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					About Your Stay With Us.
        Welcome to Kauai & the Kauai Country Inn.
The Kauai Country Inn consists of four private, executive style suites all of which are beautifully furnished in
Hawaiian style decor, with private entrance & bathroom, and full kitchen or kitchenette. Each of our tropical
hideaways is fully equipped with all regular amenities but also feature TVs with DVD players, and en-suite
computers with FREE high speed DSL & Wi-fi internet access, so you can easily stay in touch while away from
As our name indicates, the Inn is situated in lush tropical countryside, less then a 10
minute drive away from beautiful east shore beaches and the many restaurants and
shops located in Kapaa town. On your way to and from the Inn you will pass splendid
waterfalls, tropical rainforest and drive through gorgeous valleys. This is a quiet, out-of-
town location close to many beautiful hiking trails – yet it's less then 10 minutes away
from some of the best beaches and restaurants on the Island.

We are in an ideal location for all of your sightseeing! Most of the island’s attractions are close by: Just 5 minutes
away from the Inn are the Opaeka’a Waterfalls and the Wailua River, where the Smith’s Tour Boats will take you
to the famed “Fern Grotto”, used as a location in Elvis’s “Blue Hawaii” movie. Kapaa town, less than a 10 minute
drive away, offers the most variety in restaurants and shops. The Wailua Golf Course is just south of Kapaa and
offers an 18 hole course with quite reasonable green fees. Our central location offers quick access to the scenic
sugar country of the south shore, or the taro fields of the northern coast.
Pamper Yourself In Paradise...
   Melodic songbirds serenade your and the fragrance of tropical flowers drift by on balmy breezes as you relax,
immersed in nature, in another world, in another time.
     Swaying gently on the hammock or soaking up the midday sun around the garden, you bask in the serenity
of this multi-million dollar, two acre estate, that lies in a tranquil mountain valley between Mount Wai’ale’ale and
the turquoise blue Pacific Ocean.

    Treat yourself to one of our most luxurious and comfortable suites: the Green Rose Suite or the Plumeria
Suite. Each is a favorite for honeymoons and anniversaries, providing privacy, and both great indoor and outdoor
spaces. For the more budget oriented traveler the Orchid Suite and it’s cousin the Yellow Ginger Suite are
                                          Getting Here.
The Kauai Country Inn is a short 20 minutes drive from the Kauai Lihue Airport.
     Having arrived at the Lihue airport please turn RIGHT onto the main highway, Kuhio HWY - Route 51/56
North. It will take you about 10 minutes to reach the Wailua River. Cross the river and turn left immediately at the
traffic light into Kuamo'o Road. Take Kuamo'o Road (HWY 580) up past the Opaeka'a Waterfalls and turn right at
the Wailua Country Store onto Kamalu Road (HWY 581). Take Kamalu Road to the "Stop sign" (at the T-Junction)
and turn left on Olohena Road. Kauai Country Inn is about 1/2 mile on the right hand side of the street. There is a
big Lava rock mailbox and wall at the top of the driveway to the Inn. The main house which is set back from the
street is a big white house with green trim and features a picture mural of a Hawaiian landscape. Please note that
there is intentionally no "Kauai Country Inn" sign on the street. We strive to keep the Inn quiet, serene & private
for our guest's comfort.
    Our street address is: 6440 Olohena Rd., Kapaa, HI 96746
    Phone: 808-821-0207
Getting In.                            Breakfast                              Guest Laundry
     Upon your arrival you will            A simple continental breakfast           The Kauai Country Inn
find an envelope at the front door      consisting of assorted pastries and    provides a free guest laundry
to the Inn. Attached to the check-in   cookies, and freshly ground &          which is located in the back yard.
paperwork is a personalized key        brewed coffee or tea is served daily   Hours of operation are from 9 AM
card with a number code that will      from 8 AM until 9 AM (9 - 10 AM        till 6 PM daily.
open your suite. Remember this         on weekends).
number as it is the key to your                                               Kayak Rental
                                           Breakfast is served in the
accommodation, and as such             Lobby and there are several tables         Kayaks can be rented on site at
please treat it with the care you      and seating outside on the front       a fee of $65 for a double kayak for
would a house key. This number         deck. Of course                                           the day. A five
will work for both the main Inn        you may also                                              night stay at KCI
Entrance and the door to your          enjoy breakfast in                                        qualifies for a
suite.                                 the comfort of                                            FREE kayak
     In the envelope is also a map     your own suite or                                         rental.
of the house showing you exactly       private deck.
where your suite is. There are two
suites upstairs in the house (the      Internet
Yellow Ginger Suite and the Green
                                            Each suite is
Rose Suite) and two suites down
                                       equipped with an
stairs (the Plumeria Suite and the
                                       Apple Computer
Orchid Suite). Please have a look at
                                       and FREE Wi-fi
the map to the right to give you an
                                       internet access so
idea of where your suite will be
                                       you can easily stay
                                       in touch while
    As we ask all of our guests,       away from home.
please be considerate of other
guests staying in the Inn,             Movies
especially over evening and night.
We like to maintain a calm and             There is a small DVD
quiet atmosphere for all guests at     movie library in each
the Inn.                               suite, as well as Cable TV.
                                 The Beatles Museum
Mike Hough, co-owner of the           condition for its age (1967) with    Country Inn and the museum is
Kauai Country Inn has been a fan      original mileage of 19,000 miles     not open to the public. Photos may
of the popular pop group “The         and an unbelievable story of how     be taken along side the car.
Beatles” for over 40 years and has    it came into the
accumulated a life time of stories    collection.
and memories...
    As an exclusive attraction to          There is also a
guests of the Kauai Country Inn,      reproduction of a
we feature the only private Beatles   drum skin from a set
Museum in the United States.          of drums used during
Included in the collection of         touring, original
Beatles memorabilia from all over     paintings by John
the world are some unique items       Lennon and a host of
including a Mini Cooper S car with    books, records,
original paperwork signed by          movies, tapes, tee
Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager,                                            Shown by appointment to
                                      shirts and rare items seen only at
as original owner. This car,                                               guests of the Kauai Country Inn
                                      exhibitions. This is an exclusive
pictured above, is in incredible                                           only.
                                      attraction to guests of the Kauai
                       What’s There To Do In Kauai?
   Click on the link above for a comprehensive list of activities and things to do on your Kauai vacation.
Getting Married In Kauai.
If You’re Getting Married In Kauai,
Look No Further.
    Kauai Island Weddings, sister company to the Kauai Country Inn, offers
the best wedding packages you’ll find anywhere on the island of Kauai. We
take great care in assuring that your special day will be perfect and
capture your memories in stunningly beautiful photography.

    Mike & Martina Hough, owners of both Kauai Island Weddings
& the Kauai Country Inn are both published photographers, and
have performed hundreds of weddings in Kauai. Together with their
son Johannes Gorissen who is also a very talented photographer
they know the very best locations, create breathtaking bridal
bouquets, and offer the very best photo packages available in Kauai.

     Get 300 - 500 high resolution wedding photos on Data DVD that you can
print out anywhere you like. Yes, you’ve heard right: You’ll get co-ownership
of all images at no extra cost to you.
       Isn’t It Expensive To Get Married In Hawaii?
The latest "Wedding Report" tells us that the average cost of a wedding in America is $28,704. Now some people
will pay more than that and some less than that, however on AVERAGE that's the cost of getting married in
America nowadays...except in Kauai!
     At Kauai Island Weddings, we don't think you should have to spend that kind of money just for the wedding,
and remember that's not including the Honeymoon or the Flights there and back. We believe we can offer you an
alternative that will give you more for your money. Just take a look at the next page where
you'll see actual proof that our packages will give you better value for money than any
other choice possible.
    We've put together packages including, Good Accommodation, the Wedding
Ceremony, Photography, and Extras that are tens of thousands of dollars less than the
"average price of a Wedding in America".
    It just makes good sense not to have to spend all that money, especially with the
economy as it is now. Don't cancel your wedding because you don't have that $28,704.
    Make the smart choice and get it for less! Call us NOW at 808 822 5381.

    Ask about our special Wedding/Lodging Packages, which start at just over $2,098.
                                   Packages & Fees

           Package                         What’s included:                                  Cost
LET’S GET HITCHED                 Wedding ceremony service, by a State of    $395 for Wedding
                                  Hawaii licensed minister.
                                                                             $75 - $150 for beach permit
                                  Assistance with wedding license
                                  Assistance with wedding location
                                  2 Flower leis for Hawaiian lei exchange
                                  Keepsake Wedding Certificate

TOGETHER FOREVER                  Wedding ceremony service, by a State of    $995 for Wedding & Photos
                                  Hawaii licensed minister.
                                                                             $75 - $150 for beach permit
                                  Assistance with wedding license
                                  Assistance with wedding location
                                  2 Flower leis for Hawaiian lei exchange
                                  Flower petals for sacred petal release
                                  Keepsake Wedding Certificate
                                  Wedding Photography with around 300
                                  photos on computer DVD (1 hour
                                  Inclusion on our website (so your family
                                  & friends can see some of your pictures
                                  within a few days)

ALOHA SUNSET CELEBRATION          Wedding ceremony service, by a State of    $1,195 for Wedding & Photos & Book
                                  Hawaii licensed minister.
                                                                             $75 - $150 for beach permit
                                  Assistance with wedding license
                                  Assistance with wedding location
                                  2 Flower leis for Hawaiian lei exchange
                                  Flower petals for sacred petal release
                                  Keepsake Wedding Certificate
                                  Wedding Photography with around 400
                                  photos on computer DVD (1 hour
                                  Professionally printed coffee table book
                                  of your best wedding photos (additional
                                  copies available at $75 each)
                                  Inclusion on our website (so your family
                                  & friends can see some of your pictures
                                  within a few days)

        More Wedding Packages are available on our website at
Questions & Answers
    Why so many Photos? 300 Photos for a Wedding sounds like a lot. Aren't 24-36 pictures more normal? Well,
yes, it’s true that most photographers shoot 24 or 36 images for the same price we shoot 300. It’s also true that 24
or 36 shots can’t possibly capture the beauty and elegance of a beach wedding on Kauai. The original reason
behind 24 or 36 shots was that that’s how film was sold in rolls of 24 or 36 shots on a roll, and when the change
over to digital came along, most photographers just kept everything the same, although they did shoot more
images, they would only tell you about them later and offer them to you for extra money.
   The other difference is that Kauai Island Weddings gives you the copyright to all your images FREE, with the
DVD we send to you. Most companies charge up to $400 extra for this right, which is a little strange because the
photos are of you anyway.
    Perhaps the biggest difference is that we shoot each Wedding with two
photographers, and if you order a video we make that three photographers. Now it’s
easy to see that 300 isn’t too many photos, in fact in many weddings, it may be too few!

    Should I hire a TEAM or just a BUNCH OF INDIVIDUALS? Maybe I can save
money by hiring different experts to work together, like an individual photographer,
minister, videographer and musician. I may be able to save a few bucks if I coordinate
the wedding myself. But is there a down side? You won’t save any money by hiring a
group of individuals, and you might be heading for trouble, in a big way. Your Wedding
needs to be properly coordinated, and that’s hard to do when a group of people haven’t
worked together before.
    The Wedding must go smoothly and everything must run like a well oiled clock.
Errors caused by people who don't work as a team are common, they can’t rely on each other and it makes
everybody nervous. The photographer doesn't necessarily know the ceremony and when certain photo
opportunities arise, and the musician may not know when to play. Just look at the wedding photos of most
wedding companies. Why aren’t the bride and groom smiling, maybe things aren’t going well? Now look at all of
our wedding photos, see the difference!
    There’s no time for a do-over, no second chances, either everything got captured or it got missed. Don’t leave
things to chance, always book a company that has their own staff doing everything: from the minister to the
photographer, to the videographer, editor and coordinator. Make sure you get the best you can afford, you don’t
get a second chance at this special day.
    Complete information on how to get married in Kauai