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					Availability                                                                                                                               Restrictions on Use: Please read carefully
                                                                     Potential Additional Charges
The Museum is available for rental by corporate and Museum                                                                                 The renter is obliged to explain the nature and purpose of the
members* before the Museum opens (8:00 am – 10:00 am) or                                                                                   event. The Museum may refuse an event inconsistent with
                                                                     Additional charges include: extraordinary cleaning charges,
after hours (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm). In case of an emergency the                                                                               Museum policy or which might endanger the staff, collections,
                                                                     exceeding the three hour event time limit, repair for damage of
Museum has the right to cancel an event and return any                                                                                     exhibitions or building. Restrictions include but are not limited to:
                                                                     Museum property, Museum staff running A/V equipment and
deposits. Applications for rental must be submitted to the
                                                                     piano tuning.
Special Events Manager. To secure a rental date, return the                                                                                    No food or beverage is permitted in the Audrey Love
following to:                                                                                                                                   Gallery.
           Special Events Manager                                    Gallery Spaces                                                            Food or beverage restrictions in the Arcade Gallery vary by
           Bruce Museum                                                                                                                         exhibition. Please check with the Special Events Manager
           One Museum Drive                                          May be rented before or after public hours. Event set-up may               for further details.
           Greenwich, CT 06830-7100                                  begin no earlier than 5:00 pm. Allow 1.5 hours for set-up of              Dancing is not permitted.
     A completed contract                                           cocktails/passed hors d’oeuvres and 2 hours for sit down dinner.          Red wine is not permitted.
     A deposit equal to 25% of the fee. This deposit must be                                                                                  Nothing within four feet of any exhibition wall.
      returned to the above address within 3 weeks of “hold”             Bantle Lecture Gallery: this gallery may be used for a               Nothing may be hung from Museum walls or ceilings.
      date or the event date will be forfeited. The balance is due        cocktail reception (up to 150 persons) or a seated                    Exhibition pieces will not be removed or de-installed for
      and payable one week prior to the event date.                       breakfast or dinner (up to 90). The superb acoustics and              any reason.
     Certificate of Insurance proving the person or organization         state-of-the-art audio visual equipment make it ideal for            Due to the sensitive fire alarm system we do not permit
      is an insured entity.                                               presentations, slide lectures, intimate concerts or theatrical        smoking, open flames, candles of any type, or balloons.
     Proof of General Liability insurance coverage, workman’s            performances.                                                         Sterno cans and burners are not permitted.
      compensation and liquor liability is required from all             All galleries: include use of the Museum's entire first floor        Parking is prohibited in the fire lane.
      caterers.                                                           gallery space. This will accommodate 250 people for a gala
                                                                                                                                               No rental chairs, tents or building extensions are permitted.
                                                                          cocktail reception or opening party.
                                                                                                                                               Auctions, children’s parties and trade/ fashion shows are
                                                                         The Educational Workshop may be reserved as needed.                   not permitted. Other private events are at the discretion of
                                                                                                                                                the Special Events Manager.
A Certificate of Insurance for comprehensive general liability of                                                                              Emergency exits may not be blocked or propped open.
$1,000,000 property damage must be provided before the
event. Neither the Town of Greenwich, the Bruce Museum, Inc.                                                                               Approved Caterers
                                                                     All event deliveries must be made only on the day of the event        For prices or more information, please call the caterers directly.
the Bruce Board of Trustees, staff or volunteers will be held
                                                                     to the Museum's loading dock. The Museum is not responsible
responsible for damage or theft of renter’s or guest’s properties
                                                                     for any items left beyond 24 hours.                                             Always, Watson’s
left either in or outside the building, on Museum grounds, or in
parking areas.
                                                                     Museum Equipment                                                                Aux Delices
Cancellation Policy
                                                                         The Audio/Visual equipment can be used when the renter                     The Cantering Caterer
                                                                          provides a trained person to use the equipment. If the                     203.227.2208
The 25% deposit will be returned if cancellation notification is          renter needs a Museum staff member to run the
given 4 weeks or more before the scheduled event. The renter              equipment, there is a charge of $100. The custodial staff                  Fjord Fisheries
will be responsible for 75% of the balance due if notified less           will gladly assist in reviewing equipment operation.                       203.622.4020
than 4 weeks prior to the event date. 100% of the balance is             The set-up of tables and chairs will be supervised with
due if notified 2 weeks or less.                                          assistance from the Museum staff. Museum exhibition                        Food Design LLC
                                                                          objects may not be moved. The Special Events Manager                       203.622.0725
                                                                          must approve all event set-ups.
Corporate and Member Rate*                                                                                                                           Patricia Blake Catering
                                                                         The renter is responsible for any damage to any part of the                203.655.1221
All Galleries            $ 2,500                                          Museum or its exhibitions.
Bantle Lecture Gallery   $ 1,000                                                                                                                     Libby Coverly Cooke Catering
Included in the rental fee: use of the kitchen equipment, audio-
visual equipment, Museum-owned tables and chairs, a Steinway                                                                                         Jean Louis Gerin
Grand piano, and the services of the Museum security guards.                                                                                         203.622.8450

*For membership information call (203) 413-6763                                                                                                      MaryBeth Catering

                                                                                                                                                     Marcia Selden Catering
Museum Set-Up Form
Museum staff will supervise and assist with all event set-up.
                                                                                     Bruce Museum Rental Contract
Set-up in the galleries may not take place during Museum hours
and Museum exhibition objects may not be moved.                      Corporation Name
Following is a list of items available for use at your event at no
additional charge. Please note the items you will need and the       Contact Name
quantity of each. A floor plan with set-up instructions should be
submitted to the Special Events Manager one week prior to the        Address
event date. The rental fee does not include food, beverages,
linens glasses, dishes, event planning or running A/V equipment
                                                                                                                                           One Museum Drive
during the renter’s program.                                                                                                            Greenwich, CT 06830-7100
                                                                                                                                           203.869.0376 Phone
                                                                                                                                            203.869.0963 Fax
 Available Components                               Required         Phone                                                     
 Chairs in Lecture Gallery
 (150 max)                                                           Email
 Chairs in Education Workshop
 (30 max)                                                            Fax
 Conference Calling ($75 fee)
                                                                     Event Date
 Laptop Table for PowerPoint presentations
                                                                     Event Type                                                           Rental Contract
 Large Screen Color TV Monitor
                                                                     Start Time
 Microphone: Specify floor, podium, portable                                                                                   The Bruce Museum is an architecturally
 or table                                                            End Time                                                  distinguished landmark in Greenwich,
 Platform for musicians (4' x 8')
 (2 max)                                                             Set-up Time                                               Connecticut. The Museum provides a
 Podium with Reading Light                                                                                                     special ambience for receptions, business
                                                                     Number of Guests*
 Projector: LCD
                                                                                                                               breakfasts and presentations, dinners,
                                                                     Caterer                                                   concerts and lectures. Regularly changing
 Projector: Overhead                                                                                                           Art and Science exhibitions provide an
 Projector: Slide                                                                                                              extraordinary background for events that
 (1 or 2)                                                            Date
                                                                                                                               guests eagerly attend and long remember.
 Projector: Video                                                    Deposit Amount
                                                                     Enclosed                                                  Conveniently located off of I-95 Exit 3,
 Projector: 16 mm Film                                               (25% of total rental fee)                                 parking is available on premises and the
 Projection Screen- Lecture Gallery
                                                                     Balance Due                                               Museum is fully handicap accessible. The
 (12’ x 12’)                                                         Museum Staff                                              Bruce is also within walking distance to the
 Projection Screen-Education Workshop                                Signature
 (6’ x 9)                                                                                                                      Greenwich Station of Metro North’s New
                                                                             *If more than 200, a policeman must be engaged.
 Steinway Grand piano                                                                                                          Haven train line.
 (additional tuning at renter’s expense)
 Tables: round 48”
 (2 max)
 Tables: round 60”
 (2 max)
 Tables: round 72”
 (6 max)
 Tables: Rectangular 30” x 72”
 (14 max)