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									                          Club Representatives Meeting Minutes
                            Wisconsin Bass Federation Nation
                                     April 5th, 2009
                              Blue Top – Stevens Point, WI

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Dyer.

Board members PRESENT:             JEFF DYER – President
Not present                        BRIAN BEEBE – Vice President
                                   BILL PARBS –Treasurer
                                   TOM EHRENBERG - Secretary
                                   DAN BROVARNEY – Conservation Director
                                   MIKE MCQUITTY – Youth Director
                                   Terry Hilbert – Tournament Director

Roll call by Secretary Tom Ehrenberg:
CLUBS REPRESENTED/Not represented:

 All 4 Fun Bassmasters                               MANITOWOC COUNTY BASS CLUB
 AMELIA BASS                                         MUTINY BASSMASTERS
 BASS ANGLERS LTD                                    OSHKOSH BASSMASTERS
 FIB BOYZ                                            SE WI BASS
 JUST THE TWO OF US                                  ST CROIX BASS ANGLERS
 KINNI BASSMASTERS                                   ULTIMATE BASS FISHING CLUB

Board of Directors’ / Committee Reports
President’s Report: Jeff Dyer

“Drive the Nation” Program
         Presently we have two clubs that have ceased to exist. Lake Ripley Lunkers and Mid Eastern WI
Bass. Some of those members have moved to other clubs. We have added Northern Lakes Bassmasters
(Rhinelander /Minoqua area) and Ultimate Bass Fishing Club (Rockford IL area). As of this morning there
were 27 clubs with 336 members. There are a few more potential clubs interested and have communicated
with different board members but have not yet been added on the BASS Website.
         Our goal is to have at least 400 adult members with a total of 600 when including youth and other
potential youth programs. Mike McQuitty will address the youth portion later. It is the member’s
federation the board just follows their lead.
         BASS’s drive the nation program had prizes attached to it for the state that had the biggest growth
in membership. Prizes were a Triton boat and Toyota Tundra truck. This was won by Michigan last year.
The program will be changing as the economy gets tougher. It will most likely be the boat or the truck, not
both, with some smaller prizes for those runner up states.
         Tom Ehrenberg stated that Jeff had stated earlier in the year that there would be a prize for the
existing club that had the largest increase in membership. There were 2 categories that would be awarded.
As of today, there are NO clubs that qualify. There is one club that is close, Green Bay Bassmasters, that
have 5 submitted members and when those become active members, they will have grown their club by
33%. Don Corkran, was brought back to lead BASS as a contract employee but his contract was not
renewed in February. His duties will be split amongst the remaining individuals, Jon Stewart, Stacy Twigs,
Patty Morsch, and Joy George. (Secretary’s note: Not long after the meeting Patty was laid off.)

Bassmaster Classic Meetings
There were a couple of sponsors that have left BASS, Longhorn snuff and Purolator are no longer sponsors.
They went to NASCAR. Current sponsors are Berkley/Pure Fishing, Toyota, Lowrance,
Mercury/Motorguide, Optima batteries, Booyah Baits, Evan Williams, Triton, and Skeeter/Yamaha. More
may be added.

Last year, Skeeter/Yamaha offered us a boat to sell. We were not able to sell that boat. Rumor has it that
they will not give out boats this year, but offer a discount of $1,000 to federation members that purchase
their products. Make the best deal and then get another $1,000 off. This is not firm as of this meeting. The
purchase must be the Skeeter/Yamaha combination. No substitutes.

Optima Batteries has a promotion for state team and regular members.

We are still a Triton/Mercury state. We were unable to sell the Triton boat to a private party this year but
managed to sell it to a dealer in Wala Wala, WA and the federation will receive a check for the sale. Some
of the problems with the sale may be the economy. Hopefully things will go better next year so we can
make more than that.

Mercury is donating to the WBFN a trolling motor, Fury props, trolling motor props and oil again this year.
They are also donating a trolling motor, prop, and oil to the youth. These will be raffled off at the banquet.

BASS was founded on fishing, conservation and youth. At this point it is like a 3 legged stool with the
adult fishing leg long and the conservation and youth legs shorter. BASS wants to promote the
conservation and youth areas to make all legs the same length.

Jeff restated what was announced in October that the requirement for a youth or conservation project is
done by each club was going to be enforced for 2009. By 12/31/09 each club will be required to submit
their conservation project to Dan Brovarney or Mike McQuitty their youth project. Mike and Dan will
detail some of the things that will qualify that many clubs are probably already doing.

Financial outlook
Things are tight but presently we are OK. We just need to watch our expenses. We are looking for ways to
cut in various areas. One of them is a newsletter that will be emailed rather than mailed. BASS, for the
first time, shared their finances with the state presidents. Presently there are about 18,000 federation
members. At a dues of $20 each, their budget for the year is $360,000. Sponsor monies, right or wrong, go
to ESPN/Disney. They are looking for ways to cut costs. There will most likely be an increase of $10 (to
$30) for BFN membership for 2010. They have not yet decided if this will be $5 in 2010 and $5 in 2011 or
just $10 in 2010. The WBFN will not be raising its dues for 2010. It will remain $50 for adult members
and $25 for full time students. Our biggest fund raiser is the state banquet. So the majority of our annual
income comes from dues, the banquet at the state tournament, and the sale of the boat.

Jeff detailed the process for the youth and adult anglers that make the state team and the monies that the
team members receive. He also reminded that because we are an alliance state Mercury, Triton, and
Lowrance give out monies to the winners using their products. These bonus monies get paid to the angler
and the state starting at the divisional tournaments. When Chris Johnson won the northern divisional in
2007, the state received a check for $1100. Breakdowns of this package are available thru Jeff.

Three WBFN anglers purchased Skeeter/Yamaha packages in 2008. The state received $300 for each of
these purchases.

Jeff wanted to acknowledge some of the new clubs: Ultimate Bass Fishing Club, Amelia’s Anglers, and
Mad Town Bass Club. He presented them with BASS charter club certificates.

Amelia’s Anglers presented Jeff with a check for $500 to go towards the youth program. Thank you
Amelia’s Anglers and all that helped during their fund raiser to make this award possible. Amelia’s also
donated $500 to the WDNR donor program. They also would like to have an additional fund raiser this fall
to donate more to the youth program and area food pantries.

Dan Brovarney took a moment to recognize the volunteers at The Bassmaster Classic. There are many that
have done this for a long time. Three volunteers came from WI. Volunteers are given yellow hats which is
the only way these are obtained. The one that Dan wanted to recognize was Jeff “Crash” Dyer who crashed
Scott Rook’s boat into the stage while performing his duties. Dan provided Jeff with a custom decorated
yellow safety crash helmet to identify “Crash” Dyer in the future. (There was no damage to the boat but
the stage did move!)

Vice-President’s Report – Brian Beebe
Warner’s Dock and Brovarney Baits will continue to be WBFN sponsors for 2009. Brovarney Baits will
continue to donate product and gift certificates for state events. Jeff Dyer announced that Brovarney Baits
was being selected as the official swim jig of the WBFN. Famous Lee’s Lucky Lures is a new sponsor this
year. 5% of everything sold on their website (famousleesluckylures.com ) will be donated to the WBFN
youth program. Another new sponsor is BassDozer (http://www.bassdozer.com/). Andy Cleveland (rep
Green Bay Bassmasters) has been working with him and BassDozer will be giving a pack of Gary
Yamamoto baits to every WBFN member. At the end of the meeting please see Andy and every rep will
receive a bag to take back to distribute to their club members. Brian is working with Strike King to become
a 2010 sponsor. It is too late in the year for them to do a lot for 2009 but some product was on the raffle
table at the meeting. There are a number of sponsors that are offering discounts on their products. A list of
these will be posted on the WBFN website. (www.wisconsinbassnation.com)
Website: Mark from Tacklesmith had been helping us update and change the website. Casey Hewes
(Brovarney Baits) is now helping Brian with this.
Newsletter: Brian emailed an initial newsletter listing the club lake choices for 2009, he hoped that
everyone received theirs. Please check trash or spam mail if you did not see it in your email inbox. The
news letter is thought to become the primary way to communicate with the membership. We ask clubs to
submit articles to Brian for inclusion in the newsletter. On the bottom of the news letter it says subscribe.
If someone in your club does not get the newsletter this is the way to get it to them. List that members
email address and Brian will get it. It may take a little time but we will get there.
For the banquet, Brovarney Baits is the sponsor. Famous Lee’s Lucky Lures will donate bags and Bob’s
Bait and Tackle will add to the bags handed out a $5 off coupon.
www.wisconsinbassnation.com and forum www.wisconsinbassnation.com/wbfnforum/
We know that there are still problems on the website. Much of the problem is related to the program that
was used to create it. We are looking into ways to get it better and it may come down to starting over with
a new program. We are looking for a more user friendly format.

Secretary’s Report – Tom Ehrenberg
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve the meeting minutes of the January reps meeting as
published on the internet and furnished in printed form at the meeting.
Bass Website – While there are some clubs that are updating their rosters very well, there are a few that
wait quite a long time to actually get on the website and update their rosters. This updating can also be
done over the phone for those that don’t have or don’t want to do it on line. The bottom line is that the
delay causes me extra work to try and keep things updated. This is specifically in the area of state dues
paid. If this could be done as soon as possible to the beginning of the year it would go much smoother.
Printed copies of Excel Club rosters were handed out to all the club reps present. Members whose BASS
membership is in red on the form will have their bass membership expire during this tournament address.
Please review and update as needed and send back to me. For those wanting this via email, just send me
and email and I will email it to you. My email address, home address, and phone number are on the
website. (tehrenberg@johnsonville.com)
It is very important, in light of the newsletter Brian mentioned, that email addresses, if your members have
one, need to be filled in. Also check with your members to insure the email address that we have listed is
We have tried to get links on the website to make things easier to find.
Boat insurance copies were collected.

Treasurer’s Report – Bill Parbs
Bill provided the reps with printed copies of the treasurer’s report. Bill went thru and explained the new
format of the report. Details of the financial report will not be published. Members can get this
information from their club rep. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve the treasurer’s
report with the one correction that was noted.
Jeff Dyer noted that with the carry over monies from 2008 and the sale of the boat, the WBFN would be
adding $500 to the Mr. Bass pot, $1500 to the state tournament pot, and $500 to the 4 man pot.

Conservation Director’s Report – Dan Brovarney
           Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer Ban Legislation
The phosphorus lawn fertilizer ban bill has been passed by the state legislature and senate and is waiting for
the governor to sign the bill into law. This is one bill we liked and supported. It says that no fertilizer used
in WI can have any phosphorus in it. This will help keep down the weed growth.
           Slow no wake bill
This has also been passed. It is designed to protect shorelines but local laws can override it. As it was
written it did not apply to rivers. So watch it if in places like the Mississippi they try to apply this law. It
does not apply other than in slow no wake buoyed areas.
           Bilge water dumping in the Great Lakes
George Meyer of the WWF requested that the WBFN lend their support with the WWF to back a bill that
would ban on this practice. Jeff and Dan gave the support of the WBFN in favor of eliminating this as it
brings invasive species into the waters.
           Independent WDNR Secretary
There is a movement to move this position from governor appointed position. We need to keep pushing
           Natural Resources Board Bill
Rep. Gunderson has introduced a bill to require that half of the members of the NRB have held a hunting
and/or fishing license for 7 out of the last 10 years. This would actually put people on this board that
actually hunt and fish. Presently this is not the case as NO ONE on this board hunts or fishes. It has been
like this for the last 30 years.
           Conservation Congress Meetings – Spring Hearings
These are coming up and we should go. One of the things that we would like is a 6 bass limit. This would
help in a number of areas. There are also a number of trophy bass lakes that have an over population of 12”
bass. These need to be removed. The WAL is pushing their Loon Watch at these hearings. Their position
is that the lead in sinkers and other tackle cause loon deaths. Loons eat minnows and do not pick up “loose
lead”. This is an effort with PETA to cause problems for fishermen and has no scientific data to back it up.
They don’t have to tell the truth they can say whatever they want. One other item is the fact that Rep.
Gunderson has tried to get a mentoring hunting program going for younger youth. This is something we
need to support. We need to start finding out from other hunting and fishing organizations where we can
support their efforts so that when we have issues that we back that we can get their support. We will be
adding legislators links to our website. We need to let them know that these are important to us. Dan
reminded us that the anti organizations will try and get little things passed that take steps to go against
hunters and fishermen, a little at a time.

New state sponsor – Sure Life
Sure Life is donating 2 oz. bottles of their catch and release product that will be handed out to boaters at the
state tournament that will be a 2 day supply, 1 oz per day. Dan also encouraged all boaters to purchase
thermometers to be able to check the temperature of the water in their livewells for tournaments. Dan also
handed out cards with guidelines on what to do at various temperatures. 10 oz bottles will also be available
to be purchased at the state tournament registration time for a cost of $10-15 and turn in their 2 oz bottle for
credit. WBFN cost on the 10 oz bottle is $18.
Keep Dan up to date with issues in your area
Dan stated that while he is very well informed on issues in the Milwaukee area, he is not sometimes aware
of local issues in other parts of the state. Please let Dan know if there are issues in your area the he could
possibly help with.
Tournament Rules recap
The way the legislation was written there was no way for us to try and get culling. We were able to modify
the bill and remove the biggest nasties. We are going to push the idea as to what we in WI need to do to
make the state attractive for large scale tournaments. This may be culling or rewriting the laws like MN to
make special allowances for tournaments. MN allows for culling until the limit fish is placed in the live
well. Dan is also looking into what Ontario has done. He needs to research this further. The word
CULLING seems to be a major stumbling block. Changing this word may be a key to success. Dan was
told by Sec Frank that “there would never be culling in WI because my people don’t want it”. This means
that we need to cultivate relationships with the government officials in this state. A reminder that anything
pertaining to “culling” , or whatever it is called will have to come thru the legislative process and can’t be a
rule change by the WDNR so this is where we need to place our efforts.

Warm Water Studies Committee – Ken Snow
Ken Snow was not present at the meeting. Dan dealt with the topics Ken would have discussed.

Youth Director’s Report – Mike McQuitty
Mike thanked Amelia’s Anglers for their donation to the WBFN youth. If anyone ever gets close to the
airport in Milwaukee, please stop in to Amelia’s and say hi to Al and Brenda. They have supported the
bass fishermen and youth for a long time.

State Youth Tournament – 6/27-28/2009
Oshkosh is the location with the launch out of Rainbow Park. Mike is trying to work with Chris Wenzel to
iron out a few things. No host hotel at this time but Mike will get one and let everyone know. He has been
working with Diane of the Oshkosh Tourism Bureau to get the best deal.
For every two kids each club sends they need to bring one boat. If a club has a problem with this please
contact Mike. The state team is also seeing what they can do to get some boats for the tournament; the
more the better. Every kid can fish. There are the two age groups plus allowing kids 10 and under to
participate in their own grouping. Boat arrangements will be the same and a champion will be crowned for
this age group but there will be no moving on to another level.
US Alliance has joined with BASS. They have a trailblazer event with the Boy Scouts that teach a number
of outdoor skills. There are 3 events this year. Contact Mike for the dates, locations, and what you can
help with. Handouts were available on the table.

How to start a youth club?
There is a dues that must be paid to BASS, have a minimum of 6 members, and hold at least 4 tournaments
during the year. The tournaments can be at any time and a minimum of 4 hours each. BASS has some
suggestions on their website. The WDNR also has a program that Mike has information on how to run a
youth club. It is called the Angler Education Program and it is free. Mike recommended anyone interested
in starting a youth club enrolls in this program.

BASS is also working on putting out a DVD for youth programs. Michigan won the “Drive the Nation”
program last year by signing up around 200 kids.

Bass Fishing 101
Mike is still working on getting this program going. Details can be found in the January meeting minutes.
He is writing up by-laws at this time.

Mike encouraged all to look to work with the schools in their area to possibly start a youth fishing club in
schools in their area.

Contact Mike for details.

Please send your youth club rosters to Mike. He has an updated listing from BASS but needs each club’s
roster for 2009.

Youth Projects
Mike reminded all that youth and/or conservation projects are a club requirement this year. So far he has
received a youth project from Chris Johnson of Green Bay Bassmasters. Please send these to Mike if you
are doing a youth project for 2009. Deadline for this is 12/31/09. For details on what can be a youth
project please call Mike.

Mike Mattis detailed on what his club does for their youth project with the help of sponsorships of local
area businesses.

Casting Kids
This is the last year this will be done on a national level. BASS has not gotten the necessary sponsorships
to keep this going. If it is going to be done in the future it will be up to the states to do it without any
national support.

The WBFN plans to continue this program for 2010. Mike has a lot of supplies for this program.

The youth at Northern Divisionals this year
The two youth champions will be fishing on Friday this year, the last day of adult competition. Their
weight will count as part of the state teams total weight. They will prefish Wednesday and Thursday to
Friday and it is in the state team’s best interest to get the kids on fish.
The Wisconsin youth will fish with someone from WI as boat captain. The youth program now mirrors
the adult program. Mike commented that this year we are requiring eye protection for the youth anglers.

Mike is still looking for youth clubs to start in the Stevens Point, Madison, and Shawano areas.

2009 WBFN Tournament Off limits vote
From the January meeting, we requested that each rep go back to their club and obtain a club vote on off
limits prior to this year’s tournaments. This would start Sunday evening and be in effect until the
Thursday, the first practice day. A yes vote would be for the off limits described above. A no vote would
be no off limits prior to the tournament meeting on Friday. The reps were polled and the results of the vote
were 9 yes and 16 no. There will be no off limits for the WBFN tournaments this year, adult or youth.

Tournament Director’s Report – Tom Ehrenberg/Jeff Dyer

        Mr. Bass – April 25-26, 2009 Lake Puckaway
         A 2 day tournament will be held April 25-26 on Lake Puckaway. Because effective 2009 the Mr.
         Bass winner will earn the 12th man position on the state team it will be a 2 day event rather than a
         1 day event as it had been in prior years. Launch point will be out of Good Old Days. There are
         cabins available to rent. Thursday and Friday will be official practice days. All WBFN
         tournament rules are in effect for those days to include no alcohol consumed in the boats while
         fishing. Bill Parbs will be acting tournament director because Terry Hilbert can’t be there
         because of a work obligation. Looking for help during the weigh-in portion of the tournament.
         Bill announced that there were presently 16 entries received. New clubs will not be allowed to
         participate because the winner will be a member of the state team. Bill suggested using the public
         launch about a mile east of the bar. The water depth may be too shallow to launch at Good Old
         Days. Bill has additional forms if needed. Pre tournament meeting will be held at 6 PM at Good
         Old Days on Friday. Every Mr. Bass participant needs and to have an observer. The observers
         will be allowed to fish and their limit will be decided at the meeting. There will be an observer
         side pot.

        2009 State Tournament – July 18-19, 2009 Mississippi River La Crosse Pools 7/8/9
         The official practice days will be Thursday and Friday (16-17).

         All clubs should gather all of their anglers and mail the entire packet in to Bill Parbs with one
         single check. If insurance is not previously provided it should be included or emailed to Tom

         Days Inn hotel is the host hotel for the state tournament. We are asking that all clubs stay there if
         possible. A room rate of $69 was negotiated and this is for up to 5 per room. Plug ins for boats
         will have to come thru the windows of the rooms and is allowable. Those that book first will get
         the rooms on the lower floor. Days Inn is not sure if we will be able to keep our boats attached to
         vehicles or not. The layout of the Days Inn is 4 buildings with a courtyard in the middle. The
         police station is right across the street. Days Inn is located about a mile from the Clinton Street
         Launch. Extension cords may be ran out of the room windows on the lower level.

         The meeting is Friday night at 7PM. From feedback from last year’s tournament there was a
         comment if the meeting could be later than 6 PM as some had a tough time working and then
         making it all the way across the state for registration and the 6 PM meeting. Registration will be
         from 4 – 7. 7 PM was the latest we could go and still get the meeting done in a reasonable time
         and give everyone time afterward to do whatever they needed to do.

         MSBC, Multiple Sclerosis Bass Circuit, (msbassciruit.com) the tournaments run by Randy Eddy
         of River Road Bassmasters, is donating a half barrel of beer for the meeting on Friday evening.
         So there will be free beer for the meeting.

         Forms are available on the website. We encourage everyone to sign up for the banquet. Lots of
         stuff will be available at the raffles with a trolling motor as the top prize. It is our biggest

        2010 State Tournament – July 17-18, 2010 Sturgeon Bay
         The Wave Point Marina and Resort has been selected as the host of the event. Further details will
         be worked out and announced as we get closer to the event. We are looking for help for setting up
         the event. Pre Tournament meeting will be Friday night. The 2011 state tournament may return to
         Oshkosh but that is not finalized.

        THE 4 MAN CLASSIC – September 24-27, 2009 Shawano Lake
         Official practice days for this tournament are Thursday and Friday, 24rd and 25th. Terry has
         received a permit for this tournament. Launch point will be Huckleberry Harbor.
         Clubs will be able to enter as many 4 man teams as they want. No limit to the number of teams by
         each club. The more that come the more the payout. This is a 100% payout tournament.
         4 man teams must be all from the same club. No mix and match between clubs.

        NORTHERN DIVISIONALS – August 10-14, 2009 Big Bay de Loc – Escanaba, MI
         Boaters remember to bring a copy of your boat insurance.

Old Business
Club Lake Choices
The club lake choices were reviewed. Any possible conflicts were resolved. These were also emailed to
all the members. It was decided that these lake choices NOT be published on the website per a
recommendation by Dan Brovarney.

New Business
Dan Brovarney thanked everyone that brought rods and reels as the result of his email on the Tuesday
before the meeting. He ended up with about 20 rods.

4th Annual President’s Challenge held Saturday October 17th. Water near Madison
and time will be announced later. Rodeway Inn South, Madison, 9 AM will be the site
of the October reps meeting.

Raffles were held.

Final roll call was taken by Secretary Tom Ehrenberg

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Tom Ehrenberg
WBFN Secretary

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