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Why You Should Take a Camera Onto Sydney’s Light Rail. .      page 4

Things To Do In And Around Melbourne #3 :: Gippsland.     .   page 6

Can You Drive a Rental Car All the Way Around Australia?. .   page 8

What Visitors Should Know Before Travelling to Canada.    .   page 10

Tips to Enjoy Your European Packaged Bus Tours.    .      .   page 12

Things to Do in London-Iconic Places to Visit. .   .      .   page 14

Poland - A Great Place to Spend Your Holiday. .    .      .   page 15

Take a P & O Cruise in 2009.     .      .      .   .      .   page 17

Cheap Holiday Tips That Work.    .      .      .   .      .   page 19

How to Choose Your Next Tropical Destination. .    .      .   page 21

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Why You Should Take a Camera Onto Sydney’s Light
Author: Miss Kitty

Have you ever gone on a trip and forgotten to take your camera? It can be
frustrating when you see all of the great sights and realize you will have to
remember them in your “mind’s eye”. It’s too easy to forget the interesting details.
When you ride the Sydney Light
Rail you won’t want to forget that camera, because there is so much to see and
do that is pure and uniquely Australian.

When you ride the Light Rail you go through the heart of very cosmopolitan
Sydney. Sydney boasts a number of harbour areas and you won’t find a more
beautiful sight than sailboats with full sail gently cruising blue waters or
impressive yachts from around the world seeking berth. There aren’t too many
places where you can ride public transportation and get to see some of the best
sights the area offers. On the Light Rail you will go by Darling Harbour,
Johnston’s Bay and Rozelle Bay to name a few.

In addition, when you pull out of Central Station on the Sydney Light Rail, you get
a close up view of the city sights as you roll past Chinatown, Paddy’s Markets,
Pyrmont Bay and on to the Fish Market. Even if you never get off the Light Rail
you can see the glittering beauty of Sydney with its sparkling bays and the
Sydney Tower which is 305 metres tall.

Up Close and Personal

Of course, if you are a visitor to Sydney you won’t be able to resist getting on and
off at various stations so you can enjoy the attractions. With your camera in hand
you are going to experience some of the best that Sydney has to offer. With the
purchase of the Light Rail Day Pass you can get off and back on the tram as
many times as you want.

Naturally many people ride the Sydney Light Rail because it gives them the
opportunity to easily access the harbours and parks close to the city centre. You
can ride the Light Rail into Central Station and then easily catch the Monorail
which circles the city centre or transfer at an earlier station. Or you can catch the
Light Rail at any of its stations and visit the particular attractions along its routes.

There are so many attractions, your camera will be snapping away as it captures
the beauty and vitality of the area and its people. There is something for
everyone too. You can visit the bustling Darling Harbour area or the non-stop
action packed Fish Market. In Glebe you can walk through the shops and stop at
any of the great pubs or restaurants and watch the people go by as you enjoy
local fare.

Loving Nature Near the City

Your camera will really come in handy when you visit places like Jubilee Park
which is one of the Light Rail station stops. Nature lovers will find plenty of photo
opportunities, because Jubilee Park has nature trails and is a great place to bird
watch. The flowering gardens and green lawns are beautiful and create a
relaxing atmosphere. When you look at the pictures in the months to come,
you will pat yourself on the back for remembering your camera.

From the quiet of the natural beauty of the area to the bustling city centre with its
ongoing events and activities, Sydney offers it all. That’s why you should never
forget to take a camera onto
Sydney’s Light Rail.

About the author:
Sydney Monorail and Metro Light Rail are two unique transport systems owned
by Metro Transport in Sydney, Australia. They offer clean and pleasant transport
in the Sydney CBD and inner west. For special offers and discount coupons,
please visit Darling Harbour.

Things To Do In And Around Melbourne #3 :: Gippsland
Author: Dominique Vangheel

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, Australia. Melbourne offers great shopping
and dining and Victoria has got a beautiful countryside and coast line combining
beautiful national and state parks with quiet little villages and some larger
regional centres. Gippsland, located to the east of Melbourne offers plenty of
things to see in do. You can visit the lakes, the wilderness or some lovely little

Gippsland is a popular destination for Melburnians for either a short weekend
break or a longer holiday. With the diversity that's available, you could easily visit
Gippsland ten times and have ten different experiences. You can find beaches,
snow, lakes, national and state parks and many villages and towns in between. I
will only discuss a few places. The rest you will have to go discover for yourself!

Wilson’s Promontory

Wilson's Promontory is on the most southern point of Australia's mainland. It is a
very attractive national park which features a mixture of gullies, forests,
mountains, salt marshes and granite. You can camp in Tidal River and use that
as a base to go out for day-walks. There are many different trails available for
people of different abilities. It is one of Australia's most beautiful national parks.


Mallacoota is to the east of Melbourne, about 500 kilometres away. The name of
the town means "a good water" or "a place of meeting" (depending on who you
ask). Combine the two and you get a great little tourist town that is a place of
meeting right by a good water. It is a sea-side village that calls itself the "Best
Kept secret In Victoria". Despite that, in summer the village is packed with
holiday makers who are looking for some sun, sea and beach.

Lakes Entrance

The Lakes Entrance area is a great combination of waterways. With a number of
national parks in the direct vicinity Lakes Entrance is a fantastic place to get
some great photos of breathtaking scenery. The area is very popular with holiday
makers and always seems to be busy, regardless of the season.


Walhalla is a charming little town with only about twenty citizens. When you get
to Walhalla you almost feel like you step back in time to another era. It is a bit
remotely located, but only the drive to Walhalla via a lovely mountainous road is

worth the trip. With all the minerals it had in the ground, Walhalla was once one
of the richest towns in the world. That no longer is the case. Electric power is
now available, but was not until 1998! Other towns to visit in that area are Erica
and Moe and that's where you'd be most likely to find accommodation if you were
to visit the region.

I always return from a visit to Gippsland with a very relaxed mindset. Whether it
is the lakes, the wilderness or the towns, Gippsland always offers the opportunity
to take it easy and reconnect with your loved ones. When you are travelling
through Australia and only want to go to Victoria for Melbourne and the Great
Ocean Road you have to think again. Gippsland gives you a much better chance
to find the real country Australia with all its beauties and charms.

About the author:
Dominique Vangheel lives in Melbourne and loves it.
His site Love Melbourne is dedicated to
Melbourne and Victoria and features the best things to do in and around
Melbourne and Melbourne accommodation tips.

Can You Drive a Rental Car All the Way Around
Author: Amy Nutt

Are you interested in taking a driving tour around Australia? If you are, then you
are in luck because it is very possible. But if you're taking a rental car, you need
to take your distance into consideration. Keep in mind that Australia is a large
country with plenty to see, so you need to set aside a lot of time and check with
the rental car company about the mileage you will be placing on the car.

When you tell the rental car company where you are going, they may object to
one of their cars being taken the distance. To drive around Australia, the distance
is 20,000km. This means it would take 200 hours of continuous driving to make it
all the way around. In other words, it would take 8 days for you to finish your
quest, but you would not be able to stop and enjoy the sites if you did this.
However, the concern of the rental car company is the distance being placed
upon the car. That is a lot of wear and tear. For other car rental companies, they
may not care if you're willing to put up the cash for it. If they give you a quote
based on factors that include age, whether or not you need insurance, and
mileage; the further you go, the more expensive it is going to be.


Rental car companies also base the amount of the rental off of the amount of
time you will have the car. If you are going to sight-see while driving around
Australia, it can take up to 40 days to see everything. Then again, it depends on
where you're stopping and how long you intend on staying there. It is probably
ideal to give yourself about two months to do and see everything that there is to
do and see, but you have to make sure that it is okay with the car rental ompany.

Since many car rental companies do have monthly plans and will allow you to
rent for as long as you want without any restrictions, you may not have an issue.
Just make sure you cover all of your bases before you drive away with the car.
You don't want to come back two months later with an extremely high amount of
mileage on the car that the car rental company did not expect. Some of these
companies will only rent a car beyond a certain travel distance, and then sell it
through their own car lot or through another. So make sure they are not urprised.

The perfect car

When you find the perfect company, you have to find the perfect car. Since
you're going to be driving all the way around Australia, you need one that is
spacious and comfortable. Many individuals will opt for a van because of the
amount of room they consist of. You can store weeks of clothing and other
supplies, everyone has enough legroom, and you can even lie down if you need

to at some point on the trip. Make sure you talk to the rental car company about a
van or another spacious vehicle that you can withstand spending hundreds of
hours in for the next couple of months.

So now you know that you can drive a rental car all the way around Australia. It
can be quite a fun and rewarding trip. You just need to make sure you do ample
planning, make the rental car company aware of your intentions, find the perfect
vehicle, and have a lot of fun. You might be quite amazed at how incredible a trip
around Australia really is.

About the author:
Specializing in discount car rental Sydney & truck rental Sydney,
Australia. In our commitment to customer service we provide a free express
pickup service from our many locations.

What Visitors Should Know Before Travelling to Canada
Author: Amy Nutt

Travelling to Canada from another country can be a very exciting experience
because Canada is a very beautiful place with a lot of culture. And depending
where you go in Canada, you can experience things such as cold weather like
you have never experienced before. That is definitely something that someone
from a warm climate may not be able to handle too well.

Nevertheless, there are many great places to visit. For instance, the 2010 Winter
Olympics are taking place in Vancouver and a lot of individuals will be travelling
to that area to see the games.

So what should you know before travelling to Canada? What are the things that
you need to make your trip a success? Below are some of those things that you

- You most certainly need to ensure that you have secured lodging so that you
have a place to go. You need to confirm your reservation before you leave to
ensure that there will be no issues. - Make sure you have your passport because
you will need it if you are staying for a little while. - Take plenty of warm clothes
because it is very cold up in Canada.

But is that all you need? The truth is that these three things are not all you need
when you are travelling to Canada. You also need travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is very important because it covers those things that can occur
on a trip. For example, your trip could become cancelled at no fault of your own.
If that happens, you can be out of a lot of money. Your travel insurance will help
you battle this. You can recover lost cash as long as the reason for the cancelled
trip falls under a qualifying event within the policy.

So here are some other things that a good travel insurance policy should have:

- Canada should definitely be covered in your travel insurance policy.
- Make sure your electronic items are covered.
- Injury or sudden illness should be covered because it can be expensive to get
sick in another country or you risk not getting adequate medical treatment.
- There should be 24 hour emergency assistance.
- Lost and stolen possessions, such as jewelry and baggage should be covered.
- Coverage for emergencies that may result in you having to go home early.
- Coverage for legal expenses that may be incurred.
- Coverage for hazardous activities, such as skiing.

These are all very important because all of these can occur when you are on
your trip.

Shopping for coverage

Shopping for coverage is easy. Your travel agency may offer you some travel
insurance or you can shop around online and find the best deal for you. Don't
forget that all of the items listed above are important when choosing the right
policy. Always make sure that your policy has everything that you need. It is not
enough to go for the lowest price because you may find that you won't get the
coverage that you need.

So shop around and see what you come up with. No matter the reason or the
length of time that you are going to Canada, you can't take too much time when
looking for the perfect travel insurance plan. And you definitely don't want to be
caught in a bad situation without it because your life could depend on it.

There is also the fact that whatever occurs, it could become quite expensive for
you and you definitely don't want that to happen. You could be paying the
consequences for years.

About the author:
Full service insurance offers personal and corporate solutions.
When looking for the best protection and information on Health Insurance Canada and Travel Insurance options.

Tips to Enjoy Your European Packaged Bus Tours
Author: Jessica Nielson

Most people dream of roaming around the Avenue des Champs-Elysees but they
are not willing to risk their future to finance the trip. However, traveling to Europe
may not really cause you to mortgage your future. Anyone can have a cheap
holiday vacation over the place. It doesn't mean though that you have to hitch
free rides to strangers or go backpacking. One way to help you reach that
European dream is to go for a packaged bus tour.

Because of the tour operators' ability to secure group rates on hotel
accommodations, sightseeing attractions, and ground transportation, packaged
bus tours only offer the best value per day. This is actually hassle-free because
you don't need to get any international driver's license, or rent a car and
memorize those streets and roads so that you won't get lost, or experience the
difficulty of reading train schedules in foreign languages. Everything is all set for
you. All you have to do is enjoy!

For a more enjoyable and hassle-free European bus tour, here are some helpful

- Prepare Your Camera - Secure the number of batteries you have and bring in
some extras. You will get to see many attractions on packaged bus tours. They
are usually for one stop only because as you move along, you won't be able to
go back on a certain sight. So take pictures for yourself while you're on the spot.

- Keep an Open Mind - European culture is rich in history. Touring around
Europe can help you enrich your mind by learning about local culture and
traditions, interacting with some locals and even with some passengers to share
some ideas and interests with them.

- Bring Some Gadgets and Stuffs - You will have a lot of traveling on your
packaged bus tour to Europe so you may have downtime between attractions.
Bring your iPod, PSP, or any thing that will keep you from boredom. A book or a
magazine may also preoccupy you while en route to the next destination.

- Eat Wisely - Prices are usually high on major sightseeing venues, so take
advantage of any meal inclusions available in the hotel. Also, bring with you
some snacks to munch while on the bus as you may get hungry.

- Dress in Comfort - You will do a lot of walking, sitting, and riding a bus. So
dress sensibly and appropriately. Wear something that you will be comfortable of
during the entire tour. You already have the idea on what kind of tour it is so
you know what to wear.

- Always be ready - bring some necessary things that you may think will be useful
in case of emergencies. First aid kit, extra clothing, extra cash, and the likes.

The tips given can really help you enjoy your European packaged bus tour. It is a
cheap way to explore Europe and you also get to see a lot of tourist attractions
compared to just staying in one place and do things on your own. So while on
tour, make the most out of it and enjoy the things that Europe can offer.

About the author:
Know more tips on how to have great holidays while spending less at Ceap Holidays 24. Visit the site and read on
our latest article about Visit Barcelona,
Spain For Excitement to get more holiday ideas!

Things to Do in London-Iconic Places to Visit
Author: Pushpitha Wijesinghe

London is the capital of England with a population of almost 7.5 million people.
London is the largest city in England, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and
the European Union. London is a combination of the old and new, with a very
vibrant multicultural atmosphere.

There are many things to do and sights to see in London. One world famous
place to visit in London would of course be the Westminster Abbey and the
Palace of Westminster. The Palace of Westminster includes the iconic Big Ben
and the UK Houses of Parliament.

Then there is the wonderful St. James’s Park located between Horse Guard
Palace and Buckingham Palace, which reside towards its east and west

Then there is the Buckingham Palace, a tour of London would not be complete
without paying a visit to the official residence of the Queen of England. The
Palace is only open to the public in summer, so it would be best to visit
London during the summer time.

There is also the Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, Tower of
London and St. Paul’s Cathedral, all equally magnificent and splendid iconic
structures that define London. When at London one can, apart from touring the
city, take part in Live Music. London is a place where some of the most famous
as well as new up and coming artists perform live musical concerts to some of
the largest crowds.

Taking a trip to London would be well worth the experience. It would be
recommended to find some luxury
accommodation in London.
Finding a London luxury hotel would be a
good place to start at.

About the author:
Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He
specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel
hospitality industry.

Poland - A Great Place to Spend Your Holiday
Author: Mrbond74 Peterson

If you are looking for a perfect summer holiday destination, European countries
like Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and the UK may come in mind. Those are the
usual destinations that holiday-makers go for. To get away from the usual tourist
crowds, spend your holiday vacation at Poland. Get to explore the exciting and
beautiful place of Poland without sacrificing your budget. With Poland's rich
history, torn apart by different factions and put back together several times, you
will be awed by its fighting spirit. You will see how the fighting tore an entire area
at the Warsaw city and you will also see the efforts made to restore a part of it.
Another city famous for its magnificent beauty is Lodz.

The most visited place in Poland though is the Krakow (Cracow). It has a
population of one million and almost the same number of tourists visit the place
every year. It is where the oldest universities in Europe are located including the
Jagiellonian University.

The largest medieval market square in Europe is also located in Poland which is
the city centre, or town square. It is actually a World Heritage Site. The best time
to go here is on weekends where you will be able to find various things from food
to household items from the different markets that set up here. In the center is
the Cloth Hall that originally serve as a conduit for the cloth trade, but has been
modified over time. The St. Mary's Church which is just near the town square is
one of the most beautiful churches in Poland. It has an altar carved by Veit Stoss
(Wit Stwosz). A bugle is played every hour in the highest tower to commemorate
the Tatar raids on the city which happened in the 13th century. The Town Hall
Tower, on the other hand, occupies the entire western section of the square.

The square is a great place to visit during your holidays to Poland. You can
spend your day sitting there and get lost in the vibe of the city. There are also a
lot of performers that have spread throughout the square. There are jugglers and
musicians, and the cafes and their outdoor seating are also scattered

Two of the places you should not also forget to visit is the royal castle and the
royal route. The route starts from Matejko Square. From the square, you then go
to Wawel Hill where the castle is located. The castle is a huge complex built in
the year 1000. This is a place where you should really see yourself and enjoy the
sight. Then buy yourself a ticket to see the dragon in an underground passage at
the bottom of the hill. The dragon that breathes fire once in every minute is just
actually a model. Nevertheless, its a must-see for everyone.

Karkow is a wonderful city for all people. If you want cheap holidays, there are a
lot of hotels and hostels where you can stay in that offers discounts. There are

also a lot of restaurants and cafes around the square where you can buy your
food. You do not have to think of a boring night because the city has a lively
nightlife with over 100 pubs and clubs. So expect for an all night fun in your

So for your cheap holiday plans, Poland is undoubtedly a great place to visit.

About the author:
Know more tips on how to have great holidays while spending less at Cheap Holidays 24. Visit the site and read on
our latest article about Tips for
Finding Cheap Holidays to get more holiday ideas!

Take a P & O Cruise in 2009
Author: Jules Harington

With each year that passes cruises should get better and better. Often times this
means offering more destinations, activities, or amenities. It could also mean
simply listening to the feedback from your travelers and making their wishes and
needs top priority. For 2009, here at P & O Cruises we’ve dedicated ourselves to
doing all of the above. We understand that our guest’s happiness is paramount to
everything else and we strive to offer the best services and destinations of
available on any cruise line.

Even before you book your next cruise with
us, you can experience a sampling of the luxuriousness and uncompromising
class that we offer all of our passengers. Our website provides you with a hands-
on, multi-media experience that gives you unprecedented access to our:

Itineraries Having 24 hour access to our itineraries is important to both our
current and potential passengers. It allows you to plan your trip in advance, stay
abreast of any changes, and even book your cruise all with the click of a few

Destinations Our destinations continue to grow in gandeur and adventure in
2009! We offer cruises to Asia, Australia, South Africa & India, Hawaii
& The South pacific as well as cruises all around the world. No matter where
you want to go in the world, P & O Cruises can take you there in style and

Activities -No cruise would be complete without on board
activities, and at P & O Cruises we offer a
wide selection of activities both day and night, for the young and for the young at
heart. You can relax by the pool or enjoy basketball, play a little shuffleboard, or
relax in the spa by day. With the setting of the sun you can enjoy a game of
poker, take in a magic show, or dance the night away with your lover while
enjoying the sounds of a live band.

Dining - Our world class chefs take pride in serving some of the most tantalizing
and breathtaking culinary delights you’ll ever enjoy, on either land or sea. We use
only the finest ingredients and prepare our meals with the health needs of all
travelers in mind, so if you’re determined to stick your diet or health guidelines
while cruising, we’ll help you stay on track while still being able to eat well.

Make 2009 the year that you enjoy a Sun Dawn P & O Cruise.

About the author:
If you have been thinking about taking a 2009
cruise then now is the perfect time because rates are low because of the
economy. If its more information that you need about your decision on a cruise
then here is an info site call My Cruise
Holiday which has some info to help you make your decision. Article posted by
Jules Harington, Travel Enthusiast.

Cheap Holiday Tips That Work
Author: Jessica Nielson

With countries suffering from the impact of recession, holidays that were suppose
to be enjoyed every once in a while are no longer a priority. People try to build
funds and try to have fun on spring breaks and Easter but its still difficult with the
status of their finances right now. On the bright side, cheap holidays are now
available to sympathize with the declining income of holiday lovers. Moreover,
there are number of ways on how to spend less for a wonder holiday vacation.
Here some of my tips for those who still want to catch a cheap venture some
where new and fun.

I'm Headed to..

Since the exchange for pound today is dreadful than last year, the days of
packing empty bags and suitcase ready to be jump packed with gifts, gadgets
and stuffs from New York, Milan and Germany is no longer an option. These
places now cost considerably higher if you decide to spend a holiday there.

Right now, the pound has dropped against both the dollar and the euro and
holidays in most of Europe and North America are not a good choice anymore.

Great places to go this 2009 are Iceland and Mexico whose economic status are
even more troubled than the pound. These countries are remarkably cheaper
and close to home. You can enjoy cheap holidays, tours, cruise and of course
shopping sprees.

Travel Timing

To bag the cheapest plane fares, you must be totally flexible with short notice
flights. If you haven't decided a date for your travel, then your in the best situation
to take advantage of the bargain deals from airlines and travel agents. However,
if you have settled the date of your holiday, there are still ways to save money on

Flight that take off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday offer the lowest prices.
Tickets that includes a Saturday night are usually cheaper. For low cost airlines,
the biggest bargains you can find are from flight scheduled during unpleasant

Last Minute Rush

Last minute bookings are quite a risk especially on peak holiday periods where
flights are usually full. But since recession has been a big factor this 2009, we
can't be sure that every attractive holidays that were released months ago have

been wiped out. These are perfect times to get last minute bargains from tour
operators and airlines who are both struggling to sell a package or fill an empty
seat. This leads to very cheap holiday package and even cut price round trip


The rule of thumb of purchasing cheap holidays is by having several providers at
hand and comparing their rates eliminating one as you go on with the
comparison process. Don't just settle with providers that are obviously cheap.

Some times you might think that you bagged the cheapest holiday anyone could
imagine and then realized its not worth it in the end. Always remember that what
comes cheap comes less. In terms of quality, cheap holidays always comes
behind the expensive ones. So when comparing, try to consider the quality of the
package according to your budget.

About the author:
Know how to enjoy a holiday while paying lesser than usual at Cheap Holidays 24.
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more excellent tips.

How to Choose Your Next Tropical Destination
Author: Matthew Kepnes

There are a lot of tropical destinations in the world but how do you know what
island is best for your holiday? What if you want to set off to a hushed romantic
tropical resort and end up on a youthful party island? What if your island doesn’t
have as a lot of scuba diving as you want or the prices were more than you
wanted to pay? How do you locate where the best information is?

What do you look for in choosing the best tropical destination for you? Often
many people don’t know where to start. Research from guidebooks can help but
that is time consuming. Here are some tips that can help you make the process
of choosing your tropical holiday easier and quicker:

For starters, pick what type of island holiday you. Do you want an active island
vacation, great diving, a luxurious island resort, a off the beaten path island or
will just any island do for you? Pick one thing that is a deal breaker for you so if
you get jammed between two destinations, you use that one thing as the
deciding factor.

Next, decide where on the planet you want to visit. Do you want your tropical
holiday to be close to home or far away? Remember, the further away you travel,
the more expensive the holiday will be. Even if the island is inexpensive, traveling
there might not be.

Next, decide how much your budget will be. Some might choose this as the
number one thing you should do but you can’t decide how much you need to set
aside or spend if you haven’t decided where you are going yet. A semi-expensive
tropical island close to home will need less money than an inexpensive active
island far away. You’ll need more money if you are flying to Bali from New York
than you would if you were flying to Bermuda, even though Bali is a cheaper

Get some island names. Now that you know where in the world you want to go
for your vacation, what you want to do there, and how much you want to spend,
get a list of islands in that area to research. Draw up a list of five, otherwise the
list becomes too long because there’s so many islands in the world. Get a
healthy mix of popular island destinations and off the beaten path islands.

Research your tropical islands. What is the food like? What is the diving like?
How much does it cost? Who goes there? Is it easy to get too? Does it have what
you want? Head to the store for a guidebook or do some online research at
websites like best tropical islands.

Make a final decision. Now that you have narrowed your list down, make a
decision. This is the hardest part, huh? All of those islands look good. Can’t we
just go to them all? Sadly, no. We have to choose one. If you are having trouble
picking one, use the deal breaker we discussed in step one to decide. All things
being equal, this deal breaker should be the deciding factor. That way you stay
focused and don’t over think your decision. By staying focused, you can go with
your gut and make the decision much less painful and avoid second guessing.

So now you have picked your tropical island, go start booking flights and hotels.
If you follow these guidelines, you can help get to your perfect island getaway
quicker by spending less time deciding where to go and more time at the
location. Once there, you know that island will be exactly what you want and will
never have to say “It was good but…” as no one wants to say that! So enjoy your
tropical destination and have a fruity drink for us!

About the author:
Matt lives in perpetual summer on some of the best tropical islands in the world.
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Do I Need to Sell Travel to get in on these incredible Discounts?

If you want to earn an extra income selling travel to friends, family members, or even
customers, you'll be licensed to do so.

Besides the extra income, there are a great many other benefits to being "in business"
as well. There are also great tax advantages. For example, you can deduct such items
as your computer, the space in you home from which you operate your business, your
telephone line if you use it for business, and more.

In fact, just working part-time can make you a great second income…but its not required.
When you become a licensed Travel Agent, no one knows how much, if any, travel you
sell. Selling travel is not required to get in on the benefits.

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Now that you have read the articles in this mini-ebook, the answers to various
questions that you may have had, will hopefully have been answered.

When you decide to take your next holiday, I hope that these articles will have
helped you to make up your mind as to your destination.

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