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									Antiques & Collectables
  Saturday 25 September 2010 10:00

                Dodford Village Hall
                       Priory Road
                          B61 9DD
                      Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 1                                                             Royal Doulton china figure Catherine HN3044.
A bag of old coins.

                                                                   Lot: 18
Lot: 2                                                             Royal Doulton china figure Forget Me Not HN3388.
A pair of old bellows.

                                                                   Lot: 19
Lot: 3                                                             George V and Mary commemorative tea pot and coffee mug.
An oak cased mantel clock.

                                                                   Lot: 20
Lot: 4                                                             An antique brass trivet.
A collection of white glazed china figures.

                                                                   Lot: 21
Lot: 5                                                             A Royal Worcester porcelain miniature jug decorated with a
A Radford china vase and jug.                                      Redstart signed Powell.

Lot: 6                                                             Lot: 22
Treen - an antique treen spice tower with four compartments.       An antique gold tie pin set with a ruby and diamonds and a 9ct
                                                                   gold collar stud, boxed..

Lot: 7
A pair of epns pickle forks, boxed.                                Lot: 23
                                                                   A boxed set of six silver tea spoons.

Lot: 8
An antique pine washing dolly.                                     Lot: 24
                                                                   A Maling lustre china dressing table set.

Lot: 9
A box of copperware items.                                         Lot: 25
                                                                   Clarice Cliff My Garden china jug.

Lot: 10
A pair of antique ironstone plates.                                Lot: 26
                                                                   A box of brass ware items.

Lot: 11
An antique copper tea caddy.                                       Lot: 27
                                                                   Two 1960s W.German china vases.

Lot: 12
A pair of ladys fur gloves.                                        Lot: 28
                                                                   Two glass dressing table sets.

Lot: 13
A Perthshire millefiori glass paperweight.                         Lot: 29
                                                                   Four cut glass vases.

Lot: 14
A Murano millefiori glass paperweight.                             Lot: 30
                                                                   A collection of 1950s Sci Fi and Adventure magazines. Various
Lot: 15
An antique Mauchlin ware box wood bodkin case decorated
with a print of The Bank of England c1860.                         Lot: 31
                                                                   Toys Little Tots Records of songs and games c1950s

Lot: 16
An antique brass barrel corkscrew.                                 Lot: 32
                                                                   A collection of adventure books c1910.
Lot: 17

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                      Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 33                                                                Lot: 49
A mahogany plant stand.                                                A box of epns items.

Lot: 34                                                                Lot: 50
A reproduction mahogany wine table.                                    A collection of blue and white china.

Lot: 35                                                                Lot: 51
A reproduction French tagre.                                           A volume Birds One Should Know, Beneficial and Mischievous
                                                                       Canon Theodore Wood. Illustrator Roland Green. Pub. Gay &
                                                                       Hancock 1927.
Lot: 36
Two watercolour landscapes signed Bissel and Badenoch.
                                                                       Lot: 52
                                                                       Two Japanese parasols.
Lot: 37
A set of three Beswick flying pheasants.
                                                                       Lot: 53
                                                                       A silver plated biscuit barrel.
Lot: 38
A fine crocodile skin handbag by Martin c1948.
                                                                       Lot: 54
                                                                       Two epns fruit bowls.
Lot: 39
Record player a 1950s Pye Black Box Hi Fi record player. Iwo
and pat tested.                                                        Lot: 55
                                                                       An Art Deco glass perfume bottle [stopper a/f].

Lot: 40
A collection of black and white political cartoons 63 Will O the       Lot: 56
Wisp 1870, 71 Judy 1869, 37 Fun 1869 and 6 Punch 1870.                 An old flat iron.

Lot: 41                                                                Lot: 57
A bag of old coins.                                                    An amber carnival glass comport.

Lot: 42                                                                Lot: 58
A bag of costume jewellery.                                            A silver condiment set etc.

Lot: 43                                                                Lot: 59
A bag of wrist watches.                                                A collection of epns items.

Lot: 44                                                                Lot: 60
A part china dinner service Asiatic Pheasant.                          Four framed Victorian watercolour landscapes.

Lot: 45                                                                Lot: 61
An antique silver glass witches ball.                                  Four fine quality Minton porcelain plates.

Lot: 46                                                                Lot: 62
A framed engraving Angling Scene signed Michael Oxenham.               An antique Staffordshire pottery pot pourri vase in the oriental

Lot: 47
Six decorative pictures.                                               Lot: 63
                                                                        A collection of linen ware.

Lot: 48
A Murano glass vase.                                                   Lot: 64

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                   Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Vic Granger a limited edition print of two Great Danes signed.       Lot: 80
                                                                     A reproduction Georgian mahogany toilet mirror.

Lot: 65
Two pairs of old boxing gloves.                                      Lot: 81
                                                                     A set of old potato scales.

Lot: 66
Two Wedgwood china tureens bearing the Nigerian coat of              Lot: 82
arms.                                                                A set of kitchen scales.

Lot: 67                                                              Lot: 83
Two framed repro advertisements for Yorkshire Relish.                A set of kitchen scales.

Lot: 68                                                              Lot: 84
Six framed prints after John Leech.                                  A set of kitchen scales.

Lot: 69                                                              Lot: 85
Five decorative framed prints.                                       A set of kitchen scales.

Lot: 70                                                              Lot: 86
An antique watercolour drawing of Dartmoor sig. Laurence.            Three framed WW1 silk postcards.

Lot: 71                                                              Lot: 87
An antique oil painting on canvas Landscape with Figures.            Militaria. A French WW1 helmet.

Lot: 72                                                              Lot: 88
A framed coloured print of a lion anmd lioness after Landseer.       Militaria. A WW11 RAF sergeants jacket and cap and three
                                                                     foreign police jackets.

Lot: 73
A cut glass perfume bottle with silver and guilloche enamel top.     Lot: 89
                                                                     An old dress sword minus scabbard and hilt binding.

Lot: 74
A Royal Doulton china coffee set [tea pot a/f].                      Lot: 90
                                                                     An old air rifle.

Lot: 75
An antique china dinner service Grimwades Meissen.                   Lot: 91
                                                                     An old air rifle.

Lot: 76
Two old postcard albums and an old autograph book.                   Lot: 92
                                                                     Four pairs of antique brass door handles.

Lot: 77
A 1920s English oak cased wall clock.                                Lot: 93
                                                                     A leather jewellery box and another box.

Lot: 78
An antique brass and wire fire fender.                               Lot: 94
                                                                     Two 1930s photo frames.

Lot: 79
An antique mahogany framed cane fire screen.                         Lot: 95
                                                                     A cased and mounted moorhen.
                                                                     Lot: 96

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                   Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A 1930s grandmother clock a/f.                                    Lot: 112
                                                                  A small collection of costume jewellery.

Lot: 97
A Star Yacht pond yacht.                                          Lot: 113
                                                                  A leather fishing priest.

Lot: 98
An old tailors dummy.                                             Lot: 114
                                                                   A black Sheaffer fountain pen. [14ct nib. Made in Australia].

Lot: 99
A childs cane rocking chair.                                      Lot: 115
                                                                  Three pairs of binoculars.

Lot: 100
A Victorian mahogany needle work table.                           Lot: 116
                                                                  Two schoolboy stamp albums.

Lot: 101
A collection of wooden biscuit barrels.                           Lot: 117
                                                                  Football programmes Newcastle v Aston Villa 49/50,
                                                                  Newcastle v Preston North End 48/49 and Newcasle v
Lot: 102                                                          Manchester United 48/49.
An antique gilt framed mirror.

                                                                  Lot: 118
Lot: 103                                                          A 1960s black Ericofon standing telephone.
A framed oil painting on canvas Portrait of a Horse sig. B.
                                                                  Lot: 119
                                                                  A collection of cut glass items.
Lot: 104
A collection of post cards.
                                                                  Lot: 120
                                                                  A large ornate circular gilt framed mirrof.
Lot: 105
A set of mahogany shelves inset with two tiles.
                                                                  Lot: 121
                                                                  A boxed set of Scalextric.
Lot: 106
Rolex a Rolex Perpetual Oyster Air King gold plated gents
wristwatch. Cat. 517 c 1979 in original boxes with Rolex          Lot: 122
handkerchief.                                                     A fine antique silver plated candelabra bearing an armorial

Lot: 107
Seconda quartz gents wristwatch.                                  Lot: 123
                                                                  An antique Staffordshire pottery figure of a girl on horseback.

Lot: 108
A Seconda gents wristwatch.                                       Lot: 124
                                                                  A 9ct gold watch chain.

Lot: 109
A Seconda gents wristwatch.                                       Lot: 125
                                                                  A 1790 gold spade guinea on a wire pendant mount.

Lot: 110
Two ladys wristwatches Avia and Lorus.                            Lot: 126
                                                                  A 1911 gold sovereign.

Lot: 111
A gold charm bracelet.                                            Lot: 127

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                    Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

A 1913 gold sovereign.                                          Lot: 143
                                                                An antique leather bound bible with brass hasps.

Lot: 128
Two antique epns tea pots.                                      Lot: 144
                                                                A collection of epns cutlery.

Lot: 129
An Art Deco silver cigarette case.                              Lot: 145
                                                                A 1020s pewter tea set and condiments.

Lot: 130
A small collection of antique custard and wine glasses.         Lot: 146
                                                                An epns mounted glass claret jug.

Lot: 131
An Art Deco chrome and glass photo frame.                       Lot: 147
                                                                An embossed silver sugar bowl Chester 1907.

Lot: 132
An antique brass compass.                                       Lot: 148
                                                                An antique embossed silver sauce boat Lon.1829.

Lot: 133
A box of nepns cutlery.                                         Lot: 149
                                                                Two pieces of Crown Devon china.

Lot: 134
A black fur coat.                                               Lot: 150
                                                                Royal Doulton china plate Gaffers, Mr Squeers bowl and a pin
Lot: 135
Grays pottery china wall pocket.
                                                                Lot: 151
                                                                A Lambeth Doulton Slaters patent stoneware vase 16ins.
Lot: 136
A cut glass claret jug with epns mounts.
                                                                Lot: 152
                                                                Three old walking sticks.
Lot: 137
A box of bric-a-brac.
                                                                Lot: 153
                                                                A decorative brass and marble electric table lamp.
Lot: 138
A box of bric-a-brac.
                                                                Lot: 154
                                                                An antique copper warming pan.
Lot: 139
A students violin and case made in China.
                                                                Lot: 155
                                                                An antique china slop pail.
Lot: 140
A Triang Minic clockwork Puppy and Spider boxed [no key].
                                                                Lot: 156
                                                                An aneroid wall barometer.
Lot: 141
Photography an antique quarter plate mahogany cased bellows
camera with tripod and hood.                                    Lot: 157
                                                                An antique circular gilt framed mirror.

Lot: 142
A 1930s beaded purse, Spanish mantilla and castanets.           Lot: 158
                                                                An Edwardian coal box.
                                                                Lot: 159

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                   Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Two Automobile Association car badges [yellow].                  Lot: 175
                                                                 A mahogany toilet mirror.

Lot: 160
A box of bric-a-brac.                                            Lot: 176
                                                                 An oak three tier cake stand.

Lot: 161
A West German china vase c1960s.                                 Lot: 177
                                                                 A small drop leaf mahogany occasional table.

Lot: 162
A box of bric-a-brac.                                            Lot: 178
                                                                 Taxidermy a cased, mounted Jay by Chalkley, Winchester .

Lot: 163
A childs bentwood chair.                                         Lot: 179
                                                                 Taxidermy a cased, mounted Barn Owl by Chalkley,
Lot: 164
An antique carved oak corner cupboard.
                                                                 Lot: 180
                                                                  Automobilia a boxed set of three gilt medallions
Lot: 165                                                         commemorating the Rover 200, Rover 400 and the M.G.F.
A set of Avery shop scales.

                                                                 Lot: 181
Lot: 166                                                         A mounted scorpion and a spider.
An antique copper boiler/log box.

                                                                 Lot: 182
Lot: 167                                                         A Victorian carving knife and fork withivory handles and silver
An antique three piece brass companion set.                      mounts.

Lot: 168                                                         Lot: 183
An antique copper water urn.                                     An Art Deco pink glass flower bowl and vase.

Lot: 169                                                         Lot: 184
Two old wicker shopping baskets.                                 A garniture of three Art Deco china vases.

Lot: 170                                                         Lot: 185
A box of metal items.                                            An Art Deco plastic dressing table set.

Lot: 171                                                         Lot: 186
An old oak rush top footstool.                                   A Carlton Ware Rouge Royale bowl.

Lot: 172                                                         Lot: 187
A collection of old G.B. and world coins.                        A 1930s beaded purse.

Lot: 173                                                         Lot: 188
Four stamp albums and a collection of loose stamps. G.B. ,       Two decorative glass bowls.
Commonwealth and world stamps.

                                                                 Lot: 189
Lot: 174                                                         Two sets of Art Deco plastic buckles.
Players cigarette cards in albums: Flags & Arms, Birds and
their Young, Modern Naval Craft. Kings & Queens. Civil
Aeroplanes,and MotorCars.                                        Lot: 190

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                    Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

An old Japanese parasole.                                         A framed watercolour Irises.

Lot: 191                                                          Lot: 206
A box of bric-a-brac.                                             A jug, chamber pot and mirror.

Lot: 192                                                          Lot: 207
A box of bric-a-brac.                                             A framed Baxter print Little Red Riding Hood.

Lot: 193                                                          Lot: 208
A signed print of horses by Michael Oxenham.                      A box of bric-a-brac.

Lot: 194                                                          Lot: 209
A signed print of two collie dogs by Michael Oxenham.             An antique gilt framed mirror.

Lot: 195                                                          Lot: 210
Two prints of 1920s Flappers.                                     A tin trunk and bric-a-brac.

Lot: 196                                                          Lot: 211
An Art Deco pink and clear glass photo frame on an easel          A brass maslin pan and an Indian brass jardinire.

                                                                  Lot: 212
Lot: 197                                                          A brass framed mirror.
Trench Art a WW1 money box made from a brass cartridge
                                                                  Lot: 213
                                                                  A framed, antique chromolithograph in an oak frame
Lot: 198                                                          Chatsworth House.
A brass State Express cigarette box.

                                                                  Lot: 214
Lot: 199                                                          An oil painted landscape and an oil still life.
A box of old tins etc.

                                                                  Lot: 215
Lot: 200                                                          Taxidermy a barn owl mounted on a branch.
A Victorian souvenir seaside paperweight .

                                                                  Lot: 216
Lot: 201                                                          A copper based china food warming plate.
A Victorian glass dome and stand 8.75x13ins.

                                                                  Lot: 217
Lot: 202                                                          An antique mahogany torchere.
Geoffrey Nutkin a signed print The Case . A Spitfire and an
                                                                  Lot: 218
                                                                  Cricket MCC v The Rest of the World 1987. Framed photos,
Lot: 203                                                          regulations and score card.
Magic & Conjuring books: Refined Manipulation Lewis Ganson,
Rsfined Manipulation Finale, Lewis Ganson, Magic of the
Hands, Edward Victor, Card Conjuring, Wilfred Johnson, Card       Lot: 219
& Conjuring Tricks, Charles Roberts and a box of conjuring        A collection of Admiralty charts c1921 in a steel tube.
magazines 1940/50s.

                                                                  Lot: 220
Lot: 204                                                          A 1930s glass light shade.
An antique china cheese dish and cover.
Lot: 205

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                  Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 221                                                          Lot: 236
Royal Doulton china Style One model The Balloon Seller            Edward Cherry two framed etchings, Port of London and St
HN583.                                                            Pauls from the River.

Lot: 222                                                          Lot: 237
Moulded glass table centrepiece.                                  Two framed etchings of Chester after Monk.

Lot: 223                                                          Lot: 238
Cut glass vinegar and oil carafes                                 Three framed etchings after Mary Mackay, Cyril Fleming and
                                                                  Charles Spencer.

Lot: 224
Royal Doulton china figure Victorian Lady HN1276 a/f.             Lot: 239
                                                                  Four coloured prints after Robson.

Lot: 225
German porcelain model of a ballet dancer a/f.                    Lot: 240
                                                                  Three framed etchings.

Lot: 226
Three antique Staffordshire pottery dogs.                         Lot: 241
                                                                  Four framed etchings.

Lot: 227
Royal Doulton china spaniel a/f and a Sylvac china collie.        Lot: 242
                                                                  Three framed etchings.

Lot: 228
A Beswick china labradour.                                        Lot: 243
                                                                  An oak canteen of cutlery.

Lot: 229
Chinese antiquities a Han Dynasty 206bc 220ad, grey pottery       Lot: 244
model of a boar 12ins. [Guaranteed genuine].                      A framed bevel edged mirror.

Lot: 230                                                          Lot: 245
Chinese antiquities a Tang Dynasty 618 907ad terra cotta          A copper table hot plate with burner.
model of a grotesque tomb guardian with traces of paint 17ins.
[Guaranteed genuine].
                                                                  Lot: 246
                                                                  A set of three Sylvac china flying ducks mod.1401.
Lot: 231
Chineses antiquities a Tang Dynasty terra cotta model of a
camel 15ins. [Guaranteed genuine].                                Lot: 247
                                                                  A mahogany billiards score board.

Lot: 232
Chinese antiquities a Tang Dynasty terra cotta model of a tomb    Lot: 248
attendant 28ins. [Guaranteed genuine].                            Copper fish kettle, planter an fire guard.

Lot: 233                                                          Lot: 249
Chinese antiquities a pair of Ming Dynasty 1368 1644ad            A box of bric-a-brac.
glazed pottery tomb attendants 14ins. [Guaranteed genuine].

                                                                  Lot: 250
Lot: 234                                                          An Art Deco plastic table lamp.
An antique circular copper cooking pan and a copper jardinire.

                                                                  Lot: 251
Lot: 235                                                          An antique brass pressure paraffin lamp.
An antique carved mahogany panel.

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                   Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 252                                                      Lot: 268
Salters brass spring balance weighing up to 30lbs.            Toys 48 Matchbox models of Yesterday in two plastic shop
                                                              display cases.

Lot: 253
Breweriana a Grants of St James sedan chair bar lamp.         Lot: 269
                                                              Marine art - A pair of ostrich eggs painted with pictures of ships,
                                                              SS Port Jackson RN and merchant ship SS Gaika, Union SS
Lot: 254                                                      Co. 1896 1928.
A collection of used Dinky toys. Lorries, military etc.

                                                              Lot: 270
Lot: 255                                                      Royal Albert china set of twelve cups and saucers Months of
A Japanese cast metal photo frame c1910.                      the Year.

Lot: 256                                                      Lot: 271
A box of bric-a-brac.                                         A Beswick china Romeo and Juliet charger.

Lot: 257                                                      Lot: 272
A box of bric-a-brac.                                         A collection of blue glass items.

Lot: 258                                                      Lot: 273
A childs wooden high chair.                                   Arthur Woods china cottage tea pot and biscuit barrel.

Lot: 259                                                      Lot: 274
A box of Edwardian adventure books .                          Arthur Woods china cottage biscuit barrel.

Lot: 260                                                      Lot: 275
A similar lot.                                                Price & Sons china cottage cruet etc.

Lot: 261                                                      Lot: 276
A similar lot.                                                A china cottage cheese dish and cruet set.

Lot: 262                                                      Lot: 277
A similar lot.                                                Royal Doulton childs china mug, bowl and plate.

Lot: 263                                                      Lot: 278
A similar lot.                                                A collection of brass ware items.

Lot: 264                                                      Lot: 279
A similar lot.                                                A copper kettle, brass coal scuttle and planter.

Lot: 265                                                      Lot: 280
A similar lot.                                                A box of bric-a-brac.

Lot: 266                                                      Lot: 281
A reproduction mirror Bleriot Aeronautics.                    An old Triang Toys dolls pram.

Lot: 267                                                      Lot: 282
A 1gallon saltglazed flagon, J.H.Jones Nottingham 1929.       An antique mahogany cased Vienna wall clock.

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                      Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 283                                                            Lot: 299
An antique mantel clock.                                            Four framed reproduction prints of sailing ships.

Lot: 284                                                            Lot: 300
An Art Deco oak photo stand.                                        A silver cigarette case.

Lot: 285                                                            Lot: 301
An oak letter rack.                                                 A box of old tins.

Lot: 286                                                            Lot: 302
An oak cutlery box.                                                 An antique silver Waltham pocket watch.

Lot: 287                                                            Lot: 501
An antique copper kettle.                                           An antique upholstered nursing chair.

Lot: 288                                                            Lot: 502
An antique copper and brass ewer.                                   A small antique mahogany Sutherland table.

Lot: 289                                                            Lot: 503
A 1930s oak cased grandmother clock .Westminster chimes.            An oak coffer with linen fold panels.

Lot: 290                                                            Lot: 504
A box of bric-a-brac.                                               A Windsor wheel back elbow chair.

Lot: 291                                                            Lot: 505
A pair of antique silver serving spoons. Wallis & Hayne Lon.        A Victorian North Country mahogany chest of drawers.

                                                                    Lot: 506
Lot: 292                                                            An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bow front china cabinet.
A walnut cutlery box.

                                                                    Lot: 507
Lot: 293                                                            An antique upholstered armchair with pad feet.
An album of first day cover stamps.

                                                                    Lot: 508
Lot: 294                                                            A small reproduction wine table.
A pair of Victorian china vases.

                                                                    Lot: 509
Lot: 295                                                            A carved oak blanket chest.
An antique Waltham silver pocket watch.

                                                                    Lot: 510
Lot: 296                                                            An antique inlaid mahogany occasional table.
A brass carriage clock with French Ouverdrey & Bluquel
                                                                    Lot: 511
                                                                    An oak and mahogany china display cabinet.
Lot: 297
A lacquer box and silver mounted cutlery.
                                                                    Lot: 512
                                                                    An antique stripped pine dresser and plate rack.
Lot: 298
A collection of epns items.

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                   Carters (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 513
An antique oak and mahogany ladys desk with leather inset top
and drawer on turned legs.

Lot: 514
An antique pine and elm pig bench with good patina.

Lot: 515
An oak suitcase stand.

Lot: 516
An antique oak side table.

Lot: 517
A pair of antique oak carver chairs with leather upholstered
backs and seats.

Lot: 518
An antique oak side table.

Lot: 519
A modern Indian hardwood coffee table.

Lot: 520
A buttoned brown leather wing armchair.

Lot: 521
An antique stripped pine dresser with open base and plate rack.

Lot: 522
A stripped pine plate rack.

Lot: 523
Antique set of stripped pine folding library steps.

Lot: 524
An antique stripped pine commode.

Lot: 525
A stripped pine set of shelves.

Lot: 526
An antique mahogany piano stool / music cabinet.

Lot: 527
An Art Deco walnut china display cabinet with astragal glazed

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