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					Welcome! Top Five Ideas for
   Inspiring Advocates

             Have no fear! We’ll
             explain muting and
             Q&A in just a moment

   About the Webinar
   About the Advocacy Roundtable Program
   Top 5 Ideas for Inspiring Advocates
   Specific Ideas to Take Home!
Who’s Talking?
About the Webinar

   Muting
   Questions
   Toolbar
   Follow-up Materials
   Recording
About the Advocacy Roundtable

    What is it? What have you gotten yourself into?
    What are the main benefits?
      –   Webinar subscription
      –   Online social network
      –   Discounts on services
    More Information
Where are we starting from?

Let’s go to the poll…
Number 5: Start a Contest or Club

 Flickr “Picture with a Legislator” contest
 YouTube video contest
 HSUS’s “There Ought to be a Law” Contest
 Advocates online book club
Number 4: Get Your Most Active
Advocates to Help

   Stop trying to get everyone involved and
    cultivate your relationship with the active
   Ask them to help with an “each one reach
    one” campaign
   Establish “ambassadors” for various daunting
    –   Contests and Clubs
    –   Social Media Ambassador
Number 3: Use New Technology to
Your Advantage

   Send a draft blog entry to all bloggers in your
   Interview advocates for your podcast
   Start a petition ( or set up
    your own)
   Befriend elected officials on Facebook
   Sign up for legislators feeds on Twitter
   Start a poll (Google Survey; Polls Everywhere)
Still Awake?

     Let’s Go To the Poll
     Choose as many as you
Number 2: Show Advocates How to Connect
Advocacy to THEIR Everyday Work (and Play!)

   Help them develop an “advocacy habit”
    –   Add elected officials to newsletter lists
    –   Add elected officials to invitation lists
    –   Encourage a bi-monthly elected official visit
    –   Is it National Chicken Month?
    –   Brainstorm: What do your members do every
        day? How can they add in advocacy outreach?
Number 1: Say “Thank You”

                  Medals
                  Pins
                  Certificates
                  “#1 Advocate” trophies
                  Online gift certificates
                   and coupons
                  Free special reports
                  Advocate rate at
Bonus: Be Inspired Yourself!

It’s hard to motivate and inspire others when
you’re not inspired yourself… Do what you
need to do to reconnect with your core mission.
The Five Minute Action Plan

                 How are you going to use
                 this information at home?
                 Let’s go to the poll!
Contact Information

Stephanie Vance
The Advocacy Guru
Advocacy Associates
1640 19th St., NW
2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 234-1353

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