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                                                                                                             Early Fall 2009

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                                 Attracting Fall Migrants
As the temperatures get cooler and the           considered an “anything goes” feeder. Tray       Don’t forget the water!
days get shorter, birds are on the move.         feeders come in many styles,                     Some of these migrating birds may only
Most migrants are primarily insect and           but be sure to get one that has                  be winging through your yard for a day or
fruit eaters, so since these foods are not       screened bottoms or holes for                    so. Drippers connect to a hose and provide
available in winter they head south.             drainage; otherwise, your seed                   the “drip-drip-drip” that commands birds
The fall migration period spans from             will sit in rain water and spoil.                attention. Easy setups include the Universal
September-November, with the flow of             Our favorites are the Songbird                   Solar Pump and Water Wiggler. The
migrants peaking from mid-September to           Essentials trays made of recycled                Wiggler is a battery powered
mid-October. This peak is the best time          plastic, providing long term durability.         device that can be placed
to watch your yard and get out birding           If you prefer wooden feeders, most are           in the bath to ripple the
because you can see the greatest variety         made of cedar, the longest lasting option. It    water. One model even has
and number of species. In late October and       contains a natural insecticide!                  a speaker that plays the sound of a rushing
November, seed eating birds like sparrows        Ground Feeding Trays- These                      stream! When winter arrives, replace your
arrive to spend the winter.                      can be set right on the ground                   moving and noisy water with a heated
During fall the birds are also preparing for     or on short legs and will attract                setup.
the higher energy expenditures of travel         birds that prefer feeding on the                 Ending the Nectar
and colder temperatures. Seeds, nuts and         ground, like doves and sparrows. Try the         When should you take down the
suet are high calorie and therefore high-        Songbird Essentials (SE) Ground Platform         hummingbird and oriole nectar feeders?
energy foods that satisfy their needs.           Feeder made of sturdy recycled plastic or        Most of the hummingbirds will have left by
With all of these great birds on the way,        Small or Large (21” X 21”) Ground Feeder         the end of September with a few stragglers
now is the time to get the yard set up           trays in cedar.                                  passing through until mid-October.
to attract them. New birds that you can          Hanging Trays- Hang these handy trays            Most of the orioles are gone by the
attract include flycatchers, vireos, kinglets,   right where you want, in a tree or on a pole,    end of August but will continue
thrushes, waxwings, warblers and tanagers.       so you can watch the action. The SE Large        to straggle though until the end of
Develop a strategy of feed, feeders and          Hanging Platform Feeder is a sturdy feeder       September. Research shows that
water to lure them into view. These              made of recycled plastic or try the cedar        birds’ migratory behavior is primarily
methods will get results!                        SE 10.5” X 11.5” Hanging Feeder. If you          triggered by day length as opposed to
Keep feeders stocked with staples like           want to go super tough, the SE                   food availability; therefore, leaving nectar
sunflower, safflower and thistle seed, but       Fly Thru Pest Proof Feeder is                    feeders up into late fall will not cause
you should offer more variety too. Try our       made of steel and is actually                    the birds to stay much longer than they
Wild Delight Fruit Mix. It includes a nice       bear proof!                                      would without a feeder present. Filling
mix of seeds with dried fruits                   Mountable Trays- Mount these on poles,           your nectar feeders is a snap when
(raisins, cherries, blueberries                  deck railings or windows. The SE Window          you use our Songbird Essentials
and apples). More variety of                     Feeder is made of cedar and sticks right to      premixed bottles SE632 and
foods equal more variety of                      the window with suction cups!                    powdered mix SE629 that requires
birds. This blend can be put into                Covered Trays- Keep the weather off              no boiling when preparing.
any regular seed feeder.                         the food you offer with a covered tray.
Jazz up your suet feeder with some new
ingredients like raisins, oranges and yes,
                                                 Rectangular trays come with a slanted roof
                                                 and include ground, mounted and hanging
                                                                                                               Look Inside
even bugs in our Pine Tree Farms Insect          options. For example, the SE Fly Through             • A Guide to Field Guides
Suet! You never know what might show             Feeders are made of sturdy plastic or cedar.          & Clean Up Your Act
up at a suet feeder. Warblers and kinglets       Mealworm feeding dishes for bluebirds can            • Family Time
often stop by for a nibble, especially if it     be used in fall to attract all kinds of insect       • Organica Products
includes their favorite bug snack.               loving birds. We even have a warming                 • Gigi’s Pet News
Tray/Platform style feeders are a good           dish that will keep the mealworms alive,             • Ask Bird Man Mel
option in the fall because they can be           wiggling and ready to attract birds.                 • What’s Coming Up
                                     A Guide the birds.Field GuidesThe range maps feature green dots
                                         drawings of
With the diversity of birds migrating through                   plumage.
the yard in the fall, how can you best identify    Ideal for Intermediates                            showing where some species have occurred
any new species you are seeing? A wide             The next step up from state                        out of their normal range which is useful in
variety of field guides are currently available    oriented guides is regional                        determining where species have shown up
for the beginner to advanced birder, with          guides, like Peterson’s Guide to                   as rarities. The Kaufmann’s Focus Guide
drawings or photos so you can surely find a        Central/Eastern Birds and the                      contains a lot of useful photos and detailed
good fit for your needs. Each guide provides       Sibley Guide to Eastern Birds.                     range maps. The range maps indicate where
narrative details about the diagnostic features    These guides offer drawings                        species normally occur and also extended
of each bird. Diagnostic features are a set of     and will include most of the                       ranges of where they “scarcely” occur.
characteristics that are unique to each type of    birds from common to uncommon that                 Keep in mind that birds have wings and
bird, and thus define it as that species. The      can be seen in mid MO. The Audubon and             occasionally show up at locations outside
guides also include range maps that indicate       Stoke’s Guides to Eastern Birds also have          of their normal range. The Golden Guide to
where the species occur and its seasonal           lots of useful information and great photos.       Birds of North America is one of the original
status (summer, winter, spring/fall, year          The Smithsonian Eastern Guide features             field guides and has drawings and range maps
round resident). Most guides also include tips     drawings. The Fandex Bird Guide is a very          with dotted lines that show arrivals dates for
regarding the species’ preferred habitats and      portable guide of narrow laminated sheets          migrating species. The National Geographic
descriptions of their sounds.                      that fan out with a bird photo at the top of       Field Guide to Birds of North America is
Best for Beginners                                 each sheet.                                        another very thorough guide preferred by
Sometimes beginners can get                        The Big Picture                                    expert birders.
overwhelmed by too much                            If you want to be informed of ALL the              Closing Thoughts
information; therefore, an ideal                   possibilities, or you travel a lot, try a guide    Your bird book library should include both
solution is a guide that narrows                   to birds of North America, like the Sibley         books with photos and drawings so you can
it down to the birds you are                       Guide and Kaufmann’s Focus Guide. The              compare the two formats. Photos are more
likely to see in Missouri like                     Sibley Guide is very thorough, featuring           realistic but the resulting images are subject
the books Birds of Missouri                        multiple drawings of each bird at different        to the angle of the shot, lighting conditions,
and Missouri Bird Watching.                        angles, even in flight, and                        etc. Drawings are an artist’s rendering of
These books feature photos and distribution        for varying ages and stages                        reality, but the artist is in total control of the
maps showing where each species occurs             of plumage. Some birds look                        image details like anatomical features, color
in the state and their seasonal status. The        different depending on their                       patterns, etc. In general, the most popular
Stoke’s Beginner Guide to Eastern Birds is         age (like juvenile, immature                       options are: Birds of Missouri and the
a pocket sized guide featuring photos. The         and adult); furthermore, some                      Peterson, Kaufmann and Sibley Guides.
Flash Guide to Birds of the Midwest is a very      birds change plumage during the                    Stop by, sit back, and relax in our library
lightweight and portable option consisting         year. An example is breeding/                      while you explore which book is best for
of folding laminated sheets with Peterson’s        summer plumage and non breeding/winter             you!

                                             Clean Up Your Act
Keeping feeders clean is an ongoing part of feeding the birds and will keep the feeders looking good and minimize the spread of disease.
                      They should be cleaned as needed, but you should plan to clean them at least every two to three months. If you notice
                      sick or diseased birds visiting the feeders, it’s time for a cleaning to stop it from spreading. If seed gets wet and moldy in
                      your feeder, be sure to disinfect the feeders as the mold can be harmful to birds. The cleaning task is typically an outdoor
                      activity, so your schedule should include cleaning in November before it gets too cold, then again
                      in February when it starts to warm up.
                      A 10% bleach or vinegar solution is best for cleaning because it effectively disinfects the feeders.
Be sure the feeders are thoroughly dry before refilling as these solutions are non-toxic once they dry out. Fill up a large container,
like a trash can, with the solution and submerse your feeders. If you have the time this is a good method to clean all of your feeders
at once. Let each feeder soak for a few minutes as the scrubbing will be easier. The Songbird Essentials bath and feeder cleaning
brushes are specially designed with long sturdy bristles to clean all of the nooks and crannies. Use one of our many shapes and sizes
of the SE bristled bottle brushes to clean tube feeders. While you’re at it, dump out the bird bath and disinfect it, too. Be sure to dump
as much water out of the feeders and baths as you can and place them in the sun to dry.
If you don’t want to bother with the disinfectant solution, our Carefree Enzymes and Ecological Laboratories cleaning solutions in
spray bottles and make the job easier, especially if you are only cleaning one feeder. For stubborn cleaning jobs use our products like
Scoot and Poop Off that are specially designed to remove bird droppings. We also have many varieties of bird bath additives like
Birdbath Protector that perform preventive maintenance, minimizing algae growth and mineral and sludge deposits.

                                10% OFF ANY
                      Songbird Essentials Cleaning Brush
  2                                                              Coupon Expires 10/31/09
Warblers                                     Family Time
Welcome to the wonderful world of warblers. Did you know that 37 species of
warblers migrate through Missouri in the spring and fall? Fall viewing can produce
some rewarding looks at the colorful and artistic patterns of warblers, however they
don’t come easy. Most warblers are secretive, hiding among the foliage. They feed
actively, primarily on insects, so it seems like right when you’re about to get a good
look, it moves. But keep trying, because when you do get a good look, it’s really worth
it. In general, warblers are tiny (smaller than sparrows, slightly larger than a goldfinch)
and their beaks are short and pointed.
Common species that breed in Missouri include Northern Parula, American Redstart, Prothonotary Warbler, Ovenbird,
Louisiana Waterthrush, Kentucky Warbler, Common Yellow throat and Yellow-breasted Chat. Uncommon breeding
warblers include Blue-winged, Yellow-throated, Yellow, Pine, Black-and-white, Prairie, Cerulean and
Common migrating warblers include Tennessee, Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Green, Blackpoll,
Palm and Wilson’s. Uncommon migrating warblers include Orange-crowned, Nashville, Chestnut-sided,
Magnolia, Blackburnian, Bay-breasted, Mourning and Canada.
Whew! As if that’s not enough, an additional 6 species wing through as rarities. Want to learn more -
Check out our “Warblers” Field Guide. You’ll save 10% this month.
Species Spotlight- Yellow-rumped Warbler
The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one of the most abundant warbler species throughout the
country. In Missouri they are abundant migrants from early October through November,
with their numbers reducing through December. A few even stick around through the
winter! They spend the summer breeding in Canada and high mountains. Look for them
in the higher portions of trees in your yard. Locate them by listening for their often
repeated short call (sounds like “check”).
It is a well named species because the yellow rump is a good field mark. It looks like a pat of butter was placed above
the base of the tail, giving them the illustrious nickname “butterbutts”. Also look for the white spots on the black tail
(especially visible in flight) and the yellow patches on the flanks. Color patterns and markings are bolder on the male.
The male’s body has an overall bluish-gray look, while the female appears more brownish. This species is separated
into two subspecies and both migrate through Missouri. The Audubon race is the western variety and has a yellow
throat. The white-throated Myrtle race breeds mostly in the eastern U.S. and Canada.
Attracting and Viewing Warblers
Warbler migration peaks in mid-September so now is the time to get ready for
them. Bird baths, especially with moving and noisy water, are a great way to get
                     warblers in the open for a nice look. Ground and elevated bird
                     baths work well. The simplest way to get things moving is the
                     battery powered Water Wiggler that can easily be inserted into
                     medium to large bird baths. A nifty version of the Wiggler has
                     a built in speaker that provides the mellow sound of a running
                     brook. Since birds can’t go to the sink for a drink of water, their        Bamboo Accents Pump
                     ears are finely tuned to the sounds of dripping and rushing water. Nature’s Foundry Hanging Bath
                     and Universal Solar Pumps provide solar powered noise and motion to your water source. The Solar
                     Pump Kit is more versatile because it provides an electrical plug in option for those overcast days.
Bamboo Accents make a variety of plug in pumps that are easy to setup with an outdoor extension cord. Once the cord
is in place, you are all set for the switch to the heated birdbath in the near future. Birds seem to be especially attracted
to moving and noisy water in ground baths, perhaps because they mimic fresh natural springs.
Despite being insect eaters, there are some good food options for attracting warblers. Many species
make occasional visits to suet (like Yellow-rumped, Pine and Cerulean Warblers) for the high energy
beef fat, especially varieties that include insects and fruit.
                Organic Lawn & Garden Products
                              Great for Yards, Safe for Birds
Songbird Station is now carrying a great line of organic lawn and garden care products that work great and are safe for
birds, pets and people. In stock NOW for fall applications for maximum root growth.
                         Every day people ask us how to reduce the use of chemicals in and around their homes. We
                         answer by suggesting they start in their very own yard. Everyone is concerned about the health
                         and safety of family and pets. Reducing chemicals in cleaning and gardening practices is an
                         excellent place to begin a healthy lifestyle. By reducing chemical usage locally (in our homes
                         and offices), the positive impact on our global environmental will be lasting and sustainable.
                         Songbird Station is pleased to offer chemical-free products that are effective, safe and
                         affordable. Go ahead; kick off your shoes; relax; and wiggle your toes in the grass. It’s safe,
                         organic and natural and the birds and butterflies will love you for it.
 LAWN BOOSTER (8-1-1) 25 lb. covers 2,500 sq ft. Apply now for grass root growth!!
• A “patented biologically enhanced fertilizer” comprised of corn gluten meal, steamed bone meal, sulfate of potash
and a select array of beneficial soil bacteria.
• Addresses both soil health and plant nutrition / Simultaneously feeds soil and turf.
• The microbial component (beneficial soil bacteria) increases the biological activity in the soil profile and provides a
foundation for healthy turf growth.
• Corn gluten, bone meal and sulfate of potash provides turf with a natural & organic source of nitrogen, phosphorous
and potassium.
• Provide turf with increased resistance to environmental extremes (drought, temperature. extremes, foot traffic).
• Improve nutrient availability, they free up insoluble soil elements and make them plant available (phosphorous,
potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc).
• Reduce the incidence of nutrient leaching.
• Improve soil structure over time / Increase humus levels in soil profile.
• Expedite the breakdown of the corn gluten making it plant available within 2 weeks.
• Promotes vigorous soil conditions and improves biological activity.
• Provides a slow release source of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (no growth surges).
• Lasts 12-16 weeks depending on soil environment and soil type.
• Corn Gluten is a great food source for microbes (synergistic with bacteria).
• Nitrogen does not readily leach from soil (in the form of ammonium not nitrate).
• Covers up to 80 X 50 foot yard.
• Deters all pest insects.
• Safe for beneficial insects.
                                                                                       Save 10%
                                                                              on purchase of Organica yard products
• Great mosquito control.
                                                                                         Coupon Expires 10/31/09
• Stops chinch bugs and ants, even grubs.
• Attach to your hose and spray.
• EPA rated safe “presents no known risk to humans or the environment”.
No measuring or mixing with this easy to use “chemical free” spray. Ideal for use on your patio, lawn, shrubbery,
flower and vegetable gardens. Can be used as an animal spray in barns and stables. Repels mosquitoes, flies and
numerous insects from areas treated with it. A safe, 100% natural cedar oil solution. Treatment will create a barrier of
insect re-entry and break the egg layer cycle resulting in zero grubs and other subterranean arthropods.
Specifically formulated to promote the establishment and enhance the viability of evergreens, conifers and deciduous
trees (creates a fungal dominant soil)

 4      Use as a root drench when planting or transplanting and to maintain plants throughout season.
• Reduces planting and transplant shock (Plant Insurance).
• Provides plants with increased resistance to environmental extremes (drought, heat, cold).
• Stimulates root growth & root formation (accelerates plant establishment).
• Increases nutrient levels in soil by converting insoluble nutrients into plant available forms.
• Improves nutrient absorption by increasing cell membrane permeability of root hairs.
• Promotes nitrogen fixation in the soil (converts atmospheric N into plant available form).
• Naturally accelerates cell division (promotes healthy controlled growth).
• Increases humus level in soil (buffers soil).
• Stimulates the production of plant enzymes (enhances metabolic functions).
• Organic bio-stimulant derived from sea kelp.
• Manufactured utilizing a patented cell burst technology.
• Contains plant growth hormones, amino acids, vitamins & micronutrients.
• Ideal for houseplants and small herb & vegetable gardens.
• Simply spray on foliage to point of runoff, apply monthly.
• A ready to use natural bio-stimulant derived entirely from kelp (Ecklonia maxima).
• Specifically formulated for flowering plants / Ideal for houseplants.
• Kelp is manufactured utilizing a patented “Cell Burst Process”, which ensures maximum
retention of the delicate plant growth compounds found in freshly harvested kelp.
• A multifunctional formulation, which stimulates plant growth, increases tolerance to environmental extremes and
provides a food source for beneficial soil microorganisms.
• Kelp is rich in plant growth compounds, micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins all of which are essential for
healthy plant growth & development (not found in conventional fertilizers).
EVERYTHING YOU NEED to rid yourself, kids and grandkids, pets and your home & yard of Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs,
Lice, Mites and other parasites. Eliminates Scorpions, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish and others. Invented by CedarCide
Industries for the US Army for control of Sand Fleas and other pests in the Middle East. BEST YET will undoubtedly
go down in history as the most effective parasite control formulation ever brought
to market. No chemicals in this product. Just food grade aromatic Red Cedar Oil
and melted Quartz Rock. A genuine BIO based insect control agent. Not only does it
command INSTANT DEATH to its arthropod recipients, it can be used on humans as
a repellent for Mosquitoes, Chiggers, No-See-Um’s, Flies, Ticks and an array of other
biting and flying pests.
BEST YET is the product of choice for the elimination of Bed Bugs. Used by all major
hotels, motels, college dormitories, apartment complexes, rooming houses and nursing homes. Endorsed by prudent
independent PCO’s and Exterminators as well as home owners World Wide.
Recommended by PRUDENT VET’S as a replacement to toxic and non effective Frontline,
Advantage and other SPOT DROP PET MEDS that compromise your pets immune system
and promote dry skin, itching sensations, erradic behavior, convulsions, illness and
premature death. 24 hour cure for yeast and bacterial infections of the ear canal and ear
mites. Instant death to fleas, mites and ticks of all kinds.
Organica’s K+ Neem is a unique and environmentally friendly product formulated to provide homeowners with an
effective alternative to chemically based insecticides and fungicides. This water based, alcohol free, formulation
controls a wide range of mites and insect pests and is also effective against powdery mildew disease. K+ Neem is the
natural choice for vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs, roses, houseplants and turf.
The manufacturing process begins with “cold pressed neem oil”, which is extracted from the seeds of the Indian neem
tree. These botanical oils are then put through a proprietary saponification process (it is made into a soap), the end
result is a unique insecticidal / fungicidal soap derived entirely from a natural source. The fatty acids that comprise K+
Neem differ from the fatty acids found in conventional soaps.
                                       GiGi’s Pet Boutique
                                                   Paws In The Park
Come See us at Paws In The Park on September 12. We are proud to support Second Chance and you will find lots of dog lovers
working at our store eager to hear about your dogs and tell you about ours!!
We are so happy to be partnering with Second Chance to hold some adoption days at our store. On the
adoption days we give discounts all day long in our pet department and donate 10% of all of our sales
in the pet department on that day to Second Chance. It’s a win for you as the customer and a win for
Second Chance. Our next Adoption Day will be Oct. 10th. From 10:30-12:30.
You can also look for us in Jefferson City at the Second Annual Whiskers and Wags Benefit to help
raise funds for a new animal shelter. They have outgrown their facility and there is no room for expansion so a new building is
needed.The fundraiser will be at Memorial park on October 10th from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
                                            Fall Time With Your Pet
Fall is a great time to get out and exercise with your dog. The nice cool weather makes it easy to play in the park or walk the trails.
Make sure you have a nice sturdy leash and collar on your dogs and take water along for a quick break. We have new collars
                   coming in all of the time and some of my favorites are our new sturdy leather collars and leads in pink and lime
                   green. Great for those bigger strong dogs.
                   We also carry water bottles that have a flip out tray for your dogs to take a drink from when
                   they get thirsty from all of that playing. Don’t forget to pick up those balls and toys for them
                   to run and fetch. We carry toys for all sizes of dogs.
                   Even though fall is quickly approaching we still have many of those pesky biting insects that
attack, us, our pets, and our premises. We are proud to have recently added a chemical free insect control that
can be safely used on people, pets, and premises. Best Yet! Will help to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and
some of the other biting insects. Because it is organic and chemical free it is safe for children and pets of all sizes. Best Yet! Is
considered a Minimum Risk pesticide by the EPA and is formulated with FDA food grade ingredients and cedar oil. I know it’s
going to be used by me and my dog as we enjoy these nice fall evenings.
One of our most popular items this year has been our car restraints for dogs of all sizes. If you are not crating your dog while
traveling, keep them safe from sudden stops or in case of an accident by using a restraint harness. Plus the added bonus of them
staying in one spot in your car.
While fall is just approaching, it’s not too early to start to think about gift ideas for your pets and the pet lovers in your life. We
have many new items arriving, including new fashionable collars and leashes, and some great pet theme pillows and totes along
with many other times. Time to do some early Christmas shopping!
                                   New Items in GiGi’s Pet Boutique

         Pet Beds                          Clean N Go                  Collars & Leashes          Pillows           Cargo Car Overs

         10% OFF 30% OFF 10%
                                                                                                             Fall Special
          Summer Collars     OFF                                                                            20% OFF
                         Pet                                                                                      Pet Pools
                                       Shampoo                         Car


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                                        10/31/09                        Coupon Expires 10/31/09              Coupon Expires 10/31/09
                   Q. Any solutions to keep deer away from my feeders and garden?
Ask Bird Man Mel    A. Absolutely - Most of us have problems with deer and other animals making
                    night time raids on our property. I’ve personally been testing for over 2 months
                    a product called Nite Guard Solar. - It WORKS!! Our neighbors have 12+ deer
                    every evening but they don’t come near where we have Nite Guard. Why? Its
                    small flashing red lights looks like predators “eyes” and the deer stay away. For
                    deer you need to move the location weekly. For this reason we have some 2 sided
                    and 4 sided versions pre mounted on stakes you can easily move. For raccoons,
                    skunks, etc you can mount one at ground level and leave it. They’re solar                     NG1
                    powered and last 3+ years and come with money back guarantee.                              Nite Guard

 Bird Man Mel Q. I’ve seen a lot of birds enjoying water in my concrete birdbath this
   Owner of      summer. Is it safe to use a birdbath heater or pour hot water in it
Songbird Station this fall/winter so my birds still have a supply of water.
                    A. While we stock every bird bath heater sold I don’t recommend them “or”
                    hot water in a concrete bath during freezing winter. There’s simply too big
                    of a chance of cracking your bowl. Take your concrete bowl inside or wrap it
                    “securely” with a trash bag to keep the water out of it. We do offer a rigid - good
                    looking resin bird bath top with a built in birdbath heater that will securely
                    fit on the top of most concrete pedestals. Check it out - It’s economical, as it’s
                                                                                                        Top ALLIEDPR600
                    thermometrically, controlled to only come on when its 35° or less.
                                                                                                              Heated on a
                  Q. We’ve seen a lot of parents bringing babies to the feeder this                          ALLIEDPR70B
                  summer. Will these birds stay around this winter?                                            Pedestal
                  A. It depends on the species. If they’re non migrating birds there’s a good
                  chance you’ll be blessed with more feathered friends to enjoy. I’ve recently
                  seen a mother Red Bellied Woodpecker bring babies to a dead tree behind our
                  yard. What’s enjoyable is mom has been going to one of our Songbird Essentials
                  Woodpecker feeders and getting pieces of our Woodpecker seed mix (nuts and
    Ultimate      fruit) and stuffing them in holes in the tree - I guess as “rewards” for the babies
Woodpecker Feeder doing as told. Can you image how the youngster will feel when it finds its own        HIATT60500
                  tree with “No Woodpecker Mix” in the crevices? I’m going to try and soften          30” Extended Deck
                  the blow by always keeping my Woodpecker feeder full. If you want to enjoy                Hook
                  the larger Woodpeckers check out our Ultimate Woodpecker feeder - It’s long
                  enough for the biggest Woodpecker to easily feed.
                 Q. I’ve got a deck and want to have feeders but my wife doesn’t want
                 any mess on our deck or the patio below. Any suggestions?
                 A. A couple thoughts - with our 30” extended reach bracket you get feeders
                 a long ways off deck. I use the clamp on version and love it as I can move it
                 around. We also have a screw on version. A lot of folks also like our durable
                 swivel hook. It lets you move up and down, in and out. For maximum
                 cleanliness, hang a Seed Hoop under your feeders and catch 90% of anything                Seed Hoop Under
Double Deck Hook                                                                                            Recycled Plastic
                 that drops.
  Fall Special             Go Green & SAVE $$
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     10% OFF                           Large
                                                      Fall Scented 30% OFF
                                                                                                        Bag of Corn
       Firepits                     selection of                                                 ($3 value) with purchase
                                      Songbird       Soy Candles
                                                                                    Summer         of a Squirrel Spinner
              Warm up                                                               Classics
               Fall &              plastic feeders                                   Patio &
               Winter                                                                 Deck
                           Guaranteed for LIFE &
              Evenings                                                              Furniture
                             SAVE 10%                 Coupon Expires
 Coupon Expires 10/31/09   Coupon Expires 10/31/09      10/31/09       Coupon Expires 10/31/09      Coupon Expires 10/31/09

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         Field Trip to MKT Nature Trail                                   How to Identify Unfamiliar Birds in Your Backyard
   Saturday, September 12 at 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.                                    Saturday, October 10 at 1:00 p.m.
Songbird migration peaks in mid-September so we should                    This session will be presented by Dr. Scott Shalaway PhD.
see some great birds on this trip. Meet at the store and                  Wildlife Biologist. Scott regularly writes in nationwide birding
after the walk join us for free coffee and donuts.                        magazines and newspaper columns as well as a weekly
       Field Trip to Rock Bridge State Park                               radio show. You’ll love his informative - fast paced
          Saturday, October 10 at 8:00                                    presentation with lots of time for questions. Over 14
Meet at the store for a FREE guided field trip to Rock                    years ago Scott put on the very first seminar we ever
Bridge State Park. Many songbird migrants will still be passing           put on. Don’t miss this one - You’ll LOVE it!!
through in early October. After the walk join us for free coffee and
donuts.                                                                            Ask the Expert - Dr. Scott Shalley
           Birdwatching Basics for Fall                                        Friday, October 9 at 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
         Sunday September 20 at 2:00 p.m.                                 If you can’t make Scott’s seminar on Saturday this is a great time
     Bird migrations peak in September and May. During these              to ask any questions you like. Come in, learn and have fun!
          months you can see the greatest numbers and variety
          of bird species around your yard and at feeders and               IMPORTANT: For all seminars, reservations are requested, but not
                                                                            required. This helps us make sure we have plenty of seats, handouts, and
          birdbaths. This seminar will teach you how to identify
                                                                            refreshments. See you at the meetings!!!
          about 20 of the more common fall migrants. We will also
          discuss tools for bird identification like field guide books,
     audio CDs and DVDs.                                                       What’s NEW at Songbird Station
                Kids Booking Signing
                “B is for Bufflehead”
      Friday, October 9 at 10:00 am - 2”00 p.m.
We’ll be getting in a great NEW alphabet book for kids and adults
             alike balled “B is for Bufflehead” the author Steve
             Hutchcraft will be at Songbird Station to sign first
             release books.
             We’ll offer 10% off his book as well as the other books
             See you there! A GREAT Christmas Gift!!                         Cardinals Wall           Jewelry Tree w/          Bluebird Picture
                                                                                 Clock                  Bowl Large                 Frame
          Sign up NOW for Fall Bird Classes
                         October 8 - November 20
              Beginners Mornings - Starting Approx. 8:00 am.
                      Afternoons - Time to be determined
Wow, the response for (& feedback from) our Spring Birding Class
was FANTASTIC! Because of that we are going to repeat & in fact
expand our class offerings this fall. We want to thank Edge Wade,
Bill Mees & Bill Clark for the FANTASTIC job they did!! They will                               Heron Wall Sculpture
be leading these classes.
      Classes will be limited to 15-20 people - Cost $50                      Cardinal
Stop by or call Songbird Station to sign up NOW - as these classes will      Tissue Box                                         Welcome Frogs
fill up!
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                                              “Between Clovers & Callaway Bank”                           Monday– Friday 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                             Open 24 hrs                              Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
                                                  800-256-2473 or 446-5941                                    Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.