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					Ewald Family Newsletter
                                                                                               Special events in
                                                                                               our family’s life

                                                                                               • Bought a house we
                                                                                                 can’t afford (page 2)

                                                                                               • Don and Tara
                                                                                                 celebrated there 5th

                                                                                               • Don passed his 2nd
                                                                                                 CCIE(page 3)

                                                                                               In memory of Daisy
                                                                                               Dec 1997 – Nov 2005
Happy holidays from our family to yours!                                                       We’ll sure miss you.
        2005 was a fairly quiet year    with the family is always a lot of fun!
for the Ewald’s other than going
                                                Tanner has been keeping us
through the hard aches of building
                                        on our toes. It is hard to believe an
a new house. Don’s brother, Rob
                                        almost 3 year old has as much
came to stay with us while living in
                                        attitude as a teenager.
a small apartment (officially known
as the “Ghetto” ).
        In May, Don and Tara
traveled to the East Coast for Rob
(Tara’s baby brother) and Angela’s
wedding. We had a blast! Visiting

                                        of the family.
          Tanner is becoming quite                                                        Little Monster Sighted in
                                                Tanner is following in Don’s
the little man. He’s learning all the
                                        footsteps. He has a love for all
needed manly traits. Namely:
                                        things with a motor, especially
        Farting                         motorcycles. Tanner is becoming
                                        quite the pro on his battery
                                        powered ATV. A 50 cc dirt bike in
        And Peeing standing up          training wheels is in the 2006
        He’s been in private swim
lessons for over a year. Swimming                This Christmas will be very
50 yards without assistance is a        exciting. Tanner can spot a
small feat for him. These genes are     Christmas tree a mile away. And
definitely not from the Szigethy side   he is looking forward to leaving
                                        cookies and milk for Santa!

                                                              Christmas 2005 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Ewald Family ● (720) 870-4290
 Tanner’s Pet Snake
                               The Ewald Ranch
                                        After closing on our previous
                                 house in June and living in the
                                 “ghetto” for 4 months we finally got
                                 to move into our new home in
                                         It sits on a 6-acre lot and is
                                 about 15 minutes southeast from our
                                 last house. We look out the back of
                                 our house to a view of Pikes Peak
                                 and horses pasturing. There will be
                                 no horses for us, just a dirt track so
                                 we can ride our motorcycles.
                                         There are a lot of ways to
                                 reduce our bank account with this
                                 house, like the 8500 sq foot concrete
                                 driveway we had poured. We look
                                 forward to all the challenges it has to
                                 offer including decorating the inside
                                 of the house, landscaping the front
                                 and back yards and planting over 30
                                 trees. All this will be quite a task, but
                                 we’re excited to see the end result.

                                                        Don’t let your eyes fool you. YES!!! This is Tara with
         Tara continues to work part-time as a
Physical Therapist. She works primarily with                    her motorcycle in Rampart Range
workers compensation patients and floats                               (Pike National Forest)
between two clinics. One is housed at the
Denver International Airport, the other at an off
site clinic closer to home.
        On her days off, her motherly duties
consist of transporting Tanner to the library, play
dates, and swimming lessons. Tara is enjoying
bringing Tanner into the kitchen to make
pancakes and cookies.
       As for her motorcycle, Tara does not ride
as much as Don would like her to, but she does
enjoy putting around every now and again.
She leaves the wheelies and jumping to Don.
                                                                  Thomas the Train- Halloween
                                 Don remains as fearless as
                        always. After selling his race bike
                        after Tanner was born, he went on to
                        find other ways to live dangerously.
                        He loves getting rid of every day
                        frustrations riding his dirt bike and
                        watching Tanner’s excitement over

                                 Don is still working for Cisco
                        Systems as a Computer Network
                        Engineer. Over the last few months
                        his job has taken him out of state 1-2
                        times a month. In March, Don
                        passed his 2nd CCIE (Cisco Certified
                        Internetworking Engineer). He is one
                        of only 700 people in the world with 2
                        CCIE certifications. We are very
                        proud of his accomplishments!

    Tanner on scooter

                             Seasons Greetings from Colorado!

                           Wishing you Happy and Healthy 2006!

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