%
ethanol or other alcohol. This credit does not apply after
December 31, 2010.
More Information
More Information
What is a BTU?

                          British Thermal Unit-
                          standard tool to
                          measure energy content
                          1-BTU = approx. Energy
                          content of a kitchen
 E85 contains 73% of BTUs as
 unleaded on arithmetic basis

         E85 = 83,263 BTUs
         Gasoline = 114,000 BTUs
         # 2 diesel = 129,000 BTUs
Cost of E85

Yes! A lower energy content results in lower
mileage. Gasoline vehicles don’t travel as far as the
same diesel powered vehicles.

Hence, gasoline is generally cheaper than diesel.

It follows, that
E85 MUST be cheaper than
unleaded gasoline.
Same Day Price of E85
FFV System

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